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Chapter 128

The Judar Church, Dominion Church and Rebecca Church.

The three religions werent in conflict.

Rather, their relationship was very good.

The Rebecca Church was like a parent to the Judar and Dominion churches.

The god of health and wisdom, Judar, and the god of war, Dominion, were the sons of the goddess of light, Rebecca.

Among all three religions, Goddess Rebecca was recognized as supreme.

The difference was that the Dominion Church had strong armed forces, the Judar Church worshipped health and wisdom, and the Rebecca Church sought justice.

However, the leader of the Judar Church had great ambitions.

“5th Pope Franz was originally from our church.

At the time, the Rebecca Church didnt have anyone to become pope so they took him from our church and placed him in the seat of the pope.”

It was true.

The 5th Pope Franz was actually the head of the Judar Church.

But the Rebecca Church lacked talent and elected him to become the pope.

“Look at the present Pope Drevigo.

He is someone who isnt suitable for the status of pope.

Everybody has been keeping it quiet, but the Rebecca Church is becoming corrupt due to Drevigo.

He should resign and a new person must become pope.

Its natural for the new person to be me.”

The 11th leader of the Judar Church, Pascal! He was a prominent figure claiming to be the descendant of 5th Pope Franz.

Thanks to his sincerity and outstanding talent, he became the head of the Judar Church, and now he was dreaming of becoming the Rebecca Churchs pope.

“The 5th Pope and my ancestor set the precedent.

It wouldnt be strange if I became a pope candidate.”

The introduction was too long.

A black haired man, who had been listening silently for a while, wanted to cut to the chase.

“So… What do I need to do for the sake of you and the church”

The identity of the black man was Toban.

He was 1st on the paladin rankings and the chief of staff for the Tzedakah Guild.

Pascal ordered him as a paladin of the Judar Church, “The Rebecca Church is keeping the battle gear that Franz used during his lifetime.

The Holy Light Crown, Armor and Gloves.

I want you to take them back for me.”

[A quest has been created.]

[Franz Descendant]

Difficulty Level: SS

The most respected pope was 5th Pope Franz.

It isnt an exaggeration to say that his reign helped the Rebecca Church become what it is today.

Pascal is dreaming of becoming the 14th pope! He wants to prove to the Rebecca Church that he is Franz descendant.

If he can prove it, there is a possibility that the forces against the corrupt Pope Drevigo will support Pascal to become the pope!

Use any means and methods to reclaim the Holy Light Crown, Armor and Gloves!

Pascal plans to prove his identity by wearing the pieces known only to be wearable by Franz.

Quest Clear Conditions: Reclaim the Holy Light Crown, Armor and Gloves.

Quest Clear Reward: Level 5.

The Sword of Wisdom.

Quest Failure: Pascals plan to become pope will be wasted.

You will be hated by Pascal.


The rankings for the top rankers could fluctuate with just 1% difference in experience.

Gaining five levels was a huge reward for Toban, who was currently level 232 and 68th on the unified rankings.

‘I spend an average of 8-10 days gaining one level… If I clear this quest, I can gain at least 40 days of effort instantly.

I will also jump in the rankings! But that isnt all…

Toban felt joy as he confirmed the details of the Sword of Wisdom.

[Sword of Wisdom]

Rating: Legendary

Durability: 500/500 Attack Power: 385 Attack Speed: 3%

* When attacking normally, there is a chance to reset the skills cooldown time.

* Intelligence 250

A divine artifact of the Judar Church.

In the past, the head of the church only gave it to the person they most trusted.

Conditions of Use: The best paladin of the Judar Church.

Weight: 450

‘I want to have this sword!

The Sword of Wisdoms attack power was ordinary compared to unique level 230 one-handed swords.

It seemed lacking compared to the legendary rating.

But the option attached to it was a scam.

When attacking normally, there was a chance to reset the skills cooldown time.

If he used it with items that increased attack speed, the synergy could explode.

‘As long as I have this sword, I can level like Pon and Ibellin!

Due to the events of the Guardian of the Forest raid, Grid ordered that Toban would be last on the production list.

He could only watch Pon and Ibellin with envy, so the reward for this quest was literally a ray of light.

[Would you like to accept the quest]


The penalty was terrible if he failed the quest.

He didnt know what he would suffer if his affinity with the head of the Judar Church fell.

Since the degree of difficulty was so high, it was a quest with a low probability of success.

But even with all of this, Toban wanted to do the quest because he coveted the rewards.

“I, Toban, will head to the Rebecca Church immediately!”

[The quest has been accepted.]

Pascal was very pleased with his aggressiveness.

“As our best paladin, I look forward to your performance.

If you meet up with the spy I planted in the Vatican, he will tell you where the treasures are hidden.

Act according to his guidance and bring back the treasures.”


Toban didnt delay any longer.

He immediately set off towards the Vatican.

On the way, he asked the guild for assistance.

{Guys! I received an SS-grade quest!!}

{Wow~ you finally received an SS-grade quest Ohh, when will I have such good luck}

{ㅊㅋㅊㅋ What are the rewards}

{A legendary sword.


{A legendary item as a reward Jackpot ㄷㄷ}

{But Toban, isnt a SS-grade quest really difficult Can you clear it alone}

{I think it will be hard on my own.

Does anyone have time to come and help me I will be sure to reciprocate later.}

{What are the contents of the quest}

{Break into the Rebecca Vatican and steal three treasures.}

{The Vatican…}

The atmosphere of the chat window changed.

Everybody was confused.

{Arent Rebeccas Daughters living in the Vatican Do you have to fight them}

{That… Isnt it better than Malacus ;;;}

{Arent there three of them ㅡ,ㅡ;}

{Um… Toban, Im sorry but I cant help you.

If something goes wrong, I will die.}

{Me too… The risk is too big.

Im sorry.}

{Maybe it is better to give up on this quest.

~ _ ~;;}

“…These guys.

To a ranker, death was fatal.

It was difficult to gain one level, so anyone would shed tears of blood if they died.

What would happen if they dropped items It was terrible to even imagine.

It wasnt a matter of loyalty.

Realistically, no one was willing to accept such a high risk quest for one man.

But Toban still had hope.

It was Regas.

Regas was someone who would help others in any situation! Wasnt his nickname Volunteer

Toban sent a whisper to him.


[The other person has blocked all whispers.]


Toban muttered grouchily.

Regas would occasionally block the guild chat and whispers when training, and now seemed to be one of those times.

He wouldnt be reachable for at least a week.

It seemed like Toban would have to proceed on this quest alone.

“I guess it cant be helped… I have to proceed cautiously to avoid getting caught by Rebeccas Daughters.”

Toban was trying to figure out a way to clear the quest alone when he received a whisper.

–Chief, if you dont mind, can I help you


Box was one of the six new rankers who joined the Tzedakah Guild.

His class was a linker! It linked magic to objects to control them, or connect objects together to form magic shapes that gave beneficial or harmful effects.

It was a class that required high judgment and magic power control, so the difficulty belonged in the highest level.

However, Box was 1st ranked among the linker rankings.

He was only 230th on the unified rankings, the lowest in the Tzedakah Guild, but the guild had great expectations towards him.

Toban felt relieved that he was willing to help.

–Oh Im very thankful! But is it okay You might need to deal with Rebeccas Daughters

–I dont mind the risk.

In addition, Black Teddy and Asuka are willing to help you as well.

If the three of us and Chief combine our strengths, cant we deal with Rebeccas Daughters or escape unharmed

Black Teddy and Asuka were also part of the six new people who joined.

In particular, Asuka was in the 20s on the unified rankings.

Toban noticed that they wanted something.

–Do you want something in exchange for your help

-Yes, please let us meet Bone Helmet.


The six new rankers all joined for a common reason.

They hoped to meet Grid.

Based on their attitudes, they joined the guild only to meet Grid.

They seemed interested in what Grids class was supposed to be, since they assumed it was a hidden class.

Toban refused them.

–Ive said it many times, but I cant reveal his identity until I fully trust you.

–I swear that we just want to talk to him… Well, okay.

You dont have to tell us who he is right now.

I will help Chief as a favor


–Isnt this the process of building trust In order to build trust, shouldnt we build up our camaraderie

–The bottom line is, you want to build up trust quickly in order to discover his identity

–Haha, yes.

–So relentless… Your intentions are impure, but thank you anyway.

I need your help.


He had to rendezvous with the spy near the Vatican.

Toban told Box the time and place of the meeting and promised to meet them there.

Then two days later.

Toban arrived at the meeting place.

But Boxs group still hadnt arrived yet.

The churchs spy approached Toban who was standing alone.

Then he received shocking news.

“Pope Drevigo was killed.

He lost his life to one who was blessed by the gods, like you.”


Blessed by the gods was a term NPCs used to refer to users.

A user managed to defeat the pope, one of the currently strongest NPCs Toban doubted his ears and asked for details.

“His ID… No, what was his name How could he defeat the pope alone”

“I was hiding in the distance, so I couldnt confirm his name.

Anyway, he is very strong.

He overwhelmed the pope with excellent swordsmanship.”

“…I cant imagine it.

Theres such a strong user”

Maybe it was the 1st ranked Kraugel that Pon often talked about According to Pon, Kraugels strength was beyond the limits of a user.

Pon predicated that he wouldnt be able to compete with Kraugel, even if Pon joined forces with Regas and Jishuka.

If it was him, he might be able to beat the pope alone.

‘Even if it isnt him, the world is wide.

There are over two billion users in Satisfy.

It isnt strange that there are hidden people we dont know about.

In fact, wasnt Faker completely defeated by the unknown girl called Euphemina a few months ago

But now matter how strong a user was, the pope should have the protection of Rebeccas Daughters.

The user managed to face the pope and Rebeccas Daughters alone

“What about Rebeccas Daughters Did they also suffer with him”

The man shook his head, “Rebeccas Daughters are safe.”

“What Theyre safe while the pope is dead”

“The recent pope was severely controlling Rebeccas Daughters.

In Rins case, she was on the verge of being discarded.

Therefore, they didnt help the pope.”

“The pope was rash.”

In the first place, the pope wasnt Tobans goal.

It didnt matter what happened with the pope.

He just wanted Franz treasures.

Toban asked about his original purpose, “The result is good.

The Vatican will be in chaos and security will be relatively poor, making it easy to steal Franz treasures.

Where are Franz treasures hidden”

“That…” The spy looked uncertain.

Toban had an ominous feeling as he laughed awkwardly, “Dont tell me that the person who defeated the pope picked up Franz treasures”

“…That is literally what happened.”

Toban exclaimed.

“No, what about Rebeccas Daughters Arent Franz treasures precious to the Rebecca Church They just let that guy take his treasures”

“Yes… They felt sorry that they couldnt reward him more.”


It was a strange twist.

In Tobans experience, unpredictable things were always the worst.

“Ominous… It is ominous.”

Boxs group arrived while Toban was feeling nervous.


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