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Chapter 111

He couldnt see a way to escape.

Grid decided that he needed to defeat the Guardian of the Labyrinth to escape, and grabbed Dainsleif.

Then he took advantage of his high agility to leap up the wall.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship…!”

Grid used the sword dance while in the air! Then he appeared in front of the guardians face and stabbed Dainsleif in deeply.




[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 68,700 damage.]


The Guardian of the Labyrinth shook after being stabbed with Kill.

Thousands of kilograms were pushed back.

It was a testament to the tremendous weight behind Kill.

“Okay! I can do it!”

Kill was a skill that dealt 1,500% of the casters current damage.

It was unfortunate that it was a single target skill, but the attack power was the best among all existing skills in Satisfy.

It was also the skill that dealt the last blow to Malacus.

Even if it was a boss monster, how safe could the guardian be after being hit directly in the face

Grid landed on the ground and shouted excitedly.

“I dealt nearly 70,000 damage in one blow! Its possible! I can knock him down!”

Before falling here.

Grid had hunted dozens of golems in the labyrinth and found that the golems had an average health of 80,000.

The golems had extremely low health in exchange for their defense.

Based on that, he guessed that the Guardian of the Labyrinth had low health like the golems.

But what was this


Grid had been grinning at the thought of succeeding in a one-man raid, only to suddenly stiffen with astonishment.

He had confirmed the health gauge of the Guardian of the Labyrinth.

“This is nonsense… His blood barely decreased”

Thats right.

The Guardian of the Labyrinth had high defense and high health.

This was Grids strongest attack skill.

No, Kill was one of the strongest attack skills in Satisfy and it was even a critical hit, but only 1/15th of the guardians health was decreased.

‘Using simple calculations, I have to hit it with Kill 15 times.

It also needs a critical attack every time…

As it happened, the cooldown time for Kill was 500 seconds.

But Grid felt surprisingly positive.

‘Kill isnt the only skill I have!

Grid pulled out the Ideal Dagger.

Then he aimed Wind Blast at the bottom of the Guardian of the Labyrinth.

[You have dealt 1 damage.]

Wind Blasts attack power was unable to even scratch the Guardian of the Labyrinth.

It was unable to penetrate the high defense.

But Grid wasnt disappointed.

In the first place, Wind Blast was only used to block the guardians gaze.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Link!”

While the guardian was paying attention to Wind Blast, Grid used Quick Movements to approach the guardian and wielded Dainsleif eight times.

Jjejeong! Jjang! Jjejejeok!

Link had a shorter casting time, less mana cost, and a shorter cooldown time than Kill.

It was also a skill that dealt 500% of his attack power.

It was weaker than Kill, but it was efficient and strong compared to other skills.

Link should be able to inflict damage on the guardian.

Grid thought like this, but reality was quite different.

Links damage couldnt penetrate the guardians high defense.

[You have dealt 3,500 damage.]

“Shit! Isnt this difference too much”

Grid was confused because the damage wasnt applied properly due to the overwhelming defense.

His confidence declined rapidly.

‘Can I really catch this monster


The Guardian of the Labyrinth took one step towards Grid.

Grid had secured a safe distance, but the guardian was so big that it narrowed the distance in just one step.


The Guardian of the Labyrinth roared and brought down its huge hand.

It was like Grid was a fly.


It was fortunate that the golems movement speed was slow.

Grid easily avoided the attack of the guardian.

The guardians hand struck the ground.

The entire underground space shook, causing Grid to wobble.

‘This is a complete earthquake…!

Grid lost his balance while the guardians hand came flying towards him again.

Kwaang! Kwaang! Kwaaaaang!


It was like the palm of Buddha.

Every time Grid escaped an attack, the guardians hand would strike the walls or ground, causing stones to fall from the ceiling and threaten Grid.

Then the wide underground space became quite limited.

The collapsed walls and debris from the ceiling was to blame.

“Im screwed.”

As the space narrowed, his avenues of retreat decreased.

There was now a limit to how much he could dodge.


The guardian roared in a way that indicated it was the end.

Then it swung both hands at the same time.

Huge hands flying from both the left and the right! The size of one hand was twice as big as Grid, so his visibility was blocked when the big hands came flying from both sides.

‘Its impossible to avoid.

There is no hole to escape into.

He could defend with the Divine Shield, but it seemed like the shield would break.

At that moment.

The urgent cry of a woman was heard from the broken ceiling where Grid fell.


The woman calling out to Grid was Jishuka.

She came to pick Grid up because he was lost in the labyrinth.

Then she had rushed over when Grid didnt reply in the guild chat and felt the shockwave.

And now.

She arrived to witness Grids moment of death.

“He cant avoid this.”

Vantner muttered from beside Jishuka as Grid seemed to be swallowed by both hands.

Thats right.

Grids death was natural.

How could a non-magician exert any power against that giant golem in the first place Grid was helpless.

It was just questionable on how stupid Grid was to deal with this monster alone.

Then something amazing happened.

“If I cant avoid it, then I should confront it.”

They heard Grids voice.


A red spark occurred around Grid just before he was swallowed by the guardians hands.



A red lightning bolt appeared from the ceiling and fell towards the guardians head.


The body of the guardian convulsed like it was experiencing an electric shock and then it stopped moving.

It turned bright red for a moment.

The red lightning bolt seemed to have a much higher voltage than normal lightning bolts.

Jishuka and Vantner were shocked as they watched from above.

“Magic Grid can use magic”

“Red lightning… This is the first time Ive seen such magic.”

And Grid was clearly unharmed.

Grid escaped through the gaps caused by the paused guardian and smiled.

“Isnt this effect quite good”

A red bead the size of a small skull was in his left hand.

It was the Red Lightning Summoning Bead that he obtained after raiding the frostlight orc chief.

The treasure had been lying in his inventory and saved Grids life at this moment.

Pachichik! Pachik!

The red sparks surrounded Dainsleif.

It was a chance to get revenge on the monster in front of him.

Before he knew it, the cooldown time of Kill was over.

Grid started his sword dance.



[The Best Gauntlets option effect is activated, causing you to attack the target twice.]

[You have dealt 141,000 damage.]

Dainsleif was temporarily a magic sword due to the lightning attribute.

The Guardian of the Labyrinth had extremely high physical defense and low magic defense.

Grids Kill dealt two times more damage than before.

“Too strong!”

“His strength is just a scam.”

Jishuka and Vantner thought it was absurd as 1/10th of a boss monsters health decreased with just one blow.

The Guardian of the Forest became nervous because of the unexpected damage and swung its left and right arms more quickly than before.

“Yes! Come on, you bastard!”

This time, Grid didnt try to escape.

He fought back with Dainsleif.

Jjang! Jjaaang! Kwaang!

The energy of the red lightning within Dainsleif was truly great.

The guardians arms turned red every time it encountered Dainsleif and smoke rose.

Some parts even stiffened.

The Guardian of the Labyrinth panicked.

As it prepared to retreat, Grid pulled out his blacksmith hammer.

Then he hit the guardians arm.



Grid scoffed.

The guardians body was being transformed by the hammering.

‘Isnt this similar to forging smelted minerals

This was great!

Kaaang! Kaaang! Kaaang!

Grid moved all over the guardian and kept hammering the arms.

Then a sudden change in the guardians arms was seen.

The wrist and elbow joints disappeared, while the five fingers were flattened.

Now the guardians arms were nothing more than heavy pillars.


The guardian was perplexed as its arms didnt work as intended.

The guardian swung its arms at random.

The underground space was now in a state of perfect collapse.

If this was to be Grids grave, he was determined to die with the guardian.

Therefore, he took out a mana recovery potion.

Then he started a new sword dance.

“Pagmas Swordsmanship, Transcend.”

It was a skill he never tried to use because of a lack of mana.

But he had invested his stats in intelligence with every level up and he also had Malacus Cloak, giving him enough mana to use this skill.


A sword dance that transcends imagination.

Your attack power is doubled and your default attacks will turn into ranged attacks.

The air around Grid quickly reversed.


It was like gravity was reversing.

Grids hair rose like the heroes of old anime and stones floated in the air.

In the center of it, Grid wielded Dainsleif.

Then a dark energy blade shot forward.


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