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The red cheeks and the deep eyes were full of provocation, the excessively exposed purple skin was lustrous, and the tail attached to the hips was bewitching—the overall atmosphere was very sensual and it was hard to find a place to put his eyes.

Grid reflexively gulped at the sight of the succubi and then quickly frowned.

“Oh my, this brother is so handsome~”

It was a cheap dialogue reminiscent of a scene from a B-grade movie.

The sight of the succubis squirming bodies gave Grid a great sense of disappointment.

‘It is a waste of their good faces.

The succubi were a race that lived with their face and body.

They had to seduce humans in order to eat a humans energy, so they were naturally proud of their beautiful appearance.

However, their provocative clothes and actions made them look like cheap prostitutes and Grid was troubled.

‘I dont think I should take them with me.

The image he had built up would be damaged.

‘I was voted as the person most respected by Korean elementary, middle, and high school students.

If I bring naked women around with me...

Yura told the concerned Grid, “There is no monster more powerful and versatile than the succubi among monsters below level 420.”

They were words of affirmation.

Grid completely trusted her words since she knew hells ecosystem better than anyone else.


“Wont I look like an American rapper if I take them around with me”

“That is a discriminatory statement.

If you are concerned about how the succubi is dressed, then there is no need to worry.

It is a problem that will be solved if they wear coats.”

“They can put on clothes”

“They cant wear items with stats, but they can wear simple cosplay items.”

“Ah...” He was reminded of the bow tie that Nyangmong gave Noe.

Grid was convinced, but then a new question arose.

“Can they tempt people while wearing clothes They need to expose themselves in order to seduce people.”

“The succubis bewitchment effect is activated with sound.

The visual effect is just a concept that helps with a number of people.

So they will be fascinated whether they are human or a monster.”

“I see.”

This was why she told him to block the sound.

Grid nodded as his mind felt more relaxed.

Now the useless worries were resolved.

Meanwhile, the succubi were still provoking Grid.

“Brother, are you impotent”

“Why arent you reacting after seeing us”


Grid ignored the taunts and was deep in thought.

‘The basics of taming...

The subject of taming should have their health cut down.

It was only when hitting the subject until just before death, that the probability of taming was increased.

It was impossible for Grid to not know the information that had become common sense.

‘Should I fight to measure their level

Grid pulled out the Enlightenment Sword and stepped forward while Yura retreated.

“Dont you need to help”

The red-skinned demon Glant expressed concern.

Hell—it had an ecosystem that was completely different from the human world and humans couldnt fully display their physical abilities.

In fact, even breathing was daunting.

The succubi were strong, yet Yura was leaving Grid alone

‘What a demon.

It happened when Glant smiled deeply because he thought Yura was deliberately pushing Grid to death...



The succubi who gradually approached Grid while doing their temptation dance...


Even the sinisterly smiling Glant was overwhelmed by the sudden pressure and stiffened.


Glant\'s eyes trembled like crazy.

It was due to the energy permeating his body that restricted his movements.

Thestatus felt from only 10 great demons out of the many great demons he had seen for thousands of years weighed on him.

He barely calmed his trembling hands as he watched Grid, who was raising his sword at the monsters with a solemn expression.

‘W-What This guy

A human had such a high status Even Alex who made the great demons felt fear wasnt to this extent.

Glant felt great doubts.


Grid bent forward and took one step, penetrating into the gap between demons and releasing sword energy.

The bodies of the motionless succubi were torn apart and blood scattered.

The scene was so calm that it was creepy.

The succubi screamed.

The man who didnt care about the blood splashing on his face swung his sword again at the succubus who suffered the greatest injuries.


It was swordsmanship that was like lightning.

Dozens of attacks took place in a single breath.

The succubus was covered with sword energy like cobwebs and her eyes rolled.

Pieces of her were scattered and she turned into ashes.

Glant became certain of it.

‘It is clear that this human is a legend.

He showed his ability in hell despite losing his stats.

Additionally, he was comparable to a high ranking great demon.

There was no way this man wasnt a legend.

‘What legend is he

Glants personality was very cautious.

Unlike other demons, he suppressed his aggressiveness and always looked for the best opportunities.

Therefore, he didnt participate in the invasion of the Behen Archipelago hundreds of years ago.

He didnt feel the need to take over the human world and bear the deterioration in abilities.

This meant he didnt recognize Pagmas Sword Dance or Grids identity.

In the first place, Grids Sword Dance was too different from Pagmas Sword Dance.

It was much more efficient and magical.

Meanwhile, Grid was panicked.

‘Why is she dead

Currently, Grid had a 20% drop in all stats.

He didnt use any buff skills.

Additionally, the level of the succubi was 415.

He thought it would be appropriate to use two single sword dances, but the succubus died before the motion of Link ended.


Link is too strong.

If every attack hit then the current Link boasted a stronger destructive power than Kill.

Grid carefully struck at another succubus that was still stiffened.


Another succubus died.

‘Are their bodies weak in exchange for their versatility

Grid became more cautious.

Another succubus escaped from the restrain and started running away.

He chased after her and struck her with a basic attack.


[The effect of the titleDeath in One Shot! has been activated.]

[The target has died!]


‘This damn thing.


The desperate Grid chased another succubi and dealt a basic attack.


[The effect of the titleDeath in One Shot! has been...]

[The target has died!]


The probability of a critical hit was too high.

It couldnt continue like this.

The helpless Grid put away the Enlightenment Blade and pulled out a pickaxe.

“Hiik! Go away! Go away!”

The sword was a tool that specialized in slashes while the pickaxe was a tool for hacking at targets.

It could be more threatening depending on the position hit.

The succubi imagined this ugly tool penetrating their skulls and paled while scattering in all directions.

Then the succubi with wings suddenly flew into the sky.

They were capable of both bewitchment magic and flight, and were one of the races with the highest survival ability.

The problem was that Grid could also fly.

He resisted the bewitchment magic and rose to the sky as he was surrounded by lightning.


Another succubus received the pickaxe in her back and screamed.

A lot of blood was scattered around the area.

Glant opened a curtain of magic to block the blood falling from the sky and murmured, “What...

is it a legend that hasnt existed so far”

This human actually dared to kill with a pickaxe.

Even Demon Slayer Alex wasnt that cruel despite having a deep grudge against demons.

It was because the tendencies of legends basically inclined towardgood. However, Grid was cruel and bizarre even for a demon.

It was like a natural slaughter.

His existence itself was different from usual legends.

Of course, it was a misunderstanding.

Right now, Grid had no malice toward the succubi.

Rather, he pulled out the pickaxe to avoid killing them.

‘Im tired.

Grid removed Alex\'s Quick Gloves, his armor, and accessories that increased stats and attack power.

Then he finally managed to lower a succubus health to the verge of death.

Grid descended to the ground with the succubus who had scars all over her body from the pickaxe.

Then he immediately opened the Rune of Gluttony.

“Hell Gaos Power.”

Fire rose like horns on both sides of Grids forehead.


Glant and the succubus paled.

They felt the energy of Hell Gao, the master of hellfire, from Grid.

‘How does he have Hell Gaos power


The fire horns became larger and sharper.

The caught succubus was forced to stare into Grids ferocious eyes and his spirit gradually penetrated into the succubus body.

At the same time...

[The effect of Domination is triggered.]

[You have provided your vital force to thehell succubus as food.]

[You have succeeded in dominating thehell succubus!]

A notification window popped up.

It wasnt once, but four times in a row.

[You have succeeded in dominating thehell succubus!]

[You have succeeded in dominating thehell succubus!]

[You have succeeded in dominating thehell succubus!]


The flustered Grid looked around.

A new group of succubi was approaching from above.

They hadnt grasped the situation, yet they smelled a human and came like hyenas.

Of course, they were all full of health.

The three succubi who were in the lead were also influenced by Domination and ended up following Grid.

‘I didnt have to decrease their health

The great demons power was different from normal taming skills.

He hadnt expected the power of Domination to be this much.


Grid felt guilt as he saw the swollen face of the succubus who started to cry from the pain of her wounds.

Clap, clap, clap.

Glant applauded and spoke in an admiring manner, “I didnt know a day would come when I would learn from a human.

Your appearance today is worse than that of a great demon.

God Yatan will surely love you.

I must devote myself to learning from you.”

[Affinity with the thousand year old demonGlant has increased by 20.]

“Youngwoo-ssi is amazing.

I havent been able to gain affinity with Glant yet.”


It was definitely a compliment, but Grid didnt feel good.

Grid was tired from the short battle and sat down.

He beckoned to the succubi who stood far away.

“Come here first to work.”

“Yes, Master.”

“You can do whatever you want.


The succubi approached seductively, but Grid didnt show any reaction.

It was because the succubi didnt dare release yin energy at Grid.


Grids eyes widened as he checked the status window of the succubi.

It was due to the presence of the Bewitchment skill.


[Bewitch up to eight targets and enslave them.]

“There are four so 32...”

It looked like he would have more pets than Nyangmong.

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