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“Nya~ heung!”

“...Who are you”

Grid blinked after summoning Noe.

There were shiny white feet and rounded feet like he was wearing mittens.

Up to this point, it was exactly like Noe who became more beautiful after eating the thunder stone...

Clack clack!Clack!

While Grid was feeling confused, the Overgeared Skeletons got on Noes back and imitated riding a horse.

Thats right—Noes petite body had become huge enough to carry the Overgeared Skeletons.

His limbs and neck had become as thick as a log, and his face had become thinner and sharper when it was usually round and cute like a steamed bun.

The mane that abundantly covered the head and chest was both threatening and beautiful.

“...Why did you suddenly become a lion”

Wasnt he originally a cat Where did the cute and adorable look go, and why did he suddenly become magnificent

“This is the real appearance of a memphis, the best demonic beast in hell.”

He stretched out his round feet and blade-like claws popped out.

He looked really strong.

‘Was he in a reduced state in the human world due to a lack of demonic energy

No, it seemed he was really a cat until he ate the thunder stone, right Why was he suddenly a lion Grid recalled Noes old appearance of black fur and white feet and shook his head.

It wasnt a matter to think deeply about.

‘Noe is Noe regardless of what he looks like.

Grid checked Noes status window.

[Name: Noe

Species: Memphis

Level: 309

Status: Satisfied

(Aheung! Aheung! Ahuheung!)

Health: 500,000

Strength: 2,000 Stamina: 3,000 Agility: 3,000 Intelligence: 2,000

★ In the environment of hell, the thunder stone is completely digested and his body is transformed into an adult.

★ As an adult memphis, all stats will increase by 100 every 10 levels.

However, health will grow every 100 levels.

★ When riding, the riders attack power is increased by 10%.

Increases the power of rushing skills by 30%.

-Current Skills List-

[Fluidization] [Soul Ingestion] [Scratch] [Bewitchment] [Impertinent!] [Gallop]]

‘The growth is huge.

It seemed like Noe got 40 stat points with every level up.

If Grid knew this, he would\'ve placed more importance on intensively raising Noe.

‘No, the Overgeared Skeletons are good enough.

[Overgeared Skeleton One]

[Class: Skeleton Sword Dancer

Level: 322

Health: 51,000 Mana: 1,090

Strength: 1,301 Stamina: 450

Agility: 720 Intelligence: 80

-Items Worn-

Weapon: Sharp Sword of Self-transcendence

Secondary Weapon: Thorn Shield

Armor: Sturdy Valhalla

-Class Specific Skills-

Bone Cracking Lv.

MAX, Destructive Dancing Blacksmithing Lv.

4, Dancing Lv.

6, Cutting while Dancing Lv.

3, Stabbing while Dancing Lv.

3, Increased Health, Increased Defense, [Slaughter Dance (A)]

-Skills Learnt-

Skeleton\'s Patience, Silver Thread Avoidance, Advanced Sword Mastery Lv.

2, Intermediate Mining Technique Lv.

3, Intermediate Petrification Resistance, Intermediate Physical Resistance, Intermediate Magic Resistance, Beginner Instant Acceleration, Bite, Ridicule, Skull Headbutt, Intermediate Poison Resistance, Beginner Divine Power Resistance, [Skeleton Sword Dance (A)]]

[Overgeared Skeleton Two]

[Class: Skeleton Bishop

Level: 319

Health: 30,200 Mana: 21,900

Strength: 100 Stamina: 700

Agility: 300 Intelligence: 1,350

-Items Worn-

Weapon: Belials Staff (Reproduction)

Secondary Weapon: Commanders Orb

Armor: Kerians Robe

-Class Specific Skills-

Bone Sticking Lv.

8, Restoration Dancing Blacksmithing Lv.

6, Dancing Lv.

6, Skull Strengthening Lv.

2, Skeleton Strengthening Lv.

2, Mana Shield Lv.

2, Health Increase, Mana Increase, [Skeleton Creation (A)]

-Skills Learnt-

Skeleton\'s Patience, Silver Thread Avoidance, Advanced Magic Mastery Lv.

2, Intermediate Mining Technique Lv.

3, Intermediate Petrification Resistance, Beginner Physical Resistance, Intermediate Magic Resistance, Bite, Ridicule, Intermediate Poison Resistance, Intermediate Divine Power Resistance, [Prayer to a God (A)]]

During the hunts in the Chaos Mountains and at the reservoir, Grid had been focused on raising the Overgeared Skeletons, not Noe.

It was because he appreciated the Overgeared Skeletons potential to learn new skills more than Noe.

The Overgeared Skeletons stats point gain per level was low at 8 points, but this was increased after their third class advancement.

Therefore, there was hope for further increase in the future.

‘Both Noe and the Overgeared Skeletons must be raised well.

Was it because they had fought through life and death crises together and shared hardships The Overgeared Skeletons climbed onto Noes back and Noe generously accepted them.

Grid watched the scene happily when he suddenly pulled out his sword.


It was because a red-skinned demonkin in a tailcoat approached Grids group.

The single horn rising from the left side of the forehead and the sharp fans stood out.

The demonic energy that rose as a daze haze around him was threatening.

“I was waiting.”

He was completely different from the demonic creatures Grid had encountered on the way here.

It was an intelligent being.

The horn and demonic energy was too much to say that he resembled the demonkin Grid saw in the neutral zone.

This feeling was similar to...

“A great demon”

Yura explained to the nervous Grid, “There are three main types of races that lived in hell.

They are demonic creatures, demonkin, and demons.”

As the name suggested, demonic creatures were classified as monsters, and it was right to call demonkin the residents of hell.

On the other hand, demons were nobles.

It was a race qualified to covet the position of a great demon.

The demons were small in number, but they had a very high combat strength and demonic power.

They were also intelligent.

“Is he a candidate to be a great demon”


‘They are like the yangbans of the Hwan Kingdom.

The future development was obvious.

They were so arrogant that they looked down on humans.

They were dirty and powerful.

There was a high probability they would be aggressive and cruel.

‘Besides, this place is hell.

As the memphis proved, the demons and demonkin exerted their proper power in hell, not the human world.

It meant that the demon in front of him might be stronger than the lower ranked great demons who came to the ground.

Grid raised his tension as he expected a tough battle.

Then the demon told him, “There is no need to be nervous.

I have no intention of harming Masters guest.”

‘Masters guest

Who was the owner who welcomed him as a guest Grid was puzzled since he had no connections in hell.


He looked around without understanding anything before making eye contact with Yura.

Yuras gaze was endlessly serene and calm.

She was neither agitated nor alert to the sudden appearance of the demon.Perhaps

Grid was feeling surprised when he heard the demon continue speaking, “I was waiting for you to come back, Master.”

The demon laid his hand on his heart and bowed to Yura.


Grid was astonished.

Yura chuckled at his confusion after witnessing an unbelievable situation.

“Welcome to the Overgeared hell branch.”


The 32nd Hell was originally the residence of the great demon, Belial.

Since she was destroyed, the throne of the 32nd Hell became vacant and war between the demons broke out.

“The war in which 13 demons fought was terrible and fierce.

Enemies became allies and allies became enemies.

The battle pattern changed dozens of times a day.

It felt like I had fallen into a storm I had never seen before.

I couldnt predict when this war would end.”


The demon placed a centipede into a kettle.

The centipede didnt die even after being immersed in boiling water.

Every time the guy with bloody feet twisted and trembled inside the hot water, the tea turned redder.

“I was growing weary of the ongoing war when I heard strange rumors.

A human was appearing everywhere on the battlefield and killing demons.”

The demon poured tea into Grids teacup.

It was bloody tea.

It was so stinky that some people might wonder if it was sewage.

“The young demons snorted and wondered how a human could come to hell to harm us.

However, I was different.

It is because Ive already experienced a humans invasion.”

The demon took off his gloves.

His two exposed hands were black.

The rest of his skin was red.

Only his hands were black.

Additionally, they looked heavy and hard like lead.


“As the one who lost both hands to Demon Slayer Alex who invaded hell hundreds of years ago, I was convinced that the rumored human would be the new Demon Slayer.

After waiting, I finally met Yura.”


Grid raised the red tea to his mouth.

It was because Yura gestured for him to do so.

What was this It tasted good even though it was so stinky.

The bitterness and sweetness that spread through his mouth was fascinating.

The effect was awesome.

[Some of the demonic energy of hell has been detoxified.

The penalties in hell are permanently reduced by 5%.]

“Then I swore allegiance to Yura.”


Grid thought he would have a deep grudge because he lost both his hands to Alex.

It was expected he would take revenge on Yura, yet he swore allegiance instead.

There seemed to be a deep story.

“Did you receive a great favor from Alex” Grid asked this question and the demon made an expression showing he didnt understand.

“He cut off my hands.

How can he show me a favor”

“So why pledge allegiance to Yura”

“I did it to save my life, of course.

I was filled with resentment against the former Demon Slayer and wanted to repay the present Demon Slayer.

I carried out a surprise attack and was beaten instead, so I had no choice.


“...Can you trust him” Grid wondered.

Yura replied, “He has already signed a loyalty contract.

A demon cant break the contract even if dead so he can be trusted.

Perhaps even more so than humans.”

“Thats right.

The limitation of the demons is that even if their head is cut off, they cant betray the target of the contract.

Alex knew it too so he signed a contract with me, who was wagging my tail like Cerberus.

I wanted to hit him every time I saw the back of that head, but I couldnt hit him...

It was the first time I felt such a great sense of shame since being born as a demon.”

“The problem isnt that you are a demon.

It is that you survived so far by signing contracts.”

“It is right to survive even if I have to sign a contract.

Why die in a situation where you never know when youll be resurrected I must live.”

Grid emptied the mug.

He tried drinking another cup of tea.

Unfortunately, the penalty reduction effect no longer occurred.

“There are hidden items in each area that will detoxify the demonic power of hell.

I know a few places, so Ill guide you later.” It was Yura who reassured the disappointed Grid.

Yura spoke to the demon who opened his mouth like there was still a lot left to say, “Did you check the succubis habitat”

“Yes, they are bewitching the demonkin in Helitera Forest.”

Yuras acceptance of a demon as a subordinate was to take full control of the 32nd Hell.

The demons mightve been driven out and the hell cleansed once, but quite a few demonkin and demonic creatures were still alive.

Due to them, the 32nd Hell was destined to be recontaminated someday.

The demonic energy would lure new demons.

The moment one of them became a great demon, the 32 Hell would be completely revived.

To prevent this, Yura had to stay in the 32nd Hell.

However, she had too much work to do.

This was why she established an agent.

The demon Glant had lived for thousands of years.

His acumen was excellent, even when compared to a great demon.

Thanks to this, the demonic energy of the 32nd Hell wasnt easily recovered.

From the point of view of a great demon, it would be seen as a wasteland without any nutrition.


We will leave immediately.

Ill lead the way.

Youngwoo, be sure to check the duration of the perfume.”


It was really enjoyable to have so many people to rely on.

A smile was on Grids face as he followed Yura while defeating demonic creatures.

However, the smile didnt last long.

“Why are they gasping like that”

Helitera Forest—Grid frowned as he arrived at the place that he didnt know why it was called a forest when it was colorless and had no vegetation.

It was because the harsh breathing of the succubi was very embarrassing.

He was wondering if he had to gag them if he wanted to take them around with him.

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