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Lightning Fist was the hallmark of an Asura.

It was just a straight punch, but it suppressed the other persons reaction because it was too fast.

Since it was fast, it boasted a high hit rate and power.

It was a very suitable skill to use to electrocute the target and make a combo.



Nyangmong barely avoided it.

“Phew, it was scary.”

The defense of the armor made of pairu cloth was broken as the armor was torn.

Nyangmong saved his life by avoiding the full power of Lightning Fist with one step and sighed with relief.

This entered Halles eyes and he declared, “You are really born with good luck.”

The characteristic of a monster tamer class was brainwashing monsters and using them as the monster tamers limbs.

His physical ability had to be weak because he invested his stat points in leadership and charm.

The only reason Halle could come up with for how Nyangmong managed to avoid Lightning Fist, one of the killing moves of an Asura, was that it was pure luck.


It was the innate luck born with those who had the devils talent.

Nyangmong got a hidden class with this talent, so his future was obvious.

He would become strong and mighty, and would later become one of the minority who suppressed the majority.

“You are a plague on games.”

Dark magic rose like a haze around Halles glaring eyes.

It was a mixture of lightning and demonic energy.

It was the moment when an Asura opened his eyes.

He spread out at all angles like lightning.

Halles hands and feet left an afterglow everywhere they moved and it looked like there were dozens of them.

It was like he was the ghost of ghosts.

Every place his hands moved, walls were smashed and the atmosphere was torn apart.

The entire area was destroyed in an instant.

However, his target stood still.

Even if Nyangmong allowed big hits, he didnt allow the linked combo and managed to survive in a tattered manner.

‘Even Nyangmong is at this level

Halle marveled at it.

In the scenario he wrote this time, Nyangmong was just an extra.

He was an opponent who could be overpower by pure skills without any need for the legend attack strategy.

Nyangmongs ranking was normal, and he had no stories told about him.

He might have several famous anecdotes such as strengthening the cavalry of the Overgeared Kingdom, or suppressing monster aggression, but these things were far from combat.

Even so, he was a genius among geniuses who knew how to useprediction. He predicted the attack one step in advance and minimized damage.

It was purely talent that filled in the gaps in his physical abilities.

“Seeing ahead and avoiding it in advance.

It is a talent that only a handful of high rankers have,” Halle murmured.

“Talent It isnt that big.

It is just an ability Ive gained from struggling.”

“Struggling... Hahahahat! You are actually going to talk about effort!”

The act of wrapping up innate talent as effort was one of the most disgusting things in the world.

Halle, who had risen like a flash of lightning, lowered his body.

In Nyangmongs eyes, he seemed to have disappeared.

Halle swung his leg sideways on the ground and struck Nyangmongs shin.

Then he raised his hands and hit Nyangmongs back.

Nyangmongs jaw was smashed next.

Halle rotated and aimed a kick at Nyangmongs face.

However, Nyangmong had already crossed his arms and blocked it within a single gap.

“You are really a genius...” Halle had been going to finish it this time, but he failed again.

As Halle frowned, Nyangmong lowered his arms and spoke, “Gasp...


Cats are beasts.

They are ferocious predators who cant suppress the hunting instincts imprinted on their genes.

Butlers who raise cats are attacked by cats several times a day.”


“There are tens of thousands of butlers injured or suffering from waist sprains every year trying to avoid the cats flying up to hang onto their thighs, the cats that approach unnoticed and stick out their bellies, or the cat lying on the cat tower and suddenly hitting them with a paw.”

“Is this true”

“It is true in my mind, and it is highly credible.

A writer I know was injured when he fell asleep in the library and an encyclopedia dropped by a cat hit his forehead.

His forehead and eyes were swollen and he couldnt meet his deadline that day.”


“I have a lot of experiences as well.

The first time I served a cat as a child, I gained injuries and the scars have remained on my body for decades, starting with spraining my ankle trying to avoid stepping on a cat that suddenly approached me.”

“What are you trying to say”

“I had no choice but to try and survive.

I desperately analyzed the instincts and behavior of the cats.

It is to predict and block risks in advance.”


“Do you understand Im not a genius.

The reason Im able to last this long against a strong person like you is purely the result of hard work.”

At the same time, a hole pierced Halles shoulder.

Halle reflexively drank a potion and hid behind a wall.

He turned his gaze in the direction the bullet was fired from and saw a black-haired woman standing on a spire.


“Im a bit late.

Nyangmong, is the festival already over”

“No, we havent even started yet.”

“Im glad.”

Yura didnt attend Nyangmongs Festival because of escort duties or anything similar.

It was just a private visit to see and heal from the procession of cute cats and dogs.

Unfortunately, todays festival overlapped with her grandfathers birthday.

She was glad that she wasnt too late.

Should she thank the attackers

‘Well, Im not thankful.


Continuous fire.

The magic bullets flew in a spirit and smashed a hole in the wall where Halle was hiding.


His trusty cover disappeared and Halle lost the chance to bandage his wounds.

He immediately started running along the walls.

It was a measure to counterattack the moment Yura lost his position when hiding behind the walls.



Did she have the ability to see through things Despite his concealment, Yuras bullets continued to precisely aim at Halle.

‘There is a helper.

Is it a pet

Halle noticed there was a third party acting as Yuras eyes and suddenly looked up.

Then he was overwhelmed.

[Light Elemental King]

Was it modeled after a goddess A beautiful, shining being looked down on him with a serene gaze.

‘She pulled out the joker card from the beginning Arent there restrictions on the summoning

The elemental king was a being that dominated the elemental world.

They were presumed to be in a restricted state due to signing a contract with a player, but it was basically an existence on the same level as a great demon.

Halle believed there were some penalties that made them burdensome to be summoned.

Now it didnt seem to be the case and Halles anger boiled over.

‘The strong monopolizes everything! Is this really right!!

Did it make sense to have a structure that allowed those who were already dominating to swallow up the good things while not giving the ordinary people and the weak people a chance to catch up Halle was frustrated by the incompetence of the management.


The members of the Revolutionaries, who had dispersed during Halles fight with Nyangmong, instantly gathered together.

They all prepared different spells and skills that they were aimed at Yura, who was on the spire.

Most of them were techniques that focused on dealing abnormal statuses rather than damage.

Yura would take it for granted that she would ignore these abnormal statuses and wouldnt be wary of their attacks.

Halle reconfirmed that the video recording mode was on and working properly.

Then he jumped while ignoring the sword of light wielded by the elemental king.

Halles right arm was cut off by the sword of light.

Even so, he still had two legs and his left arm remaining.

He used the footwork of an Asura to jump through the air several times, and as he blocked the incoming bullets with a lightning barrier, he shouted, “Now!”

All types of skills and spells poured toward Yura.

In the dust raised by the explosion of the collapsed spire, Halle smiled as he imagined her flustered expression.

“Sleeping Angle!”

Sleeping Angle was a must-learn skill for an Asura at level 330.

The heel kick caused the target to be stiff for a minimum of 0.5 seconds and a maximum of 2 seconds.

For an Asura, 0.5 seconds was enough time to use as a springboard for 10, 20, or even 30 combos...


Halle didnt know how many times he had been surprised today.

His face distorted.

All of the attacks linked to Sleeping Angle were blocked by something.

‘She wasnt stunned

Yura emerged from the dust and spoke with an expressionless face, “I dont understand.

What benefits will you get from touching the Overgeared Kingdom”

Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom had already shown it several times.

Those who inflicted harm on the Overgeared Kingdom couldnt live.

Immortal was uprooted and annihilated.

Veradin, the real leader of Immortal, had been evaluated as a promising player for the next generation, yet he disappeared without a trace after becoming the target of the Overgeared Guild.

Objectively, the Overgeared Guild was a really scary force.

Dozens of people who could form a group alone were all serving with one heart under Grid.

They gathered together and it could be confirmed that they were the strongest group in the world.

“Thats right, you will have to quit the game if you go on like this,” Nyangmong said with a sigh as he recovered after Yuras arrival.

Halle ignored Nyangmong.

No, strictly speaking, he couldnt afford to worry about Nyangmong.

He saw Yuras magic gun, which was used as a shield to stop his attack, was emitting smoke from the muzzle and he identified the situation.

“You fired a barrage of magic bullets to block the attacks”

“Your eyes are pretty good.”

Why did you stop it The attacks of my teammates shouldnt be a threat to you”

“It is because they arent threatening that I thought it was risky.”

“You looked ahead.

However, what if we deliberately induced you to predict this”

“It is meaningless even if you can predict the future further than me.” Yuras magic gun changed its form to that of a sword.

“I have the power to turn all your ploys meaningless.”

She truly is strong.

She was also well-versed in swordsmanship.

It was unbelievable that she was originally a black magician.

Was this the lucky power of talent Halle barely escaped from a threatening stab and stepped back.

“Demon Slayer Yura...

we thought you were the only legend we could hunt at this point, but it isnt the case.”

“Isnt there Jishuka”

This was the proud ice princess, right Halle smiled at Yura who became angry for some reason.

“It doesnt make sense to hunt someone whose level has just reset.”

It was only by hunting thestrongest that the power of the legend attack strategy would be transmitted to the public.

However, there were no easy things in the world.

Halle sighed and took a fighting posture.

He mightve lost an arm, but the sharp aura he gave off was impressive.

Regas shouldve been at this level half a year ago.

Halle was a great talent and Yura naturally appreciated it.

“Lets fight happily if Im going to die anyway.”

Yura warned him, “Accepting death doesnt mean that the latter things will disappear.

Todays event will surely enter Grids ears and Grid wont forgive you.”

Grid never forgave enemies who inflicted harm to his colleagues.

It wasnt a metaphorical expression.

He would really pursue them to hell and back.

Halle shrugged.

“I know.

I was prepared for it.”

“It seems you dont have any nostalgia for Satisfy.”

No, it is because there is nostalgia that I am taking the risk.

It is for the future of Satisfy.”


It was a belief held by a person who carelessly harmed others.

It was clear that he wouldnt listen to her words and would mark it as sophistry.

Yura changed the form of the magic engineering bayonet back to a pistol.

The opponent was a fighter.

She planned to suppress his agility and dominate the battle using rapid firing.

Halle raised his lightning and demonic energy to the maximum, bent his knees, and took a dashing posture.

He opened his mouth, “You might believe that the Overgeared Kingdom rules this world, but it isnt true.”

It was clear that the Overgeared Kingdom was the strongest single force.

It was also true that Grid was the strongest and that the Overgeared Kingdom was swallowing up the West Continent under the protection of the empire.

However, the number of players was over two billion.

It was terrible arrogance to believe that all of them were afraid of Grid and the Overgeared Kingdom.

“You should know that the large companies and families in the world have already organized private soldiers, right You are the granddaughter of the Daejin Group, after all.”

It was impossible that she didnt know.

Existences who were commonly called the sword of the family—shortly after Satisfy opened, leading companies and families who smelled money had already nurtured private soldiers for their own interests.

Yura knew that many of the renowned high rankers and unofficial rankers who were still unknown were actually soldiers raised by a company, family, or even country.

It was because her grandfather was also raising such soldiers.

Halle opened his mouth.



“They have started moving.”

Grids cooperation with Talima had become the driving factor.

It forced the Rothschild family to finally act when they hadnt responded very much to the Overgeared Kingdom forming an alliance with the empire.

The legend attack strategy was revealed thanks to the hints they gave.

Halle was thrilled that they reached out to support his revolution.

“Our Revolutionaries is just one of their countless branches.

The moment they act, the second Immortal incident wont happen.

The solo play of the Overgeared Kingdom is over.”

Halle and his colleagues were persistent.

They acted like they had given up, but they were actually taking a formation.

It was a tactic to maximize the power of the majority and Halles combat strength naturally rose.

However, at this moment, there was the sound of large wings flapping in the air and then an explosion.

The shocked Halle looked up and saw hundreds of wyverns firing Breaths.



The revolutionaries started to die one by one.

Halle himself suffered serious injuries because he couldnt escape from the continuous bombardment of Breaths.

Nyangmong stood on top of one of the wyverns in the gradually descending, spectacularOvergeared Wyvern Group, and stared coldly at Halle.

“We are the Overgeared Guild.”

They were the strongest organization.

No one could carelessly assess them using normal standards.

Not even the Overgeared members dared to track the potential of the Overgeared Guild.

“No matter what tricks people play, we will fight and win.”

He ordered another bombardment of Breaths from the wyverns.

At the same time...

“What can I do for you”

Sword Saint Kraugel arrived in the East Continent and encountered a mysterious group.

His super sensitivity gave him a rare warning and the black outer robe embroidered with the yellow dragon fluttered.

Red blood soaked the blue sky, just like the setting sun that shone on Reinhardt...

“My wife, can you forgive this selfish persons mistake”

“How can you say it was a mistake Your Majesty, please punish me for expressing my regret without understanding your grief.”

“I am the one who should be punished! It\'s my fault for not consulting you first! I am the bad guy! Hurry and beat me with this flail!”

“Your Majesty...”


Grid and Irene shared a hot hug.

The short separation made their relationship more solid.

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