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Grandmaster Zikfrector, called the 6th evil, Zik, in his previous life—his goal was to punish the heavenly gods and great demons who colluded with them.

His long-cherished wish is to pull down the gods who stained the seven good men with sin and to spread the truth to the world.

It was the most vain dream in the world.

It was enough to be ridiculed by everyone, but Zikfrector was looking at the possibilities.

He endured for a thousand years and hope sprang up.

A person who was favored by the gods and could avoid their doubts, and a person who had the power to overpower the top great demons—the two keys essential to victory in the war against the gods were all in the present day.

The former was Grid and the latter was Marie Rose.


Zibal became wide eyed when the grandmaster, who went to meet with Grid, came back with Queen Irene of the Overgeared Kingdom.

“Then, Grid...”

Zikfrectors words to introduce Grid were interrupted in the middle.

Grid smiled brightly and lightly greeted Zibal, “I am Irene, queen of the Overgeared Kingdom.

It is nice to meet you, Sir Zibal.

No, should I call you Ziks apostle”



please call me as you please.”

After all, Satisfys artificial intelligence was truly great.

It wasnt easy to distinguish between NPCs and players.

Zibal felt it once again and nodded.

On behalf of the Neo Red Knights who were wary of Irene, Zibal asked the grandmaster, “Why did the queen come instead of Grid”


The grandmasters mouth was shut.

It was difficult to explain because he didnt know what Grid was doing.

He thought about it for a while, but chose silence due to the annoyance that came.

‘In any case, this is a noble.

The conversation stopped and Zibal frowned.

He never dreamt that the Irene in front of his eyes would be Grid and sent a whisper to Grid.

-Hey, Grid.

Are you crazy Why would you send your wife to the Hwan Kingdom after saying that we shouldnt trust the expelled gods What if she dies

NPCs only had one life.

They couldnt be resurrected after death unlike a player.

It was why the world couldnt blame Grid after he started a furious retribution when Khan died.

Now he wanted to send Irene to the Hwan Kingdom...

Zibal couldnt understand Grid and didnt want to understand him.

Grid, who received the whispered criticism, smiled at it and replied.

-Its fine.

They wont be able to touch Irene as long as she is accompanied by the grandmaster.

The Five Seniors would definitely covet the grandmaster and be cautious.


-Additionally, Irene is strong and can save her own life.

Grid was very proud of his skills.

He didnt arrogantly believe he was the strongest like when he first defeated Kraugel and rose to the throne of the supreme one.

Rather, he set up objective indicators by grasping the balance of power in the world outlook.

Even if the Five Seniors were hostile to him, he judged that he could survive by focusing on escaping under the grandmasters protection.

-Really... I wont worry too much if you say that.

Zibal glanced at Irene with a new expression.

If this delicate woman was strong, how strong would she be If she was really so strong, what had she been doing in this period of time There were many things that werent convincing, but he didnt intend to doubt and distrust them.

-Are you worried Isnt it really touching

-Dont misunderstand.

I only sympathized with Irene because I thought you were playing tricks to change your wife.

By the way, how did you find out the location of the Hwan Kingdom Ive been searching for the last few months, but there seems to be no way other than asking the Xing King directly.

-Youre right, that was indeed the only way.

I know because I asked the Xing King.

-The Xing King gave you the answer

Zibal was truly amazed.

What means did Grid use to open the Xing Kings mouth, when the king wouldnt even speak with a sword pointed at his neck

-Cruel bastard...

what type of torture did you do

With a tired look, Grid explained to Zibal, who had a misunderstanding.

-The Xing King and its people insist on keeping quiet about the Hwan Kingdom to outsiders because those who dont know the myth and hear about the Five Seniors will weaken the power of God Black Tortoise.

Currently, Xing is being protected by the black tortoise.

The moment the black tortoise is weakened, the invasion of the yangbans will begin.

Thus, they can only desperately shut their mouths.

-There was such a thing...

then why doesnt that rule apply to you

-I know the true myths of the East Continent.

Grid was the one who knocked down the yangban and resurrected the black tortoise.

In front of him, who penetrated the truth and denied the Five Seniors, talking about the Five Seniors wouldnt raise their divinity at all.


I see.

By the way, what are you doing

Zibal nodded in a convinced manner before frowning again.

-Why arent you going to the Hwan Kingdom Why should your wife visit the Hwan Kingdom instead of you

-Im busy making money.

-...I heard the Overgeared Kingdom has been busy scattering items lately.

It is a useless thing.


-Well, I think youre doing a good job.

Zibal smiled and ended the whisper.

He followed after the grandmaster walking in front and thought about it.

Zibal used to be the head of the seven guilds.What was he obsessed with at that time when the world revolved around him Personal fame, money, and power.

He was in a hurry to fulfill his own interests and desires.

On the other hand, Grid...

...There is no comparison.

The reason why Zibal failed to occupy the position of the supreme one that he desired was because he was never qualified in the first place.

Even if he took the position, he wouldve been pulled down before long.

Zibals expression became even firmer and stronger than before.


The residence of the gods was in the sky.

They never stayed on the ground, even if they were defeated gods.

Familiarity breeds contempt, thus divinity was weakened the moment gods lived together with humans.

The red phoenix, the black tortoise, the blue dragon, and the white tiger—it was the reason why the old and forgotten gods were defeated by the expelled gods.

At the center of the East Continent, there was a huge peach forest where four rivers met—under Grids guidance, the grandmaster arrived there and saw a rare phenomenon.

“It is hard to believe this is the ground.”

It seemed like the gods were in front of them.

It was a land of spiritual energy that reminded him of the heavens he visited over a thousand years ago.

The grandmaster used the ancient rune language and let it fly into the air.

The procession of runes shone like the Milky Way.

His body that had lost strength after losing divine power became slightly stronger.

The grandmasters clenched fists were full of strength.

His tired face was filled with life.


Grid exclaimed with admiration and Zibal and the Neo Red Knights couldnt close their open mouths.

Their impression of the grandmaster completely changed.

The serene eyes that could be seen through the hair combed to both sides, the pale skin, and dry body...

Previously, the grandmaster gave off a gloomy and decadent impression, but now he looked clear and clean.

He emanated so much goodness that people couldnt help but trust him.

The expressionless face was full of life and the quiet eyes made him feel like a completely different person.

“Can I go through this place”

Step, step.

Even the way he moved forward had changed.

The footsteps that was hesitant like he was anxious or a shameful sinner became strong and confident.

A towering peach tree in the center of the forest—the grandmaster approached the giant tree where the branches spread out from left to right and his vision captured the blue sky at the top of the tree.

The runes that revolved around the grandmaster started to aim at the sky.

“Thats right...

it is here.”

Grid confirmed it.

He stood beside the grandmaster and attached the amulet he received from the Xing King to the tree.

“Open the door.”

Thunder started to ring everywhere.

A blue veil covering the vast peach forest could be seen.

It happened the moment the group felt disconnected from the world...

A golden light poured down from the darkened sky and wrapped around the bodies of Grid, the grandmaster, and the rest of the group.

[You are qualified to visit the world of the gods of the east.]


The rising notification window made a chill shoot down Zibals spine.

The world of the gods—how many out of two billion players could see that place Zibal was thrilled and frightened that a place he dismissed as fantasies actually existed and that he was going to visit it.

“This area is a bit shabby,” Grid, who had already visited the world of the gods on the West Continent, murmured with a disinterested expression.

Grid, the grandmaster, and the rest of the group started to rise while surrounded by light and then a voice was heard.

It was a voice directed at the grandmaster.

「I welcome you, poor apostle who was exploited and betrayed by the fallen gods.」

The vision of Grid, the grandmaster, and the rest of the group reversed.

Soon, the world rose and when they opened their eyes again, a long road paved with trees could be seen.


Zibal and the Neo Red Knights sighed at the beautiful and mysterious scenery.

Grid saw the same peach trees he had seen in the Peach Blossom Spring and approached it to grab a white peach.

Unfortunately, before he could pick the white peach, yangbans wearing dopos showed up to guide the group.

“All humans apart from Apostle Zik, dont look at us.

How dare you look”

“Follow me.

The Five Seniors are waiting.”

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