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Field magic made a specific range of environment advantageous to the caster. It was a magic that unfairly set abnormal conditions and was recognized as an absolute force and the sole possession of boss monsters. 

Storm Demonic Energy Field was a field magic. It was an absolute power that only blessed the caster, caused various debuffs, and attacked everyone but the caster. It wasnt an exaggeration to say that the power gained from a great demon had the greatest potential among the skills attached to the Rune of Darkness.

Yes, potential. The potential was the best. Nevertheless, there were drawbacks to the Storm Demonic Energy Field. The lightning bolts were uncontrollable, allies couldnt be identified, there was only 10,000 fixed damage, and the weather must be cloudy for immediate use.

The shortcomings might be highlighted because of the incompleteness of the skill but the conclusion was that there were many limitations to the Storm Demonic Energy Field.

Therefore, the number of times Grid benefited from the Storm Demonic Energy Field in actual combat was low.

Now the story has changed. Due to the effects of the red phoenix heart and Duke of Fire, Grids rune experienced an upheaval and became a perfect force for Grid. The Storm Demonic Energy Field was reborn as the Storm of the Fire God and the utilization was endless.

[Storm of the Fire God]

[You have realized the dignity of the newly born fire god.

-Field Effect 1-

[Divine Flames]

Unleash the latent flames in the Red Phoenixs 9th Heart to form a storm of divine flames.

The storm will control a 200 meters radius area around the caster, increasing the healing effect of all allies (except the undead or demonkin targets), including the caster, by 20%.

It will also reduce the healing effect of all enemies by 50%.

Cant be resisted.

Once a target with a reduced healing effect attempts to heal,Rage of the Fire God will cause 15,000 fixed damage and will potentially reverse the healing effect.

If the race is an undead or demonkin, they will be subject to extreme damage in the storms rage. 

-Field Effect 2-

[Fire of Willpower] 

Strengthen the Storm of the Fire God with the formless will of Duke of Fire.

All enemies in the storms range will receive theheart attribute damage proportional to the willpower and strength stat.

Fire damage that is proportional to the willpower and intelligence stats will be added.

The dual attribute damage will penetrate the defense and resistance of the target.

However, it cant damage targets with the willpower stat.

The target will suffer a high chance of being burned and will suffer from a fall in willpower.

-Field Effect 3-

Opens when the Red Phoenixs 9th Heart grows.

-Field Effect 4-

Opens when the Red Phoenixs 9th Heart grows.

-Field Effect 5-

Opens when the willpower stat reaches 2,000 points.

-Field Effect 6-

Opens when the race is changed to a half-god or god.

Resources consumed when the field is activated: 1,000 mana per second.

The time it takes to summon the field: Immediately.

Skill Cooldown Time: 20 minutes.]

It had taken 30 seconds to use Storm Demonic Energy Field when the weather wasnt cloudy. There was also the constraint that it could only be triggered with astorm, leading to the fatal weakness that it couldnt be used indoors. However, Storm of the Fire God was different. It was possible to trigger it anytime and anywhere.

Despite its fire attribute, there were no penalties for rain or water. Since the flames of the red phoenix and Duke of Fire werent common flames, they werent vulnerable to the rule that fire was weak against water. If he had to choose one regretful thing, it was that the Storm Demonic Energy Field increased the casters movement speed and gave the enemy more types of debuffs.

‘It is easy to increase movement speed with Quick Movements and Storm of the Fire God has many types of fire-based debuffs, making it far superior in strength.

The most important thing in combat was the management of health. It was absurd to say that a man who couldnt even manage his health would win the battle. Grid had watched combat videos of players praised for their control skills, such as Hao.

The techniques and timing used to manage their health were exquisite. Yet in front of the Storm of the Fire God, everyone was equal.

Forget Hao, even Kraugel would be unable to manage his health in the Storm of the Fire God. What if he could seize the timing of taking potions or when a recovery skill was used They wouldnt be able to recover properly and if they were unlucky, they would lose even more health.





Grid was clad in the storm of intense flames and stepped forward, causing the warriors of the Cho Kingdom to suffer. They were clearly frightened based on their shaky eyes.

They felt like they wanted to step back. However, they didnt back down anymore and their expressions were firmly set in place. It was valor and loyalty reminiscent of the soldiers and knights of the Overgeared Kingdom.

‘Isnt it a bit like my kids who abandoned their weapons during a war

Grid was reminded of his ignorant colleagues and shook his head, suddenly stopping in place. Most of the warriors and the king were already within the scope of the storm. Fortunately, all of them were still safe. It was because Grid had stopped the field effect at phase one.

Several of the charms secretly fired at Grid exploded in the air. This was the application of Formless Will. The current Grid easily cut down the charms with Formless Will since it was an attack that could be followed with his vision. 


The astonished daoists looked like they saw ghosts when the attacks failed. Grid turned away from them and stared at the king. The virtues necessary to get the loyalty of the people in a lower status wasnt just power and force. Grid inferred the character of the king through the attitude of Han Seokbong in the past and the attitude of the current warriors.

Thus, he gave the king a chance. Grid predicted how the Cho king would react. It was as expected...

“Everyone, withdraw!” the Cho king commanded. It wasnt an act to make Grid lower his guard. The wavering of the assassins in the shadows and the daoists behind the veil was accurately captured by Grid. There was resistance among the warriors by the kings side.

“You mean to meet the intruder who crossed the walls of the palace and doesnt even reveal his identity”

“How can we withdraw Your Majesty, please understand!”

The Cho king sighed as he looked into the air and declared, “Muyeong, you also go back.”


Muyeong was the shadow warrior of the Cho king. For decades, he never left the kings side and ensured the kings safety. Muyeong appeared by the kings side. There were no experts in the hall right now and only Grid saw the place where Muyeong appeared from.

Muyeong silently stared at Grid before bowing his head to the king and leaving. The other warriors could no longer refuse. Even Muyeong, who had been by the kings side all his life, was commanded to leave by the king.

What rights and qualifications did they have to stay The warriors resented the unidentified intruder and followed Muyeong along with the assassins and daoists.

There were only two people left in the hall, Grid and the king.

The Cho king opened his mouth first, “The deep underground malice that desires the earth.

The Five Seniors were concerned about this and gathered the yangbans together, telling them,Block the passage of hell with your bones and flesh.

It is the way to bring peace to the earth.”

It was the contents of one of the most famous myths of the East Continent. Yubo, the poet of the Cho Kingdom, had written this poem in honor of the benevolence of the Five Seniors and the devotion of the yangbans.

It was due to this poem that humanity respected the Five Seniors and the yangbans.

It was the same for the Cho king. He was born and raised in the East Continent before becoming royalty.

He had also been grateful to the Five Seniors and the yangbans, feeling a deep respect and affection for them. Then after he rose to the throne, he slowly started to feel doubts.

“It isnt just Yubos poem.

All the myths on the continent describe the sacrifices of the yangbans.

Moreover, this sacrifice was an act of benevolence.

However, I dont know about that.

The yangbans smile, wave, and practice many services for the faithful but...

I have seen them up close and know they dont love or understand humans.”

The flames surrounding the intruder waved in a beautiful manner. The Cho king was dazzled and held the flames in his hand, causing him to feel warm. It was a warmth that unknowingly caused him to tear up.

“I was taught that the Five Seniors gave birth to the Four Auspicious Beasts.

I learned that the sacred creatures took on the will of the Five Seniors and helped the yangbans block the passage to hell.

Thats it.”

There wasnt a single myth that illuminated the achievements of the Four Auspicious Beasts. All myths praised the Five Seniors and the yangbans, while the Four Auspicious Beasts played supporting roles. Yet what was the reality All of the weapons of the sacred creatures, including the Red Phoenix Bow, contained the breaths of the Four Auspicious Beasts. The main thing blocking the passage of hell wasnt the yangbans but the weapons of the sacred creatures.

“I saw the hypocritical yangbans obsessed with faith and started to have terrible thoughts.

It was actually the Four Auspicious Beasts who sacrificed themselves, not the yangbans...”

The Cho king hoped that this wasnt true. He was afraid that if his doubts were true, most myths would be distorted. He wondered if he could bear the sense of loss he would feel if he learned the world in which he and his ancestors were born and lived was false. Just then, the flames in the great hall were extinguished. The Cho king had relied on the warmth of these flames to speak with courage and was sighing with regret when the unidentified man touched his own face.


The kings eyes widened. The strange intruders face was replaced by an appearance that was known to the Cho king. Intense eyes like a bird of prey and a tightly angled jaw—it looked exactly like the description heard from the people of Pangea.

“...I was told that the king of the West, who took away my old friend and his people, gave the impression that he would never be defeated.

It was true.”

“I am Overgeared King Grid.”

The Cho king was confused but welcoming while Grids attitude was blunt. It was natural. What was the impression that he would never be defeated What was wrong with just saying that he was handsome

‘...This is a joke.

The reason why Grid had an unclear impression of the Cho king was simple—in the past, the Cho king had ordered the execution of Han Seokbong and put Sua in prison. Grid knew that it was because the king couldnt withstand the pressure of Garam and had tried hard to protect Han Seokbong and Sua from behind, but Grid still felt resentment. Now it was even worse. He doubted the yangbans yet didnt try to resist...

‘Well, it couldnt be helped.

After all, the Cho king was weak. Unlike Grid, who could revive after dying, the king took care of others with only one life. Grid barely managed to control his mind and spoke in a softer voice, “...Ill start with the bottom line.

The Four Auspicious Beasts were guardians of the land before the Five Seniors came here.

They are the real gods, not the Five Seniors and the yangbans.”


There was a dark shadow on the face of the Cho king. His eyes became dark when the doubts he felt became true. Grid asked, “I heard there is a force in the Cho Kingdom protecting me.

Did you know that”

...Of course.

I am the one who didnt want you to enter the hands of the yangbans after you protected and removed my friend and his people.”


He was a man who shouldnt be hated. No, he was a person who couldnt be hated. Grid warned the king, whose face seemed to have collapsed, “Garam will be heading for here soon.

He will hunt down and execute all the people who protected me.

You wont be safe either.”


‘I am prepared, the Cho king wanted to say this but he couldnt open his mouth. He actually hoped that such a thing wouldnt happen.

The king was lowering his head with a somber expression when Grid suggested, “Lets work together.”


“If you and I join hands, we can overcome the crisis.”


The Cho king was astonished when he saw the bow that Grid pulled out. The long-lost Red Phoenix Bow had returned with a much greater strength than before.

“Let us resurrect the red phoenix and make it the guardian god of this place.”

Grid previously thought it would take a long time to complete the Red Phoenix Guardian quest. He thought it would only be possible at least after the National Competition. However, things had changed. The Strengthened Red Phoenix Breath was more than expected and the Cho king, one of the greatest powers on the East Continent, favored him.

“Dont be afraid.

You dont have to do any hard work, we just need to revert it to the way it was.”

In fact, the person who was most afraid was Grid. He knew the reality of the Hwan Kingdom and was afraid of the suffering he would face in the future after becoming hostile to them. He realized at this moment that he didnt need to be alone. He just needed to resurrect the red phoenix.

The myth about the Five Seniors and the yangbans would be distorted and the world would find its own place. Unlike Garam, the people here werent stupid.

“The red phoenix will protect us and this land.

So if you have the breath of the red phoenix, come and give it to me.”


The Cho kings head was filled with excitement when he became puzzled. It was absurd because Grid suddenly demanded a national treasure. From his point of view, he didnt know what was going on and met a robber.


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