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“Is there anything I can do to help Please give me any instructions.

Pity this trivial human and give me an opportunity to serve the great lord of hell.”

The 1st ranked black magician and Yatan Servant—Rose, who played a leading role in the summoning of the great demons, had already achieved numerous feats.

There was no limit to her achievements from the standpoint of the Yatan Church.

However, the world didnt rate her as thebest.

Yura mightve left the Yatan Church, but Rose would forever be regarded as the number two.

Such an evaluation made Rose even more unrelenting.

Rose wanted to escape from Yuras shadow and played more intensely than anyone else.

It was nothing for her to flatter the great demon who smelled terrible and had an appearance that would make people vomit.

‘This cheekiness is good.

‘She is unusually determined.

Dantalion had several faces above one neck—there were the faces of a boy and girl smiling innocently, the face of an anguished young man, the face of a sad woman, the face of a confident gentleman, the face of a graceful lady, the face of a gentle grandmother, and the face of an angry grandfather.

Eight faces were spread out like flowers above one neck in a bizarre and eerie manner, yet Rose just followed the great demon like nothing was wrong.


Out of the eight faces, the one of the confident gentleman opened his mouth, “I havent seen someone who isnt afraid of me for a long time.” The angry grandfathers face shouted, “There is no cowardice! There is no fear!”

The faces of the boy and girl shouted in chorus.

“Fearless human!”

“Going to die early!”


For the first time, Roses smiling expression hardened.

She got goosebumps all over as she saw the faces focused on the book in their hand in a bizarre and creepy manner.

She quickly managed to restore her expression and tried to buy Dantalions heart.

“What book are you reading now”

Dantalions book was one that contained all the knowledge of the world.

Rose had already witnessed its power.

Hill, the Seventh Servant who lost his life to Grid during the Vatican invasion, had become a master of martial arts after reading only a fragment of Dantalions knowledge.

Rose wanted Dantalions knowledge.

Any knowledge was good.

She wanted to use it to develop into a superhuman beyond Yura.

Her goal was to prove to the world that she was better than Yura and to join Grid and Kraugel in the top ranks.

The gentle grandmothers face opened her mouth, “It is a book written about the history of the destruction of a short-lived human kingdom.”

“A short-lived human kingdom” Rose wondered if her affinity with Dantalion had started to rise after a few days of hard work.

She became cheerful again at Dantalions cordial attitude while the gentle grandmother\'s face answered, “There is a place called the Overgeared Kingdom.

It will be destroyed and disappear in the coming future.”

History was a trace and a record.

In other words, it meant the past, but Dantalion described what would happen as history.

It was possible because he was convinced that it was an unchanging future.

“It is the future.”

For the first time, the gentle grandmother\'s face took her eyes away from the book.

Rose followed her gaze and looked fiercely at Peltrino Fortress in front of her.

It was due to the six flags on the fortress walls.

The flag in the center was unusually large.

A hammer and anvil...

It was the flag of the Overgeared Kingdom, led by the damn Grid and Yura.

Rose gritted her teeth.

It was a reflexive reaction.

Roses grudge toward the Overgeared Kingdom was frightening since she had failed her quest several times due to Grid.

Dantalions seven other faces started to follow the grandmothers face.

“This moment has become the present.”

“Today, the Overgeared Kingdom.”

“It will lose most of its power here.”

“It will be lost in a catastrophe.”

“The Overgeared King and the Demon Slayer...”

“All the variables that threaten hell.”

“Now, they will disappear.”

Dantalion turned over the books pages.

He flipped through the thick books pages and stopped in the middle.

Then a magic circle appeared in front of Dantalion.

It was an unfamiliar form of magic even for Rose, who had a lot of knowledge and an excellent memory.

It was the first time she had seen it and it was bound to be unfamiliar.

The magic written in Dantalions book, Miracle Field, was a legendary magic that humans would never see.


The sky blackened.

Blazing meteorites poured down from the screaming universe.


『 ....!! 』

Rose, the Yatan Church, and the commentators from various broadcasters all had the same expressions.

They were completely enchanted and their mouths dropped open blankly.

All of them foresaw a certain future—the six kingdoms alliance, wiped out together with Peltrino Fortress.

It was the future that would happen in just a few seconds.

In fact, the effect of this Meteor was beyond imagination.

It seemed there was no exaggeration in the power of Meteor recorded in the legends.

“H-How to avoid...”

The allies inside the fortress were also predicting their end.

They didnt know what to do from the moment they witnessed dozens of meteorites falling from the sky and were out of their minds.

『Even Sword Saint Muller, who sealed the 9th great demon, couldnt harm Dantalion.

He might be the 25th great demon, but he is considered more difficult to deal with than a single digit great demon due to his omnipotence.

Now, I think he is beyond difficult, and is more invincible.

『 Dantalions ability has been proven since he is able to realize the knowledge recorded in the book.

Isnt Dantalion the greatest demon that transcends the concept of ranking 』

The commentators were making desperate observations.

It was a guess with sufficient grounds.

Dantalion was almost a divine being since he not only had a great deal of knowledge, he also had the ability to realize it.

However, there were facts to be aware of.

The power was different depending on the person who used the same magic.

“Is it Meteor”

Peltrino Fortress was in chaos.

A mans derisive voice echoed in the silence.

Everyone in the fortress turned their attention to the maniac laughing at the situation and hundreds of cameras focused on the new character who appeared.

『 This... 』

The commentators were astonished.


-As expected, he was in the Overgeared Kingdom.

-Ehhhhh! Hes finally coming out!

The viewers cheered.

The silver hair that filled the screen turned despair into hope.



Unlike Meteor, which required a physical process topull down the stars in the universe, the spear of light was instantly manifested.

The great magic used by the legendary great magician, Braham, penetrated and exploded dozens of meteorites that were heading toward Peltrino Fortress, turning them into dust.


The universe once again screamed.

Dozens of meteorites poured from the blackened sky toward Dantalion and the Yatan Church members, not Peltrino Fortress.


“What is this”

Rose and the Yatan Church members paled.

The rapid change in the future they took for granted threw them into confusion.

On the other hand, Dantalion remained calm.

No, he was smiling.

All eight faces had a meaningful smile.

“Braham, do you think I didnt know you were here”

Dantalion knew all the secrets of the world.

He knew that Braham had been resurrected, and even that they would meet here.

He couldnt not know the basic common sense that the power of magic was affected by the casters magic power.

Dantalion knew that he couldnt magically offset Brahams Meteor and he used another part of the book.

[Matchless Chapter]

[The page where Sword Saint Mullers swordsmanship is recorded.]

Dantalion pulled his sword from his waist and waved it in a half-moon motion.

The sword technique derived from the Matchless Heart Technique soared toward the sky and the meteorites were cut in turn.

It was a sword infused with thethere is nothing that cant be cut power of the Sword Saint.

It was also the reason why Braham had to leave Muller alone as much as possible.

“This is why Muller couldnt do anything to me.”

One skill, one power alone, couldnt defeat him...

Just as Dantalions confident voice echoed through the battlefield—

“Super Growth!”

The earth shook.

All the plants that rose from the land suddenly flooded toward Dantalion.

“It is foolish.”

Dantalion scoffed as he struck at the plants that grew wildly and came at him with his sword.

He also knew of Piaros existence.

From his standpoint, who had fought with the legends of the previous generation, the legendary Piaro was only a little child.

Dantalions sword cut down the plants and collided with Piaros farming tools.

Piaros hoe and sickle cracked as they blocked Dantalions sword.

If it was the old him, before he learned the Matchless Heart Technique, Piaro wouldnt have been able to resist this attack, and mightve even been cut along with his farming tools.

However, from the time he learned the Matchless Heart Technique, Piaros farming had become a match for Mullers swordsmanship, and his hoe and sickle werent cut.

“Even so...” Dantalion scoffed and was about to wield his sword again.


Dantalions heart thumped.

It was because he encountered the unknown.

A white-haired knight with brilliant silver wings.

Dantalion met her blue eyes and was in deep turmoil.

There were no records of theseeyes in Dantalions book.

“What...!” Dantalion screamed and stepped back.

He flipped through the pages in a hurry but it was as expected—he was unable to find the identity of those sinister eyes.

‘Is this a human

It was a fear caused by the unknown.

It was the reason why Dantalion feared the high ranking demons and gods, whose innate power was higher than him.

Thats right—Dantalion wasnt almighty.

If he was really almighty then he wouldnt have stayed in the 25th position.

He was able to gain insight into everything lower than himself, for example, a human.

He was weak because he couldnt see into an opponent who had a higher status than him.

This was why he was inevitably humbled in front of Mercedes Keen Insight that even a god feared.

As Empress Basara predicted, Mercedess Keen Insight played a vital role against Dantalion.

“Kuek! Kuaaaak!”

The appearance of Mercedes made his book useless.

Dantalions screams of resentment echoed through the battlefield.

This scream became a signal and the Overgeared Kingdom and allied forces started to come out.

In the face of the offensive of the 10 meritorious retainers and the rankers of each kingdom, Rose and the Yatan Churchs believers were forced to be helpless.

Dantalion was quickly driven on the defensive.

It was the day when the great evil that Sword Saint Muller, one of the strongest legends of the past, failed to fight, was defeated by the people living today.

The world was evolving, and at the very center of it, was Grid.

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