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Sunlight seeped into white hair and eyelashes, causing them to shine transparently like a snowfield.

The pupils below it were a clear blue, like the sea under the clouds. There were no blemishes on the skin that seemed to be sprayed by white paint.

The thick nose and pink lips were also in harmony, making people wonder if there was a more beautiful woman in the world.

-So pretty. 

The viewers flocked to Reshs video the moment it went live. They were captivated by the sight of the white Mercedes on the screen. Both men and women were fascinated by her beauty and unaware of the situation in the video. Then suddenly...

-It is real...

The viewers were shocked. The battle between Mercedes and Lee Jeong was so high-level they could only see that it wasover Grid.

Then Kyle suddenly awakened in a manner reminiscent of a final boss. Kyles momentary presence was so fearsome that it gave the impression that even the famous legendary farmer was no match for Kyle.

 -Ah, it is the end.

The audience groaned. Surrounded by Kyle and the followers, Mercedes quickly received serious injuries and became bloody. At this moment...


Demon King Grid appeared. His appearance of wielding lightning and pullingFinal Boss Kyle out of the current threatening Mercedes was more ferocious than any other predator. Then...

[email protected]!%#

Reshs livestream was over. Disconnecting at the most important moment Did he want to record the video for himself and sell them later at a higher fee Resh, who they thought was a chivalrous knight, had already become a broadcaster.

The reporters who heard the rumors rushed to the Forest of the World Tree.


For a few minutes, Kyle had showed the grandeur of a final boss. Now he was reduced to a folding screen.

‘Crazy bastards.

The empire and Overgeared Kingdom were allies. However, the Sword Knights were direct knights under Dulandal and Dulandal was the traitor wanting to overthrow the current empire. The monstrous Grid was believed to have a deep relationship with Empress Basara.

Overgeared King Grid was likely to be their enemy and the Sword Knights had to keep this in mind.

Yet they were cheering for Grid. They shouted at and thanked Grid for being cool when Amelda said she wouldnt betray her liege. They knew the identity of the person who cleared the former Red Knights was Grid. It was impossible for them to not know the circumstances now that Piaro and Asmophel served Grid.

“Hooray King Grid!”

“King Grid, please lead the seniors well...!”

The Sword Knights became knights because they admired the Red Knights of Piaros era. In fact, they hadnt aimed their swords at Asmophels party.

They cheered on Asmophels party, leaving the tyrant Kyle to struggle to the very end.

‘Stupid, stupid.

The extras in a third-rate play wont be as simple and flat as you.

Kyles ridicule increased. In his eyes, the Sword Knights were pathetic. It wasnt normal to support those who would be hostile to them. No, was there any need to discuss the distant future Kyle had pushed Asmophel and Mercedes to the brink of death. By the way, Kyle was the commander-in-chief of the Sword Knights. Both Kyle and the Sword Knights were in a position to be executed by Grid right away.

‘These idiots dont have a sense of reality...

...No, wait. Kyle currently wasnt in a position to laugh at them.


The smirking Kyle soon bowed his head. His eyes were suddenly cold.

‘Im pathetic.

It was a meaningless life. After losing one arm to Grid, he tried to become stronger but failed to achieve it. Rather than getting revenge, he couldnt even make eye contact properly and succumbed. Was there any other human in the world more pathetic than him Certainly not. There were none worse than him among thesignificantly weak he had previously dealt with. Even the elves and that knight called Resh had kept their convictions as they were killed.

On the other hand, he couldnt even get vengeance, let alone maintain his conviction. The power he accumulated had succumbed to fear. He even wanted to pee.

‘At this age...

He wanted to die. He wanted to clear the rumors even if he died.


The hands made of hard, cold metal. Kyle, who was restrained by self-moving golden hands, started to emit an electric current. His condition was the best since he recovered by consuming Origin True Energy. He had remained due to his fear of Grid but things had changed.

‘Im going to die.

He became determined and was no longer afraid. Kyle shook off the God Hands by exploding the electric currents in his body and held a dagger in his hand. He tried to slam it into his neck. 

There were ripples in the puddles of blood from the battle. They transformed into a pillar of blood and struck Kyle, restraining him from acting. It was an expression of blood magic that transcended common sense in all aspects of power and speed. A silver-haired boy growled as he bared his teeth to the flustered Kyle. “A prisoner shouldnt move arbitrarily.”

‘This is crazy.

He couldnt even die at will No, Grid had too many subordinates. From Asmophel, Mercedes, Piaro, the direct descendant vampire, and the orc lord...

Each one was an opponent that Kyle couldnt easily beat. In particular, that human Piaro...

he wasnt human.

His demonic talent had been seen since he was young. 

Kyle was certain. ‘Im certain...

Grid is truly the Undefeated Kings descendant.

Not only did this monster have the swordsmanship of the Undefeated King, he also used magic and the power of the blue dragon. He wasnt alone, unlike the Undefeated King.

He had a number of minions, each of them powerful enough to single-handedly devastate a fortress. Revenge on Grid was impossible from the very beginning. It was a difference in force.

“...Yes, do whatever you want to me, whether it is to boil me or bake me.”

He would accept it, no matter how terrible the torture. The moment Kyle realized this, he put everything down. He was determined to experience the miserable state of the weak.


Step. Step.

Grid was approaching. Kyle flinched and the current hovering around his body disappeared.

Step. Step.

Kyles entire body trembled as Grid drew closer.

The bladder and sphincter became loosened.

Grid asked the completely pale Kyle, “Is the war god hostile to me”

Grid remembered the sudden quest that occurred at the Ruins of the War God.

[Follower of the War God, Kyle]

[Difficulty: SSS

One of the Five Pillars, Kyle visited the ruins under the command of the emperor.

Then he met the War God.

He believed that the path of martial arts proposed by the war god was a blessing and became an ardent follower.

Fight and win against him who came running to kill you under the order of the war god!]

These were the contents. It had a difficulty of SSS so Grid couldnt easily forget it. Grid noted that Kyle had beencommanded by the war god. There were many sections that pricked him. Grid had done many things that mightve offended the war god. Kyle grasped the intentions behind the question and shook his head.

“The war god, to you...!”


Kyle was so shaken that he bit his tongue. His pained and sweaty appearance as he bled from his mouth caused Grid to think,Braham is truly great. Kyle was obviously a monster. The effect of the Kings Sword was to observe his people and soldiers.

In other words, it was impossible to see Kyles details because it only worked on allies.

Even so, Grid was certain.

This person was at least equal to Mercedes and Piaro. Yet this monster became a gentle sheep in front of Grid.

No, it went beyond gentleness. Grid wasnt the great one. This was the butterfly effect caused by Braham. Grid wouldve died at least twice if Braham hadnt instilled trauma in Kyle. Grid was in thought when the still bleeding Kyle spoke, “T-The war god isnt hostile to you.

He is interested…”

“Yet you tried to kill me because of the war gods order”


Kyle seemed to want to hide something. He kept mumbling as he kept avoiding Grids gaze. Grid frowned with frustration. Then Kyle once again bit his tongue and barely maintained his grip on his bladder.

“I-I said I wanted to get revenge on you and that I would like to give it a try...

thats it…”

“I see.”

Grid was relieved after finding out the truth of the quest. He had no intention of becoming hostile to the gods. It was annoying and dangerous to have the hatred of Garam, who was only adescendant of a god.

What if he actually had the hatred of a god It should never happen.

‘Additionally, Kyle is special among the followers of the war god.

Most war god followers had no sense of reason and were classified as monsters.

On the other hand, Kyle was a super-named NPC and a follower.

Lee Jeong, who was believed to have an important position among the war god followers, tried to protect Kyle to the very end. It could be seen from this that the war god had a pretty big liking towards Kyle. Of course, it was a type of liking when seeing a funny toy. 

‘In any case, I can be seen as being hostile to the war god if I kill this guy.

He should avoid killing Kyle with his own hands as much as possible. Moreover, there was the most important fact.

‘I dont have to kill him.

Kyles alignment was close to evil. He also threatened Asmophel and Mercedes. Yet Grid needed to maintain his composure. This wasnt an opponent to be emotional toward.

Kyles usefulness value was too high.

“Kyle.” Grid thought about it a moment before speaking to Kyle, “You are a pillar of Saharan.

I have no intention of harming you, despite the argument through a misunderstanding.”


Kyle and the Sword Knights had shaky eyes. Meanwhile, all the knights on Grids side were calm.

Asmophel, who was about to die because of Kyle, was quiet and showed no signs of agitation. He has served Grid for a long time, and he has neither been dissatisfied with nor questioned Grid\'s decision.

In the end, Kyle was forced to ask a question, “What does that mean It wasnt a misunderstanding.

It was a conflict and you...

Your Majesty, shouldnt you know better than anyone else I tried to hurt Your Majestys knights and even showed hostility to Your Majesty...”

“Arent they all safe”

Kyle was afraid of Grid. It was because of this deep-rooted fear that he couldnt disobey Grid. In fact, Grid had experienced it many times.

Grid was convinced that he could control Kyle. Grid smiled as widely as possible. He reproduced Brahams arrogant personality.

“You can forget about the past and do well in the future.

If another misunderstanding causes you to make the same mistake...

Ill cut off all your limbs and then cut off the ones that grow back.

Therefore, keep your head straight.”

“H-Heok! U-Understood! I will keep that in mind!!”

The terrified Kyle hurriedly bowed. The pride of the person who coveted the ultimate martial arts There was no need for that. Kyle was faithful to the providence of power. What pride was needed against the strongest person he couldnt fight

Thus, War God Follower Kyle virtually became Grids minion. It was a snowball effect created by Braham.


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