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[(Breaking News) 22nd Great Demon Berith has been destroyed!

After a bloody 81-day march, Berith—the one who terrorized people—was killed.

At the heart of the raid were Grid, Kraugel, and the Seven Dukes.]

[(Column) Satisfy related organizations should give an award to Grid and Kraugel.

We must not forget that the destruction of the Rotemon Kingdom has caused millions of players to be without a home.

If Grid and Kraugel hadnt brought the empires dukes together, the Haken Kingdom wouldve been destroyed by now and many people wouldve lost their place.

If their activity were converted into economic value…] 

[(Analysis) The Resilience of the Great Demon

During the raid, Beriths left arm was cut a total of 13 times, and his right arm and leg were cut off 9 times each.

He suffered fractures 51 times and the number of critical injuries was 21, but Berith immediately recovered from all injuries. Omitted. It is assumed that high-ranking great demons who will emerge in the future wont be affected by wounds of the flesh…]

[TheHidden First Place Merit chosen by the players is Saintess Ruby

Who could forget the brilliant effect of the wide-area heal that Ruby used the moment she appeared Ruby gave new power to the team already at their limits.

Thanks to her presence, the raid could be finished neatly.

The Saintess, who is famous for her usual good deeds, can be described as a blessing for the entire human race…]

[What rewards did the raid participants obtain

It is unknown.

The Overgeared Guild is well known for its tight security compared to the size of the group, and information isnt leaked.

However, I can dare to guess that the value of the top 10 rewards will exceed the value of a legendary rated item.

It is clear that the Overgeared members, the empires dukes, Kraugel, Zibal, and those who received rewards in this raid will develop more rapidly than before.

Still, no one is jealous of them.

Rather, it is a phenomenon where many people are congratulating and blessing them…]

[What was Grids epic

We peeked into Grids life through the epic.

It was well known that Grid has experienced difficult times. Omitted. This reporter has a foreboding feeling.

The more he writes his epic, the stronger Grid will become.]

[The teenage boys and girls, the one we admire most is Grid.

The survey shows that boys and girls in their 10s voted on Grid as the one they want to imitate the most.

The same is true for surveys of those in their 20s and 30s.

Grid, who shows a new growth every year, has received the respect of the younger generation in combination with the image ofperson who has overcome adversity.

In the publishing world, there is a growing demand to compile Grids works…]

[I want to be Korean too.

Recently, the number of foreigners trying to migrate to South Korea has increased.

It is believed that the Overgeared members who have already moved to South Korea have influenced people…] 

No matter what newspaper or TV channel was opened, there were hot stories about Youngwoo and Sehee all over the world.



Youngwoos parents couldnt stop smiling. How much of a joy was it to have the world praise their children

“Honey, did you see this article We need to make a great love exhibition for Youngwoo.” 

“Ive already framed it.

I bought 20 magazines. Huhu.


“Did you only buy 20 copies of the same magazine”

“...I-I bought it with my secret stash, so it isnt too much.”

“No, why did you buy only 20 copies You shouldve bought 100 copies, distributed them to our friends and relatives and left some behind as heirlooms! It is disappointing that Grids father is so cheap!”

“...I actually ordered 200 copies, but I heard they were already out of stock.

I already booked it so it should be delivered when production is increased.

Dont worry too much.”

“Omo, I didnt know that...

Sure enough, you are really bold.

You are the father of Youngwoo and Sehee.”

“Huhu, you are wise as the mother of two great kids.

It is really good that I married you.”




They were going to make a younger sibling. Sehee was pleased as she watched her parents.

They had rebuked themselves for not believing in their son during his wandering days and engaged themselves more faithfully to their business, stating that they couldnt make trouble for their son.

This caused their skin to darken.

They were doing field work in the sun every day and seemed to grow old.

However, Sehee knew that they were healthier than anyone else. They were proud of their son and lived happily every day.

This positive mind sublimated their main job, which shouldve been labor, into exercise. In both body and mind, they were healthier than they had ever been before. They donated on behalf of their son, who was too busy, and did volunteer activities, seeming happier and healthier by the day.

Yes, the reason they could laugh like this was because of her brother. He was a proud and respectable brother. These days, Sehee often thought that she wanted to resemble her brother.

‘He is a great man.

It had already occurred many times in artistic and physical fields. There were often cases where a person was uniquely successful in their fields and became a protagonist. In South Korea, there had already been a great comedian. Even so, this wasnt common. It was a big event that might occur once in decades. In particular, this was the first time a gamer was called a great man. Just five years after Satisfy was released, peoples perception of the game changed dramatically.

‘The game...





Sehees thoughts became complicated. Sehees generation had grown up with the saying,In order to become a successful person, education is important. Then what about now With Satisfy controlling the world, was the only answer to study That wasnt the case. Her brother was living proof of that.

The life she had dreamed about since she was a kid—to have a decent job and become rich enough to support her parents and brother—could be achieved through Satisfy. Sehee seriously considered the future and came to a surprisingly quick conclusion.

Dok dok. Dok. Sehee turned on her smartwatch and started to tap on the hologram keyboard floating in the air. The recipient was her best friend Yerim. The contents were shown below:

-Will you take a leave of absence to level up

The answer came back straight away. It seemed like she had been waiting for a long time.

-ㅇㅅㅇ/  Okay.


Sehee was the only one who was out of date. Was she an inflexible person Was that why she didnt like Jishuka who was too open

‘Am I an old person

A new text message arrived as Sehee was feeling shocked.

-Lets get those aunties away from Oppa! >_

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