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Chapter 121

“You brought a big shot here”

Shay rebuked Dong Pao.

It was true that the higher level the target, the higher the ransom value.

However, there was a line.

An opponent that was too strong wasnt welcomed, because there was a possibility that their threats wouldnt work and the situation would reverse.

Dong Pao thought it was unfair.

“The butchers face and ID werent revealed.

How could I know that he would be the butcher”

The person he met purely by chance and selected to be the target of a crime was actually the infamous Psychopath Butcher! Dong Pao felt a chill at the thought of accompanying him for half a day without knowing it.

‘He is a very cruel and violent person based on the video… I was lucky he didnt sink a knife into my back while hunting.

‘What weak behavior.

Shay shook his head as the scared and panicked Dong Pao.

He pulled out a weapon that was around 80cm in length and rotated it with a swaggering attitude.

“Since we are already here, shall I measure how good the famous Psychopath Butcher is”

In the end, he didnt back down from a fight.

Dong Pao made a fuss.

“H-Hey, Shay! Didnt you see his battle video Are you ignoring the power of his wide area skills He must certainly have a hidden class, so wouldnt it be better to retreat than fight Isnt it better to settle this peacefully”

“Peacefully So a person who killed a lot of people in order to earn money wants peace” Shay ridiculed before explaining the situation.

“As you say, he has a powerful skill.

I wouldve avoided him if I encountered him in a normal place.

However, this cave seals all types of skills.

There is a good chance we can win with that guys strength sealed.”

Shay was almost certain that he could win.

Then he started the assault towards Grid.


The sword flashed in the darkness, while the black greatsword stood against it.


When the two swords hit each other, the dark cave brightened for a moment, as if sparks had been lit.

At that moment, the terrible appearance of the skull helmet was clearly revealed.

Shay remarked, “If you were a regular person, I would wonder how you could wear such a terrible looking helmet.

But it is pointless to understand the psychology of psychopaths.”

Grid shouted angrily.

“Do you think I like wearing this helmet I dont have a choice due to its performance! Fuck! Dont call me a psychopath!”

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Kerb and Sniffer admired the continuous exchange between the two.

“That bastard, he is quickly reacting to all of Shays attacks.”

Assassins had high agility, so their swiftness was outstanding among all classes.

Shay was the 7th strongest assassin.

When thinking about Satisfy as a whole, there were few who could respond to Shays attack speed.

Grid was armed with a slow greatsword but he managed to block all of Shays attacks.

Dong Paos mouth dropped open, “Is he skilled in combat, or is he predicting the trajectory of the attacks using Shays movements”

Kerb shook his head, “No, he doesnt have such skill.

He is simply fast.”


Sniffer clicked his tongue at Dong Pao.

“Do the Chinese have something covering their eyes Get rid of it and look properly.

The speed with which Grid is wielding his greatsword is comparable to Shays attack speed.”

Dong Pao couldnt believe it.

Grids greatsword was 3m long and weighed more than 20kg.

On the other hand, Shays sword was less than 1m in length and was light.

When taking into account length and weight, wouldnt Shay have the advantage Was it possible

Kerb explained.

“It means that Grids strength and agility is high enough to exceed our imaginations.

Skills arent a problem.

That person is a monster with stats.”



After exchanging dozens of blows, Shay was forced to step back first.

‘It feels like hitting a rock every time I hit the greatsword.

His right arm was cramping up.

Shay could no longer withstand Grids overwhelming attack power.

“Grid… Your name isnt within the top 3,000 list, but you are much stronger than me.

Even if you are a hidden class, isnt it too much to surpass the concept of level Honestly, I think theres a problem with balance.”

Grid snorted.

“Have you ever met a hidden class Then you dont know.

In order to obtain a hidden class, constant effort and good luck is needed.

Well, you might become a hidden class after 100 years of buying lottery tickets”

“Unlucky bastard.”

Shay signalled to his colleagues.

Then both of them moved in a flash, appearing on either side of Grid.

“First of all, Ill make you bleed! Then you will pay with your lives!”


Sniffer had yearned for a fight and threw three darts while shouting.

On the other hand, Kerb remained silent as he aimed two daggers.

“What will you do”

For Grid who accumulated a lot of combat experience, the thrown weapons were simple.

He spun and hit all weapons flying from both sides.

In the process, Grid sensed the unusual weight of the darts that Sniffer threw.

‘Is he specialized in throwing techniques

The same assassins might have different characteristics.

Some were specialized in stealth, others in swiftness, some in trap and another in throwing weapons.

In a one-against-many situation, Sniffer was able to play the role of a sniper, so Grid decided that Sniffer was the most annoying.

At the same time, a flash of black sword was fired.


Sniffer leaned back and narrowly avoided the attack, then threw new darts from that dangerous posture.

As Grid was paying attention to Sniffer, Kerb approached from the rear and swung his two daggers.

Then Shay moved up the walls towards the ceiling and dropped towards Grid from the top.

It was a pincer attack with perfect timing.


Shay, Kerb and Sniffer were convinced of their victory.

But Grid was beyond their common sense.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!


It was truly absurd.

A golden disc suddenly appeared and blocked all of Sniffers darts.

Then it flew and blocked Shays weapon.

Another golden disc was competing with Kerbs daggers.

“What is this”

What were these discs that flew and interfered with their attacks The assassins were stunned.

Grid started a sword dance while the three people were off guard.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Wave!”


Black sword waves spread all over the place.

Turmoil appeared in the cave as the assassins flew all over the place without even screaming.

“Cough, cough! Ugh! How… How can you use a skill in this place”

Assassins had passive skills that allowed them to avoid all sorts of attacks with a certain probability.

But this cave even sealed passive skills.

It was unbelievable that Grid managed to use a skill in this place.

“Arent there many stars in the world”

Grid spoke as he approached the three people.

The three of them were frightened and tried to resist.

“Ugh! Shit! Crazy!”

Shays movements were noticeably slow.

It was due to the debuff after being hit with Wave.

Chaaeng! Chaaeng!

Grid yawned as he blocked Shays attacks, like it was boring.

“Damn you!”

It was the moment that someone within the top 1,000 rankings was shamed!



Grid lightly avoided Shays attacks.

Then Kerb was split in half by Dainsleif as he tried to approach from the rear.

“You monster!”

Sniffer couldnt laugh anymore as he threw all the darts in his possession.

But the dozens of darts were blocked by just two golden discs.

They failed to even hit Grids cloak.

“Indeed, you guys cant even catch up with Fakers toes.”


A strike fell from the sky and struck Shay and Sniffer simultaneously.

Grid watched them turn into a grey light and once again realized how strong Faker was.

Then he turned towards Dong Pao.


Complete devastation.

Grid fired a single skill and killed three top assassins in an instant.


Dong Pao once again checked Grids level, since they were still in a party.


Grid had been level 147 the first time they met and he gained three levels on the way here to reach 150.

Yes, a mere level 150 managed to beat the level 200 Shay and the level 180 Kerb and Sniffer.

‘Is this a hidden class…

It was his turn next.

Dong Pao had tried to take money and kill Grid.


No one wouldnt want their experience to drop.

Experience wasnt the only problem.

In the worst case, a user would drop items when dying.

Dong Pao wanted to avoid death, even if he needed to kiss Grids feet.

“S-Spare me! Brother!”

Dong Pao bowed.

Grid approached him and squatted, “How many people in this place have begged you with the same emotions you are feeling now”


Dong Pao had never counted.

Looking back now, he was able to realize the great despair that the people who had been harmed by him felt.

“Im sorry! Im really sorry! Im a bastard! Brother! I wont bargain over the lives of others again! I will never commit evil again, so please spare me!”

“What It has nothing to do with me if you do this to anyone else.”

“B-But didnt you just talk about how many people I hurt here”

“I was just wondering… I am thankful for your earlier support.

I was going to distribute the items obtained from hunting with you, but now you have lost that right.


Dong Pao nodded.

“Thats right! Your words are correct! I am the trash who tried to deceive you in order to take your life and money! It doesnt make any sense for you to distribute the items to me! Of course Brother should keep the items.

So please just spare my life…!”

Dong Pao begged for his life until the last moment.

But he couldnt escape death.



Dong Paos face lost a large amount of blood at once and he quickly became like a mummy.

Grid wasnt the one who killed him.

“Dont tell me, you…”

Grid braced himself.

An unidentified woman appeared behind Dong Pao and sucked his blood like a vampire.

“Nice to meet you.”

The woman smiled through a blood-soaked mouth.

As soon as Grid saw her red eyes, many notification windows appeared in front of him.

[You have encountered Vampire Countess Marie Rose.]

[Marie Roses evil influence makes your magic power turbid.

All types of spells and skills arent available.]

[You have resisted.]

[A vampires gaze will subdue lower species.

You will lost your willpower and control over your body.]

[You have resisted.]

[Marie Roses attraction is absolute.

Her charm is so high there is even high odds of both genders being attracted.]

[You have resisted.]

Grid maintained as large a distance from Marie Rose as possible.

Then he carefully opened his mouth.

“Why did you suddenly wake up for hundreds of years when your seal isnt released Were we being too loud”

Marie Rose pointed to Malacus Cloak.

“There is the blood of thousands, maybe tens of thousands of people soaked into the cloak you are wearing.

Isnt that enough stimulation to wake me up”

Malacus, a priest of the Yatan Church, had killed countless virgins for decades.

The blood of the virgins completely covered the cloak and was a great stimulus to vampires.

“But you, arent you quite unusual You dont have strong divine powers like Rebeccas Daughters, nor do you have strong magic power like Braham, but my gaze and presence have no effect on you… How strange.”

Marie Rose appeared to be in her early 20s.

Jishuka had a glamorous beauty and Yura had a neat beauty, but Marie Roses beauty transcended them.

Her beauty was so unrealistic that it seemed like an illusion.

It was so perfect that Grid didnt feel any attraction towards her.

He wasnt bewitched at all and could stay calm.

“Isnt this strangeness interesting Are you interested enough to keep me alive I woke you up from your seal, so please do me this favor.”

Marie Rose caused the worst conditions, such as sealing of skills and controlling the body.

If she had a strong wide area skill, she would be invincible.

From 1st to 200th on the rankings, the top rankers wouldnt be able to defeat her even if they ran all at once.

It was natural for Grid to feel fear.

Marie Rose didnt dislike this.


Huhut… Lets meet again one day.”


Marie Roses beautiful body instantly turned into black powder and was blown away in the wind.

After that, Grid was concerned that Marie Rose would come back and took off his cloak.

Then he stopped as he was about to go straight to the Vatican.

He found several items on the ground.

“This is another good fortune!”

The assassins and Dong Pao dropped items after dying.

Grid quickly forgot about the fear that Marie Rose caused as he smiled and picked up the items.


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