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The demon, Andras—his innate power was fire.

He knew how to deal with powerful flames by nature and was one of the best among demons.

However, he wasnt a great demon.

No, he wasnt qualified to be a great demon.

Hell Gao and Belial—there were already two great demons who dealt with flames more proficiently and powerfully than Andras.

A demon who couldnt become a great demon...

Andras couldnt find his purpose in life.

He wandered constantly while resenting God Yatan who had given him the power of fire.

Sometimes, he ran wild and there were serious incidents.

It was Baal who saved him as he was targeted by a few great demons.

Baal took in Andras, made him a subordinate, and gave him two new powers—steel and wind.

With three powers in total, Andras was reborn.

By transforming his body and magic power to steel, he exhibited a power to destroy everything.

By heating his steel body and magic power with fire, it was possible to inflict a pain that was more terrible than death on the enemy.

Andras majesty was already comparable to a great demon as he created a storm to overwhelm the surroundings without directly using violence.

Andras was undoubtedly confident that he could take the place of the 32nd great demon which was vacant.

He believed that if he progressed a bit more, he could go up to the 22nd Hell, which was vacant like the 32nd Hell.

He was convinced he would write a legend like Zepar, the wanderer who was a low-ranking demon who sharpened his swordsmanship and rose to the 13th Hell (current ranking had fallen again).

However, the reason he remained loyal to Baal was because he sincerely respected Baal.

For Andras, his god was Baal, not Yatan.

He wanted to stay by Baals side forever to serve Baal.

It was also Andras will and loyalty that made him recently pursue Yura, who dared to hide in the 1st Hell and hinder Baals affairs.


Andras groaned in the midst of the flames that destroyed evil.

He couldnt understand the current situation.

A disgustingly sacred flame—why was this fire appearing in the middle of hell

“”You are from heaven.

Daring to break into here...”

Grid frowned when Andras mistook him for a god or a messenger of the gods.

The relationship between Rebecca, the goddess of light, and Yatan, the god of evil, meant it was natural to think that heaven and hell were in a mutually cooperative relationship.

‘The more I know about the gods, the most disgusted I feel.

Even Hexetia, who now favored Grid and humanity, once tried to destroy humanity.

Grid thought he should be vigilant of all gods beside Hexetia.

Of course, the priority was to focus on the person in front of him.

‘He is dangerous.

The enemy didnt feel strong because of the penalty in hell.

He was just strong.

Was it similar to the 22nd great demon, Berith, who came to the human world The chains of hot steel and the wind pressure that crushed his body and restricted his movements were intimidating and changed their shapes in real time.

‘A quick battle speed is needed.

During the time when Storm of the Fire God was maintained and he had infinite sword energy, all attacks should be released.

Grid made a decision and pulled out Belials Power to obtain permanent stamina.


[The passive effectFire Queen is activated.

Stamina wont fall while this passive is maintained.]

“Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle Drop.”

It was one of his newly created five fusion sword dances.

Dozens of steel wolves running through the hot chains toward Grid were destroyed.

Blue petals floated around Grid and fell like lightning.

In the Storm of the Fire God, the power of the sword dance that cut at all the expanded chains denied the rule oflow attack power of wide area skills.

“”Kuheok, cough!!””

The power of steel was connected not only to Andras magic but also to his body.

Therefore, Andras could transform both his magic power and body into steel.

Every time the wolves and chains were cut and destroyed, Andras experienced pain like his body was being cut off.

““T-Time is needed.””

Andras could see it.

It didnt matter if this man was a god, angel, or human.

The black-haired man in front of him was barely maintaining his stamina with Belials Power.

Just a bit more.

Andras realized that the man would collapse on his own after a little bit more time.

However, it was also true for Andras.

He had no time.

The first field effect of Storm of the Fire God,Divine Flames, inflicted constant damage on evil beings.

Andras body was burning slowly like a moth that had jumped into the flames.


where is Agnus””

Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle—he barely defended against the first attack of the five fusion sword dances, and avoided a fatal injury.

Andras lost one arm and gazed anxiously beyond the swirling storm of flames.

Agnus—that guy had come here with him.

Agnus might be a human, but he signed a contract with Baal and possessed excellent skills.

It was enough to help Andras.

Then why Why didnt he show up Why didnt the newly created deceased penetrate through the disgusting flames to block the black-haired man

“”What are you doing Why arent you helping me to manage the dignity of Master!”

It happened when Andras shouted...

-Obligations and respect.

Someones voice was heard high in the sky.

The voice penetrated the noise of the fire storm and entered not only Andrus ears but also Grids ears.

-Trust and willpower.

Andras suddenly fell to his knees.

He raised his head to the sky and screamed with the veins on his neck bulging.


The sincere look in the eyes glimpsed through the steel faceplate was like a savior.

Meanwhile, Grid was in great despair.


Grid had seen Baal before.

In the human world where the power of a great demon was greatly weakened, he had encountered one of Baals dozens of egos.

He mightve fought and won, but the experience stilled great fear to Grid.

Baals ego had tremendous power even when weakened.

It was impossible to speculate on the real Baals strength and he felt a vague fear.

Baals voice continued.

-Andras, a demon betrays grace, tramples on respect, plays with trust, and ridicules those who are dependent.


Andras face covered by a steel faceplate turned gray.

He noticed that God was criticizing him.

-In order to repay my kindness, you pursued a human, trusted in my other subordinate, kneeled down the moment you heard my voice, and relied on me in a moment of difficulty.

Are you really a demon


A black thunderbolt struck.

In a flash, Storm of the Fire God was split in half and dissipated.

Grids mental picture was built and maintained according to Grids willpower.

Now it was destroyed by an external force.


[Your mental picture is broken.]

[Your heart is broken and you have entered the abnormal statecollapse.]

[All stats have fallen drastically and you cant move.]

‘What, this is...!

The mental picture was a powerful weapon, but also a weakness.

It was because those with a broken heart would fall into a helpless state where they couldnt do anything.

In fact, the act of exposing a mental picture to others was actually accompanied by great danger.

Baal had yet to show interest to Grid who couldnt move because of the collapsed state.

-Andras, the reason God Yatan despaired for you and gave you a useless talent is because he was disappointed that you arent qualified to be a great demon.

Baals dismal laugh spread throughout the 29th Hell.

-The reason I saved you was because I wanted to appreciate the despair you would one day experience again.

A demon was the source of all evil.

An existence who denied goodness and didnt need special reasons for committing sins.

They were just evil.

It was the same for Baal.

All his choices and actions were intended to corrupt, frustrate and cause people to feel despair.

-Ahh.Andras.A virtuous demon who lost his wickedness.The tears of blood you possess are even sweeter than the blood of any angel.

This makes me happy.

“”Baaal! Baaaal!””

Grid didnt know about the relationship between Baal and Andras.

However, the situation was easily inferred unless he was a fool.

Baal responded to Andras faith with ridicule.

Andras chains that had been cut by Grid gathered together to form a huge sword.

It was aimed at Baal, not Grid.

“”I will kill you! I will never forgive you!!””

Andras created a gust of wind and flew into the sky.

Baals mouth spread wide in a smile as he revealed half his face in the black sky.

A black thunderbolt struck Andras forehead.

The sword that couldnt reach Baals body lost its momentum and was gradually extinguished.

Then Andras body plunged like a broken doll toward the ground.


Andras eyes that were filled with sadness and anger gradually became empty.

Baal was happy to see Andras dying alone without anyone to rely on.

This event wasnt just for Grid.

It was also for Yura.

It was an event that occurred only when Yura met the conditions of becoming hostile to Andras, Baals mad believer, causing him to pursue her and then making him fall into a crisis.

It wouldve been a great struggle to achieve the last condition if it wasnt for Grids presence.

Then a notification window appeared in Grids vision.

[You have witnessed the source of all evil.]

[All the quarrels and famines in the world mightve been the work of demons.]

[Humanity, your task is to punish Baal.]

[Amoract, the great demon of conflict, is waiting for you somewhere in hell.]


Yura and Amoracts relationship was deep.

In the past, Amoract gave Yura the opportunity to become a demonkin and she refused to do so, instead becoming a Demon Slayer.

She thought she was an enemy to Amoract since then...

Baals eyes scanned Yura.

-It isnt ripe yet.The fun with you should be put off.

It was an event that shouldve ended here.

Baal didnt pay much attention to the present Yura.

It was natural.

Baal was the one who slaughtered the former Demon Slayer Alex and turned him into pieces of meat.

It was hard to be interested in Yura from Baals standpoint when he already killed her predecessor who she had yet to reach.

He didnt know if Yura would surpass Alex.


The end of this event would be when Baal withdrew.

However, Baal didnt leave and instead stayed a bit longer.

He was staring at the still collapsed Grid before letting out a huge burst of laughter.

-You are qualified to become a god, but you stayed a humanKukuk, kuhahat...!!You are still interesting.

Baal flicked his finger like it was stained with blood.

Then a screaming soul appeared and hovered around him.

The corners of Baals mouth rose up as he grabbed the soul.

-Look, unlike you who relied on me to the end, that guy has crossed the limits by himself.Maybe you couldve been like that tooHahat!Kuhahahat!

Baals insanely joyful laughter and the screams of pain from the soul mixed together and gave Grid goose bumps.

Grid finally realized it.

The inner workings of the gods wasnt something he should think about yet.

The main enemy at hand was this being, Baal.

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