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‘Wow, look at this guy.

There had been no communication with Elfin Stone for a year.

He always refused the summoning and wouldnt even communicate.

Grid had suspected a system failure.

Later, he felt he mightve been mistaken for Braham, and tried to understand why Elfin Stone ignored him.

But now...

-Lord Grid!Grid!Didnt I say I would swear loyaltyStop that crazy demons work.


Elfin Stone had never misunderstood Grids identity.

He knew precisely who Grid was and kept ignoring him.

‘Disgraceful guy.

As his annoyance soared, the frowning Grid asked Betty, “I am the Blood King.

All the vampires, except for Marie Rose, must obey me, so why could Elfin Stone ignore me”

“Youre basically misunderstanding.

The direct descendants obey you not because of coercion.

It is through their own will.”


“Look back.

Werent there direct descendants who followed you before you became the Blood King Especially if they are children who died in your hands.”


Certainly, it was true.

Tiramet had obeyed Grid even before Grid became the Blood King.

He just wasnt as polite as he was now.

“Isnt it because their souls were sealed in the objects and weakened, so they became submissive”


The more blood you give to the soul while fighting, the faster the resurrection time.

Thus, they chose to follow you.

It is about efficiency.”

If they obeyed out of their own free will, then it meant they could refuse out of their own free will.

It was revealed why Elfin Stone was able to ignore Grid.

However, Grid wasnt convinced.

“It doesnt make sense.

Doesnt the Blood King have the authority to command all vampires, except Marie Rose How can Elfin Stone exercise his own willpower against me”

“I told you.

Youve misunderstood.

The direct descendants dont obey unconditionally just because you are the Blood King.

Unlike ordinary vampires, who instinctively obey the Blood King, direct descendants have free will.

That is why they can fight to become the Blood King.”

“No, then Tiramet...”

“If a direct descendant obeyed you since becoming the Blood King, then there is another reason.

For example, you released the Curse of Sloth.”


Grid confirmed the information of the Blood King title.

[Blood King]

[Type: Passive

★ Blood magic will bloom when conditions are met.

The blood magic will be according to your personality.

★ Can free direct descendant vampires if the conditions are met.

* Liberated vampires are free from the Curse of Sloth.]

There was no description that all vampires were submissive to the Blood King.

It happened when he raided Fenrir and became the Blood King.

The reason why the notification contained the wordsall vampires, except Marie Rose, will obey you in the future was because Grid defeated the powerful vampire called Fenrir, not because he was the Blood King.

The true power of the Blood King was the power to release the Curse of Sloth.

They might obey in anticipation that Grid would release their curse, but there was no obligation to obey.

Grid barely grasped the situation and stared at Elfin Stones soul.

“I have the power to release your curse.

Why have you ignored me even though you know this Doesnt overcoming the Curse of Sloth matter to you”

Elfin Stone replied.

-You killed me.

Grid was stung.

-You are also a friend of Braham, who will be torn apart.

Why should I chat with you


There was no need to ask the reason in the first place.

For Elfin Stone, Grid was the object of hatred.

There was no reason for him to favor Grid.

Grid once again confirmed the information of Elfin Stones Ring.

* If this ring grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Earl Elfin Stone.

‘Now I see this is a wordplay.

The rings information stated that the wearercan summon Elfin Stone, not that Elfin Stone would be unconditionally summoned and commanded.

It felt dirty.

For a moment, he wanted to contact the S.A Groups customer center for some questions.

However, the S.A Group would always ignore system problems and say it needed to be solved in the game.

Yes, ignore.

It was just like Elfin Stone.

...The more I think about it, the more disgusted I feel.

Grid understood Elfin Stones position.

He probably wouldve acted similarly if he was Elfin Stone.

However, Grid wasnt Elfin Stone.

Even though he understood, he didnt intend to defend Elfin Stone.

“The first time we met...

you showed up exactly every 24 hours and aimed at me.”

Extreme Blood Transfusion—it was a terrifying attack and recovery skill that restored ones health by taking away large quantities of the targets health.

The only drawback was that it had a 24 hour cooldown time and Elfin Stone wasted it several times on the immortal Grid.

He mustve noticed the error in his judgment along the way, yet he repeatedly made the same mistake again and again because of his pride.

“Yes, thats right.

Elfin Stone, you were stubborn from the beginning.”

Despite knowing it was better to cooperate with Grid to accelerate the resurrection time, he was buried in resentment and anger, and turned away from this opportunity.

It was stupid.

“Perhaps, you...

if I just let it go, you probably wouldnt listen to me until the day the game ends, or the day I quit the game.”

Elfin Stone heard a lot of words that were hard to understand.

However, Elfin Stone could read Grids will through his tone and expression.

-Hey, look, didnt I say I would be loyal

“Your words are getting shorter.”

Grids eyes were as sharp as a blade as he faced Elfin Stones soul.

They were the eyes of a warrior who had fought countless adversaries and defeated them.

The epics he had written transformed into a huge sense of pressure that tightened Elfin Stones breath.

-O-Ohhh! Lord Grid!

The reason why most great demons and direct descendant vampires didnt care in the face of death was because reincarnation was possible.

Even if they died, they would be resurrected.

It was with their old memories and powers.

Therefore, for them, death wasnt the end, and it wasnt a concept to be afraid of.

However, there was an unusual presence here that could break the cycle of reincarnation.

Elfin Stone didnt know if she was a demon or an angel, but she could bring about death.

This awakened the preciousness of life within him.

Grid laughed when he noticed that Betty was the object of Elfin Stones wariness as his soul swayed precariously like a lantern in front of the wind.

“You cant figure out the situation at all.”


“I am the one you should be afraid of.”


Elfin Stones soul stopped shaking.

The blood-red soul swelled.

-It seems youve completely lost awareness of your concept.


you are just a human! You ascended to the throne of Blood King with the help of the traitor, Braham! You dare! You dare to threaten me! Just you!

Blond hair that went down to the waist—Elfin Stone, who had long hair like Braham before he adapted to the world, appeared after a long time.

-I will challenge you for the position of Blood King!

[A Blood King Candidate has challenged your throne.]

[You cant refuse the challenge.]

-Did you think I was silent out of fear of you! If it hadnt been for Braham by your side, you wouldve already died in my hands!

As expected from a direct descendant.

Elfin Stone was beautiful even when angry, just like the first time they met.

-Blood Field!

His skills were still there.

Bettys dark and dull room was instantly dyed with blood, and Elfin Stones magic power rose sharply.

There was just one problem...

“Mosquitoes are very noisy these days.”

Grids palm slapped Elfin Stone on the cheek.

Elfin Stones skin was torn and blood splashed like a water balloon bursting against the wall.


Elfin Stones time was frozen in the past.

The time he was defeated by Grid and the Overgeared members was Elfin Stones last memory and experience.

The Grid in his memory was several times lower than himself.

He didnt understand the gap created by the years.


Elfin Stone didnt realize what had happened to him.

He barely stood up as pain and confusion filled him.

Then he further strengthened Blood Field even more.

Grids health was reduced little by little.

It was tens of hundreds and quickly went into the thousands.

It was a trivial figure for Grid when his health had reached 400,000.

-You!You mustve grown quite a bit after becoming Blood King with Brahams help!However, that is it!

Extreme Blood Transfusion—Elfin Stones previous ultimate attack that put the past Grid into his immortal state with a single blow rushed toward the current Grids heart.

The blood vortex was swift and emanated an intense energy that damaged Bettys room.

It was just that Grids dynamic vision and experience made it easy to grasp the trajectory of Extreme Blood Transfusion.

“It is such a flimsy attack.”

To be honest, Grid didnt even need to pull out his sword.

He felt that he needed to make the gap obvious in order to break Elfin Stones high nose.


Quiet footsteps.

The Fire Dragon Sword looked relaxed as it created a storm of flames that devoured the blood flow.


Elfin Stones current body was an illusion.

It was a manifestation caused by his willpower.

He couldnt feel anything, yet Elfin Stone had the illusion that goosebumps were covering his skin.

He saw it—the gap that existed between himself and Grid.

The human in front of him existed on a completely different level from the person he remembered.


There was a desperate gap in power.

Elfin Stone lost his body and returned to his soul from.

He trembled with a sense of helplessness.

-W-What You

He had only felt this sense of helplessness twice before in his entire life—one time was to Braham, and the other was to Marie Rose.

He felt enough despair and fear from a human to be reminded of them


human who became Blood King with Brahans help...

Grid smiled at Elfin Stone, who was murmuring in a trembling voice.

“Arent your words too impolite”

-Im sorry! Your Majesty!

Elfin Stone clearly realized who he should be afraid of here.

If he had a flesh and blood body, then he wouldve fallen down and knelt.

Grids gaze was gentle as he looked at the soul.

“I dont want you to forgive Braham.”

It was an affair between brothers.

It was also true that Braham committed a serious sin against Elfin Stone.

It was understandable that Elfin Stone would never be able to forgive Braham.

Grid wasnt in a position to say anything.

He just had one wish.

“However, I hope you dont stab a dagger into Brahams back as long as you are with me.”


Elfin Stone was a vampire earl.

Among the direct line that ruled over the vampires, his discernment was among the top.

He understood Grids meaning and responded.

-Yes, I understand.

After decades or hundreds of years, he would be resurrected, and by then, the human in front of him would be dead.

The day of revenge on Braham could be postponed to that time.

‘I have to accumulate enough strength while serving him thoroughly.

The intention was somewhat contrary, but his commitment to loyalty was true.

It was the day when Grid gained a new subordinate.

Elfin Stone was only level 300, but Grids joy was great.

As a direct descendant, Elfin Stones potential was immense.

A notification popped up in front of the happy Grid.

[The condition has been met and the first blood magic will bloom.]

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