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Li Lu crashed down on a small empty ground, raising a curtain of sand and dust.

Barely a second later, a figure descended right in front of her.

Li Lus white veil had already fallen off, giving Pan Zhen a clear view of her enchanting face.

Wicked desire intensified in Pan Zhens feverish eyes, “Junior sister, why do this to yourself Didnt I already say you wont be able to run Frankly, whats wrong with dual cultivating with me I was born with the ancient Yang Fire Physique, us becoming cultivation companions would benefit both of us.”

Li Lus lips moved, but instead of words, she coughed out a mouthful of blood.

She did not attempt to speak again, merely glaring coldly at Pan Zhen.

Watching her response, Pan Zhen shook his head regretfully, clicking his tongue, “After so many years, youre still the same, so extremely stubborn.

As long as it is something youve decided, you won\'t change your mind no matter what.”

The iciness in Li Lus eyes increased, “Even if you get my body, you will never get my heart! Also, Master and Xiaolong will not spare you!

Pan Zhen threw his head back in wanton laughter at her words, “Is that so Right now, all I want is your body, its not important anymore who the one in your heart is.

In a little while, once Ive fully enjoyed your body to my satisfaction, all I need to do is kill you and then ascend to the Divine World, what can Master or Huang Xiaolong do nothing to me”

“Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong cant even take care of himself right now, the whole Ghost Refining Sect is searching high and low for him, who the ** knows where hes hiding like a tortoise now!”

Li Lus glared daggers at him: “Youre a beast clothed in human skin!”  

Pan Zhen laughed happily at Li Lus words, “Wrong! Im worse than a beast! But, I like it!” He slowly moved towards Li Lu moved as his gaze swept over the ravine, “This ravine has quite a nice scenery, an ideal place for a rendezvous in the wild!”

Li Lus icy gaze hardened glaring at Pan Zhen, “Come any closer and Ill detonate my godhead!”

Pan Zhen froze for a second before exploding in another wave of laughter, “You think you have that chance Why dont you try and see if you can do it!”

At his words, Li Lu tried to circulate her godforce, but almost instantly her face paled, for she discovered that she was unable to circulate any godforce at all!

A pink flower appeared between Pan Zhens fingers before he twirled it before Li Lus eyes, “This is a unique flower called Soul Dispersing Blossom.

Its fragrance is non-toxic, but the person who smells its scent wont be able to circulate their godforce.

Of course, that situation doesnt last long, perhaps three to four hours” An evil chuckle sounded from Pan Zhen while saying this whilst his eyes roamed over Li Lus body, “However, three to four hours is enough for me to enjoy myself!” 

Imagining Li Lu being stripped naked in front of him, her alluring curves, the lust in his eyes intensified and his pace quickened.

Finally, Li Lu showed a trace of panic in her cold eyes.

It never occurred to her that Pan Zhen would sneakily let the Dispersing Soul Blossoms fragrance spread while he was talking to her, odorless and colorless, catching her unawares, and now, she couldnt circulate her godforce!

In that split second, Li Lu fell into despair, as if the world crumbled before her eyes.

Unknowingly, Huang Xiaolongs face appeared in her mind, she suddenly hoped he would appear in front of her right now.

However, she inwardly shook her head at her own wishful thinking.

Just as Pan Zhen had said, the Ghost Refining Sect was flipping under every rock searching for Huang Xiaolong.

More likely than not, he had already left the Path to Hell long ago.

Pan Zhen was within five meters of Li Lu.

Noticing the despair in her eyes, her panic and fear, a wicked smile spread over his face, “Even though youre still a little virgin, Im not going to be gentle with you.

Im going to thrust as hard as I can so you know how powerful your Eldest Senior brother is!” His palm extended out, pulling Li Lu towards him.

As he was watching Li Lus body getting closer, all of a sudden, a chilling cold voice sounded in Pan Zhens ears, “Is that so”

Before Pan Zhen could react, the force from his hand scattered.

Both Li Lu and Pan Zhen were stunned hearing this voice.

Joy rose to Li Lus face in the next second, staring at the familiar tall figure shielding her.

In that moment, she had a feeling that, even if the sky fell, she need not worry, for the person in front of her would hold up the sky.

A sense of security like never before washed over her, causing tears to swim in her eyes.

“Hu-Huang, Huang Xiaolong!” Pan Zhen exclaimed, all flustered, looking at the black-haired young man who had suddenly appeared between him and Li Lu with disbelief.

“Tell me, how do you want to die” Huang Xiaolongs gaze was akin to the iciest glacier in the underworld, the killing intent from his body freezing the surrounding air.

“You—!” Pan Zhen retreated subconsciously, swallowing nervously before he laughed out loud when he remembered something, “Huang Xiaolong, I didnt expect you to be hiding in this ravine, but then again, so what if youre here This Dispersing Soul Blossoms fragrance had already enveloped the entire ravine.

Just like her, you too cannot use any godforce!”

Huang Xiaolong snickered at Pan Zhen, unperturbed.

Pan Zhen smiled like a winner, “So, you noticed you cant use any godforce Huang Xiaolong, as strong as you might be, youre no match for me without your godforce.

Hehe, now that I think of it, its good that youre here, Ill use your woman right in front of your eyes.

Ill strip her naked first, even you havent seen Li Lu naked, right You should thank me, you know.”

After he finished saying that, Pan Zhen swung his fist at Huang Xiaolong: “Get the ** out of my way!”

Huang Xiaolong watched Pan Zhen with cold eyes, punching out at the same time.

Pan Zhen who was laughing loudly in complacency suddenly paled.

He was knocked back like a broken kite, slamming into the cliff wall.

Dust flew all over the place while pebbles and rocks fell to the ground.

Initially, Li Lu was worried that Huang Xiaolong couldnt circulate his godforce like herself, but watching this result, she was completely at ease.

Recalling that Pan Zhen said she was Huang Xiaolongs woman, her cheeks turned slightly red.

Huang Xiaolong walked slowly toward Pan Zhen as he struggled out from a pile of rocks.

His eyes shrunk with fear staring at Huang Xiaolong, “How!” He couldnt figure it out, why Huang Xiaolong was able to circulate his godforce.

The truth was, even though that Dispersing Soul Blossom was a rare flower and a whiff of its unique odorless fragrance could make a cultivator unable to circulate their godforce, it was relative.

After all, what Huang Xiaolong condensed were three supreme godheads.

This measly Dispersing Soul Blossom was ineffective on him.

Then again, even without employing any godforce, just purely his physical strength was enough to kill a late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm master.

Not to mention a mid-Tenth Order Highgod Realm like Pan Zhen.

Huang Xiaolong made a grabbing gesture without a word.

Pan Zhen felt himself being pulled by an irresistible force toward Huang Xiaolong; the next thing he knew was the excruciating pain traveling through his body.

Huang Xiaolong was taking his time, shattering Pan Zhens left arm bones section by section.

While doing that, he also sent frigid Asura qi into Pan Zhens body, not forgetting to restrict his godforce in order to prevent him from blowing himself up.

Raw blood-curdling screams reverberated in the ravine.

Huang Xiaolong was unmoved.

After he was done with Pan Zhens left arm, he started on the right arm, then left leg, right leg, then the rest of his body!

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong, I was wrong, I was wrong, dont kill me, dont kill me!” Pan Zhen pleaded and begged in between screams.

In response, Huang Xiaolong punched straight at Pan Zhens chest, shattering his heart, then another punch, and another, shattering his internal organs one by one.

Li  Lus mouth opened and closed without saying a word.


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