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[Overgeared Cannon]

[Rating: Unique – Legendary

Unique Rating Information:

Attack Power: 45,000 fixed damage.

* The damage will increase according to the skill level of a marksmans Firearms Mastery.

* The same damage will be applied to a radius of 4 meters around the target.

Defense 200.

* Neutralize one ranged attack (cooldown time of 1 minute).

Attack Speed: Once every 19 seconds.

Movement Speed: 2 meters per second.

Attack Distance: 300 – 880 meters.

* Three people are required to operate the cannon.

* If the attack target is a building or a weapon, three times the damage will be dealt.

Legendary Rating Information:

Attack Power: 60,000 fixed damage.

* The damage will increase according to the skill level of a marksmans Firearms Mastery.

* The same damage will be applied to a radius of 6 meters around the target.

Defense 350.

* Neutralize one ranged attack (cooldown time of 45 seconds).

Attack Speed: Once every 15 seconds.

Movement Speed: 2 meters per second.

Attack Distance: 150 – 1,050 meters.

* Three people are required to operate the cannon.

* If the attack target is a building or a weapon, three times the damage will be dealt.

-A cannon created by the legendary blacksmith Grid, who has been recognized by a god, and the blacksmith craftsmen of the West Continent and East Continent.

It is a cannon made with elaborate calculations and cant work if it is made with a material other than black iron with a different weight. The chassis designed for pulling and recoil suppression is designed to be agile enough to move the cannon forward or back. The knowledge and know-how of the craftsmen made asupport linking the wheels and barrel.

This means a marksman can set the angles of the barrel more flexibly. 

The shield on top is filled with Grids heart that prays for the safety of the soldiers.

It will be responsible for the safety of the artillery. The structure is designed to be able to hold the shells behind the breech-loading cannon. The reload speed is much faster than a cannon that needs to be moved to the front of the barrel every time it is reloaded, and the aiming point isnt easily lost. The barrels length is long, and its attack power and range are excellent.

This is a revolution. The emergence of the Overgeared Cannon, which overturned the limitations of existing cannons, will give people a new perception. 

Usage Conditions: A marksman with the Firearms Mastery skill.

Weight: 39,500]

It was worthy of praise. There was even the wordrevolution in the description. He was already looking forward to seeing how much more praise would be added if he got a legendary rating.


Grid looked at the faces of the sweaty men embracing and turned away. The best blacksmiths of this era...

Why did they take off their clothes to overcome the heat of the smithy Why were they all men His eyes wouldve been wide open if they were women.


No, he didnt mean to think about this. Grid shook his head and glanced around at the blacksmiths. These were the best people in their class. The Overgeared Cannon contained the skills and knowledge they had accumulated throughout their lives. It was clear that the Overgeared Cannon, which had been made by them, was a masterpiece worthy of praise.

Grid was burning with motivation. “Lets start the production of the Overgeared Cannon now.”

Blueprints were categorized as consumables. There was only one blueprint of the Overgeared Cannon created by Grid, and only Grid could learn it. However, the blacksmith craftsmen who participated in the design of the Overgeared Cannon werent fools.

There was no way they couldnt be aware of the Overgeared Cannon that they had designed.

Those who participated in the creation of the item received an imperfect blueprint of the Overgeared Cannon.

It wasnt a fraudulent blueprint that guaranteed a minimum unique rating like Grids, but it was worthwhile because the basic performance of the Overgeared Cannon was so good.

The heat of the smithy suddenly rose as eight hearths and the private furnace of Overgeared King Grid and the craftsmen who followed him were lit.

Ttang! Ttang! Ttang!

The hammering sound reverberated like chords in the hearts of the young blacksmiths. The future of the Overgeared Kingdom was becoming stronger.


Sniping was an attack method aimed at maximum efficiency. The idea was to inflict a fatal wound on the other person so they couldnt fight back. It was impossible for Jishuka to be unaware of this.

“...” Jishuka gazed at the imperial army and pulled back her bowstring. Despite the optimal wind direction, she wasnt able to draw her bow carelessly. Sweat dripped down her chin. She was filled with extreme tension. The previous few failures had taken away her confidence.

“Can you do it” Toban asked carefully. The battle had already run for one hour in length. Jishuka normally played an active role against the imperial army in her intermittent appearances, but now she couldnt fire a single arrow. Toban, who had been with Jishuka since the days of L.T.S, was unfamiliar with her current appearance. Jishuka was a genius among geniuses. He never imagined that Jishuka, who he believed to be the top gamer until Satisfy, could be so shaken.

“Sigh...” Jishuka took a deep breath and pulled the bowstring. “Ill be struck back the moment I shoot.”

“Thats why I came with you.

Trust me.

Am I not one of the best tankers in the world”

“The real problem is something else.”

Jishukas eyes were staring at an archer in a distant place that the public couldnt see.

“There is no point in shooting.

We cant deal much damage to the enemy by shooting.

Additionally, our location will be exposed.”

The imperial armys formation was perfect. The troops were deployed in a fluid manner where they could avoid major damage, even if they were shot. No matter how much the monster called Noll one-sidedly harassed the imperial army.

The ability of the leaders meant the damage to the army wasnt significant. Moreover, the biggest problem was the magic that blocked ranged attacks which came frombeyond a certain distance. Unlike Faker and Kasim who directly infiltrated the enemy camp, Jishuka couldnt assassinate the enemy leaders.

Additionally, there was an archer who could instantly grasp Jishukas sniping position. Every time Jishuka fired at the enemy, a counterattack always came back.

Jishuka had already lost her life twice from this counterattack. This meant the opponent was more powerful than Jishuka. 

It was an environment where she couldnt be active. The extreme environment depleted Jishukas mental power. The dignity of the Saharan Empire, the strongest nation on the continent, turned Jishuka into an infinitely weak existence.


The day had come when the always confident Jishuka felt frustrated. Toban was frightened by Jishukas appearance and didnt know what to do.

‘Should I slap her on the cheek to wake her up

No, he would be killed. He had to find another way to calm her, but he didnt know how. It had been almost 10 years since he had been with Jishuka, but this was the first time he had seen something like this. Toban didnt know what to do.

“It isnt good,” a new voice was heard. Jishuka leaned forward, and her body trembled.

“You need to let me do it if you cant.” The newly heard voice belonged to Yura. She leaned on a rock and transformed Alexs Magic Engineering Bayonet into sniper mode. It was the damn weapon that had knocked out Jishuka in the 3rd National Competition.

However, Jishuka showed a ridiculing reaction. “You can do it when I cant”

“Of course, I cant.

Still, isnt it better than nothing”

“Dont be sarcastic.

The moment you shoot that gun, were all at risk.

It doesnt matter if you die, but my life and Tobans life is precious.”

“If you arent going to fire, dont take the sniper position and get out of the way.”

“Hah. Yes, do whatever you like.” Jishuka didnt have the physical strength to deal with her rival. Then it happened when the frowning Jishuka was about to leave.

Tatang! Yura fired the gun. A jade magic power was fired from the muzzle and quickly aimed at the enemy.

“Crazy woman!” Jishukas Hawk Eyes had achieved master level, and she examined the enemy. It was as expected. Yuras bullet, which aimed at the enemy commander, was blocked by the magic barrier. Simultaneously...


An arrow faster than bullets seemed to flood over to their side. It was the archer who had killed Jishuka twice.

“Dammit!” Jishuka reflexively raised her bow and fired an arrow.


Two arrows collided in the air and fell to the ground. While panting, Jishuka shouted at Yura, “Do you want to die Why are you ignoring peoples words! If it wasnt for me, you would be dead!”

Legends were naturally immortal, but the enemys relentless arrows wouldve followed her to the end. Yura grinned at the shouting Jishuka. “You are better than him.”


“Didnt you hit that arrow despite shooting later Doesnt that mean your skills are better”

“No, that....” Jishuka was about to refute it only to shut up. Yes, it was worth trying. Did she need to be scared by a person like that No, why should she be scared in the first place Hadnt she already been through many disadvantageous fights Then why now...


She had been living too comfortably these days. After setting up the Overgeared Kingdom and becoming a duke, she lived a life that was far from achallenge. The stage of the National Competition mightve weakened her. Death and failure in the National Competition were fakes with no penalties. She had become accustomed to false deaths and failures and afraid of real death and failures.

“I have become a cow.”

Jishuka was a predator. She shouldnt mistake herself as a grazing animal.



Tell me,” Toban answered vigorously after confirming that Jishukas gaze had returned to normal.

“The worlds best tanker I should trust in you”


Jishuka gave a meaningful smile and suddenly climbed on a camel. She started to move toward the distant imperial army.

“This is crazy!”

Reidans camels were an improved species.

It was possible to run quickly in the desert. In an instant, Jishuka moved far away, and Toban quickly followed. Jishuka was laughing.

“I cant shoot from a distance Then I can shoot from close up, right”

On the running camel, Jishuka pulled back her bowstring. The Red Phoenix Bow reacted to her magic power and emitted flames hotter than the desert.

“The enemy!”

“Only two Crazy!”

“Intercept them!”

The imperial army discovered the woman with a burning boy and the soldiers with a shield beside her. Tobans shield blocked the incoming arrows and spells. “Ugh...! No more!”

They couldnt approach any further. Toban wanted to stay this, but he had no time.

Jishuka was already flying in front of Toban.

“Fly Up!”

A huge flaming bird appeared above the heads of the imperial forces. The soldiers didnt panic. A few days ago, they witnessed the destruction of the red phoenix, but none of them had died.

“At that time, I was shooting from a distance.” Jishuka laughed. The desert exploded, and the formation of the imperial army was overturned. The price of Jishukas attack was great. The enraged imperial armys counterattack quickly turned Jishuka into a rag. She was dying.

“I saw it well.” Yura helped her. She opened the hell gate and summoned the demons to secure their treat.

“You are unlucky.”

“I hear that a lot from women.” 

“What Do you think Im jealous of you Do you want to start bleeding”

“I dont want to.”

“T-Take me too.” Toban chased desperately after the two bickering women.


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