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The yangbans—they were born as half-gods and their one and only sole purpose was to become a god.

The yangbans numbered in the hundreds, but the number of vacant seats to become a god was only seven.

Chiyous Test was the first process to be qualified to become a god.

All of the yangbans aspirations depended on Chiyous Test.

It was just that only one person passed Chiyous Test that was held for the first time in decades, and the person who passed it was a human.

‘I didnt expect it to turn out like this.

The yangbans who lost the opportunity to become gods after being defeated by the human they despised were silent.

Of course, there wasnt a single yangban who made a fuss because they were dissatisfied with the results.

How could they protest when they stepped down because they knew they couldnt win

‘...I wouldve fought to the end if I hadnt experienced the test 400 years ago.

The reason why the yangbans withdrew wasnt because they were cowards.

They gave up neatly because they knew it was meaningless to hit thewall that wont collapse.

Mir—a being who was at the verge of being a god from the moment he was born and the sole person who passed the Chiyous Test which he participated in, 400 years ago.

Hundreds of yangbans challenged Mir, but all of them were destroyed.

In the end, Mir was the only one standing.

They thought it was an unprecedented record that would never be matched or broken.

[You are the first player to passChiyous Test.]

[You are ranked number one.]

Yet it was matched by a human.

Pride and prejudice disappeared from the eyes of the yangbans looking at the silver-haired woman.

‘We cant ignore humans in the future.

A weak creature who lived for less than 100 years, they had thin skin, soft flesh, and were easy to break.

They were creatures who had intelligence, mastered skills, and built up their combat force, only to die suddenly one day.

Therefore, the yangbans hadnt thought deeply about humans.

It was just like humans raising chickens to gain eggs.

They managed humans just to obtain divinity.

Occasionally, they would see a human who became a daoist immortal or transcendent and they would feel offended, disgusted, or unpleasant.

However, their thoughts changed at this moment.

It might just be one out of millions of people, but it was difficult to ignore human beings since they knew that someone with the potential to surpass a yangban was born.

‘In any case, we need the help of humans to build up divinity.

It might be better to get along with humans...

It was at this time that the yangbans perception changed slowly.

‘It isnt telling me who 2nd to 7th place is

Grid felt a bit disappointed.

He wanted to know in advance the seven people who passed Chiyous Test with high grades, but the system was too unfriendly.

It was regrettable that only Grids placing was shown.

I need to know in advance to cut off the bud.


The difference in skill between the yangbans who didnt pass the test in the top 7 and the yangbans who passed the test in the top 7 was huge.

Haejin She was great, but she was a joke when compared to Garam.

\'...Well, I will enjoy it for now.


Grids heart rate gradually accelerated.

Chiyous Test—Grid was very proud that he won first place on the stage for the half-gods who dreamed of becoming a god.

The rewards werent important.

It was important to note that he hit the yangbans pride and protected the dignity of the humans that they ignored.

‘This doesnt mean that I expect no compensation at all.

He couldnt be cheated.

Grid was concerned, but only slightly.

The rewards for accomplishing anachievement that players cant achieve were always huge.

[Being the first player to pass Chiyous Test, your deity stat will increase.]

[Your divinity level has reached five and you are qualified to become a half-god.]


There was only one way to raise divinity—building up the deity stat.

Every time he accumulated 10 deity points, his divinity level would increase by one.

It meant it was a very difficult process.

The first condition that Grid needed to accumulate deity was to create a myth rated item.

In order to make myth rated items, correspondingmaterials were needed.

It was difficult to obtain such materials unless he killed a great demon or resurrected a god.

Furthermore, his deity stat only rose by one when making three myth rated items.

There was no promise that he could reach 10 deity points just through making items.

‘Writing the epics can earn me deity points, but...

The probability of activating an epic was as low as the probability of making a myth rated item.

Furthermore, writing an epic didnt mean his deity stat will rise unconditionally.

It seemed to be affected by the environment at the time of writing the epic.

Additionally, there were great achievements such as resurrecting a god or being praised by a special entity or group.

It was just that this type of situation wasnt common.

In other words, the difficulty of raising the deity stat was extremely high.

Grid thought it would take at least one year to reach level 5 in divinity.

The period had been significantly shortened.

‘A half-god!

The evolution that he dreamed about.

During the Vatican rescue episode, he gave up on becoming a half-god because of several penalties.

However, this time was different.

It was an opportunity that was obtained purely using his own strength, regardless of the seven malignant saints.

Grids heart thumped like it was going to burst.

He tried to immediately answeryes to the notification window asking [Do you want to evolve into a half-god] only to suddenly stop.

It was because he glimpsed the disappointment in Chiyous face watching him.


So far, Chiyou had been strangely favorable to him.

The gentle gaze resembled that of his parents.

Why did he suddenly feel disappointed

“Do you have something to say”

Grid hadnt reached this place for nothing.

He might not be able to read other people, but Grid could understand a NPCs heart.

Chiyou raised his head, but sidestepped answering the question about evolving into a half-god.

“It isnt something for me to say.”

What is this timing

Grids face distorted.

He was frustrated because Chiyou didnt speak despite knowing something important.


Chiyous expression had stiffened from the time he achieved level five in divinity, in other words, the time he got the half-god qualification.

‘Is he reluctant for me to become a half-god

Why Was it because he didnt want a human to be a god No, that wasnt Chiyous personality.

Chiyou was born from human beings so he cherished humans.

It was why in the past, Chiyou appeared and helped Pagma.

‘Dont tell me

Grid thought about it.

Thetranscendent status that came from being a transcendent.

The reason Grid was classified as a transcendent was because he exceeded human limits.

However, the moment Grid became a half-god, he would become ordinary among half-gods.

The reference point was shifted from a human to a half-god, and the distance totranscendence became further.

“Will I lose my transcendence if I become a half-god”

‘Becoming a half-god

This was a question that couldnt be asked from the perspective of a third party.

The wide-eyed Zibal was confused, but Chiyou quickly understood it.

“Thats right.”

“......!” Grid felt dizzy.

It felt like he had been hit in the back of his head.

The grandmaster spoke as Grid was feeling hesitant, “A half-god is better than a transcendent.”

He could say this because he was the grandmaster.

His body sealed in the Abyss was a half-god, while the one standing in front of Grid was a transcendent.

The grandmaster had experienced both being a half-god and a transcendent, so he knew the abilities of a half-god were superior to that of a transcendent.

“Just...” The grandmaster grasped Grids hand and raised it up as he continued, “A transcendents potential is greater.”


The grandmaster words that a half-god was better than a transcendent comforted Grid.

Then the latter words made him confused.

A half-god was the springboard to becoming a god.

If the first class advancement was a half-god then the second class advancement was a god.

Yet the potential of a transcendent was better than a half-god

“It is because it is a transcendent, not a god, that can kill a god.”


God Killer—one of the final evolutionary forms of a transcendent.

The grandmaster dreamed about getting revenge on the gods and he honestly confessed his feelings, “I want you to be human.”

Meanwhile, Chiyou was silent.

Chiyou had always dreamed of being killed and wanted Grid to remain a transcendent rather than becoming a half-god.

Even so, he had no intention of intervening in the fate of one person due to his own individual desires.

Chiyou had no cause unlike the grandmaster who wanted to resurrect the seven good people and lead the world in the right direction.


Grid was silent.

His face at sunset was as dark as the clouds.

The grandmaster, Chiyou, and the yangbans held their breaths.

Just then, Zibal opened his mouth, “A god...

cant you become one as a human”


Zibals perspective was different from everyone here.

It was because he was a player.

He experienced firsthand how difficult it was to be a supreme player.

“I dont know anything, but...

do you want to become a god Then cant you kill a god and become a god”

Grid was currently disguised as Irene.

Just like the grandmaster recognized Grid, Zibal was also aware of Grids identity.

After Chiyous Test, Irenes speech and actions were very similar to Grid.

Thats right—in critical moments, Grid forgot that he had to act as Irene.

He mightve lost vigilance because he achieved his purpose of gaining divinity for Irene.


Grid was flustered when he noticed the change in Zibals tone and attitude toward him.

However, Zibal ignored it.

He just said what he wanted to say, “You should be able to do it”


“You are the supreme one.”


How many people in the world could reach and maintain the peak of two billion players There was only one person, Grid.

Therefore, he was the supreme one.

Putting aside his likes or dislikes, Zibal believed in Grids strength.

Even the grandmaster and Chiyou appreciated Grid more than expected.

In the end...

“...I have decided.”

[Do you want to evolve into a half-god]

Grid was asked about his future fate and responded with confidence, “Its fine, I wont do it.”

Grid didnt miss the essence.

The main reason he declared himself a god through the epics was to stop the yangbans and Five Seniors, not to enjoy any benefits.

His purpose wasnt to be a god himself.

It was to be a God Killer.

Then at some point, he had forgotten this fact.

The notification window responded.

[You have refused to be a half-god.]

[The reward for achieving level five in divinity will be changed.]

[Your transcendent status has increased significantly.]

[In the future, you will see a world different from others.]


The rarely smiling grandmaster couldnt help launching an attack.

His punches and kicks were like a flash in Zibals eyes.

However, Grid managed to respond to the grandmasters attack.

The nose that shouldve been crushed ended up as a cut cheek and the original situation where his knee shouldve been shattered was used for a counterattack.

The world as seen by a transcendent—the world that he indirectly experienced during the confrontation between Chreshler and Pagma was now opened up to Grid.

[There are no attacks that you wont recognize.]

[In the future, you can resist critical hits without exposing your weaknesses.]

True transcendence—only a few dozen people had reached it in this games worldview, and Grid set foot in this absolute level.

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