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[He saw an unchanging faith in the face of the coming disaster.]

The most famous protagonist of the world messages was Kraugel. He had maintained his position of supreme one for three years after Satisfy opened.

He was the first pioneer to explore many hidden fields and he uncovered the concept of hidden quests. He had made many achievements ahead of others and created the formula ofunknown person = Kraugel.

Now Grid was catching up with Kraugels record. Grids record was astonishing considering that most of Kraugels achievements were in the early days when many things werent unveiled. Unlike the early days, it was now much more difficult to monopolize the world messages alone.

Of course, no one disparaged Kraugels accomplishments. Many of Kraugels accomplishments seemed easy to get now but at that time, Kraugel was the only one who managed it among two billion people. In peoples eyes, both Kraugel and Grid looked great.

“This time, Grids epic is about religion.”

“I heard the Dominion Church is a mess.

Is he involved in this”

“Perhaps he wiped out the Yatan Church.”

“I hope so.

These days, the Yatan Church members are acting so wildly that I cant hunt properly.”

Grids fourth epic made the world buzz. Thousands of people were speculating on Grids current whereabouts. People didnt forget about Grids first epic written in Taleren Canyon. People wanted to experience it again. They wanted to share their emotions and thrills with everyone who enjoyed Satisfy by witnessing the process of the epic in real time.

Unfortunately, Grids second, third, and fourth epics were written in a place where people were absent. People had to infer Grids situation based on the writing and could only imagine it. It had its own charm but it was lacking compared to the feeling of seeing the situation directly.

“Eh” Charlesville, an ordinary level 193 that could be seen everywhere—he was dining with his friends when he suddenly dropped his fork with amazement.

“Why do you suddenly look so stupid”

“Did you connect to the game without closing the gas valve again”

“N-No, that isnt it...”



it is Grid.”

“What about Grid Tell me properly.”

Charlesvilles friends wanted to focus on Grids epic, which was coming slower than usual, and were annoyed. To them, Charlesville was babbling nonsense.

“He asked me to lend him my weapon”


They wouldnt be fooled like this. Charlesvilles friends looked at Charlesville with **-eating expressions. Charlesville felt wronged.

“No, really! Look!” Charlesville stood up from his seat and released his sword from his waist, holding it in his hand. Called the Fairly Useful Longsword, it was a rare rated level 160 sword that had a casual name and no special appearance. However, the performance was not ordinary.

It overwhelmed the other weapons of the same level in terms of pure damage and durability. In fact, it was one of Charlesvilles biggest prides. It wasnt just the good performance. The creator of the longsword was labeledunknown craftsman. Everyone knew that the identity of the unknown craftsman was Grid from a few years ago. Charlesville was very proud that his weapon was Grids work.

“Who put poison in Charles soup... Eh”

Charlesvilles friends, who were staring at the sword, suddenly become wide-eyed and stopped talking. It was because Charlesvilles sword started vibrating before it disappeared. The furious Charlesville shouted, “How about it Did you see it I lend my sword to Grid! Hahahat! Grid borrowed my weapon! Grid took my weapon!”

Similar incidents were taking place throughout Satisfy.

“Asking to borrow my weapon”

“This is really...”

[Player \'Grid\' wants to borrow your weapon 7 Mass Produced One-Handed Sword. If you accept, ownership of the 7 Mass Produced One-Handed Sword will be transferred to Grid for two minutes.]

[Player \'Grid\' wants to borrow your weapon 8 Shooting Bow. If you accept...]

[Player \'Grid\' wants to borrow your weapon 8 Smashing Mace....]

Thousands of players encountered the same notification window. The common denominator was that they had a named weapon.

No, it was that they were owners of weapons that Grid made himself. Some used them as their main weapon, like Charlesville, while others just stored them as collectibles.

Yet they were all asked the same question.

[Do you want to accept the request]

‘How can I accept in this situation

‘Does he want me to die

Peoples circumstances were different. Some people were eating like Charlesville while others were fighting monsters or PKing at the hunting grounds.

Some people were experiencing a crisis of a lifetime. This meant that not everyone could respond to Grids request. Of course, there were many people who didnt care even if their situation wasnt urgent.

‘Did Grid really send me a request No way.

Grid might be the supreme player but was it common sense to use a strange system to ask for help by borrowing other peoples weapons People were suspicious and wary of such strange situations.


‘Why should I lend it

There were many people who turned away for no reason. It was a normal reaction. No matter the circumstances, how many people would lend their items to someone else for no payment In the first place, owning Grids weapon didnt necessarily mean they had a connection to Grid. Among the works created by Grid, the best items were only distributed among the Overgeared members.

Only the items that Grid had made a long time ago or were classified as lower-grade items were circulated in the market. Many of the players currently receiving the request from Grid had never met Grid personally.

Indeed, many people turned away from Grids request. However, there were also many people who accepted Grids request. Those who accepted Grids request, even if they had no connection to him, were aware of the peculiarity of the situation.

“This is a request during the writing of the epic...”

“I dont think Ill lose anything.”

“I dont know~ Ill just lend it because its fun.”

Thousands of items left their masters hands and returned to the creators arms.


Lauel and Piaros tactics, the abilities of the knights, including Mercedes and Asmophel, and the division of the soldiers and orcs. The Overgeared soldiers and orcs allied forces quickly advanced to the Gauss Kingdom. The only enemy remaining was the 50,000 Gauss royal troops, directly led by King Nemesis.

‘Did Goldhit betray me

There was no news from Goldhit, who was left in the last fortress, and now the enemy was right in front of their noses. King Nemesis was already prepared but he felt great despair by the result that was more empty then he imagined. He just couldnt bear to express this in front of the soldiers and shouted at the soldiers with a determined expression, “This is the last battle.

Fight without leaving any regrets.

The world will say that Gauss soldiers were valiant until the end.”


Once King Nemesis took the lead, the morale of the soldiers pierced the sky. It didnt matter if the enemy had 10 times more troops than they did. They were already prepared for death and would fight bravely to defend the last honor of their home.



Gauss soldiers were chasing after King Nemesis toward the enemy when they lost momentum and stopped. It was because the leading Nemesis ordered them to stop. What happened

The Gauss Kingdoms army was hesitating when King Nemesiss voice, filled with magic power, echoed through the battlefield, “Are you recommending for me to surrender Okay.

I will be grateful if I can save the lives of my soldiers with my death.

The entire army, listen! In the future, live as the people of the Overgeared Kingdom!”

King Nemesis made a decision. The young king, who had become the ruler of a crumbling nation and only cared for his people, gave his neck for his soldiers in the last moment.

“...Hah.” Piaro was surprised by the sudden situation and lamented. The hand plow and sickle returned to his hands and he silently paid tribute to the body of King Nemesis. The knights and elite soldiers behind him similarly armed themselves again with their returned weapons.

Thats right—King Nemesis had witnessed all the enemies at the forefront standing unarmed and interpreted it as a sign recommending him to surrender, but the reality was different. The knights and soldiers of the Overgeared Kingdom merely lent their weapons to their king. King Nemesis and the Gauss armys surrender was just an absurd incident caused by King Nemesis misunderstanding.

Piaro commanded the knights and soldiers, “...For the sake of their pride, this matter must never be made known.”



[He soaked the land of the old gods with the rain of battle gears of those who believe in him and serve him.]

[He declared in the presence of the murderer dreaming of being a god and the fleeting people watching.]

[My myth will lead the world in the right direction.]

[The rain that falls now proves my qualifications.]

The epic was at its peak.

“Myth It is a myth”

The world was overturned.

[An unknown person has completed the fourth page of the epic!]

[Special compensation will be paid to all players who have contributed to the completion of the epic.]




Soon after the epic were over, people were feeling joy or sorrow. Those who loaned their weapons to Grid were filled with the ultimate joy while those who didnt lend their weapons were overwhelmed with the regrets of a lifetime. Charlesville belonged to the former. He trembled as he held the weapon that returned to him after the end of the epic.

[Your weaponFairly Useful Longsword has returned after communing with its creator,Grid, and its potential has been awakened.

Attack power and durability has increased by 10%.

This effect will only apply once per weapon.]

[There is still more potential remaining in the Fairly Useful Longsword.]

[You have become part of the fourth epic of an unknown person.

Terrain adaptation in the Pangea region of the East Continent has risen by 50% and all stats are slightly increased.]

[Once you encounter bards singing the fourth epic, you will get a special buff.]



Grids resurrection point was set to Reinhardt. However, it wasnt Reinhardt that greeted him when he resurrected after being killed by Garam. Covered with dust, it was like a small, haunted house. It was an unfamiliar space.

‘Where is this place

If a player died without setting a resurrection point, they would be resurrected at the nearest city or temple. However, Grid had set a resurrection point and this place wasnt a city or a temple.

Grid confirmed there was no movement in the bamboo forest outside the window and checked his condition first. He lost 40.6% of his experience from the death penalty, the durability of the skin mask had decreased by 1, and the Ideal Longsword was lost. The blow was great. The lost weapon could be reproduced at any time but the skin mask was an item that couldnt be repaired.

‘If Im going to die in the future, Ill have to take off the skin mask first.

At the very least, Grid didnt intend to die until he resurrected the red phoenix. Grid recalled the sensation of cutting off one of Garams ears just before he died and muttered, “Duke of Virtue...”

It was an absurd skill that used the bonds engraved into every weapon he had ever made. This wasnt all. It was also a skill that used human relationships. The effect of the duke title was so great that it surpassed Grids imagination. He thought the function of the duke titles would be similar to his second class, Duke of Wisdom.

‘Well, Duke of Wisdom is probably lacking compared to the real one.

Duke of Wisdom wasnt a power that Grid had built up.

It was Brahams knowledge that was shared and it wasnt really in his mind. On the other hand, Duke of Virtue and Duke of Fire were different. They were powers that Grid built up himself and were based on Grids foundation.

“Status Window.”

Grid had reached level 406 from killing Hangyeol and his experience was at over 80%. This meant that his level didnt decrease despite losing around 40% experience from the death penalty. Grid had a strange idea when he saw that only the strength and agility stats had turned a gold color.

‘If there is a golden ratio for strength and agility, will there also be a golden ratio between other stats

In the future, he should pay a bit more attention when observing the stats of NPCs. The moment Grid thought this...



There was an object pouring out light from the corner of the haunted house and as if in response, the Red Phoenix Breath and Red Phoenix Bow started to flash red.


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