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Tie Chengdongs eyes looked around for a moment, then stepped to Tie Qianyuan, saying, “Fort Lord, what Tie Yang said is reasonable.

Since this person can steal the technique manual, it is very likely he received help from inside, and Huang Xiaolong is the biggest suspect.”

“Precisely so, Fort Lord.

This Huang Xiaolongs origin is unknown, suspicion is not uncalled for.” A Tie Family Fort Elder echoed in agreement.

Tie Qianyuans expression was calm as he asked, “According to you both, what should be done then”

“We should first capture and detain Huang Xiaolong in the ice dungeon.

After the matter is clearly investigated, and this is truly unrelated to him, we will release him.” Tie Chengdong proposed, sounding righteous.

Tie Xianlan who had been standing quietly at the side was angered, “Just because Elder brother Huang has been going to the library it means hes the biggest suspect In recent days, other than Elder brother Huang, Tie Yang and many other disciples have been frequently appearing at the library, doesn\'t that mean Tie Yang is also a suspect”

Tie Mu quickly followed up, “Exactly, since you want to lock up Elder brother Huang, then Tie Yang and the others must be locked up as well!”

Tie Chengdongs smooth forehead wrinkled slightly in dissatisfaction, “Tie Yang and the others are our Tie Family Fort disciples, they do not need to cooperate with outsiders to steal technique manuals from the library.”

Tie Mu scoffed, “Tie Yang and the other disciples wouldn\'t collude with outsiders simply because of that reason Elder Tie Chengdong, how can you be sure he did not”

Tie Chengdong was stumped.

Huang Xiaolong remained unperturbed as if the incident was unrelated to him.

He was waiting to see how Tie Qianyuan would handle this matter.

Tie Qianyuan spoke, “Stop now.

Ive already investigated this thief, he is a person from the neighboring countrys Fu Family, and the person he was in cahoots with is none other than Chu Ming!” His finger pointed at the figure lying like a corpse on the ground.

It was the guard captain Huang Xiaolong knocked out earlier.

Everyone was shocked, they did not see this coming.

The spy was actually Chu Ming! Even Tie Yang had an incredulous expression on his face.

“Fort Lord, this, could there be a mistake” Tie Qianyuan asked hesitantly.

At this moment, Tie Qianyuans gaze turned cold, “Are you doubting me” A Second Order Heavenly God Realms pressure came from his body, stagnating the surrounding air flow.

Tie Chengdong hurriedly replied: “I dare not.”

“Tie Chengdong, if my memory serves me right, this Chu Ming was recruited by you into our Tie Family Fort” Tie Qianyuan asked, but it sounded more like a statement.

“Moreover, it was also you who proposed he take up the position of guard captain.”

Tie Chengdong paled, his nerves strung tight as he hastened to explain, “Fort Lord, I have run a background check on Chu Ming in the past.

I thought he was a disciple of our countrys Chu Family, that was the reason I recruited him into Tie Family Fort.

I wasn\'t aware he was actually a disciple of a neighboring countrys family!”

Tie Qianyuan scoffed, “I will investigate clearly if this is related to you, however, even if you\'re not involved in this incident, it is a fact that Chu Ming was recruited by you.

According to the Tie Family Fort rules, you can no longer hold the Big Elder position.

Hand over the Big Elder identity token.” His aura was locked onto Tie Chengdong as he said this.

Fury gleamed in Tie Chengdongs eyes.

His expression changed a few times as he struggled with unwillingness and hesitation, but in the end, he still took out the Big Elder identity token.

After handing it over, Tie Chengdong and his son Tie Yang stormed off.

A split second before he turned away, Tie Chengdong shot Huang Xiaolong a venomous glare, not bothering to disguise the killing intent he felt toward him.

Tie Qianyuan ignored Tie Chengdong as he turned to Huang Xiaolong, sounding apologetic, “Young hero Huang, Tie Yang leading the guards over to bring you to the Punishment Hall was acting on his own.

On behalf of the Tie Family Fort, I apologize.”

Watching his attitude, Huang Xiaolong let the incident rest.

“May I ask if Young hero Huang is interested in staying in my Tie Family Fort Were still missing a candidate to fill the last open position in our Guest Elder ranks.”

“Guest Elder” Huang Xiaolong didnt expect this Tie Qianyuan would try to recruit him to be a Tie Family Forts Guest Elder.

After reading through many books in recent days, he was aware what the position of a Guest Elder of the Tie Family Fort meant.

Although the status of a Guest Elder was lower than the Elders, the provisions and benefits were the same.

Only their authority was lower than Elders like Tie Chengzhang, but there were more advantages to this position.

Most of the time, Guest Elders were free to move about.

“Fort Lord, this… one must be at least a Heavenly God to take op the position of a Guest Elder.” One of the present Tie Family Elder couldnt resist objecting.

“I agree, Fort Lord.

Although Young hero Huangs strength isn\'t bad, he is just an early Tenth Order Highgod Realm.” Another Tie Family Fort Elder chimed in, “Even our guard captains are required to be at least a late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm.”

“At most, we can permit to Young hero Huang to fill the position of a guard captain first.” Another Tie Family Fort Elder suggested a compromise.

“This…” Tie Qianyuan hesitated.

“Fort Lord Tie, I, Huang Xiaolong, thank you for your kind intentions, however, I have things I need to tend to.

Therefore, I have decided to leave tomorrow.” Huang Xiaolong spoke.

“Youre leaving tomorrow” Tie Qianyuan was surprised.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

Following that, Tie Qianyuan tried to persuade him several times but seeing that Huang Xiaolong remained firm, he could only give up in the end.

In fact, Tie Qianyuan had his own reason to recruit Huang Xiaolong as a Guest Elder.

In recent days, he could see that his daughter had some feelings toward him, not to mention that Huang Xiaolongs talent was quite high, a guaranteed Heavenly God master in the making for their Tie Family Fort.

If Huang Xiaolong was willing to remain and assist his son, Tie Qianyuan was confident that his son could definitely control the whole Tie Family Fort in the palm of his hand in the future.

Naturally, before things progressed to that point, Tie Qianyuan would have checked Huang Xiaolongs background to the last detail, and if there was no problem, he would betroth his daughter to him.

 Now that Huang Xiaolong decided to leave, Tie Qianyuan was disappointed yet helpless.

A while later, he and the group of Elders left, leaving only Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan.

 “Elder brother Huang, youre really leaving tomorrow” Tie Xinlan asked with hope in her eyes.

Since the time they met in the Blood Phoenix Forest until now, more than a month had passed.

Tie Xinlan indeed had some feelings for him.

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“Elder brother Huang, youre planning to go take the recruitment exam of the Barbarian God Sect, right” Tie Mu inquired, “With Elder brother Huangs talent, success is certain.”

“The Barbarian God Sect is recruiting disciples” Huang Xiaolong asked in return.

“Yes ah, the Barbarian God Sect, Great Whale Sect, and Elephant Genesis Sect recruit disciples every ten years, and the Barbarian God Sect will begin recruiting new disciples in another half a year.

As long as one has a rank five godhead or above and is below the age of thirty, they are qualified to register for the recruitment.

Although the Barbarian God Sect only accepts one hundred disciples every time, I believe Elder brother Huang will definitely pass.”  Tie Mu replied.

“Moreover, if one could become the chief disciple, theres a chance to travel to the Fortune Mainland to participate in the All Islands Great War!” Tie Xianlan spoke with a wishful expression, “If one can obtain a good result in the All Islands Great War, maybe they could catch the interest of the Fortune Gate or some Elders or Grand Elders from other super sects and be received as their personal disciple!”

Tie Mu also showed longing on his face.

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolongs interest was piqued.

The Barbarian God Sects chief disciple could head to the Fortune Mainland and participate in that so-called All Islands Great War

There was no information on this in the Tie Family Forts library.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong asked Tie Mu and Tie Xinlan further regarding the Barbarian God Sect chief disciple and the All Islands Great War.


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