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‘I will kill you because you are stronger than me.

Asmophels serious declaration contained a misuse of words. It was the right of the strong to kill or spare someone. If the weak talked about life and death, then it was likely that anger would rise beyond the absurdity.

‘Daring to deny the providence of power—this is a blasphemy against the war god!

It happened from the time he experienced the miracle of the war god. No, Kyle had already become a fanatic the moment he peeked at the ultimate technique presented by the war god. Dignity and rule of law were all created by strength. He was fully educated in this type of belief and only revered strength.

\'I will teach you providence.

You will learn with your death. 

Kyle gritted his teeth. He was certain there were no variables to worry about as he knew the meaning of AsmophelsFire Sword title and his Flower technique.

‘I just need to watch carefully.

Most people didnt know it, but Asmophels swordsmanship didnt only exert power when it blossomed.

It also exerted power when it gave out a sparky glow. Kyle needed to be careful, but if he paid attention, there was nothing Asmophel could do to make up for their difference in skill.

After being hit by the sheath, Kyles eyes started to recover quickly. The electric current became his blood, his flesh, and then his bone. It was the result of using the best regeneration technique, just like when he restored the arm that he had lost a long time ago. This was a power he had learned because of the war god. It was literally a miracle.

‘The method consumes so much stamina that it is hidden in a number of secret techniques.

There was no chance. Nothing would work against him... 

“Free Farming.”

“...” Kyle, who was wary of Asmophel, doubted his ears as he checked his recovered vision. Supreme Swordsmanship, the swordsmanship that was passed through Piaros family for generations—it was the power that symbolized Piaro. Kyle never dreamed that Asmophel would use Supreme Swordsmanship.

‘...No, did I hear it wrong

He was so perplexed that he was mistaken for a moment.

It seemed to have been a different name from Supreme Swordsmanship.

(TL: Supreme Swordsmanship and Free Farming are only different in one character, so they sound similar) 

Still, it was only for a moment. Kyles thoughts were complicated.

“Altered Style.” Asmophel succeeded in reproducing the power of the number of Piaro.

“W-What is this” 

Kyles currents, which had been spread out like a spider web in all directions in preparation for Mercedes intervention, started to vibrate simultaneously. It was a warning of danger.

“...!” Kyle belatedly noticed the forest was covered by darkness and looked up reflexively. Then he witnessed it. A huge pillar was falling from the sky.

‘A tree trunk

It had the form of a trunk that had been increased by thousands or tens of thousands in size. The falling pillar was covered by thousands of thorns.

They were big and sharp thorns that would pierce the body with a slight touch.

“Youve mastered a weird trick!”

The Power of the Number Two—Asmophels unique characteristic that developed out of his desire to surpass the number one was a power that Kyle didnt know about. He never imagined that the basis of the farming method reproduced by Asmophel was Piaro.

Thats right. Asmophel wasnt using Piaros Supreme Swordsmanship. Where did he learn a strange skill with a name so similar that it made him sound cool

Kyle became incandescent. It was the first time he showed off his power, which had previously only been used for attack and propulsion. He became an electric current itself. One foot late, a pillar fell over Kyle\'s head. It devoured Kyle without a trace and crushed the entire forest within a 20-meter-radius.





Mercedes was able to see Asmophels abilities with Keen Insight. Everyone except for her was speechless. She knew Asmophel was strong, but she hadnt known it was to this extent. Asmophels power, which caused a disaster to fall onto a single human, shocked the Sword Knights and the former single digit knights.

Player Resh was also surprised in a different sense.

‘Is he also a farmer

Free Farming—the dramatic play of the legendary farmer Piaro against Great Demon Belial was a video that received billions of views. Resh never thought Asmophel could use it as well...

Was the Overgeared Kingdom a training center for farmers Were the former single digit knights gathered together because they wanted to be farmers Then it happened when Resh was thinking seriously.


Pant... Grab the elves and flee.” In the silence, Asmophel barely opened his mouth while gasping roughly.

“I didn\'t kill him.”

Simultaneously, a flash of lightning flew toward Asmophels chest. It wasnt just one. The lightning struck again and again, turning Asmophels body into rags. Finally, Asmophel sat down like a broken doll. Then the bombardment stopped. The white light stopped by Asmophel and gradually took a human form. It was Kyles hand that viciously grabbed Asmophels golden hair.

“You have humiliated me in all sorts of ways.

This weak thing...

This weak thing!” Kyle gritted his teeth.

His body, which had shaken off the electric current and returned to human form, was almost half crushed. It was an unexpected result for Kyle. In the electric current state, his body didnt involve any physical force, and his resistance to all properties was significantly increased. With such a formula, it meant that he was expected to be fine, even if he was hit by the pillar.

However, the pillar was a concentration of energy superior to sword energy, and it was powerful enough to seriously injure the electrified Kyle. It was natural. Asmophel recreated Piaros suppression energy that was the power of nature itself. It was impossible for Kyle to fully handle the power that destroyed even the body of a great demon.

“Kuaaaaah!” Kyle roared as he almost died to an opponent weaker than him. He had sinned against the war god by denying the providence of power. It was clear the war god would be disappointed in him. He might not be able to learn the ultimate technique.

“You...! You!!” All sorts of anxiety and anger shook Kyles sense of reason. He was unrelenting in his desire to kill Asmophel. A spear of electricity aimed at Asmophels neck. Of course, his attack was in vain. It was because Mercedes came out. A shield surrounded by sword energy changed the trajectory of the electric spear, and simultaneously, Kyles jaw was hit. The ensuing attack was a kick with rotational power.


Kyles appearance of being successively struck in the chin and back like a frog confused many people. Would it be so easy for her to beat the person who defeated three single digit knights and Asmophel alone

‘...No, it wont be easy, the Sword Knights denied it. Even Resh, who wanted Kyle to die, had this thought,Is he so hurt and agitated that he let down his vigilance for a while 

It was as expected.

“Kuoock...! Shit! Dammit! Like one! Like one...!” Kyle rose up again.

There was blood in his eyes as he electrified his left arm and swung it like a whip. It all happened in an instant. Resh and the Sword Knights simple saw it asa lightning bolt struck Mercedes head. However, Mercedes stood up and blocked that lightning bolt with her shield.

“This is crazy!”

Every time Kyle wielded the whip, the Sword Knights saw flashes of lightning. Eventually, dozens of lightning bolts were created at the same time, and they flew to enter Mercedes defense. Even so...


Mercedes was fine without a single scratch. Her white hair wasnt in disarray, as if not even static electricity was allowed to touch her. Kyle was speechless. Mercedes sheer speed and agility prevented all close combat while his electric currents were nullified by a single shield. It wasnt even an iron shield. 

‘Even if the electric currents are offset by sword energy, it is normal for the residuals to remain.

It was a natural phenomenon for the residual energy to seep into the shield, transfer to the armor, and electrocute Mercedes. So, how did she manage to block it In the incomprehensible chaos that deepened, Kyle continued to wield his whip as he suddenly realized something. His vision was blurring.

“Ah...” Kyle looked down at his body. His ribs were all crushed, and his back was half torn.

White bones were exposed below his rattling left shoulder. It wouldnt be strange if he died soon. Out of instinct, most of the electric currents were invested into wound recovery, which would weaken his damage. Since the opponent was a knight with Keen Insight, his weak spots wouldve been attacked without his knowledge.

‘It isnt possible.

There were no odds of victory. He hadnt calculated that he would suffer so much damage from Asmophel.

Stagger. One step.


Two steps.

Kyle slowly stepped back from Mercedes. He was making calculations.

‘At this point, even the arrogant 12 Te would be running over.

The 12 Te had heavy buttocks.

They thoroughly maintained their position unless it was a very special case. Now that the World Trees Forest was so badly damaged, it should count as one of the special cases.

‘I have to leave here.

It wasnt too late. If the Sword Knights shielded him, he would be able to avoid Mercedes pursuit. However, even his Origin True Energy would be exhausted if he got surrounded by the 12 Te.

He needed to hurry.


Buy me some time,” Kyle commanded.

“...I dont want to,” the Sword Knights refused the order.

“...” The perplexed Kyle shouted, “I am an agent of Prince Dulandal! Here, I am your master! You dare to reject the orders of your master despite being knights”

Kyle was ugly in his fury. The Sword Knights squirmed, but it was Resh who stepped forward.

“We have already broken the knights chivalric code once.

It was at your command.

It isnt hard to break the chivalric code once more.”

“But this isnt about the chivalric code.

It is treason! Do you think Dulandal will keep you alive”

“I feel like I will die if I fight here.

If Im going to die anyway, I will choose to avoid killing meaninglessly.”

Resh and the Sword Knights looked around. The elves were holding their bows. They had surrounded the knights from the moment that Mercedes group arrived. There was no way for them to survive anyway.


Ill tear you apart and kill you...”

Kyle wouldnt die. He might take a lot of damage without the knights as his shield, but he would eventually be able to escape. Kyle started to raise his Origin True Energy, and the currents that surrounded him grew to an unprecedented strength. At this moment, unidentified figures in gray clothing fell around Kyle. One of them bizarrely had his eyes covered.


We received a divine message and have come to save you.”

It was the appearance of the followers of the war god active on the West Continent. They tried to use the Light Footwork Technique to take Kyle away.

“All of you cant run away.” Mercedes blocked the path of the followers with a white transparent sword.


The cries of a tiger filled the forest. Arrows poured down like rain, bushes hindered their vision, and there were sharp thorns and bumpy rocks. The war god followers, who had been leisurely breaking through all the obstacles, lost their balance and started to fall down.


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