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Grid, Braham, and Piaro—Drasion was struck by the three of them and fell underground.

Then he felt a sense of strangeness.

It was because the physical pain of his skin tearing, his bones breaking, and his intestines flipping over was unfamiliar.

It was very confusing for Drasion who was acting on the instinct ofI hate the world, I want to lead the world to ruin. Due to this instinct, he had been constantly fighting his self from his former life.

Why did he feel like pain was unfamiliar when he should have received countless wounds on this enormous body and even experienceddeath

“Noble one born from my wishes, may your kindness take care of them.”

Drasion had some memories.

He was smiling in a world of soft and cozy golden clouds, not a river of hot fire.

As he bowed his head toward someone he loved and respected, the back of his hand was fine and white without any damage.

It was completely different from the now unsightly hands covered in black and thick skin.

“Ugh...! Uwaaack!”

Blood flowed from the eyes of the screaming Drasion.

An unknown sense of loss plagued him.

Subsequently, doubts dominated him.

‘Who am I

Wasnt his current appearance that of his life before Biplonz In other words, his original appearance.

Who was the other self who existed in that bright world, who was happy without knowing pain


Drasion was suffering under the ground only to suddenly stop screaming.

He realized the dirt covering his body was burning his skin.


This soil which gave birth to a new life.

“I curse you!”

This land, this world.

Drasion wasnt curious about the source of his anger and hatred.

He was a great demon, one of the lords of hell in charge of death.

It was natural for him to feel disgusted with everything that sprouted life.

The dirt around Drasion started to be contaminated with the curse.

The curse stretched out like a tsunami and covered the entire area.

All the life contained in the earth died.

Drasion came out of the ground and looked down at it.

The screams that echoed on this earthly landscape were no different from the landscape of hell that he remembered.

It was very satisfying.

Now it was time to kill everything alive to express his displeasure.

‘...That person

The golden clouds and soft voice that appeared again...

Drasion didnt know if these memories belonged to himself or someone else, but they complicated his mind.

In order to suppress the confusion, Drasion rampaged even more violently.

He gave up all his thoughts and abandoned his body to instincts.

Now Drasion didnt use his wings.

Unlike his appearance in the first phase, where he watched the bird monsters born from his feathers kill, he was more actively involved in the second phase.

He mercilessly struck at resisting humans with his fist and terrified them by using the curse to dominate their minds.

The human army that had gained the upper hand despite the interference of the Martial God followers were now rapidly weakened.

“H-Hik! The great demon is going crazy!”

The soldiers realized it.

The reason they survived so far was due to Drasions inaction and the active actions of Grid, Kyle, the Saintess, and others.

The power of the great demon that they briefly forgot about was beyond their expectations and imagination.


It was a particularly devastating loss that the female magician of the Overgeared Kingdom became Drasions puppet.

She was young, but her great magic made them wonder if she was the missing Magician KIng.

Once she launched magic, hundreds of soldiers died and thousands were wounded.

Katz destructive power was even higher than hers.

Unlike Euphemina who had the stats penalty, he became Drasion puppet in an intact state and unleashed a rain of blood.

All the soldiers in the area turned to gray ash.

The sight of thousands of troops disappearing in the blink of an eye caused the commanders of the imperial army to lose their fighting spirit.

“W-We cant win...”

The overwhelming difference in power made strategy and tactics meaningless.

The people supporting them felt despair as they watched the number of Drasions puppets continue to increase.

“We cant give up hope.”

“The goddess blessing will take care of you.”

They were the priests of the Rebecca Church.

Their recovery skills healed the wounded and the frightened hearts.

A seed of hope grew in the hearts of those who were ruled by despair.


As if laughing at them, Drasion changed all the humans on the battlefield into the undead.

The extreme destructive power that was created solely for denying divinity was unmatched.



The soldiers who were being baptized in heals and the Overgeared members drinking potions were all in pain.

The reversal of the healing effects caused even more casualties.

Grid was also flustered as he fought against Lee Jeong.

Grids biggest strength was his survival ability.

He was able to fight enemies stronger than him by steadily linking the vampires lifestealing ability, his recovery effects, and the shields.

Now the lifestealing and recovery effects became poison and it was very difficult for him.

[Elfin Stones Ring has been removed.]

Grid removed the items that gave him the lifestealing effect and observed the surroundings.

As he was fighting Lee Jeong, the remaining 28 followers of the Martial God had been reduced by half.

Kyle showed an outstanding performance.

The use of Talsha to strip the followers weapons played an important role, but Grid didnt see any hope.

‘This bastard has noticed.

At the beginning of the battle, Lee Jeong had been vigilant about Grids shoulder guards and gaiters.

He thought he would be damaged and never attacked Grids shoulders and lower body.

Thus, his attack pattern was simplified.

Then it seemed like he noticed in the middle.

It was a fact that divine items that showed such a perfect performance didnt exist in the world.

The three artifacts of the Rebecca Church and items of the sacred creatures of the East Continent werent perfect items.

As expected.

Lee Jeong was no longer conscious of the shoulder guards and gaiters.

He saw the signs of Grid shrinking back after being affected by Doom and launched a more aggressive offensive.

Lee Jeong smiled as his hand was once again slashed by the thorns that rose from Grids shoulder guards and gaiters.

“It is at the level of an itch.”

Lee Jeong knew that a drawn out battle was more advantageous to him.

It was because Grids breathing had become rough.

Until a little while ago, Lee Jeong was wary of a drawn out battle because Grids wounds kept healing like a cockroach.

Now both of them were affected by Doom.

“I have been training my whole life according to the teachings of the Martial God.

I have a near infinite physical strength compared to ordinary humans.

It is completely different from you who uses various things to maintain your physical state.”

Health and stamina.

Lee Jeong was superior to Grid in every way.

Lee Jeong was a super named NPC while Grid was a single player.

It was natural for Grid to be pushed in terms of health when he could no longer recover with the help of his items, skills, and potions.

“Now who will fall first”

Their bodies couldnt be restored due to the influence of Doom.

Lee Jeong planned to smash Grid during this time.

If they fought while being unable to recover, it was obvious that Grid would be the one to fall first.

Lee Jeong stopped his breathing and moved while leaving afterimages that were as gorgeous as the tail of a phoenix.

Soon, a baptism of sword attacks and fists poured from all directions.

The worddefeat appeared in Grids mind only to disappear instantly.

“Storm of the Fire God.”

Storm of the Fire God had a variety of field effects.

The foremost of them was Divine Flames.

[Divine Flames]

[Unleash the latent flames in the Red Phoenixs 9th Heart to form a storm of divine flames.

The storm will control a 200 meters radius area around the caster, increasing the healing effect of all allies (except the undead or demonkin targets), including the caster by 20%.

It will also reduce the healing effect of all enemies by 50%.

Cant be resisted.

Once a target with a reduced healing effect attempts to heal,Rage of the Fire God will cause 15,000 fixed damage and will potentially reverse the healing effect.

If the race is an undead or demonkin, they will be subject to extreme damage in the storms rage.]

In fact, it was a skill that doesnt inflict great damage to targets other than undead or demonkin.

In particular, it would be difficult to inflict serious wounds if the opponent was a super named NPC like Lee Jeong, even with the effect of Fire of Willpower while inflicted fire attribute damage proportional to his willpower and strength stat to all enemies in range of the storm.

However, Lee Jeong was currently influenced by Doom like Grid.

He had been wary of Lee Jeongs unique characteristics of absorbing Kyles lightning and didnt use the infinite sword energy.

Therefore, he had only used the single sword dances that couldnt inflict serious injuries on Lee Jeong.

From Grids position, Drasions Doom gave him an opportunity.

“Kuaaaack!” Indeed, Divine Flames exerted tremendous destructive power against Lee Jeong, who had become an undead.

Lee Jeong, who hadnt lost his composure during the battle, continued to scream.

“Please die quickly.

Once you die, the raid can continue.”

“You...! You!! Kuaaack!” Lee Jeong was struggling in the midst of the pain of his bones and flesh melting.

Even so, he gritted his teeth and rushed toward Grid.

He felt that his life would soon end and wanted to kill Grid quickly.

The problem was that Grid had built up a high transcendence.



It wasnt easy to kill a transcendent who could use Shunpo at will.

“You! Are you going to run away Dont you know any shame” Lee Jeongs screams echoed in the blazing flames without stopping.

He was unable to catch up with Grid who constantly used Shunpo and his body burned down completely, scattering as ashes.

[You have won the battle against one of the Triad who is favored by the Martial God!]

[As a reward for the great achievement...]



[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

Ironically, Grid defeated Lee Jeong thanks to Doom.

He wasnt delighted at winning the battle with no odds and shifted his gaze to the battlefield while starting the steps of a five fusion sword dance.

The target was Drasion on the ground.

He was determined to tie up Drasion at the expense of himself until Dooms duration ended.

Meanwhile, on the ground...

“Hey, cooperate with me.”

Brahams knowledge and Mercedes Keen Insight were trying to combine.

It was to destroy Doom.

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