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The world was turned upside down as the people successfully interpreted Grids epic.

『 The gap between the legends of the previous generation and the current generation is gone...

Their shock was great.

They never dreamed that the people of this age would be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the legends of the previous generation.

It was natural.

The feats of the legends were literally beyond common sense.

Mullers achievement in sealing the 9th ranked great demon, Hell Gao, all by himself, was a prime example.

It was an area that players could never reach.

Yet Grids epic made it clear.

The distinction between the previous generation and the present was gone.

『 I never imagined that this day would come.

It is amazing! Great! I am so proud!! Now the main subject of Satisfy is reborn from NPCs to players!! 』

The number of legends in the present day was seven.

Five of them were players.

In the future, these five players would exert great influence as the strongest in the world.

People had great anticipation for Satisfy which they would use to change their future.

They were terrified every time the great demons appeared and were tired of being oppressed by the stuffy rules created by the NPCs.

From now on, it would be the legends that would protect the peace, not the NPCs with medieval concepts.

Satisfy would become freer than the past.

People were forced to welcome the growth of legends.

However, experts warned that they shouldnt have hasty expectations.

『 It is Grid who removed the distinction between the previous generation and the present.

It means it is highly likely that it is only Grid who has grown to the limit, not all the legends of the present day.

In fact, the legendary assassin and Bow Saint have just been born.

It is unreasonable to interpret it as all legends achieving a complete growth.

『 The world isnt safe from all types of disasters, including the great demon.

It is too much to become confident that the worlds subject has become players.

There wont be the sudden change expected by the public.

It isnt good to have expectations.

Only disappointment will grow.

The thing that most players sought from the game was fun and profit.

They were tired and disgusted by the great demons who threatened the stage of their actions.

The first reason they were delighted to hear that the legends of the present age had grown to match the previous generations was because they believed it would be easier to defeat the great demons.

However, the atmosphere of public opinion cooled when the experts presented their pessimistic analysis.

Broadcasters from all over the world refuted the audience.

『 Isnt it still great to feel expectations if Grid becomes stronger alone I think there will be many scenes of Grid raiding a great demon alone 』

『 Yes, if it is a low ranking great demon, then Grid alone is enough to raid it...

『 There is a record that the former legend, Muller, sealed the 9th great demon, Hell Gao.

Doesnt that mean that even high ranking great demons arent Grids opponent For example, there is Beleth who was defeated by Grid some time ago.

『 Hahaha, Muller is the one who is considered the strongest among legends.

Who other than Muller can seal a great demon alone Even Demon Slayer Alex wasnt able to leave behind the achievement of defeating a high ranking great demon.

Isnt this placing too much expectations on Grid 』

『 However, Grid has the power to frequently break common sense...

『 Of course, Grid is great.

He has shown tremendous growth to the point where I wonder if Grid is stronger than Pagma.

It is really admirable, but everyone has limits.

Grid isnt Superman.

Dont you think your expectations will be a big burden on Grid In the first place, the great demons are indispensable villains in Satisfy.

They are ordeals that players must face and overcome.

Do you plan to always pray that someone else will solve it 』

Grid was strong.

The best.

However, just as everyone had limitations, there were inherent limitations to the Pagma\'s Descendant class.

It was reprehensible that they were planning to be cruel to Grid just because he was strong.

The experts had analyzed Grid for several years and unknowingly became fans of Grid.


The grass waving in the breeze and the blue sky without a single cloud.

This place that was reminiscent of the fresh countryside was surprisingly hell.

Unlike the hellish landscapes that people imagined, there wasnt much difference between the human world and hell.

However, Grid didnt panic.

He had visited hell a long time ago and witnessed the landscape.

‘I was kicked out as soon as Blackening was released.

Ordinary humans were driven away from hell because they couldnt enter hell.

However, it was different this time.

[Hell cant deny you when you are recognized by the 9th great demon.]

[Hells restraints on humans dont apply to you entirely.]

[Your current reputation in hell is 7,000 points.

The penalties in hell are reduced by 15%.]

[This is hell.

It is a land that human beings shouldnt step on.

There are no favors or devices that will protect humans in this world.]

[The recovery rate of all resources is reduced by 85%, all healing effects are reduced by 70%, and the stamina decrease speed is three times faster.

The power of divine attribute type skills and magic power is decreased by 90%.

The power and activation rate of protection and movement-related skills are reduced by 50%.]

[All stats will decrease by 20%.]


His body was heavy.

In addition to the content displayed in the notification window, there was the feeling that a separate penalty was acting on his body.

‘This is really the final hunting ground.

They would make it difficult to attack.They would never give players the opportunity to see the ending.

Grid saw the S.A Groups intention to run Satisfy for a lifetime and clicked his tongue.

Then he asked Yura, who was standing beside him, “What number of hell is this”

“It is a neutral zone.

It is a land where ordinary demonkin live in cities and villages.”

“Ordinary demonkin”

If they were demonkin, then they were demonkin.

What was an ordinary demonkin Grid cocked his head and made eye contact with a one-eyed boy standing at the outer side of the entrance of a distant village.

Grid saw the boy hurriedly moved into the village out of fear and recalled old memories.

‘The demonkin at that time were scared...

It was when Grid first visited hell.

The inhabitants of hell that he encountered at that time had looked at Grid like he was a monster.

Hiik!A human! The screams echoed vividly in his mind.

“Just like with many races, the races of the demonkin are diverse.

The demonkin living here in the neutral zone arent very different from humans.

They value reason rather than instinct and live according to their own laws and morals.”

“So not all demonkin are vicious”

“Yes, they have a culture.

They created a currency and built markets like humans.

They are just like humans, except they are living in hell.”

“They are classified as NPCs, not monsters”


The relationship with the neutral demonkin can be divided into three stages: vigilant, neutral, and friendly.

Once a friendly relationship is built up, you can use various shops and accommodations.

However, the currency used is different so it is useless no matter how rich you are in the human world.”

“What Are you saying I have to start over again from poverty”


the value of gold isnt recognized.”

Based on Yuras quivering expression, she seemed to have suffered quite a lot.

Grid trembled.

‘These S.A guys.

They made all the money he collected through his efforts so far useless.

They always had ways to turn people into dogs.

It would seem that, in hell, in addition to the penalty related to stats, he would have to start again with the frame of mind of a beginner.

‘They are a Korean company so they must be good at making beef bone soup.\' [1]

Did they want to run the game for hundreds of years Considering the degree of completion, Grid could understand the desire to operate forever.

A game like this would never come again.

‘I like it.

Grid occupied a lot of content and enjoyed a monopoly.

The longer that Satisfys value was preserved, the better it was for him.

“So why do the great demons leave this zone untouched”

Hell was divided into 33 areas and the great demons were self-proclaimed rulers.

Grid was told they sometimes caused conflict to occupy more territory.It was surprising that there was a neutral zone without an owner.

Grid questioned it, but Yura replied that she didnt know very well.

“Let\'s see.

There seems to be an unwritten rule between the great demons, but I havent determined exactly what it is.”


Well, it didnt matter.

Grid nodded and started walking toward the village, only for Yura to grab him.

“If you go to the village in this state, you will just provoke the vigilance of the residents.”

“Then ignore it and pass by”


If you kill nearby demonic creatures and secure evidence, the residents vigilance will soften.

It is good to hunt monsters first before going to the village to get some quests.

If you want to be active in hell in the future, you need to build up enough favorability to use the village.”

It was valuable advice that came from experience.

Grid moved his feet and kept asking questions.

“Are the demonkin and demonic creatures on the same side”

“Are humans and wild animals companions just because they live in the same area”

“Aha, I understand.”

The demonic creatures were threats even for the demonkin.

Of course, certain demonkin could be close to demonic creatures.

“The succubi are monsters that live in the 32nd Hell.

In order to visit the 32nd Hell, it is better to put on perfume that blocks yin and yang energy.

First, get a quest and clear it to obtain perfume.”


It was like a level 400 high ranker was attached to a level 1 newbie as a guide.

Yura had years of experience in hell and this made it easy for Grid to find demonkin, hunt, and get quests in villages.

Grid avoided all the failures and setbacks that Yura had suffered.

She was a good bus.

Grid almost always acted as a bus driver and it had been a long time since he became a passenger on a bus.

He enjoyed the convenience.

‘This is why networking matters.

Grid arrived at the 32nd Hell without getting sidetracked or lost thanks to Yuras guidance.

Then he gulped.

In the middle of the suddenly darkened landscape, he could see the hellfire river that was like lava.

He felt that the thick liquid was disturbing his breathing.

Sweat started flowing and he became dizzy for some reason.

“Spray the perfume.”

“Yes.” Grid sprayed the perfume he got from clearing one of the quests in hell on his body.

It was like smearing cow dung from his grandfathers house on his body.

It was unpleasant, but it made his breathing comfortable.

It was refreshing, even.

“Why is it so refreshing when it feels like Im spraying cow dung”

“Youve blocked the yin energy.”


Then lets go.”

Grid summoned the Overgeared Skeletons and his pets.

In his weakened state, it would be good to have even one more person to rely on.

Besides, this place was hell.

It was the main stage for Noe.

“Nya~ heung!”

Noe wanted to appear with his usual cute cat sounds, but his voice became thicker at the end.

Noes appearance was different from usual.

6th Anniversary Event Link (Submission End Date: 15th November)

[1] beef bone soup is said to enhance health and stamina

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