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“Keuk, why is there a sandstorm right now...”

“Ignore it and chase him.

We cant miss him after finally finding him.”

“Today we will definitely kill him.”

The dark blue dopos fluttered lightly.

A fierce sandstorm was blowing over the yangbans in the desert, obscuring their view, but their running became faster.

It was difficult to stop a yangban even if the natural world took hold of everything.

‘Did he think he could get rid of us with just this

The yangban, Yeum—the right arm of Mir, who was chosen to be the guardian of the Blue Dragon Dao and was staying in Kaya.

In fact, she thought this task was easy.

She determined that even the rumored Grid wouldnt dare to invade Kaya when Mir was guarding the Blue Dragon Dao.

During her time in Kaya, she planned to study with Mir and focus on training.

Then half a year ago, a human other than Grid hid in Kaya—Sword Saint Kraugel.

At first, he moved stealthily.

He seemed to be looking for the secret technique of the former Sword Saint, Muller.

Yet at some point, he started to move boldly and started to kill the yangbans.

The number of yangbans killed by him was three.

Although they hadnt yet taken off their gats and werent qualified to receive the humans faith, they were still great beings with half the blood of a god flowing through them.

Yet they were killed by a mere human.

Yeum had no intention of forgiving Kraugel.


Is it because she was immersed in her anger for a while Yeum was running in order to break through the sandstorm quickly and belatedly noticed that one of the yangbans following her had disappeared.



Yeums sharp cry stopped both parties.


The pressure of the sandstorm became more violent once they stopped moving.

The yangbans were pushed back a few steps before barely stopping and they felt it when they were close to each other.

They couldnt see the companion right next to them.

The sandstorm was this thick.

“Dat Byeol is missing.”


The yangbans were confused by Yeums words and raised their senses.

Then they realized that their number had suddenly been reduced from four to three.

“Did he get swallowed up by the storm and flew away”

“No way.

He mustve become lost.”

“No...” Yeum looked back the way they came.

She couldnt see in front of her, but her keen senses hadnt been lost.

“He was hunted.”


“The Sword Saint is here.”


The sandstorm that was becoming more violent...

Dat Byeol and Kraugel were fighting in there right now.

The scent of blood at the tip of her nose must be from Dat Byeol.

The fight between the two men wouldve started with Kraugels ambush.

“That is ridiculous.

Yeum, the wordhunted isnt appropriate.”

The other yangbans denied it.

Yeums words were like...

it was like Kraugel knew beforehand that a sandstorm was coming and lured them here.

No swordsman could have such foresight.

Even if he predicted the appearance of this sandstorm by using daoism like a daoist, it was impossible to exercise his strength freely in this powerful sandstorm.

Even they, who had better senses and vision than humans, couldnt see ahead of them.

“Hup.” One of the yangbans filled with disbelief suddenly sucked in a breath.

He thought he tasted iron in his tongue and then a hot, sticky liquid filled his mouth.


The expression of the yangban hardened as he barely stopped his body from falling and grabbed the thing stuck in his neck.

It was a sword.

A cold sword was piercing his neck.


Yangbans didnt die easily.

Even if they were stabbed in the heart, they just paused from the physical impact.

He pulled out the sword that was stuck in his neck.

Blood spurted like a fountain from the hole that suddenly opened up.

The yangban who survived quickly unwrapped the soft sword that he was wearing like a belt.

At the same time, he swung it like it was a whip and counterattacked.

However, the powerful sandstorm was exerting its influence on the thin sword.

The yangbans soft sword could take all types of forms and attacked irregularly but its mass was low.

It couldnt withstand the strong winds and shook, its trajectory twisted.

At this moment, the yangban realized it.

Why did that mole-like bastard choose to fight in the sandstorm


The condensed sword energy created lightning.

It was a sight that suggested the springboard for acceleration had been laid.

A hunter crouched in the sandstorm.

Sword Saint Kraugels body gained acceleration and he linked the next sword technique.

“Frenzy Sword.”

An explosion occurred.

At the same time, Kraugel turned into a beam of lightning and broke through the sandstorm, passing through the yangbans body.


Explosive sounds occurred in connection.

Every time, Kraugels body disappeared from the yangbans view.

Then he would appear to the front, the back, or the side of the yangban and stab the yangban with his sword.


The yangban forgot to even scream.

Kraugel appeared and once again pierced the tattered body of the yangban before shaking off the blood on his sword.

Just then, the dust that had risen due to the sandstorm repeatedly combusted and exploded.

It was a dust explosion caused by the heat and pressure of the thunderbolt called Kraugel.

It was a series of explosions that seemed to recreate the power of great magic.

It destroyed the space in the affected area of the sandstorm.


Yeum, who was looking around after realizing another companion had disappeared from her side, was surprised by the explosion and jumped into the air.

She only flew to look from the sky.

It was just that her body was crushed by the storm and that chain of explosions accelerated through the storm and chased her.

Before Yeum could escape the influence of the storm, an explosion swept over her body.

The devastating explosion shredded her clothes, burned her skin and broke her bones.

However, Yeum didnt groan at all.

She gritted her teeth and endured the pain with boiling anger.

She glared through the storm that had briefly scattered from side to side due to the explosion.

She could see a man wearing a golden dragon dopo.

Yeums expression was disgusted and crazy as she saw the man stabbing his sword in the chest of a half-god.

Just a few months ago, he was a man with a lacking heart and body.

She didnt know when but he had built a new body and heart and created such chaos.

“You—! Just wait there!” Yeum barely squeezed out as the explosions continued.

“No, my mother is looking for me.”


Kraugel turned around with an absurd excuse.

“Stop! I said stop!! This...! This rat bastard!”

The dazed Yeum doubted her ears for a moment before she woke up and shouted.

She even spat out swear words.

Nevertheless, it was useless.

Kraugel had already disappeared beyond the storm.

She would have to search for days again to find the guy hiding somewhere in the vast desert.


At a canyon in the north of the desert...

Thanks to the help of super sensitivity, Kraugel barely managed to escape the sandstorm and bandaged his body.

During the first attack against the yangban called Dat Byeol, he was stabbed in a vital spot and the wound didnt heal with just potions.

He had to stop the bleeding with bandages for a while before it would proceed to recover.

“Too bad...”

He was lacking.

His stamina and skills consumption was too great because he couldnt avoid Dat Byeols counterattack.

His original goal was to assassinate the three yangbans except for Yeum, but he had to be satisfied with two.

He had squeezed out his last remaining strength to cut the neck of the second yangban.

‘I even took advantage of the sandstorm...

One chance a month.

No, he unfortunately missed the chance that he wouldnt be able to get again in the future.

‘Is this the price of ignoring Mullers secret techniques

Kraugel had already obtained several volumes of Mullers secret techniques, but he didnt learn them.

Others might scold him as being foolish, but he had a solid goal.

The goal was to make the world aware that the Sword Saint was him, Kraugel, not Mullers successor.

Didnt everyone who played the game want to achieve the best feat at least once

The best feat that the current Kraugel could aim for was to be at least equal to Muller.

Only then...

then he would be able to stand side by side with Grid.

\'...Well, I am still improving steadily.

Kraugel had even found Mullers secret technique that was hidden somewhere in Kaya.

He achieved his purpose in coming to Kaya.

Nevertheless, the reason he remained in Kaya and fought with the yangbans was to become stronger.

He noticed it when he first fought Yeum.

Every time he fought with the yangbans, his super sensitivity stat went up very quickly.

It was more than twice as fast as fighting named bosses or named NPCs.

They were tough opponents, but...

Kraugel judged that training super sensitivity was necessary.

Transcendence—think, judge, and move in 0.1 seconds.

Muller said that this way, the consumption of physical and mental strength reached the highest level.

The road to control was to polish his super sensitivity.


Perfect control.

Satisfys strongest combat class, the Sword Saint was the only class that had a perfect control of transcendence.

Transcendents who accumulated their transcendent status and achieved theworld of transcendence couldnt withstand the recoil from using it, while the Sword Saint could endure it.

Mullers words that he glimpsed from his class quest were unquestionable information.


Finally, his wounds were healed.

It happened when Kraugel stopped his meditation skill and got up from his seat...

-Do you like hunting yangbansHow many times are you going to send the world message that you killed a half-god

He received a whisper.

It was a voice that was nice to hear anytime.

-I just did what was needed.

-Amazing.Truly amazing.Where are you now

It was Grid.

Kraugel answered without hesitation, -Im staying in Kaya.

-EhIm also coming to Kaya because I have something to see.


Kraugel fell silent.

The moment Grid said the wordssomething to see, he recalled how Grid freed some of the Four Gods of the East Continent and had an ominous feeling.

The Blue Dragon Dao sealed in Kaya—the weapon of one of the Four Gods flashed through Kraugels mind.

-Its been a while since weve seen each other.Ill contact you when I get to Kaya.

-...Yes, lets meet when there is time.I am busy today.

-Wait, I will arrive soon...Huh

Grid was confused.

It was due to the notification window that statedthe whisper target doesnt exist. Kraugel hadnt been lying to Yeum.

He really logged out because of his mother.

He couldnt forget his mothers words last night that she wanted to eat rice cake soup after so long.

It was morning in the United States.

For the sake of his mother, who would wake up soon, and for the sake of protecting his taste buds, Kraugel planned to make the rice cake soup himself.


Grid will challenge it even if I tell him how monstrous Mir is.

He would definitely challenge even if he knew he was going to fail.

Just like Kraugel, Grid was a person used to fighting opponents stronger than himself.

He resembled Kraugel, who couldnt be afraid of failure.

Then should Kraugel help even if it meant dying Of course.

‘I have to help.

Kraugel laughed and carefully cooked the rice cake soup.


‘Was his connection access time finished Surely he wasnt intentionally avoiding Grid because he didnt want to play with Grid, right

Grid was slightly suspicious of Kraugel, who logged out during their conversation.

There had been the argument a few months ago.

Grid had wanted to meet Kraugel in the National Competition for a rematch while Kraugel said that he would lose anyway.

It was just a waste of time to participate in the National Competition.

Grid didnt agree with Kraugels statement of defeat.

However, he sympathized with the assertion that participating in the National Competition was a waste of time.

The rewards of the National Competition hadnt changed from the past.

The highest reward was a legendary rated item or a breath as a production material.

It was compensation that didnt feel necessary from Kraugels point of view, unlike Grid who could use the breaths to make myth rated items.

Participating in the competition itself could earn additional income through corporate sponsorship, but simple wealth had no significance for a ranker like Kraugel.

He was already one of the best in the world.

‘It would be nice to increase the rewards of the National Competition.

It was unlikely that it would be increased.

It was only when the National Competition rewards were maintained at this level that top rankers like Kraugel would turn away from the National Competition, allowing mid-level rankers to play an active part.

If the S.A Group was willing to increase the rewards to recruit top rankers then a monopoly problem would arise.

‘...I have to give up the National Competition.

A National Competition without Kraugel was meaningless for Grid.

The breaths would be gained by the Overgeared members anyway.

Grid sent a refusal to the mail asking if he would participate in the National Competition and quickened his pace.

He would soon be in Kaya.


until Kraugel comes back, lets try to figure out the atmosphere.

Over the past two months, he had focused on hunting and gathering Mirs information.

The conclusion was that Mir was one of the strongest opponents he had met so far.

Honestly, it was a bit daunting alone.

Mir was such a dangerous opponent that he didnt want to summon his knights and risk them.

Grid, who visited the East Continent to unseal the blue dragon and gain more power, dreamed of being in a party with Kraugel.

It was just questionable if it would succeed.

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