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The reason why the Triad had the best skills among the followers of the Martial God and why they were also called the Three Kings was simple.

It was because they were people who could destroy a kingdom, build one, or ascend to the throne with their own strength.

Kyle speculated that if the Saharan Empire became the target of the Triad, then the Saharan Empires status would be no different from a candle in the wind.

“Your intentions are impure.” Lee Jeong, one of the Triad, didnt show his face.

There was no one in the world to witness his bare face when his eyes and nose were covered by a thick cloth.

The people he showed his bare face to were all dead.

“Kyle, human who is favored by the Martial God, those steel-hardened hands of yours have choked countless humans.

Why are you blocking my path when you were chosen and faithful to the Martial God”


It was only three or four years ago that Kyle became the follower of the Martial God, but his loyalty to the Martial God was real.

He learned various secret techniques at the Ruins of the Martial God and was favored by the Martial God after having his potential recognized.

He also recognized the miracle of regaining his lost arm.

However, he wasnt blinded by the illusion of faith and loyalty.

Kyle was basically a smart person.

He doubted the Martial Gods will to harm humans.


Kyle gulped due to the pressure Lee Jeong gave off and asked a difficult question, “Is the revelation wrong Human beings worship the gods and make them strong.

I dont know why the Martial God is hurting humans instead of helping them fight against great demons.”

“How can you measure the will of a god” Lee Jeong answered immediately, but he didnt give an appropriate answer.

Lee Jeong also didnt know the will of the gods.

He just believed his gods will was right and didnt doubt it.

Unlike Kyle, he blindly believed in the Martial God.

This blind faith was one of the sins easily committed by the foolish.


Lee Jeong, who once looked like a huge mountain in Kyles eyes, now became infinitely small.

The awe he felt completely disappeared the moment he glimpsed Lee Jeongs foolishness.

“...You stupid fool.” Kyles self-esteem was high as he developed and steadily grew his talent with the help of Juander.

There were times when he believed he was the best.

Anyone who could subdue Kyle had to be stronger and smarter than him, just like Grid and Braham.

“Are you talking about me” Lee Jeong doubted his ears.

A fool One of the top three followers of the Martial God, he had reached the peak and was unfamiliar with this criticism.

“You are the only one here who is idle enough to listen to me.

Who else would I be criticizing if not you”

The situation on the battlefield was flowing urgently.

Humanity gathered with one heart and one will to launch a full-fledged battle against Drasion.

As Drasion soared high into the sky, he spread open his wings and black feathers covered the entire battlefield, causing destruction.

The tens of thousands of arrows filling the sky werent only aiming at Drasion, but also humans.

The number of soldiers affected by the curse was constantly increasing.

The golems that had formed a barrier in the imperial capital started to operate.

The number was in the thousands.

All the golems of each magic tower were committed to this war.

The golems that were the most active in this war were golems made of dirt.

They might be low-grade golems with a lower cost unit and power than other elemental golems, but the magicians and priests had already grasped that Drasioin was vulnerable to the earth attribute.

“Holy Weapon!”

“Holy Armor!”

The dirt bodies of the golems were covered with a sacred light.

The people covered with armor and light gauntlets slowly and steadfastly advanced to Drasion and formed an encirclement.

“Fly Up!”

The archers, including Jishuka, and Zednos, Laella, and the empires great magicians, tried to bring Drasion down to the ground.

They fired arrows and magic without a break from a distance, focusing on Drasions wings.

Drasion had to deploy a shield for the first time.

Dark magic unfolded in a circle and surrounded Drasion, stopping the attacks of Jishuka and the magicians.

The Overgeared members still looked bright despite seeing his unscathed figure.

‘It seems damage above a certain level cant be neutralized.

The soldiers arrows and the magic of ordinary priests and magicians were consistently disregarded by Drasion.

His health gauge that didnt change even after being hit several times had made the Overgeared members anxious.

There were people who doubted that attacks wouldnt work against Drasion.

Fortunately, Drasion wasnt invincible.

The proof that he was threatened to some extent was the shield that unfolded to defend against the attacks.

The problem was after that.



Drasion didnt stop his offensive just because he focused on defense.

His wings spread wide beyond the shield and scattered feathers without stopping.

The humans on the ground were pierced by the feathers and were killed or injured.


Vantner and Toban were surprised as they set up shields to block the feathers.

It was because the feathers that collided with their shields suddenly turned into giant birds and opened their mouths.

Their rolling eyeballs seemed to pop out and the hundreds of teeth inside the long beak seemed like sawblades.

It was really creepy.

“The pattern has changed! Try to intercept the feathers as much as possible!” Toban shouted as he slammed a mace against the beak of the bird trying to swallow him.

Up to now, while the feathers shot by Drasion were sharp enough to cut the target and had the curse ability to weaken the target, they were of no threat once they were blocked.

However, things had changed now.

Once shot, Drasions feathers turned into living monsters and became a death army that destroyed lives.

It was only by intercepting and destroying the feathers that they could prevent Drasions power from proliferating.


The commanders shouts became urgent and the speed at which the soldiers shot arrows increased.

The soldiers were now targeting the feathers fired by Drasion, not Drasion.

Thanks to the soldiers performance, the army of death couldnt increase the number.

The moment that more difficult trials began, the participation of the soldiers started to show their worth.

After all, there were no useless people in the world.

“Uwaaaaahhhhh!”The soldiers increased their shouts after confirming they were of value.

Even if their fingers were bleeding, they still shot arrows to intercept the feathers, impressing the knights of the empire.

The single digit knights had been scared and lost their motivation after seeing their colleagues slaughtered.

Now they regained their fighting spirit.

Even the infinitely cowardly soldiers fought courageously.

They thought they couldnt let down the soldiers hopes.

Additionally, the unidentified strong man who made them lose their motivation was facing Kyle, the pillar of the empire.

Kyles back seemed to be saying,I will repay the grudges of the dead knights.

“I used to think that Kyle, who was on Prince Dulandals side, is an enemy...”

Everyone was united when their homeland was in danger.

The single digit knights smiled bitterly at their vigilance and doubts toward Kyle over the past years.

They were gathering aura at the tip of their swords when a voice was heard.

“Slow down your breathing.”

The strongest and most beautiful woman in the empire—the former single digit knight, Mercedes, who the current ones once admired, had approached and gave them advice.


The single digit knights who followed her advice were astonished.

According to this new breathing method, the smoother the breathing, the thicker the mana in their body became and the greater the flow.

Mercedes stood at the forefront of the single digit knights who felt they were more powerful than before.

“Follow me.”


They shot forward the moment Mercedes silver wings opened.

All the feathers and monsters in her path were cut apart and disappeared.

Meanwhile, the aura at the tip of the swords of the single digit knights gradually became larger.


Soon, a sharp stab from Mercedes broke through the lower part of Drasions shield.

The aura of the single digit knights pieced the waist of Drasion waist that was revealed through this gap.

Drasion shook for a moment.

“Dont you hate the empress and the people who drove you to this battlefield” Drasion asked as he quietly turned his gaze to the knights.

Cold magic power gathered at his fingertips and swirled.

It seemed like it should shoot forward like a gust of wind.


Cold sweat flowed down the faces of the knights.

It was because they couldnt pull out the swords inserted in Drasion.

Drasions skin tightened around the swords of the knights and didnt let go.

“Leave the swords!” Faker, who was guarding their backs while moving between the shadows of the main forces, appeared impatiently and shouted.

However, for knights, their swords were as valuable as their lives.

Throwing away their swords was throwing their pride into the gutter.

“You must hate your own foolishness.”

Drasions magic was completed in the moment when the knights were hesitating.

The cold demonic energy swirling around his hand was fired.

Then there was the sound of skin exploding.

The trajectory of the demonic energy that was fired at the knights was twisted and shot into the red sky.

The eyes of everyone on the battlefield were focused on Drasions chest.

There was a spear piercing the chest that was as wide as a playground.

It was from Pon.

The conditional passive skillOne Cavalry Defeats 1,000 Enemies doubled his strength stat so his Rail Spear was powerful enough to critically injure Drasion.

Drasion pulled out the spear embedded in his chest and returned it to Pon.

The spear thrown by the great demon was extremely fast and exerted the power to destroy the earth.

Pon failed to completely avoid the spear and his shoulder was pierced.

“Pon! Are you okay” Vantner shouted with worry.

Pons trembling gaze fixed on Vantners bald head.


I see it.”

“This jerk!”

Joking at a time like this Vantner was about to fly into a rage when he raised his head in amazement.

A brilliant light was spreading in the gloomy sky that was a mixture of a red sunset and black demonic energy.

It was a light created by Grids sword energies that contained an absolute momentum.


The dozens of sword energies split the shield that Drasion urgently deployed into dozens of pieces.


A spear of light made from a powerful magic power beyond the limit pierced Drasions body and dropped him to the ground.

It was the moment when Drasion fell to the ground for the first time since he appeared...

The human land didnt welcome his encroachment.

“Land of Destruction.”

The ultimate in earth magic—similar to Disintegrate, the great magic that only appeared in legends caused a powerful earthquake that swallowed up Drasion.

“Pounding Mortar.”

Subsequently, Piaros attack smashed Drasions body deep underground.

Grid, Braham, and Piaro—it was the moment when three legends who met across the ages overwhelmed the 11th great demon.

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