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Happy 1,000 chapters.

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* Urgent Notice *

The imperial air forces have raided Bairan.

The altitude of their air force is higher than the information we had stated.

The anti-air surveillance and defense facilities throughout the Overgeared Kingdom are useless.

The imperial air forces have occupied Bairan.

The contents of the notice listed sequentially were short but contained the essence.

The worst situation was clearly depicted to be currently happening in Bairan.

There were currently approximately 1,000 Overgeared members.

Most of the members scattered throughout the kingdom rushed to Bairan as soon as they confirmed the notice.

They hoped to be of help.

However, the result didnt change.

‘It was captured in only half a day

Originally belonging to Winston, Bairan had developed into a city larger than Winston and gained independence.

Bairan had geographical advantages and was a special place for Grid and the early Overgeared members.

This meant it received a lot of investments.

Piaro had stayed there for a while to develop the agriculture, making it the most important supply base for the Overgeared Kingdom apart from Reidan.

It inevitably meant there were many troops stationed at Bairan.

Although it could be classified as the outskirts of the north, Lauel knew the importance of the supply base and had 8,000 troops stationed in Bairan as preparation for unforeseen situations.

Additionally, he had deployed 25 mid-to-upper level Overgeared members led by Ibellin.

Yet, Bairan had been occupied in only half a day.

‘The strength of the empires air force exceeded expectations.

Of course, they knew that one of the strongest armies in the empire was the air force.

It was a terrible sight to see 5,000 griffons and 300 wyverns.

How powerful would it be when the scary monsters were used as a systematic army Lauel had identified the air force as one of their greatest challenges and carefully reviewed the performance of Sky King Rigal, who had been promoted over the years.

He had concluded that only the elite members could go against the air force and proceeded to install anti-air facilities across the kingdom.

For a long time, enormous capital was invested in anti-air surveillance and defense facilities.

The levels of facilities such as watchtowers, anti-air cannons, magic watchtowers, magic turrets, and so on were all level 10.

Nevertheless, this was the result.

Their money was spent in vain.

‘Dammit, this is X.

The maximum level of the facilities recognized by the administration system was 10.

All facilities in the kingdom couldnt exceed level 10 unless the kingdom was upgraded to an empire.

Thats right.

The anti-air facilities of the Overgeared Kingdom were the best possible, but they were useless against the imperial air force... If Grid had known this, he wouldnt have spent money in the first place.

‘Was I feeding the company money again

Wasnt setting the imperial air force—the strongest air force on the continent—against players a scam Grid cursed the S.A Group before soon rebuking himself.

‘No, it is my fault in the end.

Lauel emphasized the dangers of the air force.

This wouldnt have happened if I made my own cannons.

Grid did not know how to make magic turrets, but he could produce anti-air cannons.

The power of the cannons produced by Grid was naturally stronger than ordinary ones.

Yet Grid had turned away under the pretext of being busy.

He shouldve expected that the empires air force was called the strongest on the continent because they contained a power that overwhelmed existing air defense systems, but he hadnt felt that way.

Instead, he had believed it was more efficient to strengthen the guild members items than to construct facilities.

His way of thinking was too narrow.

“There is an urgent matter, so I have to leave.

I am grateful to you.

I wish you all the best until the next time we meet.”

-I am already dead.

Bring Marie Rose or dont come back.

Grid respectfully said goodbye to Chreshler and used the return scroll.

However, the scroll didnt work because of Marie Roses evil influence.

In the end, he left the cave and moved to a place that wasnt affected by Marie Roses evil influence.

He was in a hurry.

Then a person suddenly popped up in his mind.


Grids first knight—he wasnt a named NPC, which meant he had few unique stories.

Born in Winston, Jude had strong bones but his intelligence was low.

Judes setting was summarized with this simple line.

Therefore, Grid wasnt deeply involved in Judes life unlike how he was with Piaro, Asmophel, and Mercedes.

Judes intelligence was too low, and a normal conversation couldnt be shared.

However, they shared a lot of time and memories.

There had few conversations with each other, but they had a deep spiritual connection and knew each other well enough to read their hearts with their eyes.

Judes power and potential were low compared to the other knights, but Grid treasured and trusted him.

It was proof of Grids trust that he left the security of an important city like Bairan to Jude.

That faith had become poison.

“Knights Summoning!”

Jude was in danger.

Maybe he was dying right now.

Grid was on the verge of losing his reason at the thought.

The days he had spent with Jude passed through his mind like a kaleidoscope.

[Please select an article to summon.]

“Jude!” Grids big shout rang out through the forest.

Grid desperately wanted Jude to appear before him.

However, it was impossible.

Jude didnt respond to his summons.


Grid became more and more irritated as he quickly escaped from the scope of the evil influence.

Immediately after using the return scroll, he went to see Sticks.


The statue of Khan rolled across the ground as dozens of fragments, and Rigal stepped on them one by one.

Rigals ruthless violence crushed Khans hammer, arms, feet, and legs in front of the people.

“Dont! No!” Judes shaking became worse.

Every time Rigal erased part of Khans image, Jude struggled, and more blood poured from his body tied by chains.

“I cant do this No, I can do it.

This is already the empires territory.

I have an obligation to cleanse this city prior to offering it to His Majesty the Emperor, and you—the loser—have no right to exercise your will.”

Rigals air force served as the vanguard of the empire.

Just like in most battles, he captured the enemy and destroyed their will before the main force came forward.

Rigal was a veteran.

He knew how to break down the spirit of the enemies and adapt to change.

The very first step was the destruction of a symbol.

Mechanically, Rigal trampled on the shoulders of the statue as he turned his eyes toward the granary on the ridge far away.

Rigals next target was the life, sweat, treasure, and hope of the Bairan people.

‘It is a shame, but burning it is better.

During the war, it was ideal to take food from enemy camps to replenish their own supplies.

However, Rigals air force was few in number and had to carry prisoners.

They couldnt afford to transport food as well.

There was no guarantee that they could definitely defend this place until the empires main force arrived.

He couldnt overlook the fact that this city was in the middle of the Overgeared Kingdom.

Therefore, Rigal chose destruction.

The tied-up knight was shaking more fiercely as he tried to break the chains binding his hands and feet.

Rigal looked at the scene.

Then he raised his foot over the last remaining piece of the statue.

It was the head—the head of the statue that represented a person called Khan.

“In the near future, your kings head will be at my feet like this.

Discard your foolish expectations and surrender to the empire.

The people who surrender right now wont be enslaved and will be accepted as a person of the empire, receiving proper treatment from the soldiers.

Dont miss the chance to enjoy the mercy and protection of His Majesty the Emperor.”

Rigal increased the strength of his foot.

Khans face cracked slightly.



Blood burst in Judes eyes as he tried to break the chains.

Since the time he was a soldier of Winston, Jude couldnt have dreamed of a better life than what he received after King Grid stretched out his hand to him.

King Grid didnt care about Judes stupidity and gave him many things.

Grid was his benefactor.

Rather than paying him back, Jude had to watch Grids family be insulted

“I dont like iiiiit!” Jude roared while shedding tears of blood.

His intelligence was low, so his thoughts were simple.

It was because his thoughts were simple that his will was more clearly pronounced.

He had to destroy the enemy in front of him.

In order to do that, he needed to break free of these restraints.

The ultimate will was simple and clear, and it dominated Judes mind and body.

Ignoring the pressure of the hard shackles, Judes wrist moved and finally broke in a strange direction.

The eight bones sustaining his wrist and the bones of the hands were crushed without overcoming the pressure of the chains.

Judes completely squashed left hand drooped and slipped through a small gap in the chains.

“What are you going to do with a hand that cant even hold a fork” Rigal asked as he was surprised by Judes ignorant behavior.

“Kuoong...” Jude slipped his left hand through a gap in the chains and gripped.

He gritted his teeth and used all his strength to rip off the chains.


Most of the bones and nerves were damaged yet he still had strength in his hands Wasnt it almost magical

“Hat...! Kuhahahat! A great guy!” Rigal burst out laughing.

He coveted Jude even more.

Rigal was convinced there were few people as strong in the empire.

Jude finally stood up and shouted at Rigal, “The feet.

Remove it.”

“Are you going to join me” Rigal asked.

Jude shook his head.

“Dont want.



“Then it cant be helped.” Rigal increased the strength of his feet.

The statues face was crushed.

Jude let out a sound that was close to a scream, then he rushed toward Rigal.

Blood flowed all over his body, his hand hung down, and his hair was matted.

He seemed no different from a giant running over.

“Crazy bastard!”

Rigals soldiers were instantly shaken.

They didnt think of stopping Jude and hid themselves behind shields.

“Jude! Run away!” The Overgeared members shouted.

However, Jude ignored them and ran straight forward.

He just moved with his own ideals.

His will couldnt be changed.

[The king you made the pledge of loyalty to has called you.]

[The miracle of the pledge is manifested as space movement.]


It had happened previously when he was taking a bath.

Jude had responded to the kings call while naked.

At that time, the king had told him to check his condition before responding to the summons.

Thus, Jude didnt respond immediately to Grids call this time.

In fact, he wasnt thinking of anything.

He just thought that he should destroy Rigal.

Judes big fist struck Rigals face.

No, it seemed to hit.

Beyond the shockwave caused by the collision, Judes fist was caught in Rigals hand.

It was almost impossible for the level 390 Jude to punch Rigal, who was already level 439 when Grid saw him a year and a half ago.

Of course, this was for a normal situation.

“This time Ill have to lock you up.” Rigal stated while holding Judes fist.

“...!” Then Rigal suffered from an unexpected blow.

Jude\'s left hand—its bones were shattered yet the hand still flew at Rigals mouth.

It was a completely unexpected attack, and Rigal was forced to allow it.

Of course, the damage was zero.


It isnt easy to tame a beast.

A strict education is needed.”

Rigal had treated Jude well, but his expression became ugly for the first time.

A duke of the Saharan Empire—it was hard for him to maintain compassion when he,a representative of the emperor and one of the top powers in the empire, was assaulted.

This was the moment when he pulled out his whip.

Jude was a man who had tasted despair a thousand times but didnt feel frustrated because he had no thoughts.

Now, he wasnt frustrated because he had a single thought in his heart.


An unknown message seeped into Grids ears as he was at Reinhardt.

[The skill of your knight JudeI have no Idea (SS-) has evolved toFrustration Raises a Man (SS)!]

[Your knight Jude has been enhanced by the skill effect of Frustration Raises a Man (SS)!]

There was a series of alerts.

“W-What” Grid was confused.

In Bairan, Jude was swinging his left hand again.

Judes ragged left hand was restored and the power and speed were incomparable to before.

Rigal wasnt able to grab Judes left hand using his hand and had to wield his whip.


Rigal, his soldiers, the Overgeared members, the residents, and the staff of the international broadcasters filming the scene were stunned.

Only Jude swung his fists without thinking.




Grids first knight.


Instant recovery ability.


NPC worldly wisdom method.


NPCs sudden strength.


How to obtain a NPC subordinate.


Where is Grid

The popular search queries for portal sites in different countries started to change.


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