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[Shoulder Guards of the White Tiger with the Protection of the Red Phoenix]

[Rating: Myth

Set Item (White Tiger Set/Red Phoenix Set)

Durability: Infinite   Defense: 902

* Earth attribute resistance 80%.

* Fire attribute resistance 40%.

* Dark attribute resistance 40%.

* There is a 70% reduction in the chances of a shoulder injury.

* Additional 15% defense when hit in the upper body.

* When hit in the upper body, there is a low chance of ignoring damage.]


The shoulder guards were after all, a shoulder protector.

Due to the limited protection range itself, there was a limit to the performance. Grid had seen and made countless shoulder guards but he had rarely seen one with more than 300 defense.

‘Yet this one is 902

Grid was astounded when he checked the details of the shoulder guards. He didnt know the White Tigers Breath that has absorbed the Red Phoenixs would produce such a great result.

‘If I made it into armor, it wouldve had at least 2,300 defense

It wasnt an exaggeration at all. The armor ranks in order were armor, gaiters, helmet, boots, shoulder guards, and gloves. Of course, one couldnt just classify it asarmor is the most important thing. There were unique effects for every area of armor and all of them were valid. The unique effect of the shoulder guards was to lower the possibility of a shoulder injury.

Considering that the part of the body most frequently impacted during combat was the shoulders, the shoulder guards function was highly regarded.

In fact, Grids injuries were mostly concentrated on the shoulders.

During the fight against the yangbans, he had barely supported his shoulders with the God Hands.

Grids heart filled with hope.

‘Perhaps I might be able to survive the rebound of 300,000 Army Swordsmanship.

There was a 70% reduction in the chance of a shoulder injury. This was really big.

It was seven times higher than normal shoulder guards. Grid smiled before checking the following information.

[*There is a high chance of releasingThorn when hit in the torso.

The Thorn of Hot Stone will reflect 60 percent of the damage done to the target while preventing healing for at least one second up to three seconds.

* The skillWhite Tigers Posture Engulfed in Flames has been generated.

* The skillWhite Tigers Cry Throwing Up Flames is generated.

* The skillHowling! is generated.

* The passive skillIncarnation of Earth is generated.

* Defense will increase by 10% in canyon terrain. 

* The power of wide-area skills will increase by 20% in canyon terrain.

* Decreases the targets defense and magic resistance by 10% when encountering great demons weaker than rank 22.

* If damage to the extent of destroying it is received, the durability is fixed to the minimum for 5 seconds.

There is a 10% durability recovery after this effect is over (24 hours cooldown).

★The skillRock is generated.

★The skillEarth God is generated.

★ White Tiger Set Effect

Once three set items are equipped, defense and health will increase by 10%.

★ Red Phoenix Set Effect

Once two set items are equipped, health recovery rate will increase by 20%.

Once four set items are equipped, health recovery rate will increase by 40%. 

Conditions of Use: Grid.

Weight: 450]


Since the main item was the White Tigers Breath, there were many options that overlapped with the Gaiters of the White Tiger supporting Heaven and Earth. The durability of Greed might be infinite but the effect of recovering durability was due to the effect of the epics. Howling! and Rock were completely consistent with the same skills attached to the gaiters.

Thus, the cooldown time was shared and they could be viewed asuseless options.

However, the story was different when it came to Earth God. In the case of Earth God which had a probability of activating while stepping on the ground, the probability of activation was raised due to the probability of the gaiters and shoulder guards overlapping. In addition, White Tigers Posture Engulfed in Flames and White Tigers Cry Throwing Up Flames were judged as completely different skills from White Tigers Attitude and White Tigers Cry.

[White Tigers Posture Engulfed in Flames Lv.


[Take the posture of the white tiger.

The Red Phoenixs Breath will create flames that inflict 6,000 fire damage per second (half the damage against players).

Attack power is reduced by 80% and you are unable to move, but defense will increase by 198% and health recovery increased by 50%.

Skill Mana Cost when Activated : 50 per second.

Cooldown Time: 1 hour.

* This skill doesnt share a cooldown with White Tigers Attitude.

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.]

[White Tigers Cry Throwing Up Flames Lv.


[Creates an earthquake in a five meter radius and releases flames in front of it. 

All targets within range are subjected to aloss of balance status and there is a 15% reduction in defense, evasion, and accuracy.

If the target is using a spell or skill, casting is forcibly cancelled.

Any targets hit by the fire will lose stamina.

Mana Consumption: 2,000.

Skill Cooldown Time: 30 minutes.

* This skill doesnt share a cooldown with White Tigers Cry.

* Skills attached to myth rated items can be upgraded.] 


Grid read the details of the shoulder guards over and over again. It was to make sure he hadnt read anything wrong and that there wasnt a misunderstanding. Yet no matter how many times he read it, the contents didnt change. There were no misunderstandings.

Grid quietly wore the shoulder guards on both shoulders. Two sharp protrusions like the white tigers fangs shot in the direction of the sky, putting a sense of pressure on the shoulder guards that could seem somewhat dull.


Grid was thrilled. He could feel the protection of the Four Gods and the heart of Khan from the armor, gaiters, gloves, and boots enveloping him tightly and he felt his uneasiness being washed away.

He vaguely felt protected.


It happened while Grid was moving his body around.

“Did you want to meet us”

New members of the Twelve Zodiacs emerged. They were a horse, a chicken, a pig, and a snake. The snake was 2 meters long and she raised her waist to be eye level with Grid.

“If you wanted to see us, you shouldve come to us and politely asked for a meeting.

What is with calling us to meet you”

The snake with no limbs wagged her tongue in a threatening manner.

“You are a very nasty human.

Us Twelve Zodiacs might love humans but for ignorant humans like you, it is better to start with a beating.

Now, stick out your butt.

Accept the punishment of love.”


It was an unexpected reaction. Grid expected a welcome but they were surprisingly hostile. The bewildered Grid quickly frowned. Standing behind the snake, Blue Tiger could be seen smiling.

‘She is a naughty person.

No, considering the high affinity, it didnt seem to be a meaningless prank. There must be something. The snakes eyes were swirling. “I told you to stick out your butt.”

A powerful magic struck Grid. The snakes majestic voice rang out and powerful magic swept through Grids mind.

[‘Banguli of the Twelve Zodiacs is dazzling you to make you submit.]

[You have resisted.]

[The First King title has reflected the abnormal condition.]

[You have resisted all the abnormal conditions.]

Originally, the First Kings abnormal status reflection didnt apply to targets with a certain level of reputation, status, or level. The opponent was one of the Twelve Zodiacs. Grid took the reflection failure for granted. However, Banguli didnt easily accept her failure. She never imagined that a human could resist her magic. “H-How is this human—”

“Gul! Strange! Gul!”

The vigilant Banguli slowly stepped back and a small pink pig moved forward.

Perhaps it was because she maintained her cleanliness every day but she ran forward with a refreshing flower scent and head-butted Grid.

[You have suffered 3,960 damage.]

[The Shoulder Guards of the White Tiger with the Protection of the Red Phoenix is releasing burning thorns.]

[The target has received 2,376 damage.

The target has been cursed and is unable to heal.] 

The aroma of roasted pig stimulated Grids appetite.

“Gul” The pig was puzzled after she became half-cooked from banging her forehead against Grids shoulder. Her head was stinging while she thought it was ridiculous that the human was like a mountain. Of course, she controlled her force so that the human wouldnt be seriously injured but she couldnt understand it.

“Get lost!”

Chaos ensued. The horse ran and struck at Grids thighs with her hind legs, only to squat down in pain by herself.

The chicken pecked at Grids ankle, only for her beak to be broken and she howled as if she became a rooster greeting the morning.


Silence arrived. The four members of the Twelve Zodiacs were stunned after being brutally beaten by the human. They didnt know…

Right now, the most surprised person was Grid.

“Why are they so weak...”

Were they just spirits that served the Twelve Zodiacs, not the actual members of the Twelve Zodiacs Tosun poked the side of the seriously suspicious Grid. “They arent weak.

Youre just stronger.”

“Ah.” Grid came to his senses at these words. He hadnt tasted it in a while so he had forgotten. Yes, this was being overheated. He had produced and equipped two myth rated armor so it was no wonder he was several times stronger than before.

“Hum hum, it is nice to meet you.” Grid reached out to the shocked members of the Twelve Zodiacs who were told they were weak. Then he formally introduced himself. “I am Overgeared King Grid.”

The legendary blacksmith, magic swordsman of the epics, Duke of Fire, Duke of Virtue, Duke of Wisdom, etc...

There were many titles but Grids favorite one was Overgeared King. 

“G-Grid” Bangulis tongue shook violently. “T-The person of distinction who resurrected the red phoenix”

Banguli and the others stared at Blue Tiger after finding out Grids identity. They were fiery in nature among the Twelve Zodiacs and wanted to give Blue Tiger a good beating. However, they couldnt refuse the hand that Grid was holding out so they politely grabbed it first.

Banguli had no hands and was forced to use her tongue.

“Benefactor, it is an honor to meet you.”

“You are a half-god.

Shall I call you the Overgeared God in advance Gul”

“...Overgeared God”

Wasnt this good Grid was constantly suffering from being called God of Virtue so his face became rosy at this change. “Yes, call me Overgeared God.”

It was 10 times better than virtue. Grid smiled with satisfaction and asked Banguli, “I wanted to meet you because I wanted to hear some stories.

Tell me everything about the black tortoise.

I dont care if they are trivial.”

The Four Gods were all those who benefited humanity. However, each one had a different personality. Grid took a more cautious approach because he had already resurrected the red phoenix.

He listened to Bangulis group because he believed it would be easier to revive the black tortoise if he understood the black tortoise as much as possible.


Up to a few years ago, Xing was an area inaccessible to players.

However, things had changed since the large community of poisonous rats was attacked by Grid. The players were able to leave Pangea more easily and then figure out how to get to Xing via Kars. One of them wasOld Sword Demon, the first generation high ranker who was the first ranked assassin when Faker was still a rising star. He had already left the rankings leaderboard a long time ago and was now in Xing.

‘The NPCs dont know about anything south of here.

Once he heard about the red phoenixs resurrection from an acquaintance, Old Sword Demon quietly wandered the streets that had a Chinese flavor. He flowed between the crowd like water and the place he was headed for was a small inn.

“Master, do you have cuckoo meat here”

“You mean the meat of those who make the cuckoo cuckoo sound”

“No, I want to eat cuckoo meat that is cuckoo.”


The owners eyes changed. He stared at the stern-faced Old Sword Demon and gulped.

“Wanting to find new meat at a beef restaurant, you are a lunatic. Ey, Ive had bad luck since the opening! Get out of here!”


Old Sword Demon was driven out by the owner and was stunned. He stared at the owner sprinkling salt in front of the store and turned away.

“...It was next door.”

Old Sword Demon—he was one of the greatest talents but failed all sorts of quests due to his bad sense of direction.

Finally, he could only stay away from the rankings.

“Hey, Old Sword Demon.

You are four hours late today.

You havent changed over the years.”

“Im sorry, Hwang Gildong.”

In fact, he was forced to switch to being a private ranker but he was still moving toward his goal, even if it was slower than others. The quest he was currently working on was the seizure of the Black Tortoise Jewel.


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