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Movements that went beyond freely and actively using his muscles, and joints that twisted bizarrely—Lee Jeong was in a state of no breathing and wielding his limbs like a whip when he was startled and his breathing disturbed.

He was flustered when he felt theenergy of 11th Great Demon Drasion weakening when he thought Drasion would easily wipe out the humans.

‘These people

The reason Lee Jeong blindfolded his eyes was to awaken and train his senses.

He immediately found the cause of Drasions weakening.

Out of the tens of thousands of humans gathered on the battlefield, he sensed that four people with strong energy were surrounding Drasion.

They were so powerful that it was understandable for them to overwhelm Drasion temporarily.

‘Two of them are familiar...

Lee Jeong recalled the humans he met at the Ruins of the Martial God—Overgeared King Grid and Mercedes.

Additionally, a guy called Asmophel had joined them and Lee Jeong had been forced to release the restraints on his hands.

Now he wondered if he would have to take off his blindfold to win against them.

They were definitely difficult opponents.

Lee Jeong mightve gained the ultimate secret technique from the Martial God and grew further, but he was still wary against them.

‘These people have grown as much as I have.

There was something else.

‘He showed up with a ridiculous monster...

One human being possessed an extraordinary energy that made Lee Jeong tense.

No, was this really a human

Just then, lightning flashed around the suspicious Lee Jeong.

Kyle didnt miss the moment when Lee Jeongs breathing was disturbed.

He accelerated fast enough to cause lightning and squeezed into Lee Jeongsspace.

It was a space dominated by Lee Jeongs limbs that were forged like blades.

It was a space that he couldnt access a while ago, but the story changed when Lee Jeongs breathing was disturbed.

Lee Jeongs hands that had previously cut the bodies of the Red Knights was blocked by Kyles hand and bounced up.

His feet that had previously popped the Red Knights heads like watermelons were caught under Kyles armpits and snapped.

“The Triad arent a big deal.”

There was a wide smile on Kyles face as he approached Lee Jeongs space and made the gap between himself and Lee Jeong favorable.

He had already gone against the revelation.

Kyles despair and anxiety at the thought of not being able to hear the voice of the Martial God in the future disappeared.

The Martial God liked the strong.

Kyle mightve violated the will of the Martial God, but now he had fought and won against the Triad.

He judged that he wouldnt be abandoned by the Martial God if he proved his strength.

“Lightning God Supremacy.”

It was one of Kyles ultimate attacks created by combining his talent to use lightning and the secret technique of the Martial God.

The dozens of lightning bolts that shot from Kyles body struck Lee Jeong along with powerful martial arts.

It was a technique specialized in killing targets by using a speed that couldnt be followed with the eyes.

Lee Jeong immediately retracted his broken right foot and blocked the attack with a knee.

‘His defense is high enough to stop Lightning God Supremacy

The power of Lightning God Supremacy was enough to destroy a mountain.

Any target within his space would surely be killed, yet Lee Jeong blocked it without a single wound.

Lee Jeong tightened his muscles and aligned his broken bones.

Then he placed his hands on his blindfold.

“There is a reason I sealed my sight.

It is to train my other senses by blocking my vision.”

The blindfold came off.

The long piece of cloth was shaken by the strong wind created in the aftermath of the battle.

“Secondly, it was consideration to not cause despair in others.”

Only a person with superior martial skills could be chosen by the Martial God to become followers of the Martial God.

Among the Martial God followers, particularly superior talent was required to become one of the Triad, who was called the peak.

It was an overwhelming talent that felt unreasonable from the perspective of others.

“Your talent will break the motivation of the other followers.”

The words of the Martial God had made him decide to seal his eyes.

Lee Jeong recalled the voice he heard decades ago and slowly opened his eyes.

He saw Kyle and the sky behind him before this scene disappeared.

Lee Jeongs deep gaze was drawn to the ground of the battlefield.

To be exact, it was fixed on the white-haired monster standing on the battlefield.

‘Is it a vampire A magician at that level...

is it Braham

“Dont ignore me!”

Kyle was enraged by Lee Jeong, who did not look at him even after opening his eyes, and once again emitted the lightning bolts.

He abandoned his form and gave himself to the flow of the lightning, moving like lightning.

It was the skill, Lightning God Appearance, and after shortening the distance to Lee Jeong, he exploded the power of lightning gathered in one hand to create a massive shock.

A bright chain of lightning tore through the red sky.

Lee Jeong was in the center of it and it seemed he would absolutely not be safe.

However, he was fine without a single hair on his head damaged.

No, his complexion started to improve beyond a normal level.

The deep wrinkles around his mouth and nose seemed to blur and completely disappear.

His eyes also became clearer.

It was the aftermath of Lee Jeongs body absorbing the lightning instead of blocking it.


Kyle felt his power being sucked away and withdrew his lightning in a hurry.

It was the act of digging his own grave.

His physical ability after putting away the lightning was several times inferior to when he had the lightning.

Kyle failed to respond to Lee Jeongs attacks.

His shoulders were deeply cut and he eventually backed away from Lee Jeong.

Then he started to run away.

Lee Jeongs eyes were disgusted as he saw Kyles ugliness.

“I wanted to know how great you were to violate the will of God and insult me, but it is only up to here.”

Lee Jeong confirmed that Kyles betrayal and rebellion stemmed from foolish arrogance and criticized the Martial God for the first time in his life.

How did he feel any expectations for this guy

Lee Jeong also started running.

He planned to follow Kyle, slash Kyles throat, and then sweep across the battlefield.

He didnt know why, but the Martial God told him to protect Drasion.

Thus, he planned to faithfully fulfill that command.

However, his plan ran into difficulties from the start.


Kyle seemed to be running away without looking back, only to stop abruptly.

Once again, he covered his body with lightning and counterattacked.

It seemed he had been waiting for Lee Jeong to put away his strong defense.

‘This guy is tenacious! Lee Jeong was annoyed as Kyle kicked his chest.

It was a surprise attack that Lee Jeong had to allow since he gave up defending himself for pursuit.

Nevertheless, it was Kyle who was in a crisis, not Lee Jeong.

Lee Jeong endured the shock and raised his hand to grab Kyles ankle.

“Kuaaack!” Kyles scream echoed through the sky as his ankle was broken, yet no one came to help Kyle.

Everyone ignored Kyle and was focused on Drasion who was creeping out from the ground.

“You are an abandoned dog,” Lee Jeong mocked Kyle who was feeling alone and betrayed.

“The reason humans are vulnerable to Drasion is because of their sense of inferiority.

It is the nature of humans to be jealous of those who are better than themselves.

Thus, they are easily exposed to Drasions curse.”

“Gasp, gasp...


“Will ordinary humans genuinely respect and love you, who had the talent to be chosen by the Martial God No, absolutely not.

All of them hope for your death.

They foolishly believe that their worth will rise if those better than themselves will die and disappear.

They will appreciate your ending.”

Kyle didnt deny it.

He thought he had been abandoned after being used.

‘I stood on the wrong side.

Dammit, he misjudged after being affected by Grids pressure.

Why did he listen to Grids order over the Martial Gods revelation

Lee Jeong aimed at Kyle who was feeling deep despair and regret.

“It is too late to regret it.

The sin of going against Gods command cant be forgiven even with death.

You will fall down for the crime of treason.”

He would die.

Kyle was closing his eyes due to the horror of Lee Jeongs fists, only to open his eyes in shock at the voice he heard right next to him, “Do you think there are so many idiots in the world who are loyal to dumb orders”

He found Overgeared King Grid standing in front of him.

Grids eyes were shining as sharply as ever as he pushed away the fists with a sheath.


28 new figures appeared behind Lee Jeong and frowned at Grids nonsense.

All of the Martial God followers who remained on the West Continent for their own reasons like Lee Jeong and Kyle gathered together.

Lee Jeong opened his mouth after a moment of silence, “It has been a while, Overgeared King Grid.”

He didnt refute Grids criticism.

Rather, he seemed to have not heard it.

“The last time I met you at the Ruins of the Martial God, I was in a situation where I was forced to give way to you.

This time, my position is different.”

Lee Jeong had 28 followers and had the advantage.

Drasion was crawling up to the ground after being buried underground.

He had suffered quite a lot of wounds, but a great demon didnt die easily.

Moreover, he was the 11th great demon and would obviously still have a lot of power remaining.

Lee Jeong was convinced that the odds were with him.

Kyle seemed to agree with him.

“K-King Grid, there is no chance of victory in this war.”

Lee Jeongs ability alone was overwhelming.

Furthermore, there were 28 followers of the Martial God who seemed to have learned at least 10 secret techniques.

Besides, the great demon Drasion was still alive.

Who in the world could handle them

The followers didnt seem interested in conversation.

The 28 followers of the Martial God started to pull out various weapons.

Kyle was shocked and gulped when he saw the weapons.

“Drop your weapons.”

They thought Grid was talking nonsense.

The 28 followers raised the weapons they were holding in their hands.

The effect of Talimas Shame was demonstrated.

[King\'s Negation]

[Suppresses the battle gears with no ego.

The equipment of any target within a radius of 10 meters that isnt an ego item will be forcibly disarmed.

It is up to 30 times.

Skill Resources Consumed: None

Skill Duration: 3 seconds.

Skill Cooldown Time: 7 minutes.]

The power of items.

Grid temporarily disabled the followers of the Martial God using the item effect.

Then he used Freely Move to lightly dodge Lee Jeongs attack and cut at the followers of the Martial God.


Kyle realized something after seeing Grid overwhelming the followers of the Martial God alone: He didnt join the wrong side—there was a martial god here on the earth, and the name of the martial god was Grid.

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