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Madras diary that was held by Grid was an incomplete record.

It was clearly written by Undefeated King Madra, but it was a diary written after Madra became a death knight.

Therefore, the contents were confusing and the delivery power was poor.

In the first place, a death knight was resurrected as an undead using the bones of a person who already died.

Using common sense, it was unreasonable to trust and rely on an undeads diary when the undead had significantly lower cognition compared to when he was alive.

‘The end of the diary is completely unrecognizable.

Madra was reluctantly resurrected as an undead and gradually went crazy after hundreds of years.

In the end, he cried out strangely.

There was no regularity in the sentences he left on paper or his words in the memories he left behind.

Even Great Sage Sticks had failed to translate it.

However, Sticks didnt deny that it was writing or a language.

He couldnt interpret it, but it was hard to see it as just crying.

It wasnt strange to hypothesize that it was the language of the dead, just as the elementals had their own language that humans couldnt understand.

Indeed, his hypothesis was right.

The Orb Made from Galgunos Bones found in Talima proved this.

The orbs whispers resembled Death Knight Madras screaming.

‘Sticks said he would study the orb to learn the language of the dead...

It was true that it was stagnant.

Sticks research had been fruitless for several months.

He had no idea at all about when Madras diary would be interpreted.

The Behen Archipelago Record he acquired now was enough to give Grid new hope.

“M-Must you see this”


Leraje blushed with shame and showed reluctance, but she didnt have the right to veto it.

She failed to stop Grid from opening the diary that contained her shortcomings.

『 The demonic energy of the hell night was removed and day came.

The sky brightened and the hell moon dimmed.

I was unfamiliar with the landscape of hell that had changed to become like the demon world and Marbas talked about the influence of divinity.

Thus, I found out that a god visited hell.

A god visited hell.

It was Hexetia in the days when he was jealous of humans.

The myth that Grid knew was described from the perspective of a third party.

The moment the first sentence of the Behen Archipelago Record was displayed, Grids view gradually darkened.

He experienced what Leraje did.


“Invade the human world”

Leraje frowned as she opened the official document that came from the First Hell.

“Is it necessary to send me to a place infested only with weak humans”

The value of struggle shone only when fighting and winning against a strong enemy.

Leraje had no reason or interest in harassing the weak, so from Lerajes perspective, the human world wasnt a very attractive stage.

“Huhu, if you dont want to be a toy, then dont show your feelings against Baal.”

Marbas immediately restored the official document burned by Leraje and persuaded her.

“Baal has appointed you, so you should go even if you dont want to.

Additionally, the human world isnt as weak as you think.

The reason why the human world is between hell and heaven is because it is qualified.”

“It is qualified I wonder if that is really the right expression If the gods dont protect the human world in order to accumulate divinity, human beings would have perished immediately.”

“You can still say that after hearing that Hell Gao was defeated by humans and lost his body”

“Hell Gao must be immersed in hellfire to show his strength.

It isnt a big deal to defeat someone who is seriously restricted in the human world.”


You werent part of theold human world, so you couldnt feel the notoriety of the seven malignant saints.”

“The seven malignant saints Arent they beyond humans due to the power they received from the gods No god has given power to humans since then.”

“Without divine favor, humans can train and transcend.

Or they can build achievements and become legends.

Transcendence and legends are the springboards to myths.

A representative figure is the Sword Saint who took down Hell Gao...”

“Old man, thats enough.

The task will be completed even if I dont work hard.

So dont install vain expectations in me.”

Leraje was skeptical no matter how she thought about it.

The human world...

Old man Marbas kept saying it would be fun, but it would be a journey without any rewards.

There was no anticipation or interest.

Nevertheless, Leraje crossed the dimensional portal and headed for the human world with the other demons.

Baal wished for it and she had to be obedient.

For now, the only way to avoid Baals attention was to be aboring chess piece.

‘There are still many steps to take until I can confront Baal.

The power of the struggle became stronger the more valuable a victory.

She had the outstanding potential to meet Marbas expectations.

Leraje felt her soul burning the moment she crossed the portal to the human world.

It was worn down and torn.

The side of her soul was obviously smaller.

All her stats, including strength, declined.


Leraje had a headache from the air of the human world that was too clear and refreshing.

She coughed and surveyed the 66 small islands.

She had weakened, but she still had no expectations.

She thought that anything that existed in the Behen Archipelago wouldnt be her match as long as it was human or made by humans.

The only thing that could be achieved here was a cheap victory.

She wouldnt be able to grow even if she won dozens or hundreds of times.

It was a waste of time.

...This was a mistake.

“It is so annoying.”

Leraje felt ridicule when she broke through the first island filled with a large number of monsters.

However, she was embarrassed from the second island.

There were boxes that were tightly locked.

There was the rule of theboxes cant be smashed and at least two of them had to be opened within three days to enter the next island.

It was just a headache to find the right key for the boxes.

In the end...


I want to go home.”

Leraje was eliminated five times from the second island.

After the sixth challenge, she could barely enter the third island.

She heard thehungry signal from her stomach and started to write her diary in an even more depressed manner.

『 Humans devised and installed magic to protect the islands but it is very clumsy.

As the trapped demons were confused, I, Supreme King Leraje openly crossed the archipelago.

The demons looked up while cheering and the humans felt fear.

The arrogant gods in Heaven who couldnt sit by and ignore my existence were also shocked.



The first chapter of the record ended and Grids first experience of the past was also over.

He took his gaze away from the book for a moment and glanced at Leraje.

“Huung~ huung~”

Leraje hummed like it was awkward and hurriedly made irrelevant remarks.

She stroked the back of the hell steed with blue flames flying like a mane for no reason.

Once she was kicked by its hind legs, she stopped humming and crouched down in the corner.

“...It is the original that hasnt been edited yet.”

“Yes, it seems so.

“Ill make an edited version soon, so give me back the original.”

“Im sorry, but I cant do that.”

How much distortion did she want to add The entire record of her meeting with the Undefeated King might be deleted.

Then the meaning of gaining the book would disappear.

“Would you like to pick the next treasure”

The persuasion wouldnt work so Leraje gave up.

She sat looking at the wall and changed the topic.


Reading the diary in front of the owner was quite rude...

The Behen Archipelago Record was placed in the inventory.

Grid was anxious that he might not get the remaining compensation if he refused this request and made Leraje angry.

This treasure warehouse was owned by Leraje.

She had the authority to issue an eviction order at any time and he couldnt provoke her more than necessary.

“Do you have anything to recommend”

The greatest presence in the treasure warehouse was the fire maned horse, but Grid didnt have much interest in it.

It was because Grid already had Overgeared Corn.

Overgeared Corns rough personality was already hard to bear.

Nothing good would come of picking the violent horse who even kicked a great demon.

He didnt covet the bloodstone either.

Bloodstone was definitely a great mineral, but there was no reason to feel greedy for it as long as he had Greed.

‘It isnt unique like the moon night iron.

It is compatible with demonic energy, but it is unnecessary.

There were many ways to make good use of it, but it wasnt enough to choose as a reward from Leraje.

‘Zepars magic sword is also a pass.

Zepar wasnt a demon, but a demonkin.

He was a low-ranked demon king who rose to 13th place in hell.

His current ranking had fallen quite a bit.

Even so, it was clear that he had a good position in hell.

However, Grid had Iyarugt who fought with Zepar.

He was currently loaned to Peak Sword, but in any case, Grid didnt need to covet Zepars magic sword when he had the one with Iyarugts sealed soul.

‘...It is funny to see it now.

Grid was looking around the treasure warehouse and wondering what reward would be good when he suddenly smiled.

He couldnt believe he didnt covet anything from the treasure warehouse of the 10th great demon.

He wondered if he had so many things.

‘I might have to build my own treasure warehouse soon.

If he owned so many treasures that it exceeded his inventory and warehouse allowances, he might need to build a separate building.

Grid thought about it and realized how rich he had become.

He remembered the days when he was poor and deeply felt it.

“W-What! Why are you smiling!” Leraje shouted as Grid was looking at the treasure warehouse.

She thought that Grid was laughing at her due to the contents of the diary he read a little while ago.

At this point, it was pitiful.

Grid spoke to her as she pulled down the wide brim of her hat and tried to hide her red face, “I just smiled because I had another thought.

Did you think I was smiling because of you Im not a person who cant understand the subject enough to laugh at someone stronger than me.”

He wasnt talking with any special intentions.

Grid was just annoyed with Leraje who kept screeching next to him.

He honestly conveyed his position so she would stop shouting.

The frankness captured Lerajes heart.

“Hum hum, I am indeed much stronger than you~ really~ stronger.

I like the way you honestly admit it and your cool tone.”

[Affinity with 10th Great Demon Leraje has risen by 1.]


A great demon was absolutely evil.

They were the unconditional enemy of humanity.

He couldnt get close to them even if the sky was split in two.

He believed this through his many experiences.

So why did affinity rise


are you really a great demon”

“What is your intention behind this question You are taking too much time to pick.

You dont seem to have a discerning eye for treasure.

I will help you.

Then what about this This shield was obtained 159 years ago in a one against one million war...”

“It is garbage.”

This was a great demon, right Grid stared with dull eyes and Leraje coughed and avoided his gaze.

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