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There was a saying about formality. Yet the king of a country pulling out a cloth and spreading it out around himself... This was a sight that Limit had never imagined in his lifetime. Flap. In a moment of desperation, Grid unfolded the cloth. The explosion of light, that shouldve swallowed up Grid and Limit, was sucked into the cloth.



Silence flowed. From Limit, who had maintained a serious expression since he first appeared, to Biplonz who was watching the situation, Ke ong who was dozing off from boredom as the battle lengthened, the dukes, and the unidentified prisoners all over the place… Everyone in the Abyss briefly lost their wits.

It meant that the legacy of the legendary tailor was so great. Was there an unbelievable modifier in front of the name

[Mysterious Cloth]

[Rating: Legendary

Durability: None

A four-dimensional cloth that neutralizes damage of theexplosion type.

Once the cloth is unfolded at the explosion point, all the explosive energy is absorbed into the cloth.

Skill Cooldown Time: 10 minutes.]

“...It was an explosion caused by consuming Origin True Energy.

It had the power to blow up even the gates of the imperial palace which is covered by all types of protective spells.

Yet you blocked it” The visibly shocked Limit murmured.

Limits gaze was fixed on the cloth that Grid was holding, and he finally asked a question, “What is the identity of that artifact Is it a treasure of a dragon”

“You dont need to know,” Grid declared coldly while recovering the cloth.

He had no intention of kindly explaining it.

Duguen, duguen. Grid didnt show it outwardly, but his heart was beating fast enough to explode.

His fingertips, obscured by the darkness of the Abyss, were shaking. He was still dazed. After all, he would be dead if he had pulled it out even 0.1 seconds late. Coke wouldve also died, and Grid wouldve missed the opportunity to rescue the dukes. It wouldve been the worst.

‘It would be better to have one more talent.

Grid also had a surprisingly modest side to him. It was the side which involved talent. Talent—it was something that couldnt be obtained with effort. Grid knew this fact bitterly because he knew geniuses. A typical example of a genius was Kraugel. Grid knew the many ways that Kraugel was superior to himself, and he humbly accepted it.

He admired and envied Kraugel.

However, there was only one area. Grid was proud that thisitem swap rate was faster than Kraugels. It was natural for Grid to be proud. He had overcome all types of crises and used more items than anyone else. Out of two billion players, the one who swapped items the most often was probably Grid.

The speed at which items were swapped was bound to be tempered. The speed at which Grid identified, replaced, and wore items from the inventory was so fast that even Kraugel couldnt surpass him.


He was the only person in the world who could survive this situation. If Kraugel were in the same situation, he would die before managing to pull out the Mysterious Cloth. Grid was proud for a moment only to suddenly fall into reflection time. The only thing he could be proud of was the speed at which he swapped his items... Grid was thinking too modestly. 

He clicked his tongue and pointed his sword at Limit again. Grid and Limit both knew it. This long fight was coming to an end. Limit had difficulty using his sword because of the consumption of Origin True Energy, and he barely managed to open his white lips.

“Youre looking at me like you want to consume me.

Yes, people like you wont understand me for the rest of your life.”


“I was born with the fate to be the best and I tried hard my whole life, but I had no talent.

I was covered by the shade of the genius Piaro and was treated as the shame of my family.”


“I wont forget my fathers dying gaze on me, even on my deathbed.”

They had been eyes filled with disappointment and resentment, yet they still pierced Limits chest like a dagger.

“I wanted to be the best.

I wanted to share my loyalty to the empire and the emperor as well as the friendship with my colleagues after becoming the best.”

Things had progressed too far to postpone it. Limit just wanted to pull out the beast stuck in his chest. He had become an unfaithful traitor, an ignorant evil.

It was irreversible. In the end, he was forced to hold the hand of the empress.

“If only I had been born a genius who saw reason instead of a criminal who didnt come to his senses...

If I...”


Limit was a very important figure in the empire.

He would surely have a special story. Grid frowned once he heard what Limit was saying. It was strange to hear these words. A criminal who didnt come to his senses... Just listening to them caused Grid to be in a bad mood.

“I dont know what you want to say.

Stop with the sophistry.

Even a dumb idiot knows that he shouldnt betray his colleagues.

They dont stab people in the back.

You pushed Piaro and Asmophel into the abyss of despair and hurt the three dukes.

You are corrupted in mind and spirit.”

“...!” Limits eyes, which had lost their light, suddenly grew bigger. He realized it. Everything was an excuse. Yes, he was just a warped human being. It was only a petty jealousy that made him deceive the royal family and rob Piaro and Asmophel of their lives. His expectations, disappointments, and resentments didnt exempt him from his sins.

Limit returned his sword to the sheath hanging from his waist. He became empty-handed and spoke in a lonely tone, “Kill me as painfully as possible.

I dont deserve to find rest.

Additionally, I hope you pass this onto Piaro and Asmophel if you get a chance in the future.

I am sorry.”

Limits gaze was directed toward the prison behind Grid. This apology was for them as well. Limit was telling this to the dukes.

Grid was very surprised. Limits eyes, which used to be self-righteous and arrogant, were as deep and clear as Sticks eyes. A man like Limit was accepting death on his own—this was a development Grid had never dreamed of. He wondered if Limit had also been affected by the Yatan Essence. However, the truth was unknown.

“...Overgeared King,” Grenhals voice rang out from the rear, “Your Majesty, please finish him off.

If he survives here and is punished by His Majesty the Emperor, he isnt the only one who will be killed.

His family will also be wiped out.”

“...” Grid didnt have to ask which option was better. Grenhal had suffered lifelong distress for his failure to protect Piaros family. Grid was at odds with Limit, but he didnt want to repeat the history of suffering. Grid spoke as casually as possible, “I intended to do so in the first place.

I have to deal payback onto the enemies of my knights.”

His mind felt a bit heavy. Originally, he shouldve slashed Limits throat with a cheerful heart, but the conversation became poisonous. Grid took a deep breath and slowly approached Limit. It was a precursor of a sword dance. Limit faced the sword dance and seemed to hear music.

The ground around Grid started cracking. The transcendent energy that appeared in myths stirred the earth and the atmosphere. Some of the swirling air currents changed sharply and formed a vortex. It was the expression of Brahams Wind Cutter. The black-gold sword started to glow white as Weapon Enchant attached to Pinnacle was activated. The killing intent that couldnt be measured caused the skin of everyone present to become numb. 

“Transcended Linked Kill Pinnacle.”

It was the fifth sword dance that Grid had fused together. As far as single-target destructive skills were concerned, the ultimate technique that transcended Linked Kill Flower Pinnacle cut at Limit. It was a courtesy to Limit, not theSword Duke. Grid released it into the world for the first time as a courtesy for the opponent who at least respected his ability. He was thankful.

“...” Limit, who was suffering in pain since the very beginning, was liberated from his pain. His death was instantaneous and calm. The empires greatest talent turned to ash. Only one player defeated the Sword Duke.

“What” Resh couldnt say anything. This death was unrealistic for him, who had experienced Limits strength just a short time ago.

On the other hand, Coke formed two tight fists and accepted reality.

“As expected of Grid...

I knew he could do it.”


He knew Grid could do it He believed that one player would defeat one of the strongest NPCs Resh was frankly unconvinced.

This was like a dream. However, it wasnt a dream.

[The Saharan Empires dukeSword Duke Limit has been defeated.]

[It is a great accomplishment that no one has achieved.]

[Your reputation throughout the continent has increased.

You have acquired 3,000 reputation points.]

[The level of party leaderGrid has risen!]

[The of party leaderGrid has risen! It is a concept that you dont understand yet.]

[The party leaderGrid has acquired the Star Sword.]

[The party leaderGrid has achieved theFirst Step in Revenge.]

[An unknown person has achieved level 400 for the first time.]

The world message rose after several notification windows. Resh could finally recognize the reality.

‘The best...! Reshs eyes trembled as he gazed at Grid. He even got a strange sensation. What type of scenery was the world that Grid was looking at Resh was curious.


[Your status has risen after a struggle with the strong.

Your skin feels a bit harder.]

[The increase in status has created the passive skillSkin of Transcendence.]

[Congratulations! You are the first player to achieve level 400!]

[You have taken the titlePioneer from someone unknown!]


[A 10% increase in character experience acquisition.

10% increase in rewards for discovering new places.

Access to the Tower of Wisdom.

* This is a title that only the foremost person can have.

Keep in mind that it can be taken away by others at any time.]

‘Ah. Grid noticed it after reading the description of the Pioneer title. This originally belonged to Kraugel.

‘...Its big.

Despite feeling a bit regretful...

‘Has he been sucking up this honey since the game started

It was both scandalous and thrilling. The notification windows were updated continuously.

[You have reached level 400 and achieved the fourth stats awakening!]

[For every point of stamina, health will increase by 30 and defense will increase by 1.2.]

[For every point of strength, health will increase by 9 and attack will increase by 0.8.]

[For every point of intelligence...]



[One of Pagmas Descendants hidden piecesSealed Ability has been acquired.]

[The effect of the skillMineral Creation will change.]

[Mineral Creation]

[Create new minerals by mixing multiple minerals.

You can now choose pavranium as a mineral to mix.

Pavranium itself is the essence of a great magicians knowledge, and you can now create new minerals on your own.

Time required to create minerals: Immediate.

Materials needed to create minerals: Five types of minerals, including pavranium.

Number of times that Mineral Creation can be used: 1.

* The weight of the mineral created is the same as the weight of the pavranium you currently have.

* After creating a new mineral, you can improve the mineral more effectively if you have the help of a great magician.]


Item Combination was the skill that Grid gained upon reaching level 300. He didnt know what type of skill he would get this time, but it was better than he couldve imagined.


Three years No, was it four years After reaching level 300, Grid took a really long time to reach level 400. Then it happened while he was smiling brightly and feeling so moved that think of a proper way to express his pleasure.

[The duration of Item Combination is over.]

The sword was separated. As Iyarugt started to return to his original position, his soul whispered, -You should beware of him.


-That demonkin. I dont know for sure, but I smell it. By the way, how long will I be with Peak Sword...

Iyarugts words didnt last long.

He was pulled by an irresistible force and returned.


Based on the tone, Iyarugt seemed to have a good relationship with Peak Sword. In the end, Grid turned to Biplonz, who was still leaning against the stone wall with his arms crossed. Hells beast demonic beast was afraid of him, and Sword Demon Iyarugt was wary of him.

‘But hes not a bad person, so lets keep an eye on him.

The immediate problem wasnt Biplonz but the three dukes.

He was also curious about the other prisoners present, but he had to leave quickly in case Edan discovered Limits death and came. “Biplonz, Ill come back next time.

Please be safe until then.

Ill give these keys back to you just in case.”

“I am embarrassed but thank you.”

Grid exchanged short goodbyes and escaped the Abyss with the dukes and Ke.

Resh had already secured a list of prisoners, so the quest was a success. Simultaneously in the celestial palace, Grandmaster Zikfrector put aside the magic crystal ball he had been watching for a long time.

“It was interrupted by Limit.”

He hadnt expected Grid to win against a duke after becoming transcendent.

“I shouldve handled Limit in advance.”

No, no. It was unlikely Grid would break through the hydra considering how he struggled with Limit.

“I can only keep the promise next time.”

He had been waiting for hundreds of years. Waiting a bit longer wasnt a problem. A faint smile appeared on the grandmasters face as he turned his gaze outside the window. It was a hundred-year-old smile.


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