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There were games where field of view wasnt important, but it was particularly emphasized in Satisfy.

It was because some wide-area skills worked usingrange of vision. The Undefeated Kings Swordsmanship was a prime example.

Long-ranged skills that attacked byspecifying a target like Request to Stand With Mes battle gear rain were also larger and the utilization increased when there was a longer field of view.

If Grid had a third vision then his power would work even in places where he wasnt present.


Back and forth, left and right, up and down.

No matter where he went, a black hand would rise from a dimensional gate without warning and persistently aim at Grid.

This form of sniping that he had never experienced before consumed his mental power and physical strength.

‘Damn, what is this bull** skill

A sniper where he couldnt determine the sniping point...

wasnt it telling him to just open his eyes and be attacked It was natural for a person in his position to swear.

Grid was running and cursing when he suddenly questioned it.

‘Why is he targeting me

Barbatos subordinate, Krucha, was fighting with Leraje.

Additionally, the reason Krucha was fighting Leraje was due to Demon Slayer Yura.

Barbatos sniping priority should be Leraje or Yura.

So why was he aiming for Grid

‘Its fortunate that he isnt targeting Yura, but I dont understand it.

The ideal situation was for the sniping target to be Leraje.

She was slowly regaining the dominant position in the fight despite previously being pushed back by Krucha.

She seemed able to deal with Krucha and Barbatos sniping at the same time.

‘The aggro should be on Leraje so I can easily kill Krucha...

Ah, thats why he is targeting me.

It was clear.

Barbatos knew that sniping Leraje wasnt efficient.

Rather than ignoring the opponent two ranks lower than him, he was wary.

He suppressed a demons aggressiveness.

‘Leraje seems to be special.

The reason for not targeting Yura is because he has determined that Yuras fighting power isnt threatening to Krucha.

Named bosses with intelligence would identify the players combat power and decide the hunting order.

There were bosses who set the strongest player as top priority.

For example, Elfin Stone appeared every 24 hours and kept using Extreme Blood Transfusion on Grid.

On the other hand, there were bosses who set the weakest players as top priority.

Barbatos seemed to belong to the former.

“Hell Leap.”

As Grid analyzed the situation, Yura opened a small portal connecting hell and the human world.

Originally, this was a Demon Slayermovement technique, but Yura knew how to apply it differently.

She overlapped the portals in front of the gate where Barbatos sniping occurred and distorted his aim in a completely different direction.

The black hand reaching out to Grid was sucked into the portal opened by Yura and then appeared in a remote place.

‘This is dangerous...

Grids heart sank despite receiving help.

He thought that Yuras performance would cause Barbatos aggro to shift.

It was as he expected.

Barbatos sniping started targeting Yura, not Grid.

The evaluation that Grid had a higher risk than Yura seemed to have changed.

“Avoid it!” Grids transcendent senses noticed the gate forming behind Yuras back and he screamed urgently.

Yura didnt notice it until the moment the gate was opened behind her.

A black hand emerged from the gate and grabbed at Yuras body violently.

“Yura!” Grids expression distorted.


She was fine.

Yuras expression was calm as she was held by the black hand.

The jade magic power flowing over the surface of her silver armor emitted a strong light.


The black hands contained terrifying demonic energy.

Grids cloak had just been slightly touched by the hand, but it was eroded by demonic energy, reducing its durability and deteriorating its function.

Yet the demonic energy scattered in front of this jade magic power.

It was suppression, not purification.

The Demon Slayers magic power suppressed the demonic energy in a way completely different from divine power.

The sight of her intact appearance without any wounds flustered Grid.

Yura brushed off the remnants of demonic energy and explained, “As I said earlier, Barbatos was a tricky opponent for Alex.

Thus, Alex researched and evolved.”

These evolved abilities were passed down to the current Demon Slayer.

Demons who fought Alex and lost once would be pushed in a battle against Yura, even if they were great demons.

It was just like how Barbatos sniping couldnt hurt Yuras body right now.

“Ohh!!” The true value of the Demon Slayer that was often revealed made Grid feel admiration.

The fact that Yura was unharmed and had enough potential to solve the difficulties in the future made Grids face shine brilliantly.

Of course, the bright expression was soon erased.

It was because Barbatos sniping once again aimed at Grid.

Grid avoided three sniping attacks using his transcendent senses and looked up.

‘He is a really dirty and annoying guy.

Grid was being attacked one-sidedly by an enemy whose location was unknown and his physical strength was continuously being consumed.

This was the worst.

Unless there was a limit to the number of times Barbatos could attack, he would eventually be exhausted first.

The most hopeful thing was that Barbatos sniping cooldown time had been identified.

It was two seconds for a single shot, five seconds for two consecutive shots, and nine seconds for three consecutive shots.

He didnt know about after this since he hadnt experienced it, but it was likely the cooldown time would be twice as much.

Every time he dodged the attack, he was exposed to remnants of demonic energy.

Grid drank a potion to heal his consumed health and shifted his gaze to Leraje.

Her small feet were just trampling on Kruchas face.

The reason she wore such high heels didnt seem to be due to a complex about her height.

It was to use them as a weapon.

Krucha was stabbed by the sharp heel and screamed.

There was a hole in his forehead and blood flowed out.

“I cant believe youre using a dirty trick based on gender! It is despicable! You deserve to be called the role model of all demonkin! Grrrr!!”

“I still have a long way to go from your master, who hides and shoots like a coward.”

“Yip yip! Thats right! You still have a long way to go compared to Barbatos!”

Were they insulting or praising each other It was difficult to interpret even though he spoke the same language.


Grid was clicking his tongue with amazement, only to become startled.

It was because he made eye contact with Krucha.

‘Dammit, this son of a bitch dog.

Barbatos used his subordinates vision to locate and snipe the prey.

The most important thing to avoid Barbatos sniping was to not be seen by Krucha.

Grid took advantage of the temporary gap in Barbatos sniping to hide, but he was found too quickly by Krucha.

\'I wanted to catch my breath for a second.

Grids gaze turned to the entrance of the great hall and he changed his position using Shunpo.

At the same time, a black hand appeared where Grid had been hiding just a moment ago.

Grid sighed with relief after passing another crisis while Leraje and Krucha once again engaged in a fierce battle.

Every time their fists or kicks cut through their air, there was a sharp explosion and the shockwave generated shook the great hall.


The reason why Leraje wasnt pushed in this fight, despite having her mucus dried by fire and losing some power, was due to her excellent combat skills.

She was like a martial artist who had trained all her life and knew how to use her body as the most ideal weapon.

Her obsession with victory mustve constantly honed her.

‘...Isnt this angle good

Was it because he was too absorbed in the battle with Leraje Perhaps it was in preparation to block Kalbabas surprise attack, but Krucha suddenly revealed a gap.

He was very puzzled when he couldnt find the hiding Grid.

Grid was behind him in his blind spot.

It was such a big gap that Grid was convinced that if he did a sword dance and approached using Shunpo on the final step, he would be able to deal a serious injury.

‘Now is the best time for a surprise attack.

In the end, Grid couldnt withstand the temptation and took a step forward.

Then Barbatos attack flew toward him, as if it had been waiting.

Once again, transcendence was triggered, but Grid failed to avoid it.

It was a sniping shot that predicted where Grid would step, so it was physically impossible to immediately react and dodge.

Grids right foot was held by a black hand and burned black.

[The 1 The Arrogant Blue Dragon\'s Boots have been eroded by demonic energy.]

[It is an item with infinite durability.

It isnt damaged.]

Fortunately, his boots were fine.

It was a myth rated item made from Greed, so there was no decline in its function due to damage.


[You have suffered 2,540 damage.]

[Demonic energy is eroding your wound.]

[You have received an internal injury.

Some organs contaminated by demonic energy wont work properly.

There is an additional 30,000 damage accompanied by thepoison,bleeding,cant take potions, andconfusion abnormal statuses.]

[You are immune to poison.]

[Bleeding resistance has failed.]

[Resistance tocant take potions has failed.]

[Confusion resistance has failed.]

Just because the armor had infinite durability didnt mean it could absorb all of the impact that followed an attack.

Grids feet in the boots were damaged by demonic energy.

The demonic energy penetrated deeply through the wound.


The physical condition of hisfive organs decaying brought great pain and crisis to Grid.

In particular, theconfusion state was a big problem.

Confusion made controlling himself difficult.

Grids body staggered like a broken doll.

‘Do I have to experience this every time I allow a hit

The 8th Great Demon, Barbatos.

He was so great that he was likely to raise questions likeperhaps he is a target that cant be attacked. Wasnt it too much to win against a sniper who fired from an invisible place and caused a fatal injury to the target He once again thought about how great Yura was to be immune to such an attack.

She was one of the few hopes that human beings could purify hell.



The eyes of the collapsed Grid widened.

It was because Krucha was looking this way.

His nose sniffled loudly, as he seemed to laugh at Grid.

‘That son of a bitch...

he was determining my location with his sense of smell.

This was why it was meaningless to avoid his gaze.

No matter how hard he tried to hide, he would be detected by Kruchas sense of smell and be shot at by Barbatos.

At least, this was the case if Grid was a normal player.

“Youngwoo-ssi!” Yura used Hell Leap and flew to Grids side.

Grid avoided hitting the ground with her help and his shaking hands struggled through the air.

“Calm down! First recover from the confusion!”

Legends were immune to most abnormal status conditions.

Additionally, Grid was the very first player to become a legend.

Therefore, status abnormalities, especially those affecting the mind, must be unfamiliar concepts to him.

He wouldnt be able to adapt to the inability to control himself and blurred vision caused by confusion.

Once again, Barbatos attacked.Yura held the still floundering Grid in her arms and was hit instead.

The black hands didnt hurt her.

It didnt matter how strong the demonic energy exuded by the black hand.

It was all scattered by the jade magic power.

However, the story changed when the black hand turned into a sharp awl.

A black awl penetrated deep into Yuras side.

This new form of sniping focused on physical attacks rather than demonic energy and it had the power to penetrate Yuras defense.

Just as Alex evolved from his experience fighting Barbatos, Barbatos had evolved as well.


Blood flowed from Yuras mouth.

Even so, she didnt let go of Grid.

Rather, she hugged him tighter.

The time remaining until Hell Leap was available was only two seconds, but it felt like two hours.

‘I have to protect him.

She couldnt always receive help.

Moreover, this was hell.

It was her domain.

It was the place where she should be active.

She gritted her teeth as she turned her gun into a sword and used Hell Leap that just became available.

She threw Grid instead of herself into the dimensional portal.

After that, she rushed at Krucha.

She also figured out that killing Krucha was the only answer to stopping this one-sided sniping.

However, Krucha wasnt an easy opponent.

The reason he confronted Leraje was because he had the strength to be the master of the 10th Hell.

He was afraid of Hell Gao, whom he wasnt sure when would return, so he didnt aim for the vacant seat of the 9th Hell.

Still, he was confident that he could fight and win against the living Leraje.

For such a monster, Yuras attack wasnt very threatening.

Yura hadnt fully grown and the opponents she could challenge were demons in the hells in the 20s.

“Have you come to be killed by me Grrrr!!”

He blocked Yuras sword by swinging his flaming fists and showed a sly smile.

He reached out to hold Yuras small face.

He was just about to raise the heat of the flames to burn Yura when it happened...


A red cloak slowly fell from the air.


Kruchas expression crumpled like a piece of paper.

The smell of hundreds of different types of blood paralyzed his sense of smell.

‘What is this

His excellent sense of smell turned into poison.

Due to the smell of hundreds of types of blood piercing his nose, Krucha was confused by the body odors of Leraje, Kalbaba, and even Yura right next to him.

It was impossible for him to locate the position of the human who had disappeared somewhere.

“Drop Dragon Pinnacle Kill Wave.”

A dragon descended from the ceiling and pierced Krucha.

Barbatos sniping stopped for the first time.

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