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‘Its different!

An ancient artifact—it was a label that was attached to the magic machines.

The magic machines were legacies from over a thousand years ago.

Yet the eight magic machines in Radwolfs workshop were different.

At this moment, it was the state-of-the-art combat weapon that was being manufactured and modified.

It was just that the appearance had changed significantly.

It reflected the changed era.

Compared to Zibals Raiders, these machines were almost twice as big.

‘Is it to fight against the dragons

The ancient giants created the magic machines to face the great demons.

Then the years passed and the world changed.

Radwolfs target was now the dragons, not the great demons.

It seemed he experienced that it wasnt suitable to face a dragon so he had increased the size and weight of the magic machines.

It was because the power of bigger and heavier things was higher.

Well, this was under the assumption that it could be controlled.

‘Pagmas Eyes.

Grid was frightened by the majesty of the huge magic machines.

Finally, he belatedly recovered and used a skill.

[Pagmas Eyes-Baals Contractor Version]

Once he used Pagmas Eyes to check the target item, the understanding of the item will increase greatly.

He can then confirm the stats value and options, and even copy the item.



Grid planned to increase his understanding of the magic machines in the future.

He was also purely curious about the details of the magic machines.

However, he failed.

[This item is in a domain that you cant understand.]

‘As expected, it is formidable.



Grid was surprised when he heard the voice.

He was daunted, like a child being caught stealing, as Radwolf approached.

“Was there anything strange when you opened the door”

Grid recalled the iron door he just opened to enter and cocked his head.

“Lets see...

It was just dirty.

No, I just thought it was heavy.”

“The door made of Moon Night Iron.”

“Moon Night Iron”

“It is an iron that blocks status.”

“Status Are you talking about the levels of transcendence”

“All the things and titles you have built up so far are your status.

All of that is blocked by the Moon Night Iron.

Youve just opened a door that was as heavy as dozens of doors with pure strength.”


Grid had felt a bit strange.

No wonder why it felt like something was missing from his body.

He wondered what it was.

It turned out that the effects of his titles and the abilities created by his transcendent status had temporarily disappeared.

‘Was there such a mineral in the world

Minerals with the ability to block magic power were rare.

However, he never heard of a mineral that blocked status and he never imagined it.

Radwolf read Grids excited eyes and spoke proudly, “The magic machines armor is made from the Moon Night Iron.

Thats why the magic machines fist can penetrate the dragons magic power and smash their scales.

How about it Isnt it great”


Dragons were inherently strong.

It was because they were a transcendent species.

Their innate status itself was high so they werent affected by the attacks of lower organisms.

This also meant that a dragons strength could be suppressed by blocking their status.

“Biban was able to cut off one of the wings of Stone Dragon Gujel because of the support of the magic machines.”

“I-I see...”

Grids mind was blank for a while because he was amazed by the new mineral called Moon Night Iron.

Then he quickly calmed down and asked, “Radwolf, is the Moon Night Iron a recently discovered mineral”

“Why do you think so”

“Ive fought with a magic machine but it didnt have anything to block my status.”

Grid was a blacksmith.

He was more interested in minerals than anyone else and had to study them.

“Did you fight a magic machine Ah, are you talking about one of those wastes outside Their outer armor was originally made of Moon Night Iron.

However, it was recovered hundreds of years ago when those magic machines were discarded.”

“You mean that the Moon Night Iron has existed since ancient times...”

However, it wasnt known.

It was because it was so valuable it needed to be recovered.

Grids face changed as he was inwardly filled with the desire for the Moon Night Iron.

“Yes, it was a native mineral of the Giant Kingdom.”


The Giant Kingdom was destroyed by a dragon over a thousand years ago.

It was said that the island had been completely buried in the sea due to a dragons Breath.

“This is the last of the Moon Night Iron that is in the world.

Thats why Im taking care of it.”

[You have obtained information on a new mineral!]

[Moon Night Iron will be added to the mineral information list.]

[Moon Night Iron]

[A native material that existed in the kingdom of ancient giants.

Temporarily blocks a persons status.]


Grids gaze turned to the iron door that he had opened just a while ago.

At the same time, Radwolfs words hit him.

“Dont covet it.

I have to repair the magic machines that are destroyed every time we fight a dragon.

The current Moon Night Iron that I have isnt enough.”

“I cant help but covet it.

Im also wondering why you made the door out of Moon Night Iron.”

“Thats a stupid question.

It is so no one can come in.

There arent many people with your level of pure strength in the world.”


Radwolf was a very cautious person, unlike his looks.

What type of thief could invade the Tower of Wisdom Radwolf laughed as he read Grids absurd expression.

“Havent you heard of the Great Robber of the Red Night”


Great Robber of the Red Night—it was the name Grid heard when he got the imperial palaces blueprint.

The system had warned him that the Great Robber of the Red Night was interested in him.

A chill went down Grids spine.

“The Great Robber of the Red Night snuck into the Tower of Wisdom”

“Thats right.”

“No, this...”

It was already amazing enough that this person discovered the tower that was concealed with all types of magic.

How did the robber sneak in and deceive the members senses Grids mouth was shut with surprise and he soon came up with a hypothesis.

“Is he a transcendent”

“That\'s right.

He has been active for at least 600 years.

His age rivals us.”


“That damn guy stole Nevartans Necklace that was hidden here over 100 years ago.”

“Nevartan The dragons necklace”

“Yes, it was a necklace made from Nevartans broken claws.

It deceives those who view it and drives the wearer into madness.”

“Why did you make such a thing...”

Grid slowly noticed it.

Radwolfs words and deeds were harsh but he was actually kind.

The attitude with which he answered every question was the evidence.

“It is a type of loot.

If you were me, would you toss away the dragons claws that you earned”

“Ah, yes...”

The answers were good but there seemed to be no value.

It was virtually impossible to obtain the Moon Night Iron so this information was unnecessary...

Grid thought like this but things turned out quite different.

“Does your blacksmiths blood boil when looking at the Moon Night Iron” Radwolf wondered.

“Of course.

I would love to work with the Moon Night Iron if I have a chance.”

“Then reclaim Nevartans Necklace.

Ill reward you with a piece of Moon Night Iron.”


Radwolf was a tower member.

He wasnt someone who would speak light words or meaningless chatter.

He had planned on giving Grid a mission from the moment he brought up the Moon Night Iron.

“The 1st Seat thinks that the Great Robber of the Red Nights reason for stealing it is to purely satisfy his desire to collect.

It is unlikely that he will release Nevartans Necklace into the world.

However, my thoughts are different.

How can I trust a thief Isn\'t that right

[Do you want to accept theNevartans Necklace quest]

[Nevartans Necklace]


Recover Nevartans Necklace that was stolen by the Great Robber of the Red Night.

Quest Clear Condition: Deliver Nevartans Necklace to the 3rd Seat, Radwolf.

Quest Clear Reward: The Moon Night Iron.

Affinity with Radwolf will increase.]


It was a coveted quest but it was hard to accept.

He couldnt see any possibility of clearing it.

The hesitant Grid asked directly, “How can I get back the necklace from the Great Robber of the Red Night”

“If I knew, wouldnt I have visited him directly and got it back myself”


Grids expression became noticeably darker and Radwolf coughed before explaining, “Im not giving you an impossible mission.

I assure you that sooner or later, you will be the target of the Great Robber of the Red Night.

That jerk has a sick interest.”

“Sick interest”


He has made his name known by stealing objects from those who represent the times.

It is a distinct ambition for collection and fame.

Even if you dont have any riches, he would run over and steal an empty bowl from you.”


A new fact had been revealed.

The reason why the Great Robber of the Red Night was intrigued by Grid was the imperial palaces blueprint but it was likely that the focus was Grid himself, not the blueprint.

“He will surely appear before you.

At that time, one of your treasures will already be in his hand.”

What had happened when he took away Nevartans Necklace Radwolf was reminded of this incident and spoke through gritted teeth, “It is a short window of opportunity, but you will get a chance to talk to him.

At that time, try to negotiate with him.

Then you can get Nevartans Necklace back.”

From beginning to end, Radwolf never told Grid to suppress the thief using force.

The reason was obvious.

It meant he was an opponent that Grid couldnt suppress using force.

Even Radwolf, a tower member, missed capturing him.

‘He is either really strong or has an excellent escape method...

Of course, it was likely to be both.

A transcendent and a thief...

It was a terrible hybrid.

Somehow, he didnt want to get involved with this person.

However, if it was a person he would get tangled up in anyway, he should take advantage of it.

“I understand, Radwolf.

I will try.”

“Kukuk, this guy.

I will leave it to you.”

[The quest has been accepted.]

The Moon Night Iron—a mineral that had the power to temporarily block someones status.

Great demons, archangels, legends, transcendents, and gods.

It was a necessary mineral for Grid to face these monsters in the future.

“I like your spirit.” Radwolf smiled with satisfaction at Grids willingness to accept the mission and extended his hand to Grid.

“I will be waiting for the good news.”

“I will work hard.

By the way, I...

There are eight magic machines in total.

Does that mean that the tower members other than you and Fronzaltz can operate the magic machines”

“Not at all.

It is designed to allow only giants to drive it.”

The tower members were the peak of their own field.

If they operated the magic machines then they had to seal their own skills.

“The reason for the eight magic machines is due to the attributes.

Each dragon has its own attributes.

I have to keep up with them as much as possible to fight them.”

“Ah, I see.”

Grid had thought the magic machines had a different energy.

It was due to the difference in attributes.

Grid nodded and brought up a really important question, “Excuse me, I would like to ask you one more question.

It is possible to make a magic machine that can be driven by humans, not giants”

As expected, it wasnt possible Grid didnt have much expectations.

Even Zibal could only operate the magic machines for dozens of seconds.

The human species itself wasnt suitable for driving a magic machine.

However, the answer was completely different from what Grid expected.

“It is only possible if multiple functions are reduced and the output is lowered.”


“Shall I teach you how to make it”


How could he get a recipe for a magic machine driven by humans with just a few words The Tower of Wisdom was truly a place that gave and gave.

The excited Grid nodded and Radwolf approached the desk before rummaging through a pile of papers.

He quickly took out a blueprint and handed it over to Grid.

“Here you are.

However, you need pavranium to make this.”


Grid stiffened as he was excitedly accepting the blueprint.

“In order to reduce the output and allow it to move fully, you need the uniquemove on its own characteristic that belongs to pavranium.

You need at least two tons.

So in fact, you actually cant make it.

Thats why there has been no magic machines for humans in over a thousand years.

Well, take it anyway.

This is my blueprint, not anyone elses.

Make it a family treasure.”

Radwolf didn\'t know it yet.

The fact that pavranium had now evolved into Greed and could multiply infinitely.

In Grids mind, the majesty of the magic machines unit unfolded.

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