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Damian was the Goddess Agent before he was the pope.

He was the human being chosen by Rebecca.

Who wouldve imagined that the angels, Rebeccas devoted subordinates, would be stabbing his heart and cutting his neck

Confusion was also evident on Damians face.


Damian plummeted to the ground before turning to gray ash.

Grids eyes sank coldly as he took back the hand that had stretched out to grab Damian in vain.

“It wasnt the individual will of Zeratul to help Drasion, but the will of the entire celestial world”

Angels were the creation of Rebecca,the goddess of light, and legitimate people residing in Heaven.

They were completely different from the followers of the Martial God, Zeratuls private soldiers.

Their actions represented the will of Heaven, not a specific individual.

Golden pupils—they were beautiful and brilliant at first glance, but taking a close look, they were merciless and cold, so much so that the eyes of the demons, filled with all sorts of desires, felt more human.

Chill.Grid got goosebumps as he faced the eyes of the angels whose thoughts and emotions couldnt be read.

One of the angles uttered nonsense, “Dont question the things of Heaven.

Questions will turn into poison called doubt and this will be an opportunity to believe in heresy.”

Surprisingly, the nonsense was actually the word of God written in the holy scripture.

“The followers of the Martial God hindered the humans fighting the great demon while you angels killed Damian, who came out to help the humans.

Isnt it reasonable to have suspicions”

“The gods have cared for humanity with benevolence.

The proof is that you are still alive.

Having doubts is a sin.”

“Is it for humanity that you are helping Drasion”

“Are we helping the great demon just because we disturbed you You are really narrow-minded and stupid.

It is heresy to discredit us.”

“Then youre not helping Drasion”

Grid had no intentions of keeping this conversation going for long.

In the first place, he was currently on a battlefield.

Even at this moment, Drasion was going on a rampage and the members of the Overgeared Guild were fighting with all their might.

The soldiers screams were going from all directions.

“Then will you join us to fight Drasion together It is the natural duty of the earth and Heaven to punish the great demons, right” Grid spoke in a straightforward manner.

It was to lead the conversation and prevent the angels from using sophistry.



The angels were silent.

From the moment they appeared to now, they had been expressionless even when killing or chatting with Grid.

Now small cracks appeared in their expressions.

Their eyebrows shook slightly.

It was a small change that others wouldnt notice at all, but it couldnt fool Grids insight.

There were very few people in the world with a higher insight stat than Grid.

Grid anticipated that these jerks would soon be talking bull**.

“It is our duty to punish the great demons.

All of you, please step back.”

“So far, hasnt it been us humans who have been fighting against the great demons”

“You have the choice to punish the great demons, but as I said, it is a duty for us.”

“We saw no signs of you when fighting the other great demons.

Why show up now Is there any reason why you are so obsessed with Drasion”

“Dont you know it as well Drasion is more powerful than any great demon you have faced.

It will cause too much damage for you to defeat Drasion with your own strength.

It is right for us to come out.”

“You killed Damian for that reason”

“The direction of the conversation suddenly changed.”

“What is different It is in the same context.

There is no reason for you to kill Damian.

You said he went against the will of Heaven.

Now that we are having a conversation, it seems that it is because you didnt want Damian to take part in fighting Drasion.

Isnt that right”

“No matter the reason, I have no obligation to explain it to you.”

“Really It sounds like there is a reason why you killed Damian.”


“It must be true seeing as you arent denying it.

Actually, it is fortunate.

If we continue fighting Drasion like this, we wont be stabbed in the back and killed by you, right”


The angels eyebrows that were neat enough to make people wonder if they had a cleanliness obsession twitched once again.

They felt like they were just hurting themselves while talking to Grid.

They exchanged glances and looked at the ground.

Death accumulated like a mountain on rotten earth and blood flowed like a river.

There was hatred, curses, a terrible stench...

After looking at the landscape of the earth that wasnt much different from hell with no interest, they found the priests of the Rebecca Church and called out to them.

“Siblings who serve the goddess of light.”

“You who fight evil with weak strength, lead the foolish and poor humans out of the battlefield that is covered with death and resentment.”

It was telling them to stop here.

It also sounded sarcastic, asking them why they wanted to intervene in a war against someone they had no chance to kill, dying a dogs death.


According to the holy scripture, angels were pure beings.

The holy scripture said they werent contaminated withemotions unlike humans.

They were absolutely good beings who didnt know malice and the Rebecca priests had believed this.

However, this wasnt the case anymore—the priests had witnessed the angels killing someone in cold blood.

Pope Damian had walked the path of martyrdom in the name of the goddess of light, Rebecca, yet they didnt even blink when they killed him.

Was the logic of goodness right just because they didnt know emotions Could those who didnt know emotions really show benevolence

Questions will turn into poison called doubt and this will be an opportunity to believe in heresy...

The word of God rang an alarm in the priests.

The priests could feel it—the doubts they had at this moment were shaking their faith in the goddess of light.

“Ahh, God.”

There must be no doubts.

If their faith was shaken, then they would fall into heresy.

The frightened priests knelt down and started to pray.

However, things were different for 15 priests.

Dressed in colorful robes, the 15 elders who supported the Rebecca Church werent afraid to feel doubts.

They looked up at the angels confidently.

“Doubts arent poison.”

The elders, who were covered in blood, cried out loudly—it was in order that their voices wouldnt be buried by the noise of the battle.

It seemed they wanted all the priests on the battlefield to hear their voices.

“We have witnessed with our own eyes the mistakes of our seniors who believed without questioning the former pope, Drevigo, who committed all types of corruption on the pretext of the goddess will.”

“We wont make the same mistakes as them.

By doubting, we will avoid sin.”

“Angels! Their actions in killing the pope is definitely the will of the goddess!”

“God told you not to doubt, but you are doubting it.

You are heretics.”

The angels raised the spears that had stabbed Damians heart and slashed his throat.

The transparent blades of the spears that were dyed red seemed to indicate the blood the elders would soon shed, so it was creepy.

The kneeling and praying priests once again felt the doubts they had been trying to shake off.

The angels were the messengers of the gods.

They were objects to be loved and worshipped.

Then what was the reason to feel afraid now This situation where they needed to fear the angels didnt make sense.

They felt like their faith was being denied.


The angels spread their wings and white feathers slowly fell to the ground.

Just then...


Drasions movements as he expressed curses and swung his large arms stopped like they were a lie.

He was hit directly by Chris 1,000 Ton Sword and his head turned to the side, but his gaze was still fixed on the feathers flying through the air.



His wings that existed in the unknown memories were also white.

They were beautiful and noble wings unlike the current dark and sinister wings.

“I...! I!!”

Drasion started to writhe as he held his head with two hideous hands covered in the blood and flesh of humans.

The black feathers scattered by him turned into thousands of bird monsters that cried out.

Under the influence of the chaotic Drasion, even the bird monsters seemed confused.

For the first time, a great change appeared in the expressions of the angels.

It was an expression of anxiety.

“I beg God.”

“Lend me your strength.”

After a short prayer, thunderbolts filled the red sky as the spears of the angels glowed.

Whiter and whiter...

The two spears gradually emitted a stronger light that lit up the world brightly, but it was far from a blessing.

It was so dazzling that people didnt dare look up.

“I will punish the heretics.”

The angels confirmed that all humans had dropped their heads and swung their spears.

Their hair that was scattered in the wind lost its gold color and turned white.

It was the influence of White Transformation.

The angels could use White Transformation like Rebeccas Daughters.

However, their lifespan was infinite.

This meant there were no side effects.

Huge flashes of light violently covered the entire battlefield.

The target of the angels wasnt Drasion, but all living things in this area.

‘Sons of a bitches!

What the hell did they want to hide Why were they trying to annihilate the witnesses Grid was confused by the actions of the angels and took the posture to use 200,000 Army Crushing Sword.

He aimed to extinguish the angels attacks.

Of course, the price would be great and there was a high probability that he would die from the backlash, but he judged it would be beneficial if he could trade his life with that of tens of thousands of allies.

‘Those who survive will be my strength next time.

He prepared for a single strike.

His muscles that had expanded to the maximum were twisted, causing extreme pain to Grid.

Even so, Grid didnt stop.

“200,000 Army...”

He considered what to do next.

He would run straight back after death.

First, he would get rid of these crazy angels and then finish this damn Drasion raid.


Grid was planning and trying to activate the skill when his actions stopped.

He didnt know what caused it, but the world of a transcendent had triggered for some reason.

In the world that had stopped, Grid learned why he had entered this transcendental world.

The Great Robber of the Red Night—he hadnt been seen all throughout the battle and now he was running through the battlefield.

He ran at a speed that the average person couldnt perceive and spread open a huge cloth.

At first, Grid thought it was something left behind by Kruger, but it wasnt the case.

The identity of the cloth was the Great Robber of the Red Nights mental image.

It was a mental image created by his desire to steal everything in the world.

“Stealing the Country.”

The soldiers and knights of the Overgeared Kingdom and the empire, the priests who were in turmoil, the Overgeared Guild members trapped in the ice, Braham who was concentrating on preventing the ice surrounding them from breaking, Empress Basara and the dukes standing beside her...

Everyone on the battlefield, including Grid, was sucked into the Great Robber of the Red Nights mental image.

Just as the white flashes created by the angels fell onto the battlefield, the only beings remaining were Drasion and...



Rose and the Yatan followers, who just arrived at the battlefield.

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