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Chapter 1210

[Protect the Black Tortoise]

[★ Hidden Quest ★

Someone unknown has completed the ritual of resurrection when the black tortoise’s ego is divided into two.

Therefore, the black tortoise has been divided into the black tortoise of death and the black tortoise of water.

Help reunite the black tortoise of death with the black tortoise of water.

Quest Clear Condition: Reunion of the black tortoise of death and the black tortoise of water.

Quest Clear Rewards: Black tortoise’s shell.

Affinity with the black tortoise will reach the maximum.

Quest Failure: The weakening of the black tortoise.

The balance of the Four Auspicious Beasts will collapse.

The new episode ‘Descent of King Sobyeol’. 

★ Once the Descent of King Sobyeol occurs, the myths of the East Continent will once again be covered with lies.]


‘Who is King Sobyeol’ It was the first time he heard this name in the game. Based on the content, it was only possible to guess that it was one of the Five Seniors. On the other hand, the identity of the unknown person who completed the resurrection ritual was obvious. It was Hwang Gildong, the man who stole the Black Tortoise Jewel.

The clear rain falling was thickening.


[The protection of the black tortoise will cover all things in the north.]

[The level and stats of all beings living in the south will rise slightly.]

[Some of the weakened sacred creatures have regained a bit of their strength.]

[Some of the scattered traces of the false myths will disappear.]

[A small number of beings living in the north will be hostile to the Hwan Kingdom.]

[The news isn’t transmitted to the two kingdoms of Pa and Kaya due to the interference of the Hwan Kingdom.]

[The people of the Cho Kingdom are happy to feel the resurrection of the black tortoise.]


It wasn’t news to be pleased about. Once the red phoenix was resurrected, the level and stats of all beings living in the south were ‘greatly’ increased and recovery had improved. Some of the weakened sacred creatures had ‘fully’ regained their strength. The false myths that had been scattered were ‘all’ burned and ‘all’ the beings living in the south were hostile to the Hwan Kingdom. Compared to the beneficial effects created by the resurrection of the red phoenix, the beneficial effects created by the resurrection of the black tortoise were reduced.

‘Damn, is this true’

Grid frowned as he realized the seriousness of the situation but he couldn’t blame Hwang Gildong. Grid and the rankers would’ve already been wiped out if Hwang Gildong hadn’t stolen the jewel and the resurrection of the black tortoise itself would’ve been impossible.

Yes, strictly speaking, Hwang Gildong was a benefactor.

He did well enough. It was regrettable that the timing of the black tortoise’s resurrection was wrong...

no, could it truly be called a mistake

‘Did he intentionally aim for this’

Grid recalled his meeting with Qi Jian’s group. They belonged to the Chivalrous Robbers and not only knew the truth of the world but that the red phoenix had been resurrected.

They even figured out the location of the Black Tortoise Jewel. The intelligence network of the Chivalrous Robbers was superior to Grid.

‘It is extremely unlikely that Hwang Gildong, the leader of the Chivalrous Robbers, wouldn’t have known this situation.’

In the first place, Hwang Gildong himself had personally entered the battlefield. It would be impossible for him to not discover that the black tortoise of death was with Grid on the battlefield.

‘He knew the black tortoise’s ego is divided into two but still performed the resurrection ritual...’

This was terrible. Grid’s purpose for the complete resurrection of the Four Auspicious Beasts might be different from Hwang Gildong’s purpose. Grid had a headache and was frowning when Bubat approached him and asked, “Grid, did you fail the quest Why are you looking gloomy alone”

Obviously, the expressions of Bubat and the other high rankers were bright. They had no idea that the black tortoise was resurrected in an incomplete state and seemed glad to get the rewards from clearing the quest.

Grid didn’t want to spoil the mood and smiled.

“What is your quest”

“It was originally to protect the artifact of the Four Gods but then that turtle...

No, the contents changed after the black tortoise appeared.

The goal was to get revenge on the yangbans who deceived us.

Thanks to you, we’ve achieved our purpose.”

Bubat opened the ranking window. His ranking had shot up a huge 31 positions.

“Thank you.”

Bubat and the high rankers politely spoke to Grid. The top 00005% of pros, perhaps the world’s proudest geniuses, were all bowing to Grid.

“...I also want to thank you.” Grid awkwardly scratched his cheek and replied with his head bowed. They were heartfelt words. Grid wouldn’t have won without the high rankers.

Unlike Bubat, the quick-witted Bondre urged Grid, “Hey, Grid.

Don’t change the topic and explain the situation.

What went so wrong that you’re making an expression of chewing ** on your own”

The black tortoise hadn’t spoken and directly conveyed its thoughts to Grid’s mind. The high rankers didn’t know there was an incident with Hwang Gildong. Rather than rejoicing in the resurrection of the black tortoise and the blessing of all beings in the north, Grid was thinking seriously about the situation alone.

“In fact...” Grid sighed and explained the situation.

All the high rankers who listened intently were flustered.

“Hwang Gildong isn’t a person who is easily met.”

Hwang Gildong was so mysterious that it was said he flashed in the east and appeared in the west. He was also the leader of the Chivalrous Robbers that was hostile to the Hwan Kingdom, so he wouldn’t show up easily.

At first glance, he seemed free-spirited but he wasn’t an opponent who could be met just because one wanted to meet him.

He acted strictly according to his own plans.

“If it is as Grid guessed and Hwang Gildong intentionally caused this, won’t it be a headache It will be really difficult to reunite them if Hwang Gildong decides to hide the black tortoise of water.”

“I think differently.

I think Grid will be able to persuade him.

The world will be in crisis again if the black tortoise doesn’t reunite.

Hwang Gildong will decide to cooperate with Grid.”

“First, we need to be able to talk to him to persuade him...

it means nothing if Hwang Gildong keeps hiding from Grid.”

The eyes of the seriously discussing high rankers turned to Old Sword Demon. It was because he had been a colleague of Hwang Gildong just an hour ago so they thought he would be able to meet Hwang Gildong and persuade this person.

“...No, it isn’t like that.”

The people looking expectantly at Old Sword Demon shook their heads and sighed. Hwang Gildong’s attitude of abandoning Old Sword Demon and running away alone made them think the two people weren’t close. Grid also didn’t have high expectations of Old Sword Demon.

Old Sword Demon laughed like he was embarrassed. “Your thoughts are right.

It isn’t easy for me to meet Hwang Gildong.

He is a suspicious man so I don’t have the confidence to persuade him.

However, there is something.

I have worked with Hwang Gildong over 10 times.

I know Hwang Gildong’s personality very well.”


“Supreme one, Hwang Gildong will probably be waiting for you on Mount Baekmi.”


Grid’s actions were swift. He immediately summoned Overgeared Corn and rode on top of it.

“Ohhh!” Exclamations burst out everywhere. They were amazed by the beauty of the rare unicorn. Just...

“Overgeared Corn, did you rest enough”


Everyone looked like they woke up as they shut their gaping mouths after hearing Overgeared Corn’s name. Grid’s naming sense reduced the value of the noble unicorn.

“Grid, I’ll go with you just in case.”

“Me too!”

“Take me too.”

The high rankers gathered by Grid’s side.

They expressed their desire to help Grid.

Bubat's enthusiasm was particularly high. Grid shook his head. “It’s okay.

I think it is better to go alone than to bring a bunch of people to Hwang Gildong.”

All the yangbans in the area had already been dealt with and Hwang Gildong wasn’t an enemy. There was no need to worry about danger. Grid smiled as he faced the high rankers, including Bubat and Bondre. “Thank you for your thoughts.”


“I’m going.

You should leave as well.

You must be busy.”

It happened the moment when Grid carried the black tortoise and ordered Overgeared Corn to leave.

“Grid! If you ever have any difficulties then feel free to contact me! It might not be as good as the Overgeared Guild but I still run a pretty powerful guild! We can be even a small help!”

The high rankers shouted and Overgeared Corn started to run. Grid watched them waving until they disappeared from view and then murmured to himself, “It is reassuring...”

“You are being cheered on by the world’s best rankers in terms of ability, potential, and influence.

I think it is great.”


Grid was shocked by the sudden voice. He looked around and saw Old Sword Demon following him. He moved like he was walking with folded arms but his speed wasn’t slow at all compared to Overgeared Corn.

‘When did he start following’

Grid had no idea. It was like Old Sword Demon had erased his presence again, just like when he fooled the yangbans.

“Did you change to a legendary class” Grid wondered.

The emergence of new legendary classes was only known through the world messages but one shouldn’t always believe in the world messages. In Grid’s case, it had only been a long time after Grid changed to Pagma's Descendant that it was announced as a world message.

“Not yet.”

Not yet. The implications of this answer were significant.

‘A growth type class that can reach legendary!’

Yes, now it was understandable. Why had one of the best high rankers disappeared for several years Where did the power that allowed him to fight 10 minutes with Maru come from This person was already forgotten by many but he would soon return in a splendid manner. It would be along with the world message announcing the emergence of a new legend.

“Then I’ll be waiting for the good news.”

“Huhu, thank you.

I am being cheered on by the supreme one so I don’t know what to do.”

“Please speak comfortably.

Senior, you are also famous...”

Old Sword Demon smiled at Grid, who refrained from using the term ‘grandfather’s peer.’ “Does age matter in a game The person with the higher level is the older brother.”

“...I don’t want to be called Brother by you.”

“Huhu, by the way, you are great.

A few years ago, I had just arrived on the East Continent and was thrilled when I saw Kraugel’s performance.

Today, I got even more shivers.

You truly deserve to be the supreme one.”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if the position is stolen back.

Kraugel is a great friend.”


Old Sword Demon’s eyes shone. He saw a passion that would never go out in Grid’s eyes the moment Kraugel’s name was spoken.

‘The presence of Kraugel is increasing his interest.’

As the saying went, ‘a perfect match made in heaven.’ 

Old Sword Demon smiled at himself but still didn’t slow down.

Despite running for dozens of minutes, he didn’t breathe hard and maintained the same running speed as Overgeared Corn as they reached Baekmi River.

‘Isn’t he an assassin’

In general, assassins struggled over whether to put points in agility or strength. However, Old Sword Demon showed amazing physique even when he fought with Maru.

Additionally, his strength and agility weren’t low either.

‘It might be a class-specific effect...

or did he consume a lot of elixirs’

The East Continent was home to the golden walnuts. If Old Sword Demon had been active in the East Continent for many years then he might’ve been steadily taking the golden walnuts.

“You’ve worked hard.”

After passing the river, Grid arrived in front of Mount Baekmi and returned Overgeared Corn to the pet inventory.

It was to recover Overgeared Corn’s stamina in case of an emergency. Old Sword Demon approached Grid and spoke while looking up at the peak of Mount Baekmi, “Supreme one, I’m sure Hwang Gildong will try to test you.”

“Based on Hwang Gildong’s information network, shouldn’t he already know my inclination and disposition”

“Reconfirming information is Hwang Gildong’s habit.

It is better for you to be nervous.

If you let down your guard for even a moment then you will be following his pace.

If you do well then you might exchange sword blows.”


The pale-faced scholar Huo Jin said that Hwang Gildong was on the same level as Braham. Of course, this was based on the evaluation of the nerfed Braham, but it was still superior to Grid.

‘I’m nervous.’

Grid hugged the black tortoise of death and started to run to the top of the mountain. There was no need to fly. He had been used to climbing mountains since the days of cutting wood.

“Old Sword Demon Isn’t that a cliff”

“Hum hum.”

Grid was a bit delayed because Old Sword Demon headed in the wrong direction the entire time but he still quickly arrived at his destination.

“Nice to meet you, Overgeared King Grid.

No, should I call you Overgeared God Grid”

The peak of the mountain had an altar where the marks of the ritual still remained. There, ‘hundreds’ of young men welcomed Grid.


Grid was surprised by the unexpected number of people.

Then he saw their faces and was shocked. They all had different postures and expressions but they looked exactly the same. Their names were all Hwang Gildong.


Even a great demon couldn’t make hundreds of clones. At the same time, Hwang Gildong discovered the black tortoise of death and spoke to the tense and vigilant Grid.

“You also brought the former black tortoise.

Very good.”

“Former black tortoise”

“It is the former black tortoise because it will disappear soon.”

Disappear Something was wrong...

Grid got a chill down his spine and shouted urgently, “Wait! The tlack bortoise...!”

Damn, he was in a hurry and twisted his words. Grid changed the name of the black tortoise for convenience.

“The former black tortoise must be one again with the black tortoise of water! Otherwise, the balance of the Four Auspicious Beasts will be broken and the world will be in a crisis!”

“Once the former black tortoise disappears, the faith accumulated in the black tortoise will be concentrated in the black tortoise of water and the balance won’t collapse.”

“I think that the ability of the former black tortoise itself is necessary to maintain the balance!”

“Hrmm... It doesn't matter if you're right.

In any case, now is the time for humans to step up.

The Four Auspicious Beasts have already failed once.

Humanity should no longer rely on them.”

“Then why did you resurrect the black tortoise”

“It is obviously to weaken the yangbans.”

The hundreds of Hwang Gildong flew in unison at Grid. The clubs in their hands were very big and imposing. “Please hand over the former black tortoise.

The former black tortoise who destroys civilization is humanity’s greatest enemy.

It must disappear.”


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