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Chapter 126


Grid felt pain and stumbled the moment the ray of light pierced his heart.

[You have suffered 14,560 damage.]

[You have lost 52% of your health from a single blow.]

His vision was blurry.

A normal person would be in a stunned state, but Grid was fine.

Then a green light emerged from the blue ring on his finger.

[The effect of Dorans Ring has been activated.]

[7,280 health has been restored.]

Dorans Ring immediately restored half of his lost health! Thanks to that effect, the injury in his heart area quickly recovered.

Grid seemed like he would collapse but he quickly stood upright.


The pope was caught off guard as the 8 Ideal Dagger pierced his heart.


The popes face was dismayed as he spat out black blood.

‘What is this situation

The pope couldnt believe it.

He thought it was finished the moment he penetrated the heart of the masked bastard, but rather than dying, Grid fought back

“This monster…! Goddess Breath!”

The pope barely managed to recover his spirit and heal himself.

He regained all his health and kicked Grid.

It was intended to open a distance so he could use magic, but Grid wouldnt permit the pope to leave.

The pope was a priest, so he would have weak physical abilities.

After avoiding the popes kick, Grid grabbed his ankle and laughed grimly.

“You, did you think you could get away”

A chill went down the popes spine as his ankle was caught.

“Heok…! Let me go!”

“I wont let go!”


Grid hit the struggling popes face.

Then he firmly grabbed the popes shoulders and pushed him hard.

The pope fell to the ground.

Grids mad eyes could be seen through the helmet.

“Lets experiment with how long you can keep healing!”

“This guyyyy!”

Puk! Puk puk.

Puk puk puk!


[You have dealt 7,500 damage.]


[You have dealt 6,980 damage.]


[You have dealt 7,330 damage.]

A critical hit was activated every time he precisely stabbed the dagger into the popes heart.

Grid burst out laughing.

“Puhahahahat! Die! Die!”


Puk puk puk!

Red blood spurted.

It was a horrible sight.

The man in the bizarre skull helmet climbed onto the popes body and stabbed the pope with a dagger, causing blood and flesh to scatter all over the place.

The popes sharp screams and the helmeted mans creepy laughter filled the place.


The paladins and priests turned pale.

Right now, the helmeted man in front of them was a butcher and the pope was a beast.

The beast was being slaughtered by the butcher.

The Vatican, one of the most sacred places in the world, was being turned into a slaughterhouse in a manner of minutes.


The priest started to feel nauseous as they looked at the bloody pope.

To them, the man in the skull helmet looked like a demon.

In order to punish the wicked pope, a greater evil had descended.

Damian was finally able to recall who the man in the helmet was.

‘Him…! I knew he was somewhat familiar.

Hes the butcher who appeared on TV a while ago.

The butcher in the bizarre skull helmet who smashed the Giant Guild in Winston! It was rumored that he was a psychopath, and Damian had no doubt about it.

‘He fights in such a terrible manner…!

The sight of the pope being unable to resist the dagger continuously stabbing his heart wasnt pleasant.

In addition, the eerie light coming from the helmet made it creepier.

On the other hand, the pope couldnt believe the situation.

He reigned over 70 million people, and even kings bowed to him! As an agent of the goddess, he was one of the most divine people in the world! Now he was being humiliated by a trivial guy whose identity was unknown!


The furious pope once again released light magic around himself.

Grid judged that it wouldnt be safe to be swept away by that power and hurriedly pulled away from the pope.

Kwa kwa kwang!

[You have suffered 12,600 damage.]

[You have lost 45% of your health from a single blow.]

It was completely impossible to avoid the light power pouring out.

Jjejeok! Jjejeok!

The Frostlight Orc Chiefs Helmet, that was tinged with red due to the popes blood, started cracking.

Grids face was almost completely revealed.

Then the pope shouted a new magic spell.

“Goddess Wrath!”

Papat! Papapat!

Two large gold circles, approximately 3m in diameter, was quickly created behind the popes back.

Vast amounts of energy was coming from it.

Grid became alert as mana was emitted from the magic circles.


It was like watching an anti-tank gun.

The light magic power emitted from the circles was 10 times greater and stronger than the power of light used by the pope.

It seemed able to destroy anything.

“This is the strongest divine magic! You wont be able to withstand this damage!”

Rin, who knew better than anyone that Everiels Shield was the only thing that could defend against it, shouted urgently.

But Grid didnt back down.

He would show the peak of his item effects! He deployed the pavranium, the most powerful mineral that transcended the mineral of the gods.


Two small golden discs emerged and faced the huge white flash.

Kwa kwa kwa kwang!

The ground shook.

The Vatican, which had endured for 500 years, started to collapse.

The priests and paladins screamed as pillars fell over.

“Rin-chan!” In the midst of the confusion, Damian rushed forward and hugged Rin.

Then he protected Rin from the stones falling from the ceiling.

“A-Are you okay Rin-chan”


Rin felt something strange as she looked at the bloody Damian.

She felt a yearning for the warmth of his arms.

“Me too…”

Rin existed only as a means to defend the pope and church, and this was her first experience of being protected by someone.

Thus, Rin summoned Ikaels Sword.

“Me too…! I will fight!”

She had been lethargic and helpless after being abandoned by the church, but now she was filled with determination.

“If this is the goddess will, I will follow! Punish the corrupt pope and rebuilt the Vatican! And Damian, with you, I will lead the Rebecca Church to the right path again!”


A flag was planted! Damian flushed as he felt thrilled, then Isabel appeared.

“Rin! Are you okay”

She had just finished subduing Luna.

Isabel had worried about Rins safety after witnessing the collapse of the Vatican.

Had she lost her life to the pope Isabel imagined the worst situation and ran, but fortunately, Rin was safe.

She was relieved to the point where tears flowed down.

Rin shouted firmly.

“Isabel! I will defeat His Holiness! He has sinned! Its what the goddess wants!”

Isabel nodded.

“Yes…! Lets join forces!”

The moment that the strongest paladins decided to punish the pope.

In the center of the collapsed debris of the Vatican! A voice was heard from within the smoke.

“My prey… Dont take it.”

It was Grid.

His helmet and armor were destroyed because of the shockwave.

“Damn bastard! I will make you pay for the value of my items!”

On the other side, the popes shocked voice was heard.

“How did you stop the Goddess Wrath… What are those golden discs”

The throne where only the pope could sit.

The pope was sitting down with exhaustion.

His usual dignity was gone and his hair was matted.

Grid grabbed Dainsleif.

Damian saw that he was trying to fight again and hurriedly used Lights Blessing.


Dainsleif started to be surrounded by a golden light.

It was the precursor to Dainsleifs skill, Golden Flash.



Grid squeezed out all the power of Dainsleif and a golden flash flew through the remnant of the Vatican towards the pope.

Until then, all of Grids attacks were physical so the pope was astonished after using a shield that protected against physical attacks.

“Magic power…!”

Thats right.

The Golden Flash was a skill that deal damage proportional to his magic power to all targets in a straight line.

Grid had no reason to use it since his strength was much higher than his intelligence.

However, he used it with exquisite timing in this moment to penetrate through the shield.


The pope screamed with pain! Then Grid fired Pagmas Swordsmanship, Link.

[The level of Link has risen.]

[Your damage will increase.

The number of times a target is hit will increase by 5 times.]

It was the first time since acquiring Pagmas Swordsmanship.

He had used it hundreds of times and it now had finally reached level 2.

Now 17 linked strikes cut at the popes body.

“Goddess Protection!”

The pope barely managed to use a skill.

A pale green translucent shield was deployed to protect his body.


The pope smiled with satisfaction as he unleashed a counterattack.


It was a widespread emission of light magic power so it was impossible to defend against with just two discs of pavranium.

The pavranium couldnt protect Grid and Grid suffered a great deal of damage.

But Grid didnt fall down.

[You have suffered 13,000 damage.]

[You have suffered 9,500 damage.]

[A legend doesnt die easily.

You can resist all attacks for 5 seconds with a minimum of health.]

“What…! What the hell are you Why wont you fall”

The pope cried out in frustration as he tried to use a healing spell.

However, he was both physically and mentally exhausted, and most of his magic power was consumed by Goddess Wrath.

It was impossible to use magic smoothly.

In the end, he couldnt do anything.


Grid unfolded his sword dance as he shouted.

“Am a legend! Pagmas Swordsmanship, Kill!”

[The level of Kill has risen.]

[Your damage will greatly increase.]


The pope grasped the last of his magic power and barely managed to deploy a shield.

Then the huge greatsword penetrated the popes chest.

“Cou…gh! You…!”

Red bloodshot eyes stared at Grid as the pope coughed up blood.

Then the pope gradually turned into a grey light.

Numerous notification windows popped up in front of Grid.

[You have defeated the 13th Pope Drevigo, who was corrupting the Rebecca Church!]

[500 gold has been acquired.]

[Party leaderGrid has acquired the Goddess Essence.]

[Party leaderGrid has acquired the Holy Light Armor.]

[Party leaderGrid has acquired the Holy Light Gloves.]

[Party leaderGrid has acquired the Holy Light Crown.]

[145,350,000 experience has been acquired.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]

[Your level has risen.]


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