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[There was a young woman who fought for her god.]

[For the young woman, her god was more dignified than anything in the world.]

[In order to protect the honor of her god, she burned her life in the pure white flames.

The young woman believed it was her mission.]

[She was taught this way, so she had no choice but to believe it.]

[Because she believed, she suffered a great deal of pain.]

[Even when she felt her fading life and wept in fear, the young woman didnt doubt her god.]

“At least, until I met you.”

[At least, until she met him.]

[The young woman finally knew god through the sight of him quenching the white flames.]

[Liberated from her suffering and filled with an unknown hope, she understood what people called Gods salvation.]

[He became the young womans new god.]


To save the dying Isabel, he used the Goddess Essence and sealed Lifaels Spear.

Grid recalled the past while listening to the contents of the epic.

He stared at Isabels face as she kneeled in front of him.

Her healthy complexion was good to see.

The poor girl who trembled with intense pain and sorrow no longer existed in the world.

Grid felt a sense of responsibility when he recalled that he was the one who gave her the present life.

Then he soon got rid of this feeling.

A god.

It was ridiculous.

It was a position he couldnt afford.

Grid was struggling to ignore his responsibility when Han Seokbong and Sua came to Grids side.

Behind them were the soldiers from the East Continent, including the Red Phoenix Group.

They suffered big and small wounds in the fierce war and were in a very haggard state.

Suas beautiful face was covered with severe burns and some young warriors were so injured it wouldnt be surprising if they died immediately.

However, their eyes as they looked at Grid were strong.

[There were people who obeyed the gods.]

[For them, a god was an object of fear.]

[They sacrificed themselves to fulfill the will of the gods and believed it was the duty of humanity.]

[They were taught this way, so they had no choice but to believe it.]

[Because they believed, they endured the humiliation.]

[They didnt dare criticize or doubt the gods who trampled on human dignity in order to protect their own face.]

[At least, until they met him.]

“Why dont you go treat your wounds first”

The epics were one of the most important systems for Grid.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that he waited for an epic every day.

However, he wasnt so focused on the epics that he would ignore his hurt colleagues.

It was the moment when Grid called Sehee before running to support the warriors and spraying a potion on Suas face...

“Until we met Your Majesty...

we wondered if we were just tools that existed for the sake of the gods,” Sua confessed.

She vividly remembered the despair she felt on the day the Red Phoenix Bow disappeared.

She had been afraid all day long, worrying about what criticism and punishment she would face from the yangbans.

She obediently gave up on her life when she was trapped behind bars by Garam, who had started obsessing over Grid.

[They finally knew God through his image of cutting apart the iron bars made by a gods will.]

[Liberated from fear and regaining their lost dignity, they understood what people called Gods salvation.]

[He became the new god of the people.]

Han Seokbong and his daughter were held in prison for failing to find the whereabouts of the maker of the Red Phoenix Bow and had been waiting to be executed.

It wasnt just them.

Countless other people in the East Continent suffered from the tyranny of the yangbans.

The blacksmiths who believed in Grid eventually died at the hands of the yangbans.


Grid recalled the past while listening to the contents of the epic and he gazed gently at Suas face.

Terrible burns obscured her beauty.

Even so, she looked much happier now than she did in the days when she was beautiful.

The epic continued.

[There were people who lost their gods.]

[For them, a god was an object of longing.]

[The reason they never left the land of the old gods after being trampled on by the false gods was to greet the gods who would return one day.]

[The reason they didnt abandon the land of the old gods despite being unable to endure the violence was because they feared the gods trapped in the darkness would be forgotten forever.]

[He became their god.]

[He punished the false gods and found the remnants of the old gods.]

[He declared that he would rather be a god.]


The declaration at that time was an act of anger.

He saw the dirty yangbans continue to claim themselves as gods and was so angry that he shouted with the feelingI would rather it be me than to see you become gods. Yet there was no point in explaining it now.

In the first place, this epic had nothing to do with the declaration at that time.

The reason why the epics described Grid as a god wasnt in response to Grids declaration.

It was in response to the wishes of the people.

[He is already someones god.]


[Overgeared King Grid has completed the 10th page of the epic!]

[A new myth is born.]

A myth—it was a concept that transcended legends.

If a legend was a record that would be passed down forever, then a myth was a belief that would be passed down forever.

Of course, peoples faith in Grid was still feeble.

No one would deify Grid just because they were disappointed with knowing the reality of the gods.

Only those who had witnessed Grids power or experienced his salvation had faith in Grid.

This meant that the people who directly participated in this war had faith in Grid.

Of course, players were excluded.

If even the players faith contributed to the birth of a god, then Satisfy would already be flooded with many gods.

Anyone could become a god with money and fame.

[People are praising you as the human god.]

[People are praising you as the virtuous god.]

[People are praising you as the martial god.]

The public perception of Grid started to emerge.

Some people didnt forget that Grid was a human and called him the human god.

Others paid attention to Grids virtues and called him the virtuous god.

Some people were fascinated with Grids strength and called him the martial god, while others were fascinated with Grids techniques and called him the blacksmith god.

Yet for most people...

[People are praising you as the Overgeared God.]

Grid was called the Overgeared God.

It was because the most famous nickname that symbolized him was Overgeared King.


The anxious Grid tried to deny it.

[The myth of the Overgeared God begins from now on!]

Grids name as a god was decided regardless of his will.

“Pfft!” The players who had been drinking water to soothe their tired bodies from the long battle were amazed by the world message.


Ahh...” Lauel collapsed from dizziness.

Someone resentfully asked why it wasnt God Grid.

Meanwhile, Grid was silent.

He opened his status window.

[Name: Grid

Level: 441

Class: Pagmas Successor, Duke of Wisdom, Magic Swordsman of the Epics

Title: One who Became a Legend and 44 others]

There were no major differences when compared to the status window of other players, except there were one or two more classes, and two or three more titles.

However, the newly added item next toking in the status category was unusual.

[Status: Overgeared God]

It was just this one.

He was obviously classified as a god, but he couldnt enjoy their immortality or exert the power of a god due to his low divinity.

[* To increase your divinity, you need to create a religion and gather believers.]


A god was classified as a status, not a race No, the half-god was clearly a race.

A race that could evolve into a god.

‘However, my race is human and my status is a god...

What was the difference between a god as a race and a god as a status

‘Well, Ill find out eventually...

by the way, this is really driving me crazy.

There was only one reason why Grid didnt want to be a god.

It was because he didnt want to incur the wrath of the gods.

In fact, the moment Grid became a god, disasters occurred throughout the Overgeared Kingdom.

To be honest, Grid wanted to give up being a god right now, but it wasnt something he could give up just because he wanted it.

“I greet the Overgeared God.”

“Be quiet.”

Grid scolded his colleagues who were holding back laughter as they called him Overgeared God and looked at the newly activated system.

Various functions were activated such as the ability to give revelations to the faithful and appoint messengers of god.

Looking at this, he really felt like he was a god.

He hadnt immediately felt it because there were no changes in stats.

The hesitant Sariel gathered her courage and asked, “Do I deserve to serve the Overgeared God”

No, she was a real angel...

If he went around with a real angel, then wasnt it right to admit he was a god His relationship with the gods would never be restored.

Furthermore, there was the person longing for the birth of a god killer.

It was also going against Chiyous wish that he remain a transcendent.

Grid was deeply troubled when the Great Robber of the Red Night approached him.

“I have decided what gift I want from you.”

“Please tell me.

Strictly speaking, the Great Robber of the Red Night was an enemy.

They just temporarily cooperated to defeat Drasion.

In order to win over the Great Robber of the Red Night, Grid proposed that he would give whatever gift the great robber wanted.

What would Grid do if he asked for Talsha or the God Hands

The tense Grid gulped.

The reason that the raid () was successfully completed was due to the Great Robber of the Red Nights move.

Grid had no right to reject his request.

He was nervous as he waited for the great robbers words.

The great robber reached out to him.

“I want that sword.”

“Yes.” Grid quietly hid Hexetias Short Sword behind his back and pulled out the Enlightenment Sword, handing it to the great robber.

Of course, the great robber didnt take the Enlightenment Sword.

Grids face was stiff as he pulled out the Fire Dragon Sword.

Once again, the great robber didnt take it.

“That short.sword.”

“...Excuse me, great robber.

Let me tell you about this short sword.” Grid started to give a lengthy explanation.

He conveyed everything regarding his relationship with Hexetia to the sacrifice Hexetia made to give him this short sword.

However, it didnt work.

“I know, so bring it out.

Still, considering it is a product made by a god himself, I will put a condition on it.”

The Great Robber of the Red Night had enough skills and strength.

Needless to say, stealing the short sword from Grids hands wasnt difficult.

The reason he didnt take the sword by force and tried to resolve it with words was because he didnt want Grid as an enemy.

He knew how important Grid was.

“I will give you a gift in return.

It might feel unfair for you since you have no idea what treasures I have, but this is the greatest favor I can do for you.

Additionally, if you need to go to Heaven to help God Hexetia, then I will temporarily lend you this sword.”

“Thank you.

Then give me Nevartans Necklace as the gift.”

“...Huh” The great robbers expression became stiff.

He doubted his ears while deeply regretting what he just said.

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