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“Everyone has suffered a lot.

Show me what youve received.”

Grid invited the 10 meritorious retainers and the knights to sit at the round table.

His face showed his pride in his colleagues.

How could he not be proud when they subdued the great demons invading all areas of the Arc Kingdom and contributed to the peace of the world.

Grid found it very reliable that his teammates could fight and win against the enemies of humanity without him.

“First, the Dantalion raid team.”

“I will give this to Your Majesty.”

All the knights, except for Jude, and all of the 10 meritorious retainers, except for Yura, Vantner, Huroi, and Regas, laid out their loot on the round table.

The reason why Yura was excluded was because she was part of the Sitris hand subjugation team, while the others were excluded because their contribution ranking was outside the top 10 places.

The common rewards for those who werent in the rankings were comparatively poor so they couldnt boast of it.

[Dantalians Knowledge Fragment]

[Upon opening it, you\'ll learn a rare to unique rated skill.

The contents of the skill you will learn are random.]

“This is amazing...”

First, the right to acquire a skill caught Grids eye.

It was randomly acquired so the chances were high that only a rare rated skill would appear, but the rating was a secondary problem.

Everyone liked having one more skill.

It was different for Grid who had many skills, but the value of a skill acquiring right was astronomical for the 10 meritorious retainers.

“Shit, Im envious...”

Vantner grabbed his bald head and lamented.

The destructive power of the allied party led by Braham, Piaro, and Mercedes was incredible.

Dantalion was only in a rush to survive and Vantner had no chance to be active.

Regas only showed a high attack power when linking combos and he didnt have enough time to make a contribution.

Meanwhile, Hurois taunting skills were overshadowed by Brahams great magic.

Braham saw Grid watching the regretful Vantner, Regas, and Huroi, and snorted.

“I dont need any skills.”

A thin and old book—Dantalions Knowledge Fragment was placed in front of Grid.

“All my achievements are Your Majestys achievements.

The loot I gained is all yours.” Piaro also gave Dantalions Knowledge Fragment to Grid.

Grid read their intentions and smiled.

He returned the fragments to the two men.

“It doesnt make sense for me to accept it.

This is a book that belongs to the person who acquired it.”

“I see...”

Braham regarded Dantalions Knowledge Fragment as trivial.

Therefore, he didnt pay special attention to it or carefully observed it.

Piaros ability to identify objects was ordinary and he didnt notice there was something else about Dantalions Knowledge Fragment.

On the other hand, Mercedes had Keen Insight and knew from the beginning.

This was why she didnt give Grid her knowledge fragment.

She opened her mouth for the first time, “Your Majesty, every book has a hidden page.”


The stunned Grid used the Legendary Blacksmiths Appraisal skill.


[This item has a hidden function!]

[The information about the target item has been updated.]

[Dantalians Knowledge Fragment]

[Upon opening it, you\'ll learn a rare to unique rated skill.

The contents of the skill you will learn are random.

★There is a very rare probability of obtaining legendary rated skills.]



The eyes of Grid and the 10 meritorious retainers widened.

Braham, Piaro, and Mercedes took great pride in their skills and werent impressed by the value of the book.

However, the hearts of the 10 meritorious retainers were very excited.

A legendary skill...! The probability of getting it was perhaps only 0.001%.

No, it might be smaller.

Even so, the possibility made them full of anticipation.

“Damn, let me gain a legendary skill!”

“Lets acquire a legendary skill!”

The depressed Vantner and Huroi tried to cheer up, and cheered for their companions.

Now was the time for cheering, not jealousy.

Duguen, duguen! The hearts of the 10 meritorious retainers were thumping.

Grid also cheered for his teammates.

“It will be a big jackpot.”


Jishuka, Pon, Faker, Pon, Chris, Euphemina, Katz...

They didnt have any hesitation.

They opened Dantalions Knowledge Fragment while Grid supported them.

At the same time, light wrapped around the heads of the people who opened their book.

A green light appeared above some peoples heads while others had a blue light.

The 10 meritorious retainers looked like they were eating **.

“The legendary skill is bull**...”

Forget the legendary rating, not even a unique skill came out.

The seven people who opened the book only got rare or epic rated skills.

The comforting thing was that all seven players had earned one combat skill.

It wasnt a bad result.

It might be lower rated, but it was more useful to have a combat skill than a legendary rated fishing skill.

“Wow, I got a binding skill.”

“I got a mastery skill.”

In particular, the joy of those who obtained skills with high utilization was multiplied.

Braham spoke in this turbulent atmosphere, “All skills are equal underneath my magic.”

Braham thought the 10 meritorious retainers, who were happy to get cheap skills, were pitiful.

He clicked his tongue and opened Dantalions Knowledge Fragment.

If he couldnt transfer it to someone else, then he would just read it for fun.

Even if he got a new skill, he had no intention of using it.

A light swirled above Brahams head before permeating him.

It was a gold light.

[Braham has acquired the legendary skill,Shadow Stun.]

[Shadow Stun]


The targets shadow is constrained by magic power, making the body of the target immobile.

The probability and duration of the skill are affected by the casters power.

Skill Cooldown Time: 5 minutes.

Skill Mana Cost: 2,300]

Brahams eyes shone brightly.

“What It isnt bad.”

“...Is this real”

“This is a really bull** game.”

Braham, the strongest person in the person who didnt envy people, was lucky enough to gain a legendary skill.

Before the release of Satisfy, the 10 meritorious players had played mobile games with a light heart.

Some of the 10 meritorious retainers shivered as they recalled the old nightmares of losing a lot of money on gacha.

They had a complete mental breakdown.

Indeed, all gambling games should disappear from this world.

Grid sensed the atmosphere and coughed as he used the appraisal skill on the next loot.

Dantalions raid team gained a total of four loot.

First, Dantalions Knowledge Fragment.

Second, Dantalions Hair.

Third, Dantalions Staff.

Fourth, Dantalions Sword.

Dantalions Sword was the first place reward and Dantalions Staff was the second place reward.

They were both legendary items.

Both Dantalions Sword and Dantalions Staff boasted exceptional performances, just like 32nd Great Demon Belials staff.

They were more powerful than the legendary weapons produced by Grid.

Their pure stats were somewhat inferior to the new weapons produced by Grid, but they werent inferior in terms of functionality.

The staff amplified magic attack power every time magic was connected without any delay.

At the same time, when using magic, there was a chance of Dantalions knowledge flowing out and other skills could be activated simultaneously.

Linking magicwithout any delay—the problem was that it was almost impossible to do this.

Thats right—it was just like how Belials Staff madetriple casting possible.

However, since there was no one capable of doing it, the skill wasnt utilized.

It was highly likely that Dantalions Staff couldnt be used properly...

if it wasnt for Braham.

“Would you like to exchange it with this” Braham had won the first ranked reward in the Dantalion raid.

He mightve received Dantalions Sword that was more powerful than Dantalions Staff, but he was unhappy.

Therefore, he finally suggested an exchange to Mercedes.

Mercedes had no reason to refuse.

She had received second place in the raid and gained Dantalions Staff.

Now, she nodded happily and became the owner of Dantalions Sword while Braham got Dantalions Staff.

Dantalions Sword was aggressive instead of defensive, so it was completely different from the White Tiger Sword.

This meant that she could swap between the two weapons depending on the situation, and both Braham and Mercedes had become stronger.

In particular, Braham, who had also acquired a legendary skill.

Grid was filled with great joy and finally looked at Dantalions Hair.

It was a material item classified as acloth that had been obtained by the knights and 10 meritorious retainers, and they each gained 3~15 pieces.

Grid had trained his tailoring skill by making underwear every day, and he wondered what items to make with the pieces.

It was at this moment...

[Mercedes has acquired the legendary skill,Enhancing Strength.]

[Piaro has acquired the legendary skill,Overflowing Wave.]

[Enhancing Strength]


The strength stat will increase permanently by 10%.]

[Overflowing Wave]


Causes a wave of energy like a tidal wave, dealing 1,500% physical attack power water attribute power to all targets within a 30 meters radius.

Skill cooldown time: 10 minutes.

Skill Mana Cost: 3,000]

“Should I quit the game”


The atmosphere in the room once again became turbulent.

The 10 meritorious retainers were glaring fiercely as they were convinced they were being ridiculed by the S.A.


Grid rushed to change the subject.

“Yura, what are the rewards that you earned”

“This is it.”

Yura had won the first ranked reward in the Sitri raid.

The rewards she received were Sitris Nails, Sitris Cells [1], and Demon Gods Core.

Sitris Nails were classified as a crafting material and Sitris Cells were used to add options to production items.

On the other hand, the Demon Gods Core...

[Demon God Core]

[Rating: Myth


[You have failed to observe the targeted item.]


It wasnt classified as a material item or equipment item.

It was just a black and sinister jewel.

Grid was flustered when the appraisal failed and Yura told him her speculation.

“I think this is a quest item.”

“Quest item”

“Yes, perhaps it is an exclusive item for a Demon Slayer.”

Yura had felt it when she fought Sitris hand.

The only one who could eliminate it was the Demon Slayer.

If it wasnt for her, Sitris hand wouldve devastated the Arc Kingdom until it self-destructed.

Demon God—Sitri seemed to be on a higher level of standing compared to the usual great demons, and was most likely a problem for the Demon Slayer to solve.

“Um...” Grid was convinced after hearing the explanation and carefully returned the core to Yura.

“I say it every time, but be sure to call me when you are having a hard time, got it”



Grid shared the list of rewards he received from Saleos with his colleagues and then rose from his seat.

After issuing the order to disband the meeting, he took all the production materials he collected from his colleagues and moved them to the smithy to make items, only to suddenly stop.

‘I dont think I have time to relax

Talima, the dwarf city—it was located in the territory that belonged to the Fire Dragon Trauka, who didnt allow foreigners to visit.

However, the Yatan Church successfully sneaked into Taliam and summoned the great demons there.

In this regard, Empress Basara wondered about Traukas absence.

Grid didnt mean to miss this opportunity.

Sitris hand that used to occupy the Ether mine had been raided.

Grid should go to Talima to learn new blacksmithing techniques and secure some Ether Diamonds.

He originally wanted to take action after making his colleagues items but he didnt think there was time to spare when he didnt know when Trauka would return.

He had probably become too lax due to the idea that he could move any time and anywhere using Sticks.

“Sticks!” Grid hurriedly called for Sticks.

Sticks still hadnt recovered from his fatigue and struggled to use Mass Teleport.

Due to this, Grid fell to the volcanic area near Talima and started a new adventure.


Meanwhile, Damian visited the smithy after completing the treatment of all the church members with Saintess Ruby.

“Grid Excuse me Grid~ Are you there G-Grid...”

Grid didnt answer no matter how much he called.

Damian cried after searching all the smithies in Reinhardt but never finding Grid.

[1] ED Note: Not an error, Damian did get Demon Gods Cells the previous chapter, while Yura got Sitris Cells… thats just how the author wrote it.

Its unknown whether theyre the same item or not

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