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Chapter 1397

The moment he faced Marie Rose and his head turned blank, he felt Piaro and Asmophel approaching and felt expectant.

He could survive as long as he was with them.

He had the lowly hope that he wouldnt lose anything this time.

It was the shame of a lifetime.

The pride of the legendary great magician was trampled on the moment he realized he was reliant on others who were even weaker than himself.

The natural pride he had as a child of his mother, Beriache, was shattered.

First and foremost, he was ashamed.

He saw Grid, who used to seriously listen to him as the strongest, look at him with a worried expression and wanted to hide in a mouse hole.

“...Marie Rose!”

Brahams surrounding magic power was turbulent.

It whirled around like a gust of wind before quickly gathering to form a large spear of light.

Hundreds of years ago, Braham used Disintegrate to penetrate and destroy the palace of King Farah.

The great magic that was called the product of a legend while Braham was asleep was now thrown at Greed on the anvil.

It was originally a magic that could destroy even a mountain.

One of the reasons why Braham could get rid of the pursuit of the fire dragon Trauka was that the precursor of Disintegrate awakened Traukas wariness.

However, the current Disintegrate was very weak.

A significant portion of the power was absorbed by Greed, but only acorner of the small mountain disappeared.

He hunted a hydra and became part of the myth, but he hadnt yet recovered the strength from his prime.

On the other hand, what about Marie Rose She spent more of her life asleep and stockpiling power.

Now she had much more powerful magic power than she used to.

It was safe to say that the difference between his skills and Marie Roses skills was greater than ever.

Of course, this was a story when comparing Braham in his vampire days.

Braham wasnt a magician when his heart was pierced by Marie Rose.

He was just a beast absorbed in his innate strength and knowledge.

‘If I could regain my strength back then...

The power of a direct descendant vampire and all the magic that accumulated as a great magician—if he could regain all this power and merge it with divinity, then there would be some degree of balance between him and her, even if he couldnt pierce Marie Roses heart or tear off her head.

Then they could talk about who was truly the strongest.

At that time, he would truly becomeBraham...

‘To restore my strength....

Time was needed.

He shouldnt be frustrated.

He should keep devoting himself and working hard.

Brahams eyes stopped shaking and subsided calmly.

Marie Rose was born at the expense of their mother and used the Curse of Sloth as an excuse to waste time.

He repressed the deep anger and resentment he had toward his damn enemy.

He took the disappointment and disgust he felt as nutrients for enthusiasm and maintained his spirit that was on the verge of collapse.

This was the mentality of the great magician, not the vampire.

Braham honed his spiritual strength after losing the power of a vampire, being exiled to the human world, and overcoming many types of hardships.

“Hoo...”He was controlling his breathing when he heard a familiar sound.

He could see Grid approaching through the air.

His reliance on old boots, despite being able to spread open the wings of a dragon, made Braham smile.

Then before Grid approached, he erased the smile so there were no traces.

He greeted Grid in a blunt manner, “Did you come here to comfort me Forget it.

Marie Rose is the one who has inherited the power of our mother.

It is natural to shrink back from that woman, so Im not particularly ashamed or angry.”

“Do I look so impudent I dont have the qualifications to comfort Braham.”

This was a fact that Braham didnt know, but Grid used the vision he didnt have before.

Long before he arrived, he observed Braham.

He witnessed Brahams determination to abandon his anxiety and anger.

Therefore, he wasnt worried about Braham.

What was the point of worrying about someone who could endure it alone and overcome it

“Then why did you come to me”

No, can I only come to you when there is work Have you eaten~ What type of tea did you have at tea time today~ I came because of curiosity.”


If you want to know the progress of the magic forging, then dont worry.

It is progressing without wasting a single second.”

“Ah, the magic forging.


cant you do it in your mental world”

Braham smashed mountains every time he forged Greed.

It meant that after a few weeks, the mountains near Reinhardt would disappear completely.

Braham shook his head.

“That is pointless.

It is possible to transfer Greed to my mental world, but it is impossible to take the newly forged Greed out of the mental world.


“It is because the material that changed in my mental world naturally becomes part of my mind.”

“Ah...” Grid roughly understood.

In any case, it meant the magic forging must be done externally.

“Then at least dont destroy the mountains.”

Wood, minerals, and herbs could be gathered from the mountains near Reinhardt.

It was also a favorite stage for newcomers to hunt wild animals and mountains.

If the mountains were gone, resources could be imported.

However, there would be no jobs for people and hunting grounds for players, so he would need to worry about the long-term losses.

Braham snorted.

“It is up to me where to go and what to do.”


Was this person still upset because of Marie Rose From Grids point of view, Braham was behaving badly for no reason.

He just couldnt persuade Braham any longer.

It was something to be thankful for that Braham was spending his time using magic forging on Greed.

It should be shameless if he told Braham to go do it on an uninhabited island.


at least he is smashing the mountains, not the city.

In the first place, the reason Braham came to the mountains to practice magic was to avoid harming people.

It was a pity to keep picking on him when he was being considerate in many ways.

‘If the mountains disappear, there will be an increase in clearings.

The farmers will like it.

Grid thought positively before taking out folded clothes and handing it to Braham.

It was a reproduction of the original form of Beriaches Underclothing, which changed to a shape suitable for Grids body.

“...What is this”

“It is a restoration of the underclothing believed to have been used by Beriache during her days as a great demon.”


“I restored it using my Tailoring skill to give to you as a gift,” Grid proudly explained, happy that he made clothes for Braham to remember his mother.

Of course, Brahams reaction was very cold.

“It seems you have lost your mind for a moment before you met Marie Rose.”

If it was a symbol other than underwear, then he mightve been slightly impressed.

However, it was underwear.

It was a bit strange to cherish his mothers underwear...

Grid saw Braham frowning and belatedly realized his mistake.


[Name: Lord Steim

Age: 15 Gender: Male

Class: Prince

Title: Genius of the West Continent

* A genius that represents one continent.

He overwhelms national geniuses, and his level and abilities will rise 60% faster than normal.

Additionally, he can acquire skills in a wide range of fields.

Title: One who Will Become a Legend

A person who will leave his name in history.

There is an 80% chance of being immune to all status effects and illnesses.

When attacked, if his health falls to 1 point, he will enter the immortal state for 2.5 seconds.

Title: Overgeared Gods Child

Not a half-god.

He was born in the days when the Overgeared God was a human, so he doesnt have the blood, body, and power of a god.

However, there is a chance that he will become an object of faith.

Title: Devilish Man

Even if there are no special intentions, there is a high probability of tempting the opposite sex.

It can be lucky or it can be unlucky.

Level: 150

Strength: 1,500 Stamina: 1,500

Agility: 1,500 Intelligence: 1,447

Dexterity: 1,500 Divine Power: 1,160

Charm: 1,500 Dignity: 870

Insight: 1,500 Politics: 552

Persistence: 1,210 Composure: 1,210

The son of Overgeared God Grid.

He has inherited all of his parents strengths so his potential is outstanding.

Teaching him will be inspiring.

He has six teachers who are influential for their time and has perfectly digested their courses.

The legendary great magician Braham also seems interested in his talent.

He grew up with an upright personality thanks to his mothers excellent discipline.

He has a morality that cant be shaken by any temptation.

However, caution is needed because he has a fairly free mind when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex.

Skills Possessed: Riding (A), Physical Technique (A), Advanced Bow Mastery (A), Advanced Spear Mastery (A), Rebecca Churchs Divine power (A▼▼▼), Etiquette (S), Daluka\'s Methods (S), Incomplete Sword Saints Swordsmanship (S ), Advanced Weapons Mastery (S ), Sage Sticks Elementalism (SS), Advanced Blacksmithing (SS), Farming (SS), Discerning Eye (SS), Overwhelming Charm (SS), Prestigious and Legendary Lineage (SS), Morality (SS), Lantiers Techniques (SS ), Sages Wisdom (SS ), Son of a God ()]

This was the status window of Lord with no items.

The (-) mark attached to level 150 and each stat that had reached 1,500 had been removed.

It meant the growth restrictions had been lifted.

Grid predicted that Lords average stats would exceed 2,000 in the near future.

‘The regretting thing is the Rebecca Churchs divine power.

He remembered it was SS grade when he saw it a few months ago.

Suddenly, it was downgraded to an A grade because he went against the Rebecca Church.

‘...I think the reason why Overwhelming Charm has risen is Suas influence.

The title of Devilish Man was particularly difficult.

Grid checked Lords status window with a slightly troubled expression and spoke after thinking carefully, “Lord, now that youve grown up, why dont you go on an adventure”

“Yes! I think it will be really fun!” Lord smiled widely and replied vigorously.

There might be some uneasiness about going out into the unknown world, but he looked very happy.

It wasnt because he didnt know the ins and outs of the world.

Lord was a genius.

He understood the rules and regulations of the world.

Nevertheless, he expressed confidence because he had already prepared a thorough growth plan.

“An adventure must have a purpose.

The intention of an adventure can change if you wander around aimlessly.

Have you considered the purpose of the adventure”

Lords eyes shone.

First of all, I want to defeat the Guardian of the Forest.”

The first chapter of the Overgeared Kings biography (now Overgeared Gods biography) that was sung by the bards opened with the battle against the Guardian of the Forest.

Lord was keen to follow in his fathers footsteps.

It was also reasonable.

‘Bairan as his first adventure...

it is appropriate.

Grid had poured a lot of affection toward Lord.

From the time that Lord gained a teacher in each field and started to engage in full-scale training, Grid gave items that would grow with Lord as gifts.

Given that most of Lords exclusive equipment were rare and epic rated, and the overall level of his skills was legendary rated, the fields and dungeons around Bairan wouldnt be a major threat to Lord.

His stats might not be high due to the age restrictions, but he could kill monsters with items and skills.

‘He will be at least 20 levels higher when he meets the Guardian of the Forest...

His stats would rise evenly in the aftermath of his actions and choices, so it was possible for him to raid the Guardian of the Forest on his own.

Grid smiled widely enough to reveal his white teeth as he thought about it.


Take down the Guardian of the Forest and return.”

“Yes, Father! I will bring back the blue orichalcum as a token!” Lord answered vigorously and left Reinhardt after being seen off by Queen Irene and his girlfriends.

Lord was excited about going on his first adventure alone () and didnt use the warpgate or ride a horse.

He used both legs and ran in the direction of Bairan.

Grid watched Lords back getting further away with Barbatos Vision and laughed.

‘Rather than becoming tired, he is getting faster and faster.

The act ofrunning alone was raising his stamina and agility stats in real time.

The stats that had been stopped for several years after reaching the max value were already starting to grow explosively.



The Overgeared Shadows, who had initially been keeping a considerable distance from Lord, panicked and sped up.

They would be spotted sooner or later...

Grid clicked his tongue and spoke to Kasim, who was in the shadows, “Leave the queens protection to Faker for the time being.

I will ask you to look after Lord.”

“Yes.” Kasim disappeared into the shadows.

It was only when Grid was reassured that he looked at the notification windows floating to one side of his vision.

[Your son, Lord, has gone on an adventure.]

[Lord will come back to you with the gift of blue orichalcum.]

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