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“Does this make sense”

At the S.A Groups headquarters...

Perhaps this would eventually lead to voyeurism, but the executives who were watching Grids move had their attention gathered in one place—the one who would create a swordsmanship superior to the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship to cut down and kill the gods and dragons.

Sword Saint Bibans shocking remark caught their attention.

“I know that Morpheus made the most ideal swordsmanship by referring to and synthesizing sword techniques around the world...

is it possible to create swordsmanship beyond the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship Especially by a player.”

Kraugels actions after becoming the Sword Saint were lower than expected.

It was different from the period when he was a normal class and called thesky above the sky. Kraugel didnt show much activity, so the executives were very disappointed.

His obstinacy meant he refused to inherit the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship.

They couldnt be optimistic about him when he lost the honor of the Sword Saint, who was known as thestrongest combat class.

Biban had expressed the executives hearts when he spoke bitterly about Kraugel.

Yet today, he discussed Kraugels potential.

He said that the reason Kraugel didnt learn the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship was to create a better swordsmanship.

Was it a feasible guess

The executives were purely curious.

Chairman Lim Cheolho received their gazes and opened his mouth after a long silence, “Morpheus has the data of 289 types of swordsmanship that exists all over the world.

The 2,570 swordsmanship related skills that Satisfy supports are all created based on that data and the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship is one of them.”

The most powerful and complete swordsmanship made by the supercomputer Morpheus analyzing, synthesizing, creating, and improving the hundreds of swordsmanship types.

Up to now, everyone, including Chairman Lim Cheolho, had called it theultimate swordsmanship and in fact, it was still the case.

However, Chairman Lim Cheolho was convinced at this moment.

Morpheus continued to evolve from the experiences of the two billion players and had to think of a swordsmanship beyond the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship.

The reason that thepossibility of a swordsmanship that went beyond the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship was planted through Bibans mouth was probably influenced by Morpheus evolution.

“As you all know, the data is old.

The more new data that is accumulated, the more likely it will be.”

“It is natural that something beyond the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship will be born.”


Considering that some of the two billion players quit for some unknown reason or taking into account the operation of sword techniques not foreseen by Morpheus data, it is natural for Morpheus to come up with a better swordsmanship than the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship.”

Humans performed miracles from time to time.

Ordinary people like Grid, Kraugel, and Agnus, sometimes surpassed Morpheus predictions.

Even if it was just a single miracle caused by one in ten thousand people, the miracles would accumulate and change as the number of people playing Satisfy exceeded two billion.

“I dont think it will be strange if Kraugel acquires that new swordsmanship.”

Chairman Lim Cheolhos gaze was fixed to the center-left monitor.

It was a live broadcast of Kraugel struggling with the yangban he encountered while crossing the desert of Kaya.

Kraugels expression was tense because he underestimated himself since Yeum was the first yangban he met.

He assumed the level of the yangbans to be the same as Yeum, so his defense was very tight.

Even so, he never made the mistake of falling down in the sand.

Every time he blocked the attack of the yangban, he placed a lot of strength into his body, but his footwork was light.

This allowed him to move freely across the desert sands.

A genius who adapted quickly to the environment in any situation—Kraugels talent in combat was still standing out, and it was good enough to call him the best among all players.

Was it just out of simple stubbornness that such a genius turned away from the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship

‘Maybe he instinctively felt it.

Did Kraugels subconscious peeked at the fact that the Matchless Heart Swordsmanship wasnt enough to be called the ultimate swordsmanship

\'No, isnt this too much of a leap

Chairman Lim Cheolho shook his head to deny his thoughts and laughed.

This type of confusion was something he felt about Grid during the time when Grid was rapidly developing.

In the video, Kraugels sword made the yangbans attack useless and it directly pierced the yangbans neck.

The ensuing Space Sword cut the desert in half.

The second one after Grid—it was the day when the next player to defeat a half-god alone was born.

After the struggle with Yeum, Kraugel wandered through Kaya for half a month and was steadily growing.

There were many chances for him in Kaya where few players had visited.


At Hayates library, located at the top of the Tower of Wisdom...

Grid sat face to face with Hayate.

Hayata poured the warm tea and handed it to Grid.

“10 days from now, the gourmet cycle will arrive.”

“Gourmet cycle”

“It refers to the period when Gourmet Dragon Raiders will travel around the entire continent to enjoy food.”

“Are you saying the dragon will tour the entire continent” Grids face turned white as he recalled the dragons enormous body and fierce nature.

The dragons tour of the entire continent sounded like it would soon destroy the continent.

Hayate smiled at the nervous Grid.

“You dont have to imagine a giant dragon coming down from the sky and destroying the city.

Raiders will polymorph to a human during the gourmet cyrcle.

I am told he reduces the size of his stomach to focus on the taste.”

“I see...”

Grid easily understood the concept of Polymorph.

The hatchling Nefelina, who stayed in the Overgeared Kingdom, was disguised as a normal human.

However, he wasnt relieved.

So what if the dragon looked like a human The dirty personality would still be the same.


what do I need to do during the gourmet cycle”

“Please introduce Raiders to some reputable restaurants.”

“Yes, I kno...


“The gourmet cycle approaches every 100 years.

It isnt strange for some of the restaurants that Raiders remembers to have disappeared or the taste changed.

There can be trouble if Raiders eats bad food or becomes annoyed...

I hope you can select some of the most popular restaurants in the world these days and guide Raiders to them.”


Guide a dragon He had to go on a gourmet journey with a vicious dragon

Grids head was blank from the bolt that came out of the blue.

It was said that the Pioneer and tower members had a mutually supportive relationship.

He mightve been helped a lot by the association members so far, but he was reluctant to do this task and felt dissatisfied.

In the first place, wasnt the Pioneer in charge of the peace of the world and werent the dragons supposed to be marked by the tower members

Why did he have to guide a dragon...

Hayate explained to the unconvinced Grid, “As you know, the purpose of the Tower of Wisdom isnt to destroy dragons.

It is to prevent them from causing incidents.”

It was impossible for the tower members to have the goal of wiping out the dragons.

The real purpose of the tower wasnt to fight the dragon.

It was to block the dragons from attacking.

“In that sense, Raiders is a dragon that is easy to handle.

There will be no accidents as long as you satisfy his appetite.

That is why our tower members have been helping Raiders with his gourmet tour up to now...”

Hayates expression darkened.

Grid could easily see the reason why.

“The tower members arent able to provide the proper guidance...”

The tower members were existences who had left the world.

Most of them only left the tower when they had a special mission, apart from Biban who habitually ran out of the tower.

What would they know about the worlds most popular restaurants It wouldve been very difficult to satisfy Raiders.

“Thats right.

On the other hand, you are the king of a nation and you must be aware of the circumstances of the world.

It wont be too difficult for you to find famous restaurants around the continent and there will be less restrictions on you when traveling.

This is why I would like to ask you to guide Raiders.”


The circumstances were understandable, but he wasnt willing at all.

Visit restaurants across the continent—even if he secured the coordinates of as many places as possible in advance and traveled by Teleport, it would take at least a fortnight.

He would have to be with a dragon for that long.

He didnt like that he could die if he made a single mistake, as well as the fact that he wouldnt be able to level up during this fortnight.

‘Im really sorry...

Im going to have to reject this mission.

Grid considered it and opened his mouth, “I...”

[★Hidden Quest★ Gourmet Cycle has occurred!]

[Gourmet Cycle]


Guide Gourmet Dragon Raiders to restaurants all over the continent.

In order to satisfy Raiders, you must visit at least 80 restaurants and hear that it is delicious at least 60 times.

Every time Raiders saysIm happy, you will receive a special gift from Raiders.

Quest Clear Conditions: Guide Raiders to at least 80 restaurants.

Quest Clear Rewards: Depends on Raiders satisfaction.

Quest Failure: Anger of the gourmet dragon.]

[Would you like to accept the quest]

“...Yes, I will accept.”

“Thank you.”

“It is for world peace.

How can I refuse”

“It is great.

I also believe in you.”

What was a special gift from a dragon The excited Grid made an announcement in the guild chat window.

-Recommend restaurants.

Then he sent a separate whisper to Lauel.

-Talk to the local lords and tell them to hold events recommending restaurants.


-Right now.

-Yes...I understand.

The next target of his whisper was Faker.

-It is time to move the Eclipse assassins.

-Give me any task.

-Please arrange restaurants.

-I understand.


With this, he had finished the minimal preparations.

He would stop by the East Continent and ask the Cho King and Xing King for restaurant recommendations.

Grid rose from his seat and spoke to Hayate with a confident expression, “I will complete this gourmet tour mission perfectly.

Please wait for the good news.”


you are truly reassuring as a legend, a transcendent, and the Hero King.

Ill tell you where Raiders lair is so go there in 10 days.”

“I understand.”

Gourmet Dragon Raiders—the curse on Sticks heart might completely disappear if Grid could build up a good relationship with it.

Grid was looking forward to it.

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