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Chapter 1395

The distinguished guests who attended Lords coming of age ceremony were big names.

They exercised their power without fear in their own kingdom or other kingdoms.

Even so, they were human.

Marie Rose—the appearance of the top predator made all the distinguished guests in this area tremble.

The big figures who didnt know anxiety and fear due to their great pride dared not make eye contact with her and looked away.

They tried to look as insignificant as possible to show they had no intention of defying her.

It wasnt a matter of humiliation and shame.

Could their ancestors have avoided dangerous situations if they didnt feel fear No.

Humanity wouldnt have survived until today.

The humble attitude of the distinguished guests in front of Marie Rose was the natural instincts of humans.

It was an extremely primitive instinct to feel fear and avoid risk factors.

‘Marie Rose.

Is it really Marie Rose

The dukes of the empire reflexively struggled as they were crushed by the terrible evil influence.

They tried not to be noticed as much as possible and figure out the situation.

They thought back.

There were rumors that Marie Roses seal was released 17 or 18 years ago.

The former emperor Juander asked Bain to find out the authenticity.

Bain returned and confirmed that the rumors were true.

This type of thick evil influence was likely to belong to Marie Rose.

Only then could they be convinced.

I, us—

Immortal King Grenhal, Spear Saint Rachel, and Beast King Morse—they were filled with fear despite the fame and power they built up so far.

It was only by admitting the other person was Marie Rose that they could accept it.


it is destruction.

Why did Marie Rose show up here and now They couldnt afford to examine the reason.

The dukes just felt dizzy.

A monster that the second pope, Chreshler, could only barely seal when he sacrificed the lives of himself and the Rebeccas Daughters, despite being the strongest pope of all time.

Saharans ancient literature evaluated her as stronger than Beriache and one of the few beings that Baal was wary of.

That monster, Marie Rose, appeared here.

They were dead.

They would die.

They couldnt survive.

These thoughts revolved around the heads of the dukes.

Meanwhile, Empress Basara thought rationally.

As the matriarch of many people, her sense of responsibility was transcendent.

She was sober in this desperate situation.

‘It is a raid aimed at the gathering place of many major figures from various kingdoms...

she has ambitions to rule humanity.

The world would be almost paralyzed the moment the guests here were wiped out.

From then on, who would be able to handle Marie Rose Humanity would lose its center and be one-sidedly slaughtered by Marie Rose.

‘The people who need to be saved now are...

Basaras gaze turned to Grid.

Her judgment was quick.

‘I have to protect Grid.

Everyone in this position had to make sacrifices.

Grid had to be evacuated using any means and methods.

By making him the center of humanity, only then would the annihilation of humanity be avoided.

Only he deserved it.

Basaras red energy rose.

This was the power that was the proof of Saharans lineage.

This was the power of ruling that intervened and controlled everything.

It was more of a constitution than a skill or magic.

It wasnt sealed by the evil influence.

Basara had the capacity to intervene with Marie Roses evil influence.

She was determined that if she could control the evil influence for a while, she could join forces with the dukes to open the way for Grid, even if she lost her life from the backlash.

She had to try it even if the chances of success were less than 1%.

Basaras red energy thickened.

“Hmm” It happened when Marie Rose turned her gaze to Basara...

Step, step, step...

Someone\'s footsteps echoed in the quiet hall.

One person was walking alone confidently while everyone was holding their breaths.

It wasnt difficult to infer his identity.


‘King Grid...!

Everyones eyes turned to the direction of the footsteps.

The central hall...

As expected, Grid was walking through it.

He stared straight at Marie Rose.

There was no hesitation in his gait and he stood upright.

There was no trembling.

Marie Rose terrified all the powerful people on the continent, but she couldnt scare Grid.

The distinguished guests admired it.

“W-Welcome, Marie Rose.

Why did such a noble person come to this humble place...”

Grid finally reached Marie Rose and lowered his head with a smile.

It was a completely different attitude than expected.

It was surprising but no one thought that Grid was servile.

‘As expected, it is Marie Rose.

She might be a demonkin, but she is a legendary existence.

It is natural to be polite to her when she built a reputation for transcending her founder hundreds of years ago.

‘The reason Grid bowed in the first place is due to us...

Grid didnt seem affected by Marie Roses evil influence.

There was no particular fear of Marie Rose.

The reason why he bowed was for the safety of the people gathered here.

It meant he was forced to please Marie Rose to prevent her from acting hastily.

‘He is truly the lantern of humanity.

The distinguished guests.

In particular, the distinguished guests who had only been exposed to Grid through rumors started to feel respect for Grid.

A series of notifications popped up stating that the leaders of kingdoms or tribes that never communicated with the Overgeared Kingdom started to like Grid.


Why did affinity suddenly increase Marie Rose reached out to the flustered Grid.

The white skin that reminded him of snow was reddened by the sunlight that leaked through the window.

The sun wasnt good for vampires.

Marie Rose had a stronger power than Beriache, the 3rd Great Demon.

She also didnt receive any penalties in the human world because she was born here.

One of the strongest beings in the world, her few weaknesses included the sun.

She was weak to sunlight because she inherited the power of Beriache and her vampire characteristics were more than anyone else.

The reason why she visited Reinhardt in broad daylight like this was because...

“Did you become the Blood King while I was sleeping” She wanted to congratulate Grid.

Grid politely kissed the back of her hand and smiled awkwardly.

“Yes, it happened to be that way.”

Marie Rose was the strongest vampire, but she wasnt suitable for the position of Blood King.

Her purpose was merely to exterminate the great demons.

She had no ambition to become the king and lead the vampires.

The evidence was that she had no feelings for her siblings.

Grid knew this fact and simply accepted Marie Roses congratulations.

She didnt feel that the position of Blood King had been taken from her.

In any case, Marie Roses congratulations was sincere.

Her brightly smiling face was so clear that it was like a beautiful flower emerging.

“I am glad.”


“The man who released my seal has grown into an excellent spouse.

I have to believe in the word destiny.”



Blood King Spouse Ordinary people couldnt understand it.

Even Grid didnt understand it.


He could feel eyes stabbing into his back.

They werent Queen Irenes eyes.

She had long wanted Grid to take a concubine.

She had urged Grid directly.

She was becoming old faster than Grid and would leave first.

For his sake, she hoped that another good person would stand by Grids side.

Queen Irene was fortunately now regaining her youth, but her thoughts remained the same.

She hadnt given birth to a second child for 15 years already.

The situation in the kingdom was too uneasy to have only one successor to the throne.


Grid glanced back.

Unlike Irene, who hadnt changed her expression, Basara and Mercedes looked gloomy.

There were shadows on their beautiful faces.

This was why he felt stinging gazes.

Why Basara...

“Hum hum.” Grid cocked his head for a moment before coughing to relieve the atmosphere.

Then he guided Marie Rose to the top position.

“Today is the day my son has finally become an adult.

Some guests have gathered to celebrate, so lets talk about private matters next time.”

“I noticed instantly that he is your child.

He is talented and handsome, just like you.

Perhaps our children too...”

“Hum hum! Now, come this way.”


Maries expression changed dramatically the moment Grid coughed and interrupted her words.

The bright smile turned meaningful and her eyes curved in a half moon.

Grids heart thumped loudly.

He wavered.

“Do you not want to be my spouse”

“T-That, Im a married man...”

“Hmm, then you can just give me your seed.

There is no need to feel too burdened.”


Silence filled the hall.

In particular, Basara and Mercedes mouths were tightly shut.

it was because they witnessed the regret and hardness that was in Marie Roses fascinating smile.

Maybe she was serious about Grid.

It happened the moment Basara and Mercedes had this thought...

“Why did you come to this place”

A new figure appeared behind Jude and Prince Shining, both of whom were standing at the entrance of the great hall.

A man with silver hair—the identity of the man so handsome that his appearance was comparable to Marie Rose was naturally Braham.

The legendary great magician—the dukes of the empire who witnessed his power in the Drasion raid reflexively focused their attention

On the other hand, Marie Rose was relaxed.

“You have grown up a lot, Braham.

You actually dare to talk loudly to me.”

“Dont spoil this precious event and get lost.”

“Previous event... It is precious” Marie Rose doubted her ears.

Braham—the most selfish and cruel Braham, who slaughtered thousands and experimented on his kin, was actually respecting the events of others “...Huhu, havent you changed a lot while I was asleep”

There was a smile on Marie Roses face, but her eyes were cold.

Braham flinched and stepped back.

He recalled the past when Marie Rose pierced him in the heart and he lost his vampire power.

Braham feared Marie Rose like everyone else, no, more than others.

Her power had grown over the years beyond their mother and she was still in the process of regaining her strength.


I am going to die.

Just as he hated Marie Rose, Marie Rose hated him.

Braham knew this and foresaw his own death.

In the beginning, Marie Rose was an existence who could accomplish most of her wishes.

No one could stop her if she wanted to kill Braham.

...I wont go silently this time.

He would inflict a wound that couldnt be erased forever.

Braham made up his mind and instinctively raised a hand behind him.

“An unexpected guest came.”

The legendary farmer Piaro and the recently returned Asmophel appeared next to each other.

Grids messenger Sariel was also with him.

Nefelina also didnt seem to like this situation and her faint energy that exerted influence over the entire palace became stronger.


“Braham is my fathers friend.

It is just like Marie Rose is my fathers friend.”

Lord stepped in front of Marie Rose as she stared at Braham.

The murderous smile he learned from Sua surprised Marie Rose slightly.

...Youve made a lot of friends.” Marie Rose glanced at the people surrounding Braham in turn before taking one final look at Braham.

Then she turned back to Grid.

“You don\'t have to look so scary.

The reason I came today is to discuss our future, not to hurt your friend.


the timing is bad.”


This time, Grid also saw the short regret that briefly passed through Marie Roses eyes.

“Then, bye! Ill come back next time.” Marie Roses body turned to smoke and started to scatter.

She returned to the dark underground area where there was nothing except the coffin where she had slept alone for a long time.

To her—

“I will visit you next time,” Grid vowed.

A smile of joy adorned Marie Roses face as she gradually disappeared.

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