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Chapter 1401

Blood magic wasnt considered as academic learning.

It was because it wasnt a field that could be developed with concepts such as studying and effort.

Blood magic was a power that originated purely from the bloodline and was rooted in Beriaches power.

Beings who had inherited even a speck of Beriaches blood and magic power—in other words, any vampire—could use blood magic, but non-vampires couldnt use blood magic.

Grid might have the title of Blood King, but even he could only learn blood magic by absorbing the blood magic of thedirect descendants who swore allegiance to himself (even this was limited to blood magic based on his own personality).

This meant it was absolutely impossible for a human being, who couldnt use blood magic properly, to negate the blood magic of Marie Rose, the peak vampire.

Yet it just happened.

It was done by Grid.

Marie Roses round eyes blinked as she stared at Grid.

Then she soon arranged her expression and asked, “Do you remember the first day we met”

There was a mixture of curiosity and liking in her deep gaze.

Mercedes was quick to notice as the owner of Keen Insight.

She didnt like this face, so her eyes became cold.

However, Grid, the person who received the attention, had no idea.

“Yes, I remember.”

Now he was—

“...I almost got eaten by you.”

He was just trembling because he was incredibly scared.

The first time he met Marie Rose.

Every time he thought of hersmiling and sucking the blood of the scammer healer whose name he couldnt remember any longer, Dongpayuk or Kkanpungi or something, his head turned blank from fear.



Marie Rose and Mercedes eyes became dull.

They were silent for a moment before soon opening their mouths at the same time.

“I almost ate you.

That is the only memory of the day for you.”

“You...! You were aiming for His Majestys chastity from the beginning!”

“Hmm~ Youre fairly impudent here.”

“W-What did you say!”

For the moment, it seemed necessary to stabilize the situation.

Grid knew that it was better to stay silent when he couldnt grasp the situation.

This was a fact known through learning.

Fortunately, Marie Rose had no hostility toward Mercedes.

It was natural.

She looked at Mercedes, the human being who dared raise her voice to her, like Mercedes was cute.

Grid observed the two people before slowly realizing the reason.

‘It is because of Keen Insight.

A power that even the gods were vigilant toward.

The power that played a fatal role against great demons was coveted by Marie Rose.

‘Thats right.

The reason why Marie Rose is obsessed with me also includes Mercedes existence.

She thought that if she got him, she could get Mercedes power as well.

‘It is one plus one..

He felt like a convenience store product, but it didnt matter.

If he could establish a friendly relationship with Marie Rose, one of the worlds strongest beings, it didnt matter if he received the one plus two treatment, let alone one plus one.

The atmosphere calmed down while Grid was thinking.

Mercedes regained her sense of reason and Marie Rose stopped making fun of such a Mercedes.

The conversation continued again.



“I cant forget the first time I met you.”


Was she surprised to see him immune to the abnormal conditions she caused

Marie Rose smiled and explained to Grid, who was looking back on their first meeting, “Until you showed up, I was treated as a monster who made people scared with just my presence.

Meanwhile, you were calm even after you unsealed me.

It was as if I didnt commit any sins.”

‘Ah, I remember.

The Grid at the time didnt think deeply about Marie Rose.

He didnt even care who Marie Rose was.

He just tried his best to survive.

He wouldve acted the same even if he knew that Marie Rose was a disaster.

At that time, Grid was extremely selfish and wasnt in a position to care about peace or the safety of humanity.

It meant he didnt feel guilty or worried about future trouble after releasing the seal of a monster.

“You unsealed me and confidently made eye contact with me.

I was happy to see you, who showed no hostility to me.

For the first time since I was born, I felt like I was evaluated as an individual named Marie Rose, not a child of Beriache.”


Marie Rose was neither a disaster nor a monster.

Marie Roses evil deeds that were accurately recorded in history were nothing other than harming the second pope, Chreshler, and Rebeccas Daughters.

The records of her sucking human blood might just be a natural label because she was a vampire.

‘Even Chreshler was killed by Pagma, not Marie Rose.

Marie Rose likely hadnt harmed humans.

Therefore, it could be said that the reason she was treated as a monster was because she was Beriaches daughter.

“First and foremost, I want to thank you for releasing the seal.

I had the ability to unseal it, but it was annoying.

Thus, I put it off.

The coffin that sealed me was unpleasant and I often had nightmares.

It was quite terrible.”

‘Chreshler, that perverted old man.

Chreshler was a person who wasnt hesitant to become the ego of a coffin because he had the desire to embrace Marie Rose forever.

What perverted thoughts would have been conveyed to Marie Rose while she was sleeping Just imagining it was disgusting.

“Then you became the Blood King, received the qualification to be my spouse, and got the power of Blood Master.

Isnt this fate”

Blood Master—it was a skill attached to Beriaches Underclothing.

It showed the function of being completely immune to blood magic.

The cooldown time was 5 minutes.

If Marie Rose was an enemy, he might not have been able to withstand the constant wave of blood magic.

Fortunately, this didnt happen.

Marie Rose asked him, “You mustve been to hell since youve gained the power of Blood Master”

“...You know it well.”

“Yes, you mightve heard from Braham that I have to carry out my mothers will.

The arrangements that my mother left behind in hell are at least in my head.”


Leraje, the great demon of struggle—the person Beriache assigned a task to was steadily growing in hell.

She would definitely be a strength to Marie Rose, who would one day go to hell.

“I think it is great that you have decided to wear my mothers underclothes.”


As a knight, Mercedes didnt show emotions easily, especially toward her master.

The reason she looked at Grid with astonishment was because Marie Roses remarks were so shocking.

The flustered Grid hastily explained, “B-Beriaches underwear is a magical underwear that changes shape to fit the wearers body!”

“Yes, I believe in...

Your Majesty.”

“...You believe me, right”

The atmosphere kept becoming strange.

Marie Rose herself was a burdensome opponent, so Grid wanted to leave this position quickly.

He didnt want this uncomfortable time to be prolonged.

Thus, he got straight to the point.

“What exactly is the Blood King Ive heard that the Blood King is the ruler of all vampires, but looking at your attitude, you dont treat me as a king at all.”

“It is a king.

That is why you have to be my spouse.”

“Why should the Blood King be your spouse”

“I can only make love with the Blood King.

It is only when we make love that I can give birth to a more powerful lineage than my mothers one.

Those children will grow up to become an army to punish hell.”

“If I refuse...

can your revenge be achieved”

Marie Roses eyes widened.

She looked at Grid with surprise before a faint smile spread on his face.

“You are more worried about my revenge failing than losing your qualifications as a Blood King”

“If the status of Blood King was ultimately arranged for you and the vampires, I dont deserve to take the responsibility.” Grid spoke in order to increase affinity.

As expected, the effect appeared immediately.

[Affinity with Vampire Duke Marie Rose has increased by 5.]


As expected, you are cute.

Then why refuse to make love with me Im confident that my appearance and personality arent bad.

Is there any reason why you want to refuse”

It definitely wasnt that bad.

In particular, the appearance was so beautiful that there was no other match in the world.

Even so, Grids mind wasnt shaken.

“I already have people I love.”

“It is plural.

So does it matter if you increase it by one more”

“I am someone who cant even bear the love I have right now.”


Grid lowered his eyes.

The disgust and hatred in his eyes were directed toward himself.

Marie Rose watched him silently and smiled bitterly.

Grids head was lowered so his expression couldnt be seen.

“Well, its okay to say no.

Instead, you need to be prepared to have a tough time.

The Blood Kings duty is to achieve my mothers revenge with me.

Since you arent willing to have children with me and present them as agents, you will have to fight yourself.”

Therefore, the moment he refused his duty, he would be disqualified from being the Blood King.

“I understand.” Grid suddenly raised his head and stared at Marie Rose.

“Ill fight with you.

I want to help you.”


you are a good person.”

[Affinity with Vampire Duke Marie Rose has increased by 5.]


It is a pity, but I will respect your will.

Instead, you must keep your oath.

If you look away from me when I need you, I have no choice but to forcibly conceive a child with you.”

[Affinity with Marie Rose has exceeded 10 and the quest Secret Story of the Birth of the Blood King has been completed.]

[New information has been gained as a reward for clearing the quest.]

[The Secret Story of the Birth of the Blood King]

[Having roamed through the human world alone and realizing the pain of solitude, Beriache set up a special measure for Marie Rose.

The ruler of all the direct descendants, the Blood King, can produce a new lineage with Marie Rose.

Marie Rose must partner with the Blood King to breed a new lineage.

Unlike Beriache, she cant live alone.

She wont be lonely.]

[The hidden feature of the Blood King has been revealed by reading new information.]

[Blood King]

[Type: Passive

★ Marriage with Marie Rose is possible.

* You can have a child after marriage.

★Every time affinity with Marie Rose increases, the Curse of Sloth that restrains Marie Rose will weaken.

* Every time the Curse of Sloth is weakened, all of Marie Roses stats will increase by 10%.

This can go up to 150%.

★ Blood magic will bloom when conditions are met.

The blood magic will be according to your personality.

★ Can free direct descendant vampires if the conditions are met.

* Liberated vampires are free from the Curse of Sloth.]


Currently, there were five blood magic that Grid could use.

There was Extreme Blood Transfusion obtained from liberating Elfin Stone and Blood Flow Revival from liberating Tiramet.

After freeing Cray and Yetima, he gained Blood Flow Wave and the attack skill Blood Sword Shatter.

There was also the wide area buff Blood Reversal from Noll.

Braham lost his vampire power and Marie Rose wasnt influenced by Blood King.

Thus, it was expected that he would gain a total of three more blood magic in the future.

It might be different now.

It was clearly stated that the Blood King could relieve the Curse of Sloth on Marie Rose.

It was good to expect that the moment her Curse of Sloth was released, additional blood magic related to her would be obtained.

‘Still, it is a bit disappointing.

The true value of the Blood King lay in the fact that a new lineage could be produced by marrying Marie Rose.

The value of Blood King wasnt fully exerted unless he married Marie Rose.

It happened the moment when Grid was smacking his lips together in regret...

[Overgeared God Grid has refused to marry Vampire Duke Marie Rose.]

[Marie Rose was unable to produce a direct line of lineage and took out the next best strategy.

In order to increase the population of vampires, the Blood Wells hidden throughout the continent have been opened.]

[Existing players can use theblood wells to change species to vampire.

New players will be able to choose vampire as their species when creating a character.]

[All vampires are under the control of the Blood King.]

These world messages appeared.

After the orcs, the second new species was opened.

The players who were excited to see the new update cursed Grid first before cheering.

Public opinion toward Grid had been the best in recent years, but today was the exception.

-Isnt Grid crazy

-Wow, that bastard kicked away Marie Rose.

-What is so great about him!XX!

-Aish!Grid that XX! If I was him, I would do this and that with Marie Rose!Ah!Damn!Dammit!

-Im just envious.

-Im also envious...

Everyone knew that Marie Rose was the best beauty in the world.

Any player wouldve searched online for Marie Rose at least once and fell in love at first sight.

Even those who didnt play Satisfy knew Marie Roses face.

The men could never understand why Grid refused a marriage with her.

They just shed bloody tears of envy.

Meanwhile, Katz was facing a big change.

[Beriaches magic power that is latent in the Blood Warrior is blooming.]

[Your species is forcibly changed from a human to a vampire.

Some skills and stats will fluctuate.]

[The epic classBlood Warrior has changed to the ancient classBeriaches Warrior.]

[Beriaches Warrior]

[A warrior who originally served the 3rd Great Demon, Beriache, in hell.]

“...The magic machines.”

An ancient rating.

It was a class equivalent to the relic, the magic machine.

Katz faced an upheaval overnight and found it so absurd that he gave up thinking.

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