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The magic chandelier in Lerajes treasure warehouse shone softly.

This place was quite large because it accommodated the loot that Leraje earned every time she fought and won.

It was just like a large museum.

Even so, Grids footsteps didnt stop at all.

He glanced at the hundreds of treasures that filled the place and passed by without any regret.

His attitude was like seeing stones.

‘Kalbaba said that these are all rare treasures...

he really has poor vision.

It resembles me.

Indeed, the strong seemed to have a connection.

Leraje was chasing after Grid and feeling proud for some reason when she suddenly stiffened.

She was reminded of the only time when Grid stopped.

The Behen Archipelago Record.

That guy stopped walking just once to pick her diary.

‘Dont tell me that he is interested in me

This was the only way she could understand why he coveted her diary over numerous treasures.

‘Why is he interested in me... Ohu, it is natural to be interested due to the yearning heart.

Grid just wanted to see the entries about the Undefeated King.

However, it was natural to misunderstand from Lerajes position.

It happened when she arbitrarily came to this conclusion...


Grid finally stopped walking.

Out of the hundreds of treasures, the item that finally caught his attention was placed in the most secluded corner.

It was neglected instead of exhibited.

In the depths of the corner, the identity of the item covered in dust was nothing but a piece of cloth.

It was a faded, old cloth.

It was so wrinkled that it was no different from a rag at first glance.

It felt like the caretaker of the warehouse used it to clean the shelves and threw it in a corner.

However, Grids discerning eye recognized that this cloth was special.

[Cloth Left Behind by One Who Departed]


A cloth left behind by someone unknown when they left hell.

Weight: 10]

“T-That is a rag,” Leraje responded immediately.

She called it a rag like it wasnt a big deal, but her floundering limbs and wide eyes showed a different story.

‘Legendary Blacksmiths Appraisal.

[You have failed to observe the targeted item.]

“Ugh!” Grid felt sharp pain from his eyes and stepped back.

His eyes were bloodshot.

This was the second time that he failed to appraise something and felt pain from the backlash.

It was proof that this cloth was special.

‘Open Potential.

[Please specify the skill to increase the rating.]

‘Legendary Blacksmiths Appraisal.

[The potential of Legendary Blacksmiths Appraisal has been opened and the skillBlacksmiths Appraisal Comparable to a God has been activated.]

Blacksmiths Appraisal Comparable to a God was undoubtedly an appraisal skill with the best function in the worldview.

Yet the first time he used this skill, Grid tasted failure.

It was because the target of the appraisal was the martial gods secret technique.

‘I couldnt appraise the secret technique because it is taboo to touch the one god.

There wouldnt be a second failure.

No matter the owner of this piece of cloth and how great they were, they couldnt be comparable to Chiyou.

As if in response to Grids conviction—

[You have succeeded in the appraisal.]

The detailed information of Cloth Left Behind by One Who Departed was updated and appeared in Grids piece of view.

[Beriaches Underclothing]

[Rating: Legend (transcendent)

Durability: 117/519 Defense: 450

★ The skillImpenetrable Skin is activated.

★ The skillWorn but Not Worn is activated.

★The skill will be unlocked when certain conditions are met.

The underclothing worn by the vampire progenitor Beriache, during her days as a great demon.

A garment made by Beriache weaving her magic power like it is thread.

It is comfortable to wear since it changes according to the users body shape.

Conditions of Use: Beriache, Beriaches blood, a great demon with a ranking of 3rd or higher.

Weight: 10]

“...Crazy.” A sound of admiration burst out of Grids mouth.

Beriaches Underclothing was classified asunderwear. This meant it could be worn with armor, but its defense was abnormally high.


[Impenetrable Skin Lv.



Immune to damage below a certain level.

* Damage over a certain level is reduced by 10%.]

[Worn but Not Worn]


The body becomes as light as a feather.

You can move more lightly.]

There were two passive skills attached to it.

‘Impenetrable Skin...

I admired it when I saw Kraugel using it.

Impenetrable Skin was a high-class passive skill.

However, the description for Worn but Not Worn was vague.

How much did it increase agilityIt wasnt clearly stated how fast it would be.

It just described it aslighter, so it was difficult to know the correct effect unless he experienced it himself.

‘Plus, the other skill could be poisonous.

It was just the defense and Impenetrable Skin already made it worth it.

“I want this as the second gift.”

The progenitor Beriache—she was the 3rd great demon, but she was expelled from hell for doubting God Yatan.

He wondered why the clothing of Brahams mother was in Lerajes treasure warehouse, but this wasnt very important.

It was enough if Grid owned it.

‘I want it.

It was natural to wear it directly.

He also wanted to improve his understanding of it to help increase his underwear making skills.

If he could make better inner clothing, then he would naturally speed up the proficiency of his tailoring skill.

“...You are a pervert.”

Leraje sent a disgusted look at Grid who showed his blatant desire.

To anyone who saw it, it would look like Grid was coveting womens underwear.Grid didnt care.

The other person was a great demon.

Affinity mightve increased, but it was only by one.

It wasnt a good relationship.

In the first place, it couldnt be good.

She was born a great demon and there was a high probability she would be an enemy when they met again.

Thus, there was no need to resolve the problem of being misunderstood as a pervert.

“I will use it well.”

“Wait.” Leraje grabbed at Grid who was reaching for Beriaches Underclothing.

“This clothing...

it is the relic of my idol.

It is a precious thing.

I wish you would choose something else.”

“I think its been left too roughly for something that is cherished.”

“It couldnt be helped.

All the rulers of hell must regularly present treasures to a ruler higher than themselves.

You might not believe it but there are rulers above me.

If this cloth is conspicuous, they might want to take it away.

I was forced to disguise it as a rag.”

Leraje, the bluffer who claimed to be the greatest ruler of hell, actually confessed honestly.

It seemed Beriaches Underclothing was a very precious thing to her.

Of course, this wasnt something for Grid to care about.

As mentioned earlier, she was likely to be Grids enemy.

Ignore her, get the treasure, and leave.

Nevertheless, Grid took his hand off Beriaches Underclothing.

“What is your relationship with Beriache”

Expanding on the story meant finding out more information.

More information could help him.

Perhaps Lerajes story would have greater value than this legendary transcendent item.

“My specialty is struggle and victory, but Im also in control of love.”

“...Huh” A great demon was talking about love.

Leraje blushed and lowered her head when she saw Grids reaction.

“Dont laugh.

I also know that I am different from other demons.

Therefore, I was always confused.”

She instinctively yearned for love.

She felt a desire to fulfill the love of others.

It was a hard desire to fulfill.

The demons of hell had no interest in love.

Leraje never discussed love in front of anyone and was always lonely.

“I wasnt understood by anyone and didnt fit it.

Beriache was the only one who understood me.

She didnt laugh at my desires, but cheered me on.

Thanks to her, I gained the courage to fight, win, and rise to where I am today.”


Grid recalled how much Braham and the other direct descendant vampires loved and admired the progenitor Beriache.

If Beriache was absolutely evil like the other great demons, could she have taught her children love Would she had criticized Braham for harming his kin Could her fourth child, Noll, be able to inherit the trait ofkindness from her In retrospect, Berriache was fundamentally different from normal demons.

This was why she doubted and denounced Yatan, only to be expelled from hell and inflicted with the Curse of Sloth.

‘Beriache mustve been treated as a mutation by the demons.

The demon who understood and was able to empathize with her was Leraje, who now stood in front of Grid...

Grids vigilance faded when he realized this.

He listened seriously rather than unconditionally doubting Leraje.

“She told me this before she left.

In order to change this hell which is ruined by evil and killing intent, she will surely come back.


if she really cant come back, then she will send someone who is better than her.”


Beriache dreamed of transformation as well as revenge.

Grid hadnt met her in person and would never meet her, but he didnt think her goal of changing hell was ridiculous.

Marie Rose and Braham—her children (other selves) were proving it.

She deserved a transformation.

“This clothing is a token of my reunion with her or a gift to her other selves.

I cant give it to you.

Im sorry for not keeping my promise to give you any treasure.

Please understand.”

Her words were understandable.

Leraje confessed everything and bowed her head while believing that Grid would give in.

Yet contrary to her expectations, Grid held Beriaches Underclothing tightly in his hand.

“...Im disappointed.”

Grid spoke to the frowning Leraje, “There is no need to be disappointed.

It is right for me to take this clothing.”

Grid asserted.

It was absurd nonsense from Lerajes point of view.

“You have the right Do you want to claim that you are her other selves You...

do you take me as a fool”

“That isnt it.

It is just that Beriaches other selves are by my side.”

Grid touched Elfin Stones Ring.

A bloody storm started blowing.

It was blood energy.

The energy that Leraje had always missed dominated the area and Elfin Stone appeared.

“Ah...” Leraje was surprised by Elfin Stones red-brown eyes.

Then she glanced at Grid with amazement.

Grid was taking off his armor and putting on Beriaches Underclothing.

Just then—

[Beriaches Underclothing has detected the blood of the Blood King.]

[The hidden skillBlood Master Lv.

1 is activated.]

The hidden function of Beriaches Underclothing was revealed.

If one day he could make underwear exactly the same as this, he would greatly increase the fighting power of all direct descendant vampires, including Braham and Noll.

Grid was convinced of this.

Leraje stared at him blankly before smiling.

“I see.

You approached me on purpose.”


Did he approach her

This time, a notification window that his affinity with Leraje had increased by 20 appeared.

At this point, Grid was worried.

‘Isnt it too much of a hodgepodge

It was common sense to get acquainted with different races such as the water clan, vampires, orcs, elves, etc, but now it was a great demon after establishing a friendship with an archangel...

He wondered if this was really okay.

He was very worried that he might be known as an opportunist.

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