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Grid didnt forget. The blacksmith he encountered in a world full of human ideals. Standing in front of the shining anvil and golden clouds,he used his burning nipples to smelt metal and a lightning hammer to temper the metal. Hexetia, the god of blacksmithing. He was the ideal that every blacksmith in the world, including Grid, had to pursue.

...Except for the nipples.


Grid temporarily put Blacksmiths Skill Comparable to a God to the side, closing his eyes as he took some breaths.

‘I never thought I could beat you.

He recalled the last conversations he had with Garam. He recognized his limitations when he failed to overcome Garam, who was only qualified as a fake god. As a player, he had to bear these limits. Yes, he was a player. Not only was it difficult to exceed the growth power of named NPCs, he was overwhelmingly lacking when it came to basic stats. No matter how high he raised his level or how much he built up.

It would be an insurmountable limit even if he became a god. This was a realistic conjecture. Even if he became a god, Grids value will drop as soon as a NPC appeared as an enemy.

‘So dont try to be foolish.

Thats why he didnt say to Garam,One day, I will surely surpass you. 

He left his desperate wish as a hollow cry in his heart and simply relied on Braham and his colleagues who appeared. He felt like he would fall into the brink of suffering that could never be escaped the moment he expressed his vain wish of fighting and beating Grid. No matter how much time passed, it would be hard to beat Garam, even if he struggled insanely.

However, now his thoughts had changed. It was because the heart of the red phoenix showed new possibilities.

Recovery. Grid had the overwhelming recovery of beings who were regarded as insurmountable walls. Right now, it was a recovery that could be maintained for a few seconds at best but for a short period of time, he completely transcended the limits of a player. It wasnt a transcendence that would be common among players.

It was real transcendence.


The image in Grids mind deepened. The image of the beautiful and transparent small sword, that looked like it was carved of ice, slowly floated in his mind.

[Hexetias Small Sword]

Rating: Myth

Attack Power: 28,990



He didnt know anything else but he precisely remembered the attack power. It was considered absurd the first time he saw it. He thought it was an attack power that he would never achieve in his life. This wasnt the case anymore. This time, his recovery suggested a new possibility. The possibility that players could also have transcendent stats. Grid had the ability to experiment with the possibilities.

[Blacksmiths Skill Comparable to a God Lv.


The production button is enabled and the time it takes to make an item is greatly reduced.

A minimum of unique rated items will be produced.

There is a certain probability of producing legendary rated items.

If certain conditions are met, there is a low probability of making a myth reproduction or myth rated item.

* The stats for the items you create are 40% more than the production method.

* When crafting myth rated items, the blacksmiths faith in you will increase all stats by 30.

* The deity stat will increase by one for every three myth rated items are produced.

★ A temporarily active skill.

The myth rated items created wont accumulate.

Grid didnt even pay attention to the fact thata minimum of unique rated items will be produced. Since he pursued items above the legendary level, the epic rated and unique rated items had the same value to him. The Blacksmiths Skill Comparable to a God was a one-off skill that was activated by using Open Potential so Grid should aim for the best results.

Grid noted the effect of40% increase in the stats of production items. It was 10% higher than Genuine - (Fighting against the Gods) Legendary Blacksmiths Craftsmanship Skill. The higher the stats of the produced items, the more effective they would be.

‘I have to unconditionally make a high-grade item.

The most urgent item was armor. He needed defense to support his recovery. It didnt matter if he had a lot of recovery if his defense was useless.

‘My items are too old now.

There was the Holy Light set he swapped to when responding to magic attacks. 

Tiramet\'s Shoulderguards, the Shiny Leggings and Lantiers Cloak. Alex\'s Quick Glove, the Cone Helmet and the Overgeared Crown.

All the armor currently used by Grid were things he had acquired long ago. Even the Cone Helmet and Overgeared Crown were created before the 4th National Competition and had been in use for four years of game time.

‘The Holy Light set has been used for a long time, since the 1st National Competition...

He felt it would be shameful to be called the Overgeared King. Ordinary players were diligently gaining new equipment and improving their specs while Grid along was treasuring antiques. The wordovergeared still had a negative meaning and if they spoke to Gird, they would insist,I am a person who plays with skill, not items.

‘I dont have the answer in my current state.

Change. It should be changed. The old items might have low basic stats but he hadnt thrown them away because they had a field-specific performance.

Now they should be replaced with new ones. He was convinced from the moment he suffered 18,500 damage just by being hugged by Blue Tiger. [1]

‘I have to harden up.

Grid pulled out Khans Valhalla and the loot he got from the yangbans. There were three White Tiger Breaths, three Black Tortoise Breaths and two Red Phoenix Breaths and Blue Dragon Breaths each. The equipment used by the yangbans such as the smoking pipe, soft sword and short spear were included in the loot but the performance was somewhat lower than the items made by Grid. They were unique rated items dropped by bosses over level 400. It was quite disappointing since the items dropped by half-gods were at an unsatisfactory level.

Grid was convinced. The yangbans used the strong force they were born with and the power of the Four Auspicious Beasts that they had exploited. They didnt rely on equipment in the first place so it would be strange if their items had a good performance.

In common sense, it was a jackpot as long as they dropped one breath. In the aftermath of the National Competition, the breaths of the Four Gods seemed common but that wasnt the case from Grids viewpoint.

There were few items with as much quality as the Four Gods breaths.

Black, blue, white and red. 

Grid stared at the different colored breaths and returned all but the black one into his inventory. The black breath he chose was the Black Tortoise Breath.

“It was some time ago.”

Before coming to the East Continent, Grid had crafted items with the two breaths that were in his possession. One was a sword made from the Red Phoenix Breath. It was a growth weapon he designed to give as a gift to Lord. It was a gift that meant for Lord to grow up with the sword while Grid was away and to protect his family and people.

“I failed to smelt the Black Tortoise Breath.”

One of Grids two items was a blade made by the Black Tortoise Breath. It was planned to be a new sword but unfortunately, the results were the worst. It was so rough that he didnt feel the need to use it. It was less powerful than the items commissioned by Damian a number of years ago.

“I couldnt find a way to control the power of death inside it.”

The reason why Grids dealt well with the Red Phoenix Breath from the beginning was due to compatibility. The attributes contained in the Red Phoenix Breath were only fire and life. It was well-matched with a blacksmith who created things using fire. On the other hand, the Black Tortoise Breath that contained the power of water and death was the worst for a blacksmith. The aura of water calmed the blacksmiths fire and the aura of death hindered the blacksmiths creation. The Black Tortoise Breath possessed such a nature that it became rusty and weakened the more he smelted it.

“Thus, I want to get advice from you.

Is there a way to suppress the aura of death in the Black Tortoise Breath for a while”

Once Grid asked this question, the sacred creatures listening started to open their mouths one by one. Their expressions didnt look good.

“I dont know.”

“It will probably be tough.

The role of the black tortoise itself is the destruction ofuseless things.”

“Useless things”

“God Black Tortoise only tolerates life and materials born naturally.

Artificially created life or objects is considered harmful to everything and is extinguished.”


The attributes of the black tortoise were water and death. Grid had felt confused the first time he learned this. Water was closely associated with the birth of life so he didnt understand why it presided over death. However, at this moment, he understood. The black tortoises desire to defend all things was so strong that it became inclined to destruction.

‘Is that why not even the yangbans could use the Black Tortoise Breath easily

Strictly speaking, the yangbans were artificial beings. It would be virtually impossible for them, born for Hanul and by Hanul, to fully control the power of the black tortoise.

‘The Black Tortoise Breath is the most threatening one but they dont use it often.

There is a reason for that.

Grid smacked his lips together with regret. In fact, he had been envisioning a set of armor with the weapon breaker concept. He would create shoulderguards, leggings and helmets with the Black Tortoise Breath, creating a structure that increased his defense while corroding and weakening the targets weapon, thereby raising his defense. 

Now it seemed too hard. The Black Tortoise Breath wasnt suitable as an item crafting material. Of course, this didnt mean it was impossible. If he used materials with a strong water attribute, just like when he created Damians item, it would be sufficient to produce an item using the Black Tortoise Breath. However, in this case, only the water attribute would be emphasized and the true power of the black tortoise wouldnt be revealed.

Thus, expectations werent high.

‘I will keep the Black Tortoise Breath for now.

First, I will use the White Tiger Breath.

The White Tiger Breath lacked the ability to weaken the other side. If he compared the armor created with the White Tiger Breath and the armor created with the Black Tortoise Breath, the potential to utilize the first one would be much greater. It was just that in terms of stability, the armor created using the White Tigers Breath was overwhelmingly good. It was because the advantage of the Black Tortoise Breath was to weaken the opponent while the White Tiger Breaths defense itself was extremely high. 

Hardening, increasing weight, releasing thorns, etc...

The utility wasnt bad.

‘No, it exceeds thenot bad level.

At the time of the red phoenix resurrection battle. The yangbans were unable to control the Red Phoenix Breath and lost their recovery. Nevertheless, they avoided the deterioration of their wounds.

‘I must take advantage of the hardness of the White Tiger Breath.

They hardened their wounds area and this prevented the wounds from getting worse. After many thoughts, Grid lit up the portable furnace. It was to create new gaiters to replace the old ones, which could no longer be calledshiny.

[1] Slight change to Blue Tiger\'s information.

Blue Tiger is now the name and will be capitalized.

In addition, it has been revealed that Blue Tiger is a female.

Previous chapters will eventually be changed.


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