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Chapter 123

“I… I forced Rin into this…”

The Vaticans backyard.

Isabel was crying with her face buried in her knees.

She felt guilty for dragging Rin here.

“I wanted to refuse His Holinesss command… But I was afraid… I know how much Rin hates the current Vatican… It is because of me… Rin came back here because of me…”

Cassus tried to soothe her, “If you refused His Holinesss order, Rin wouldve been brought back by another person.

Rin will be grateful for being brought politely by a friend, rather than being dragged by someone else.

So please dont beat yourself up about it.”


Isabel slowly raised her head.

She looked at him with moist eyes.

She carefully brushed her long platinum hair away from her eyes and asked gently.

“Rin… What will happen to her”

The pope had convened the high ranking members of the church in order to determine Rins fate.

Isabel wanted to watch, but the pope didnt give her permission, making her become more anxious.

She didnt want Rin to be treated unfairly.

Cassus couldnt say anything.

‘Perhaps Rin will… She might be deprived of her qualifications, or in the worst case, she can lose her life.

On the surface, Rebeccas Daughters were treated as sacred beings only second to the pope and received everyones respect.

However, the senior members of the church dismissed Rebeccas Daughters as consumables, mere powerful weapons.

As long as the three divine artifacts were preserved, Rebeccas Daughters could be replaced at any time.

‘Right now, Rebeccas Daughters are people who serve the pope.

They are a thorn in the eye of the current pope.

The pope will want new Rebeccas Daughters, who are unconditionally loyal.

The pope would try to pass on the three divine artifacts to new people.

‘Rin isnt the only one in danger.

Maybe sooner or later, Isabel…

Cassus heart dropped.

Rebeccas Daughters were raised in the church.

They only knew how to exist as enforcers of the church!

‘… Once they become useless, they are deserted.

Why was this terrible thing happening

‘It is a poor fate.

Isabel was only 17 this year and Rin was 19.

They were born with inherently high divine power and taught how to fight and be loyal to the church since childhood.

If they were abandoned by the church, would they be able to adapt to ordinary life It would be even more unfortunate if they were killed.

It was too harsh for them to die without feeling the warmth of family, friends or even a lover.


Once new Rebeccas Daughters were born who were absolutely loyal to the pope, no one would be able to stop the pope for any longer.

From then on, the Rebecca Church would walk the path of complete corruption.

It was getting out of hand.


Cassus, who was usually stoic and expressionless, couldnt hide what he was thinking.

He shed tears for the first time in his life.

“Someone, please… Save us…”

“Cassus…” Isabel was embarrassed by Cassus unusual appearance.

She had no idea what to do.

“W-Why are you crying all of a sudden Huh I-Is it because of me Am I so depressed that I am making you cry Im sorry.

Im sorry so dont cry.

Everything is good.

Rin will be okay, and someday Goddess Rebecca will lead His Holiness to the right path.”

Isabel was free-spirited.

Despite being harshly raised by the church, she had a strong personality.

There were many times when she made people tired, but she had a warm heart like sunshine.

She was in the most difficult position, yet she was smiling and comforting her subordinates

Cassus became sadder at the thought of this sacred, beautiful and warm life ending.

The moment he was about to burst out sobbing.

“Why is a big man crying Eh Especially in front of a girl.

What a shame.”


Why was this voice familiar Cassus was surprised by the emergence of an unexpected figure and hurriedly looked back.

A black-haired young man was standing there with a smile.

“It has been a long time, Cassus.”


Winston Castle had asked for the support of a priest to make the Divine Shield, and Cassus had been dispatched.

At the time, Cassus had bonded with Grid while two Divine Shields were produced.

But he never dreamed that this relationship would continue again.

Why had Grid come to the Vatican

“Why are you here… No”

Cassus eyes widened in the middle of his question.

It was due to the evil magic power and blood of virgins coming from the cloak that Grid was wearing.

“That cloak…!”

Isabel said, “That is Malacus Cloak.”

“Malacus Cloak… Really”


Isabel had several encounters with Malacus.

It was because she raided several sites where Malacus was offering virgins as sacrifices.

She was interrupted every time so she kept missing him, but she heard rumors that mighty soldiers of Winston destroyed Malacus.

One of those mighty people seemed to be the young man called Grid.

“It is an honor to meet such a great warrior.”

“Ah! You!” Grid glanced at Isabel and was startled.

Then he became excited as he recognized her.

“Shield Thief! No, Shield Thief Girl! Ah, this… Ah! Thats right! Was it Rebeccas Daughter Hey! Rebeccas Daughter! Give me my shield!”


Isabel had encountered Grid at Winston Castle.

But she didnt remember Grid because she didnt see Grid at the time.

Cassus explained to Isabel who was puzzled by the nonsense.

“He is the blacksmith of Winston.

He is the creator of the Divine Shield that you are holding.”

“Omo, really This young man has that type of blacksmith skill Huh But how can a blacksmith kill Malacus”

Grid strode towards the puzzled and admiring Isabel.

Then he unabashedly demanded, “Give me my shield.”

Isabel was embarrassed.

“I appreciate the fact that you defeated Malacus.

But I cant help you.

The Divine Shield is a dangerous weapon so we have decided to recall all of them.

That other shield that you made, could you please give it back”

“W-What” Grid was dismayed.

“How much money did I spend making these shields Do you have any idea how great the value of the shield is I can be rich if I sell it!”

“I understand but… Im sorry.

It cant be helped.

The policy has already been set.”


Grid was grumpy at the thought of losing his legendary rated Divine Shield.

How could he be calm when he was going to be robbed of items worth hundreds of millions of won In the end, Grids face turned red as he prepared to fight.

“Blood wont be shed if you give me the shield immediately.”

Grid was currently level 150.

He was different compared to when the Divine Shield was stolen by the Yatan follower.

His confidence was overflowing, despite facing the Rebecca Churchs strongest paladin.

Cassus tried to talk to him as Grid pulled out the greatsword.

“Grid, please calm down.

Lets start with a conversation first.

Why did you come here”

“Ah, you! What are you saying Do I seem like I want to talk right now Eh”

“Grid, please.

Please calm down.”

Cassus bowed deeply.

Grid was reminded of the time he made the items with Cassus and somewhat calmed down.

Then he explained, “I came to see the pope.”

“His Holiness”

“I have something that I want him to bless… I also wanted to ask for the Divine Shield back.”


Cassus felt it was mysterious.

It was amazing to reunite with someone who he thought was merely a passing relationship.

‘This is all Goddess Rebeccas doing…

What did his relationship with Grid mean The moment that Cassus was deeply interested.



A powerful explosion rang out from inside the Vatican.

Isabels face turned white.

“This divine power… It is His Holiness!”

Something had certainly happened to Rin.

Was the pope doing something terrible to Rin while she stood here Isabel was concerned about the worst situation and rushed towards the Vatican immediately.

Cassus blocked her way.

“Didnt His Holiness command you not to enter Dont go.

If you break his command, His Holiness will punish you and Rin.”

Cassus was convinced that Rin was being punished.

Isabel gritted her teeth.

“Indeed… I have to save Rin from His Holiness!”

A gold circle was drawn in the empty space.

Then a white spear emerged from it.

It was one of the three divine artifacts of the Rebecca Church, Lifaels Spear.

Grid observed the spear with admiration.

‘I didnt recognize it before, but isnt this a huge weapon It is much better than the Gale Spear that I made.

No, it is a few dimensions above Dainsleif.

There was only one person who could produce a weapon like this.


He found a clue to Pagma in a place like this.

Grid excitedly grabbed Lifaels Spear.

“Hey! Let me see this!”


Isabel became angrier at Grids actions and firmly waved her spear.

He dared put his hand on a sacred weapon.

She wanted to blow Grids body into a tree that was 100m away.



The spear wouldnt swing freely.

It was because Grids strength as he grasped the spear was beyond the category of humans.


Isabel wielded the spear with all her strength.

Then Grids body was thrown 30m and he rolled across the ground.

Ku tang tang tang!


Grid felt his vision blurring.

He barely managed to get up.

“What What is with this girls strength”

Grid stopped putting points in intelligence after securing a certain amount of mana.

Then he invested all his points into strength.

At level 150 and combined with the effect of his titles, Grid had over 1,500 strength.

He had the power to break rocks by swinging a fist.

Grids strength had grown to the level where Toon couldnt compete anymore.

Yet this huge strength wasnt a match against Isabel.

‘Rebeccas Daughters isnt an empty name.

She was a slender girl, but she exerted physical strength that was beyond the limits of humans! Isabel reached the front door of the Vatican while Grid was admiring her.

“Isabel! Please stop!”

‘Just wait a little longer, Rin, I will save you!

Cassus couldnt stop her.

Isabel opened the doors to the Vatican, filled with the desire to save Rin.

It was at that moment.


A girl with purple hair descended from the roof of the Vatican and attacked Isabel.


Isabel was astonished as she barely managed to defend against the attack.

The girl who suddenly appeared at the entrance of the Vatican! She was the last of Rebeccas Daughters and the owner of Everiels Shield, Luna.

“Here… You cant enter.”

Isabel shouted at her, “Luna, get out of my way! Rin is in danger!”

Luna shook her head.

“His Holiness commands are absolute… I have to follow them.”

“Really… You really cant It is a request.”

Isabel begged.

But Luna was adamant.

“Im sorry… I cant.”

Luna was much younger than Isabel and Rin.

She was 14 years old this year so the brainwashing was still strong.

Unlike Isabel and Rin who thought for themselves, she only obeyed orders.

She was the one who had the most achievements when suppressing the rebellion three months ago, and she was the one most favored by the pope.

“It is impossible to break Everiels Shield… This cant be… Rin…!”

Isabel was well aware that she couldnt persuade Luna and felt desperate.

At this moment, Rin was suffering alone.

Isabel was the only one who could help Rin, but why was the goddess giving her such trials

“Goddess, are you throwing Rin away…”

The moment that Isabel felt despair… A notification window flashed in front of Grid.

[Help the Rebecca Church!]

Difficulty: Class quest.

The Rebecca Church is a religion with deep ties to Pagma.

The friendship between 5th Pope Franz and Pagma is still spoken about hundreds of years later.

As Pagmas Descendant, you are obliged to help the Rebecca Church that is being corrupted by 13th Pope Drevigo.

Kill Pope Drevigo!

Help the Rebecca Church!

Quest Clear Conditions: Drevigos death.

Quest Clear Reward: Goddess Rebeccas blessing.

* This is a sub-quest that works in conjunction with the second class quest.

If you fail this quest, you wont meet the conditions to clear the second class quest.

“Are they crazy”

Look at the warning window! If he failed this quest, he would fail his class quest! Grid couldnt understand it.

“Shit, what is this craziness” It was a quest that caused him to tremble.

“Ah, this is really… If I fail… Huh”

Grid was complaining when his gaze fell on the spear in Isabels hand.

A transparent arrow, visible only to Grids eyes, was pointed at Isabels spear.


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