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[You have succeeded in capturing the enigmatic demonkinBiplonz.]

[Biplonz is relieved about his survival.]

[From now on, Biplonz will be more active in his conversation with you.]

[You have acquired theMagic Key Pack.]

[The weight of the key package is very heavy!]

[Your weight limit has exceeded by 150%, significantly reducing all speeds and stats.]

[Biplonz stats have been released from the shackles of the keys and have been restored to normal values.]

‘What is this

Was it necessary to mention it again Grids power included all types of titles and items and was out of the category of a player.

In particular, the title Savior of the World was upgraded after the success of the Berith raid, and Grids strength stat was now close to 4,000.

Then what about the item weight limit To exaggerate, he could hunt all week long and not need to go to town even if he had many miscellaneous items. This was despite the dozens of auxiliary equipment and hundreds of potions he often carried out in the field. Yet one key package caused him to go over his weight limit It was seriously suspicious.

Grid added strength to the arm holding the key package and checked the details.

[Magic Key Pack]

[Contains a total of 521 keys used in the Abyss.

Grandmaster Zikfrector has placed theWeight Propagation spell on it.

Weight: 120% of the carrying weight limit.]

‘The shackles of the keys...

It was for certain. The intention of the magic in this key package was to suppress Biplonz.

‘The grandmaster didnt trust Biplonz.

Biplonz also seemed unfamiliar with the grandmaster, so Grid was certain that they werent allies.

‘I cant use the Castration Eye on this.

Castration was an evil eye that eliminatedbeneficial effects. However, the weight increase was classified as harmful. Of course, it might be beneficial depending on the user, but the current weight-boosting magic attached to the key package had the intention of harming the holder. Still, Grid tried to use the Castration Eye.

“I wont allow your comfort.”


Biplonz was embarrassed as he looked at Grid like a madman.

Moreover, the effect of the Castration Eye wasnt applied, and the intensity of the embarrassment increased. Grid coughed and changed the subject, “How interesting.

The grandmaster used you as the manager of this place despite doubting you How could he leave the keys to someone he didnt trust in the first place”

“The person who entrusted me with the keys wasnt the grandmaster but the emperor of one hundred years ago.

The reason he could leave the keys with me was because he knew for certain I couldnt leave here.

In order not to starve to death, I have to protect the keys faithfully.”

This meant that at least 100 years had passed since Biplonz was born and began staying here. He had been living with these prisoners for over a hundred years in such a dark place.

It must not have been a good life.

“Why cant you get out of here Couldnt you go down a bit further or go up”

“Im afraid because the humans upstairs are too strong, and there is a monster downstairs.”


“A hydra.”


Grid knew the hydra. The cry of Sword Demon Iyarugt still lingered in his mind. 

“Fearless person...! Do you have 10 lives Even a hydra failed to land an attack on me!” These words had been directed towards Jude.

At the time, Iyarugt was really trying to kill Jude. The stupid Jude had mistaken Iyarugt as an enemy, causing Iyarugts anger to soar to the top of his head. In any case, Iyarugt was the number one swordsman of hell and not even a hydra could land a blow on him. Considering that Iyarugt was comparable to a great demon in his prime, Grid could speculate that a hydra was on the same level as a great demon.

“I thought a hydra lived in hell.

Why is it here”

“I don\'t know.

Only one thing is certain.

It is incredibly strong.

It has nine heads, and no matter how many times I cut them off, the heads regenerate.

Meanwhile, the poison it spits out is powerful enough to melt my flesh and bones.”

“Hrmm...” Grid found it troublesome.

In order to completely clear the ★ Place to Reach the Answer (1) ★ hidden quest, did he have to fight off the hydra to reach the heart of the Abyss Moreover, he would have to do it with just Coke and Resh...

‘It is impossible.

The hydra was a monster that was at least at the level of the lowest-rated great demon. It wasnt an opponent that could be easily confronted in his full condition, let alone when he had already used Beriths Power and Blackening. He still had one use of Divinity and Belials Power remember, but this wasnt enough.

‘It isnt an environment where I can use Storm Demonic Energy Field.

Storm Demonic Energy Field required rain clouds. It was difficult to cast inside the Abyss. Even if it could be used, it had little utility against super-named boss monsters.

“By the way,” Grid pondered for a moment before grabbing Noe who was hanging on his back like a cicada, “Why are you so scared”

Noe, the best demonic beast of hell—this wasnt Noes self-assertion.

The memphis was indeed the best demonic beast of hell. Presently, Noe was only a fat cat, but one day, he would become an adult and show off a presence beyond that of a hydra. The only things he feared were dragons and great demons. Grid couldnt understand why Noe was intimidated by the demonkin Biplonz.

The drooping Noe held onto Grids neck in a frightened and flustered manner. His big black eyes were trembling.

“I-I dont know.

Im just scared.”

“Um... Is my face really ugly” Biplonz was a handsome person.

There were no blemishes on his white skin, he had fine features and glossy black hair.

Despite the fact that his eyes were black without any whites, he was definitely handsome. Still, this was a story from a human perspective.

From a demonkins point of view, he might have a horrifying appearance.

Grid glimpsed his past self from Biplonz. “Have strength...”

Noes weak answer caused Biplonz shoulders to sag.

“...Yes, thank you.”

Was his face ugly enough to scare a little beast Having never met any other demonkin, Biplonz was shocked to learn how ugly he was today.

Coke stared blankly at the three people () talking harmoniously. ‘Why did he suddenly become friends with the demonkin he was just fighting

It was a flow that couldnt be understood even though Coke had been watching the entire time.

‘This is Grids affinity...

He had captured the hearts of the empires dukes and even started to seduce a demonkin... Coke was feeling a great sense of admiration toward Grid.

“L-Look, Guard Bip! Wake up! Dont be twisted by the evil draconian! Stop talking and beat him up straight away!!” A dwarf was screaming in the distance. It was Ke. He was shocked when he saw Grid and shouted again, “L-Look, this draconian gentleman! Let me see your sword!! If I can examine your sword, I can die right now!”

“He seems to be mentally abnormal.

Are all dwarves like this” This was Cokes impression.

Grid felt disgusted.

“Those are serious words.

It isnt all dwarves.

Its just that guy.

How can his mind be fine when he has been locked in this place for decades”

It was terrible to think that this was the personality of the dwarf species itself. His goal was to learn blacksmithing techniques from the dwarves and use them to strengthen the Overgeared Kingdom. The dwarves must be a normal race...

Grid thought this and flew in front of the imprisoned Ke with his dragon wings.

“Do you have bad memories associated with the draconians”

“T-There cant be any good memories with an evil draconian... Huh” Ke was shouting only to close his mouth with a flinch, his eyes widening.

Then he pointed at Grid with trembling fingers. “W-Were you talking to me just now”

“Thats right.”

“H-Hik! Has there ever been such a crazy draconian How dare a draconian speak with no honorifics to an honorable person like me! Are you a crazy draconian”


“Heok! Dont look at me! Im scared! A crazy dragon is scarier! Go away!! Please disappear from in front of my eyes!!”


It was better to calm this dwarf down. Grid sighed and pulled out the keys package.

It was to open the prison door where Ke was trapped. However, there was a problem. There were 521 keys, so it was hard to find the right prison key. Grid was placing the keys in the lock in turn, and he finally couldnt bear it anymore.

He pulled out the Master Key. The Master Key engaged with the old lock and opened the door of the prison where Ke was locked.

Kes eyes glowed like lanterns at the sight. “I-Is that the universal key made by Pagma Where did you get that Please let me look at it!”


Ke was afraid just a moment ago...

Grid found Kes attitude toward the Master Key absurd. He stared at Ke for a moment before handing the keys pack to Coke. “It is hard to keep because it is heavy.

In any case, I cant throw it away, so you keep it for me.”


Thanks to Coke, Grids body was now much lighter.

He introduced himself to Ke, “Ke ong, I am King Grid of the Overgeared Kingdom.

Im a human, not draconian, and I am Pagma\'s Descendant.

Lets clear up the misunderstanding and have a conversation.”

“Overgeared Kingdom King Human Pagmas Descendant” Kes expression was blank.

He stared at Grid for a long time before starting to step back.

Ke quickly entered the prison again and closed the prison door himself. “Please leave me and just go...

I dont have the confidence to associate with a crazy person like you.”

At the time when Ke was trapped in the Abyss, a country called the Overgeared Kingdom didnt exist. This was also a place where only high-ranking members of the Saharan Empire could enter.

It meant that the king of another country, as Grid claimed he was, would never be able to enter here. It didnt make sense for a human to have dragon wings, and as for the bull** of being Pagma\'s Descendant... 

Then it happened when Ke was squatting quietly in a corner of the prison.

“I found it!” Reshs cry was heard in the distance.

“Ive found the dukes, Grid!!”

“...!!” Grids eyes widened as he hurriedly moved his body. In a state of great anxiety, he took a potion that increased his speed and arrived by Reshs side in an instant. Then he saw it. The three dukes were trapped inside the prison. Fortunately, all of them were alive. The problem was...

“Why Why is this...” Grids body trembled. Grenhal had lost both his eyes, Morse had his limbs shattered, and Basara was staring into the air with eyes devoid of focus. The gruesome appearance of the three people caused Grids wrath to boil. “Which bastard…!”

Grids eyes were spinning, and he felt dizzy. As Grids anger transcended his sense of reason, he wobbled for an instant. Coke was handed the Master Key and opened the prison door. 

Grenhal belatedly sensed Grid and barely spoke in a hoarse voice, “Run away...

Run away...”

“It is too late.” The last voice belonged to Biplonz.

The fierce-eyed Grid stared at Biplonz, who had recovered considerably and unraveled the silver thread tying him up.

“The Sword Duke is coming.”


[Your intuition senses danger.]

[You have discovered a strong person of this era!]

A sword fell toward Grids head. This wasnt a substantive sword. It was a concentrated object powerful enough to remind him of Piaros Pounding Mortar.

“Cough!” Grid was unable to cope with the sudden attack and started bleeding.

His body hit the steel bars as three swords poured toward him.

“Grid!” Coke, who was supporting the dukes, belatedly took out of his shield and ran to Grid, but it was too late.

He was as slow as a turtle due to the key package. All three swords were on the verge of penetrating Grids chest, and Grid had to prepare for the pain to continue. Then it happened just as Noe flew forward and prepared to use a skill...

Biplonz moved in advance and protected Grid. His claws deflected the trajectory of the three swords. “I have repaid your grace.”

“I am so thankful that I am on the verge of tears.” Grid smiled as he assembled the Sword Aiming at the Gods.

He could see a middle-aged man descending.


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