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[Name: Grid

Level: 412

Class: Pagma\'s Descendant, Duke of Wisdom, Magic Swordsman of the Epics

Title: One who Became a Legend and 39 others

Health: 330,682 Mana: 70,020

Fighting Energy: 50 Sword Energy: 1,200

Strength: 3,850 ( 480) ★1,082▲

Stamina: 2,422 ( 1563) ★996▲

Agility: 3,900 ( 430) ★1,082▲

Intelligence: 2,896 ( 1,943)

★refers to the stats that have been further elevated due to the effect of fighting energy.

Dexterity: 5,742 ( 980)

Persistence: 2,037 ( 430)

Composure: 1,363 ( 430)

Indomitable: 1,598 ( 490)

Dignity: 2,271 ( 430)

Insight: 2,161 ( 430)

Courage: 1,417 ( 430) Good Luck: 806

Political Power: 356 ( 430) Willpower: 236 ( 465)

Deity: 12

Remaining Stat Points: 0]

This was the result of devoting himself to hunting for the past month.

Thanks to his colleagues, Grids leveling went smoothly and it was speculated that he would reach level 413 in the next half a month.

This was overwhelmingly fast compared to Chris, who was wandering in the demonic section (level 399).

Grid could feel how precious his enlightenment buff and dragons blessing buffs were.

‘Meeting with Nefelina was a great blessing for me.

He would like to ask her to give blessings to his colleagues but Nefelina wasnt someone who could be easily asked for a favor.

It seemed realistic to take the route of developing the mass produced enlightenment weapons.

‘I have improved enough to challenge it now.

It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the Enlightenment Sword Grid had been using for years was a lucky charm.

It wasnt an object that could be crafted using just skill, but it was a different story now.

Grid had steadily developed his blacksmithing techniques and dexterity, and he was much more skilled compared to a few years ago.

As long as the conditions of time and materials were met, it was possible to produce a series of enlightenment weapons such as bows, swords, spears, and blunt weapons.


Grid checked the status window and skills window and woke up from his thoughts.

[A huge danger is approaching.]

He got goosebumps on his arms as a red warning window flashed in his vision.

He had come to this place after hearing the rumors of the invasion.

Now he swept by the cameras of the international broadcasters and climbed over the walls.

The horizon at the end of a vast grassland came into view.

He stared at it and a small dot soon appeared.

Grids eyes widened as he saw the object that gradually grew larger in size.


He barely captured the light using the vision of a transcendent.

Grid glimpsed the brief flash of light and his body started to twist.

The viewers watching Grid through the screen questioned it.

They didnt even notice the existence of a small dot gradually approaching from the horizon.

They had no idea that the little dot wassomething.

『 ....!! 』

『 ....!! 』

The commentators of the various international broadcasters sucked in a breath as they appreciated the appearance of the supreme one alone on the wall.

Grid suddenly turned away and shortly after, an explosion blew away the wall.

The cameras chased after Grid as he escaped the crumbling walls and confirmed the source of the explosion.

It was the antler of a deer—extremely ordinary antlers that were common in a forest.

The deers antler flew over and destroyed the fortress thick and high walls.

The world was in shock.

Grid, who recently defeated a half-god, wasnt able to hide his surprise and the broadcasters around the world repeatedly emphasized Grids expression.

The image of the antler stuck in the rubble of the fortress wall, and Grid, who couldnt take his eyes off the antler, intersected in succession on the screen.

At this moment...

『 Look over there...! 』

An American broadcaster captured and zoomed in on the presence approaching from the horizon.

The 13th great demon who Grid had to handle alone, Berserk King Beleth, who shocked people and made the world breathless, was crossing the grassland.

His appearance on a horse that galloped like the gust of wind was different from the previous great demons.

He looked like a human being in every way and there was no bizarreness.

From his neatly trimmed beard and hair, to his stylish clothes and classical crown—Beleths style was dignified.

『 It is amazing.

It is a completely different category from the savage great demons of the past...

The commentator who was admiring Beleths appearance soon frowned sharply.

He saw Beleths face as Beleth approached the camera.

His face that carried all the anger that existed in the world was far from dignified.

“”I want to go back to hell quickly!”” Beleth shouted as flames shot out from both of his nostrils and then repeatedly disappeared.

It was a runny nose.

The running nose that descended to the ground set fire to the grassland.

The path that Beleth passed through turned red and immediately burned black.

『...He is definitely a demon.

The moment that the commentator corrected his words, his face became paler than white.

Beleth increased his speed by flicking the reins of the corpse-like horse and started a frenzied charge.

As if to erase all traces of humans in the world, he marched to destroy the artificially made facilities such as watchtowers and wooden fences.

It wasnt long before he reached the fortress gates and blew fire from his mouth.

『 ....! 』

A fortress was the ultimate defense facility.

The fortress walls and gates reached the maximum level of 30 and had a high durability compared to a citys walls and gates.

However, Beleth knocked down the gate with a single stream of fire.

It was a sight that denied the meaning of the fortress.

『 The skill coefficient seems to be beyond imagination.

Even Grids bones wont be able to endure it the moment he allows an attack.

『 This is terrible.

The ranking is very high and he seemed different from the great demons seen before...

Empress Basara said that Grid should buy at least 13 minutes.

The 22nd great demon, Berith, had destroyed one kingdom alone and slaughtered tens of thousands of rankers, yet Grid was expected to tie up the feet of the 13th great demon, Beleth, alone

Naturally, people thought it was absurd.

Even so, few people shoutedabsolutely impossible. It was because Grid was the supreme one.

People clearly remembered all the miracles he had accomplished so far.

It was Grid who had overcome so many impossibilities.

The 13th great demon Rather than delaying him, perhaps Grid could defeat him...

People thought so and it was the same for the commentators of different broadcasting stations.

『 Um...

It isnt easy to think that Grid is going to lose.

『 I agree.

Grid has the power to summon his knights.

First of all, if he couldnt endure then cant he immediately summon his knights for a reverse raid 』

『 Even if a raid is very hard...

it seems that Grid alone should be sufficient to endure for 13 minutes.

Grid has multiple counterattack skills, clones, the God Hands, and skeletons.

It is very unlikely that Grid would die without delaying the right amount of time.

It hurts to say it but I heard his physical strength is comparable to a named NPC.

『 ...Are you referring to those undead who are occasionally summoned 』

『 Isnt this the case Their quality seems too poor compared to the level of Grids opponents.

The commentators, excited by the steep rise in ratings, kept making noises while on the screen, Beleth was going berserk.

After knocking down the gate, he started to smash the walls at random like his anger hadnt been resolved.

Meanwhile, Grid was holding his breath.

‘This guy, is his ability to read sound and movements poor

Grid, who first climbed the wall, showed his dignity to the approaching enemy.

He showed off the existence of Overgeared King Grid.

Beleth read it and threw the antler.

Grid was nearly hit and shrank back.

He reflexively held his breath while observing Beleth.

This was the result.

Beleth was only concerned with the destruction of the fortress like he didnt know Grid was hiding behind the first collapsed wall.

‘He thinks Im dead.

The moment Grid saw the power of the antler that destroyed the wall, he wondered how he could endure fighting this monster for 13 minutes.

Fortunately, he had something to use.

The overwhelming attack damage might be frightening but Beleth seemed to have the weakness of anger.

It didnt seem difficult to buy some time.

“Can you Become the King of the Dead”

Beleths frenzy buried the sound of Grids voice.

Clack!Clack clack!

The sound of the Overgeared Skeletons who emerged by digging through the ground was also buried.

Clack clack!Clack clack clack!

The Overgeared Skeletons, who raised their level in the past month, looked at Grid with a confident expression.

Overgeared Skeleton One, whose third class advancement was a Skeleton Sword Dancer, looked like a warrior.

It was equipped with a much nicer sword and armor than before.

On the other hand, Overgeared Skeleton Two had a third class advancement of Skeleton Bishop.

It was still small but a subtle dignity exuded from its pious expression.

The gorgeous staff and robe announced to the world that Overgeared Skeleton Two was an unusual skeleton.

Grid commanded these guys who had grown stronger, “Once I send a signal, run out and greet the opponent.”

Clack!Clack clack!

“Do you want your bones cut into 206 pieces”

Clack clack!Clack!

Their expressions became more colorful the more class advancements they went through.

They expressed dissatisfaction with Grids order and Grid quickly whispered to them while stroking their heads, “Ill get revenge for you if he hits you once, so rest assured and get hit.”

The Overgeared Skeletons couldnt die.

The moment they reached 0 health, they were recalled back to the ground, regenerated, restored, and resurrected.

This was why Grid relied on the Overgeared Skeletons.

He was worried about Braham, Piaro, and Mercedes being in danger and couldnt bring them, but the Overgeared Skeletons could go forward without hesitation.


Grid fired Magic Missile at the back of Beleth, who had entered the fortress after destroying the walls around the gates.

Beleth didnt react as Magic Missile hit the back of his hand.

He just looked at the back of his hand and eventually shifted his gaze to the side.

It was to where Overgeared Skeleton One was dancing by his side.

It was very clumsy but it was a reproduction of Grids sword dance.

The joints shook as it danced while the tip of the sword shone sharply in the sunlight.


Beleth immediately recognized the identity of the Overgeared Skeletons and swung at the skull of Overgeared Skeleton One with one hand.

Overgeared Skeleton One hit the ground and then it was thrown like a ball toward Overgeared Skeleton Two in the distance.

The bones of the Overgeared Skeletons collapsed with a light sound like pins hit by a bowling ball.

Grid appeared behind Beleths back as the skeletons were scattered.


The biggest advantage of Kill was the distance.

Grid had to buy time so he first launched some exploratory moves.

After knowing Beleths reaction speed and defense, he deliberately used Kill so he could deal with a counterattack at any time.

The result was terrible.

Grid had an unimaginable development waiting for him.

“”How trivial.””

Beleths fist smashed through Kill without looking at it and then it precisely struck Grids face.

Grid shook from the intense impact and realized something.

‘This is X.

This bastard never missed Grids presence.

He pretended not to know Grids existence and waited for him to come first.

[You have suffered 69,030 damage!]


How much had Grids defense been raised so far Grid was devastated by what seemed to be denial of all his past efforts.

He was momentarily dazed as he sprawled on the roof of a building he had been blown to due to the impact.

In technical terms, it wassage time.

Meanwhile, Beleth showed a strange expression.

He felt a pain in his fist from the humans surprise attack.

Aweapon caused him pain...

Beleth stared at the back of his hand for a moment before questioning the human whom he had blown away, “”Are you the one carrying on Mullers legacy””

“Hah, what a **ing tiring question.”

Grid snorted and rose from his spot.

He took the finest health recovery potion that had been obtained from Reidans alchemy facility and tossed the empty bottle aside.

“I am Grid.”

Pagma\'s Descendant was also a part of him.

“Remember this well because I am the most persistent person in the world.”

He had endured more than half his life and lived patiently.

Only 13 minutes For him, it was just a moment.

Grids assertive face showed his resolute willpower.

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