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(The emergence of a new legend! Is Jishuka the identity of the Bow Saint)

(The Overgeared Kingdom has six legends in total...)

(The emergence of Lantier...

it is difficult to infer their identity.)

『 There is a nearly 100% chance that the legendary archer is Jishuka.

How many people in the world can deny that she is qualified to be a legend On the other hand, Lantier is unknown...

『 It must be Faker.

He was the strongest assassin who was known as the God of Death with a normal class.

Who else can qualify to be Lantier 』

『 Lantier isnt a name, but the title for the leader of Eclipse.

In other words, it is reasonable to assume that a player or NPC from Eclipse has become Lantier.

『 I think it is unlikely that Faker, who is active in the Overgeared Kingdom, is Lantier.

At the Haenam branch store of Eat Spicy Jokbal...

“Why do they always do this”

Peak Sword placed three pieces of jokbal on a perilla leaf and ate it with a frown.

He was angered at the ignorance of the panelists who said that someone with the proud Korean lineage wasnt the legendary assassin.

Eat Spicy Jokbal filled his empty glass with soju and laughed bitterly.

“They dont want to believe that two legends who emerged around the same time belong to the Overgeared Kingdom.”

Out of the more than two billion players, fewer than 10 had become legends.

Most of them belonged to the Overgeared Kingdom.

“This is better.

The moment it is revealed that Lantiers identity is Faker, peoples feelings of deprivation will increase and they will have unnecessary hostility to the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“They can accomplish it themselves.

Why feel deprivation and hostility toward others”

“There are people who cant achieve it through effort alone.

Innate talent is also luck.

It isnt strange to feel a sense of deprivation.”

It was Eat Spicy Jokbal saying this.

One of those ordinary people was Eat Spicy Jokbal.

Eat Spicy Jokbal had recently started feeling his limitations.

The limitations of his unique class Dungeon Maker became prominent in the higher leveled hunting grounds.

The higher the level of the hunting ground, the tougher the terrain and the more difficult it was to find a space to create a dungeon.

Even if a space was found, it took time to build a dungeon.

Therefore, Eat Spicy Jokbals strength wasnt easily demonstrated.

Eat Spicy Jokbal sighed and Peak Sword wondered, “Im not a genius, but arent I good at hunting”

“You are overgeared...” Eat Spicy Jokbal replied reflexively before closing his mouth.

He realized he was denying Peak Swords efforts by using the wordovergeared.

Fortunately, Peak Sword wasnt offended at all.

Rather, he was smiling.

“Yes, Im overgeared.

Items exist for people like us who have our efforts denied due to the absurdity of talent and luck.”


“Now you should make a decision.

Will you keep staying in your ambiguous position or will you join Overgeared One Guild, gain items from Grid, and enjoy the game with me”


In fact, Peak Sword also felt something.

He knew that a fierce wave would come sooner or later to the Overgeared Kingdom after two legends were acquired at once.

Therefore, he was taking measures in his own way.

“Right now, people arent envious or jealous of Grid.

He is so strong that they cant even be jealous.

In my opinion, the Overgeared Kingdom should become like Grid.

It was only by becoming overwhelmingly strong that people wont dare become hostile and the Overgeared Kingdom will be safe.”


Dozens of young men entered the restaurant and clapped at Peak Swords words.

They were all gamers from the Korean Patriotic Society.

They were the trump cards that Peak Sword prepared for the Overgeared Kingdom.

“Spicy Jokbal, join us as well.

Make the Overgeared Kingdom stronger together with us.”



Agnus lost Luna and stayed still for three days.

He didnt go to the cemetery to resurrect the army of the dead and just stayed in a room, neither eating nor drinking.

[You have died.]

He starved to death.

Only a very small number of players experienced death and then suffered it again.

He was forced to log out and only realized something after reconnecting to Satisfy.

“...I was crazy.”

Luna was just a fake.

She wasnt resurrected.

In the first place, this world wasnt reality...

He had forgotten the facts had he known for quite some time.

“Excuse me, are you okay”

“Why are you here” Agnus looked coldly at the doctor, Hera, who approached him.

Her anxious expression didnt make sense to Agnus.

“Are you stupid enough to feel compassion”

Agnus was thinking about Euphemina and Hera retorted, “Why would I pity you Didnt you hold me hostage Didnt you say that if I ran away, you would chase me to the ends of hell and kill me I couldnt escape because I was scared.”

Get lost.

I dont need you anymore now.”

A potion made from the Kunlun Ginseng—it was needed to resurrect the dead so Agnus held Hera hostage, but it was no longer needed now since the Luna that Agnus wanted to resurrect didnt exist in this world.

“Oh, how nice.

I understand.

Then Im leaving.”

One month—Hera had been watching Agnus for this long and honestly felt sympathetic to him.

It didnt mean she felt any affection for him.

She simply felt the appearance of him holding only someone dead and lovingly whispering to it was pitiful.

She thought that it would help him regain his mind if she looked after him.

However, it was a pointless worry.

He was a person who had nothing to do with her in the first place.

Whether he was crazy or not, or the amount of pain he would experience in the future, it didnt matter.

It had nothing to do with her.

“I will just say one thing.

Dont make trouble for other people.”

Hera packed her luggage and left the house without any regrets.

Then silence filled the old and shabby house.

It was a silence that was familiar to Agnus.

“Status Window.”

How many hours passed Agnus, who was sitting in a dazed manner, finally checked his condition.

He faced the system he had avoided for a long time since Luna was created and once again realized that this was a virtual world.

Level 353.

It was a full four levels lower than his last memory.

“Kik, Im quite far behind.”

He looked out the window and saw the buildings.

Agnus went out on the streets and witnessed all types of humans.

There were many people who seemed happy.

The happiness that he couldnt hold onto forever was so common on the streets.



Agnus realized what he had to do.

He recalled his encounter with Baal, who was united by evil, and laughed as he went to the cemetery.

There were no humans around him.

He wouldnt have cared even if there were people.

“Summon the Dead.”

He would first raise his level.

Then he would create the strongest deceased that were incomparable to Luna and spread misfortune around the world.

Agnus swept away his green hair as his golden eyes stared at the city under the hill.


‘I have to go and come back quickly.

Jishuka and Faker—the two Overgeared members who got legendary classes.

Thanks to this, the Overgeared Kingdoms power rose sharply, but Grid was full of anxiety instead of joy.

It was because he had experienced Satisfys damn system of forcing players to understand that power came with a price.

The stronger the Overgeared Kingdom became, the more likely it was to be a target for stronger enemies.

The probability was high enough.

Eclipses secret weapon might come to Faker to get revenge or a follower of the War God who dreamed of becoming a Bow Saint could attack Jishuka.

Grid was reluctant to leave when there was a chance the kingdom might be swept away by war.

However, Grid was the only one who could obtain white phosphorus wood.

He had to personally move to gain the firewood.

‘Are there any legendary woodcutters

More people were needed in various fields.

The more power he gained and the more work there was to do, the greater his regret for talents.

‘In the future, I will have to actively consider my relationship with new people.

Currently, there were over 3,000 members in the Overgeared Guild.

More than 90% of them were recruited by Lauel and the remaining 10% consisted of former members of the Tzedakah Guild and former members of the Giant Guild.

It was safe to say that Grid had brought in very few of the members.

Instead, Grid helped increase the number of people by recruiting named NPCs and blacksmiths.

It was just that their role was different from guild members and common people.

The roles of NPCs and players were thoroughly separated.

“Then Im going.”

Grid smiled as he kissed Irenes cheek.

It was a bright face without any pretenses.

There were no signs of anxiety or worry.

Thanks to this, Irene relaxed as she saw Grid off.

“Please be careful.”

“Im just going to cut firewood, but Ill be careful.”

Grid reassured Irene once again.

Then he looked back at Sticks.

Sticks lamented as he was called during class.

“The academy students are saying bad things about me recently.

The principal is always absent from class and it doesnt look good.”

“Then how about raising a disciple in earnest Provide me with a new transportation vehicle, no, an excellent magician to take over your role.

Then I wont bother you.”

“Hmm, a disciple...”

Hundreds of students at the Overgeared Academy were taking classes from Sticks.

Lord also received separate training.

However, none of them could be called Sticks disciple.

It was because Sticks only taught them knowledge and about elementals.

He had no intention of teaching anyone the magic that symbolized himself or the secret techniques of the high elves.

For him, life was almost infinite and he didnt feel the need to teach it to others.

However, his thoughts changed at this moment.

He had to answer Grids sudden calls every day and he was very tired.

I understand.

I am going to raise a disciple.” Sticks made a decision.

His intentions werent pure, but he couldnt be criticized.

The person chosen as his disciple would receive the greatest fortune and blessing in the world.

They were just obligated to become Grids transportation vehicle.

“Good decision.”

Sticks determination pleased Grid.

The disciple of a great sage.

They would surely be a great strength.

Grid was entering the magic circle of Mass Teleport when someone called out to him.

“Your Majesty!”


It was Piaro.

Grid stopped Sticks magic from being activated when he saw Piaro.

“Whats going on”

“I will accompany you.”


Piaro wanted to go to the East Continent He didnt seem interested previously Piaro explained to the confused Grid, “I need to look at the environment in which the golden walnuts are growing.”


[Golden Walnut]

[It is also called the blessing of nature.

It is a snack and remedy enjoyed by all nobles and royalty on the East Continent.

Somewhere on the East Continent, there are creatures whose main food is this walnut.

All stats will rise by 10% for one hour.

Additionally, there is a very low probability of permanently increasing one stat by 5 points.

The better you shell the walnut, the more likely it is that your stats will permanently increase.

Weight: 0.1]

The golden walnut was something Grid had discovered the first time he went to the East Continent.

He had asked Piaro to grow it.

A few years had passed and Piaro had failed to grow it.

It was a headache and now Piaro seemed to be making a more aggressive attempt.

“Thanks to the Matchless Heart Technique that I learned from Your Majesty, the cultivation of the fields have risen.

It seems that now it isnt impossible to reproduce the environment of the East Continent on the West Continent.”

“Okay, come with me.”

It was nice to hear.

The golden walnuts were basically a buff food, but once combined with Grids dexterity, they were likely to become an elixir.

If golden walnuts were grown in the Overgeared Kingdom, they would be the first kingdom in history to produce elixirs.

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