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“A human Hahat! You are too impatient! We said that we would see you tomorrow morning!”

A half-draconian, Heltavon, came after discovering the unexpected guest.

He was extremely excited.

A human was slaughtering monsters alone in the Chaos Mountains It was natural to look forward to it.

‘I didnt expect there to be a person soloing in such a remote place! It is interesting!

The world had changed a lot while they were trapped in the imperial walls.

It was worthwhile to throw away the frogs in the well who wanted to play with the empire to wander through the mountains.


Heltavons heartbeat sped up.

The blood of the evil dragon Bunhelier that flowed through his veins boiled hot.

The innate aggressiveness of the half-draconians poured out.

“Well, I dont care if I fight tomorrow or not.

I will start the fight straight away.


It was well known that the half-draconians were mountain dwellers.

However, it was still a problem for them to be fully self-sufficient when it came to food, clothing, housing, and transportation.

This was why the half-draconians had prepared an event for Duke Steim.

They planned to use Frontier as a supply base to stay in the Chaos Mountains for a while and engage in a frenzied struggle with the monsters.

In front of the inhabitants of Frontier, they planned to slaughter the most powerful talent in order to dominate Frontiers people and gain a tribute of food, clothing, and especially alcohol.

The most important thing to Heltavon wasnt the plan but the pleasure of the moment.

He was just pushing forward the event that was scheduled for tomorrow.

“Hahahat! Lets give it a try!” Heltavon yelled with a laugh and fired a Breath.

The dizzying blizzard was dispersed by the black ray of light.

The black-haired man standing in the center of the open landscape was clearly captured in Heltavons vision.

At this moment...


Heltavons mood became strange.

His excited heart calmed down a bit.

It was the first time he had ever calmed down in front of an opponent.

‘It was a mistake.

Heltavon shook off his distracted thoughts.

The Breath he shot was already reaching the chest of the black-haired human.



Grid hit it back easily.

Heltavon was flying forward to attack only to become perplexed as the human reflected his Breath.

‘Isnt he quite good

Heltavons body became stiff for a moment as he blocked the reflected Breath.

However, his eyes didnt stop moving as he pursued the humans movements.

‘Pretty fast

Heltavon didnt avoid the attack of the human who appeared from the side.

The sharp cuts or stabs didnt threaten his scales.

At least, it had been like that so far.

The single-digit Red Knights learned that even a sword full of aura couldnt cut the scales of a half-draconian and switched to blunt weapons.


Heltavon wanted to grasp the human only to let out a scream when his back was cut.


It was a strange pain.

Heltavon examined his back with a shaky gaze.

Blood spurted.

The scales cut by the humans sword fell onto the snow field.

“I was cut

Heltavon hurriedly spread out his wings.

There was a strong gust of wind that shook the human.

Heltavon didnt miss this gap and raised his knee to hit the humans side.

It was a fast and sharp attack that the 5th Red Knight had barely responded to, yet the black-haired man grasped it with his hand.

It was proof that he wasnt inferior to Heltavon when it came to both strength and speed.

‘The level of the 2nd Knight

Heltavon fully grasped the black-haired humans skills and wasnt panicked.

He wasnt even excited.

He had calmed down from the moment he encountered the human He was calm and sober, just like the festival (duel) between his kind to determine theirrating. Thats right—Heltavons condition was the best when his aggressiveness was suppressed.

It was the effect of Grids contract with Hao.

Heltavons left knee was held in the hand of the human, causing him to spin backwards and throw a right kick.

Grid pulled his head back to avoid it but something stretched out.

Sharp and hard claws emerged from Heltavons feet and brushed past Grids neck.

The attack was only two centimeters deep but it cut Grids artery, dealing him thebleeding andunable to recover states.


Grid had to let go of Heltavons knee to avoid the attack and took the opportunity to step back.

Then he asked directly, “What is your level”


“Im asking you whether youre strong or weak among the half-draconians.”

According to the information Grid recently received from Hao, the half-draconians were a mixed-breed born from the evil dragon Bunhelier and a human.

This meant that the blood of a real dragon flowed through the bodies of the half-draconians.

However, Grid didnt shrink back.

He had already experienced it with the Twilight Orcs.

It was a race that could eventually be selected by players so Grids analyzed that the half-draconians werent strong enough to violate common sense.

Hao had agreed with him.

The blood of a dragon might be flowing through the veins of the half-draconians, but the blood was already weak.

Grid thought there would be ordinary members of the half-draconians, unless they were classified as named.

Still, it was a bit surprising.

Heltavon was quite strong but he wasnt named based on the color of his name.

It could be considered mid-tier among the single-digit Red Knights.

‘It would be a pain if he is an average half-draconian.

Ladens potential was explosive but his current growth was low.

Even if he became overgeared, the odds of defeat were high if he fought against half-draconians stronger than Heltavon.

‘Do I need to change my plan

The reason why Grid didnt want to directly fight against the half-draconians tomorrow was because he considered a number of situations.

First of all, he didnt like that he had to personally come forward to deal with rude invaders.

If he had to go out personally whenever something happened, it would give a bad impression to the outside and wouldnt be good for the morale of the people.

The north was also one of the most important borders in the Overgeared Kingdom.

The north had prevented the invasion of monsters for many years and were recognized as the elites of the Overgeared Kingdom.

It had to be so.

Grid wanted to use this chance to prove that the public awareness of the north was true by empowering Laden.

He might not be confident but he wanted Laden to do his part.

‘However, it will all be ruined if Laden is killed.

Heltavon replied to the frustrated Grid, “Huhut, dont you know when you see it I am strong among my people.

Of course, Im just a child compared to Helena.”

“...Really The half-draconian who was sent as an envoy earlier in the day is called Helena”

“Are you an idiot It is enough to send a low-grade warrior to be an envoy to humans!”

This was good news.

Grids expression relaxed.

“Then the half-draconian who will fight Frontiers strongest tomorrow isnt Helena but a low-grade warrior”

“Huhut, of course.”

“Im glad to hear that.”

“What Why are you glad Do you think you will win if you fight a low-grade warrior”

“If you are a low-grade warrior then I will win...”

“Haha! What a funny little kid! I havent revealed my skills yet!”

“Additionally, Im not the strongest person in Frontier.”


Heltavons face stiffened for the first time.

The human being in front of him was surprisingly strong.

He thought it would be hard for a low-grade warrior to win against the human so Heltavon wanted to get rid of him on the spot.

‘Yet there is someone stronger than this guy

Were there two talented people equivalent to the Red Knights living in kingdoms other than the empire The world had changed so much.

It seemed that the empire had become a pushover without knowing it.

‘If it was the empire of the past, they wouldve cut off the talented buds of other kingdoms in advance.

Now they cant even control this much

It tasted bad from the moment they started talking nonsense about unity.

‘In any case, it is dangerous.

I should suggest to Helena to change the list of envoys sent to Frontier tomorrow.

Before that, naturally—

‘I have to get rid of this guy.

Heltavon laughed.

Heltavons bones grew rapidly.

The clothes made of leather were all torn and the scales that had only covered the vital parts of the body extended to all over the body.

Soon after Heltavon was covered with scales, he spread his wings and gave off a pressure that oppressed Grid.

‘Is this a true half-draconian

Grid glanced at Heltavons hands and feet, which were large enough to remind him of the giant, Radwolf.

Then Grid fired a Magic Missile first.

The gust that occurred when Heltavon covered himself with his wings twisted the trajectory of Magic Missile.

‘It is conditional anti-magic.

There was no need for Laden to worry about this.

Laden was a knight.

He didnt use magic.

‘Then what about this

Grid took out a spare spear from his inventory and fired it using Spear Shot.

Once again, a gust came from Heltavons wings and blew the spear off track.

‘It isnt anti-magic but anti-projectiles.

There seemed to be no cooldown.

However, based on the way the waist lowered slightly after covering himself with the wings, it seemed to cause animmobile state for a moment.

‘If so

Grid fired a Magic Missile and then immediately launched himself into the air to use Kill.

It was as expected.

The attack speed of Kill was enough to respond to Heltavons agility.

Heltavon, who was unable to move due wrapping his body with wings, couldnt avoid it and had to block by raising his two arms.

[The target has received 179,080 damage.]

‘...Isnt this a bit bad

The attack power of Kill was the best out of single sword dances.

The concept of defense itself was meaningless in front of it.

Considering Grids attack power and the damage factor of Kill, the fact that it only caused 180,000 damage meant that the defense of the half-draconians scales had reached the highest level.

‘It will be very difficult for Laden, whose attack power is four times lower than mine, to break through the defenses of the half-draconians...


Grid frowned as he was recalling Ladens stats information and skills list.

[The effect of Kill has disarmed the target for one second.]


Heltavons scales that collided with Kill were temporarily falling off.

It meant that the scales of a half-draconian were judged as armor.

Grid immediately responded by using Link.

He confirmed the damage done to Heltavons arms that lost the scales and couldnt help smiling.

‘The defense will be reduced by twice as much after losing the scales.

He determined what weapon he would make for Laden.


Heltavon was launching a counter-attack.

He grasped Grids shoulder and the shoulder guards made a loud noise.

However, the durability was infinite so it wasnt damaged.

The shape was distorted but it was immediately restored due to the recovery effect.

Heltavon lifted Grid with Grid force before slamming him into the ground.

It was a skill reminiscent of Bubats CC.

‘It is dangerous.

I should widen the distance.

Grid was thinking when something slammed into his chest! Heltavons feet fell.

He had decided to kill Grid immediately and opened his mouth to fire a Breath.

‘I cant avoid this.

The Breaths power was tremendous when fired from close range.

It was physically impossible to avoid or counterattack when he was in this captured state.

However, Grid used the God Hands to block it.


The flustered Heltavon stomped his foot to trample on Grids chest again.

Then he used the recoil to jump up.

Grid instantly raised himself to aim for this gap, only for the sharp tail to sweep by the tip of his nose.

‘He purposely gave me an opportunity to stand up in order to slash my neck with his tail.

After reading Heltavons intentions, Grid widened the distance and watched Heltavons tail closely.

Then he used Shunpo to attack the tail.

Heltavons tail that collided with the Enlightenment Sword was as hard as a sword.

It held out against the sword without being cut.

‘Is the tail also classified as equipment

Grid once again used Kill.

It was possible because the cooldown was reset from the effect of God\'s Command.

Once again, the target was the tail.

“Bah! Stupid fool! Does the tail look like a weakness” Heltavon snorted.

His tail was fine despite being hit with Kill.

It wasnt affected by the disarming effect.

Grid nodded.

Subsequently, Mercedes Keen Insight was transplanted into his eyes.

“I have to be most careful about the tail.

It is hard, sharp and rotates 360 degrees so the range of application is very wide.”

“...” At this time, Heltavon felt a sense of strangeness.

It was like the human in front of him was dissecting him like a frog.

It was an unpleasant sensation.

“What are you doing Do you have no intention of fighting”

“Tell me.

Do you have anything more to show” Grid asked Heltavon, who was gritting his teeth.

“This guy!”

A lion wasnt afraid of a rabbit.

It was because he knew he wouldnt be eaten by a rabbit.

This was the difference in species.

Yes, Heltavon couldnt properly recognize the danger of the human in front of him.

It wasnt a matter of his vigilance.


Heltavon had been attacking Grid for a long time only to pause.

The hot heat that he started to feel perplexed him.

At the same time, the world changed.

The mountains and unstoppable blizzard suddenly disappeared and only a world of flames existed.

No, looking closely, there were also sharp, silver colored sword energies in his field of view.


The fear of the unknown was great.

Grids cold voice entered Heltavons ear, “Ive learned enough about your standards.

Lets end this.”

Transcended Linked Kill Wave Pinnacle.

The image of ruin merged with the image of the infinite sword energy.

Dozens of dragon-like blades of sword energy poured out like raging waves, slamming into the half-draconian.

Heltavon met his demise at the hands of Grid and became Grids nutrients.

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