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Chapter 920: Died On The Twelfth Floor

Mo Su got to his feet and strode proudly toward the devil clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian.

Only after taking a few steps did he notice that the gazes of the surrounding people, as well as the devil clan disciples, were slightly odd looking him.

But Mo Su understood in the next moment, he had just cleared the Hellion Tower’s tenth floor, becoming the second person to do so after his ancestor, the Devil King!

It was absolutely normal for these people to look at him a little differently. 

“Patriarch,” Coming to a stand in front of Mo Dingtian, Mo Su saluted.

Watching Mo Su’s proud expression, Mo Dingtian squeezed out a stiff smile, nodding woodenly, “You did quite well!”

At any other time, witnessing Mo Su’s achievement in passing the tenth floor, which was proof of his astounding talent, Mo Dingtian would have been laughing heartily.

It was just that he didn't feel like laughing at all at this moment.

Mo Su was sure the Patriarch would lavish him with praise, but who would have thought all he got was a lukewarm ‘you did quite well.’

‘What the hell is going on here’ Mo Su was extremely baffled.

Then, he noticed Mo Dingtian furtively glancing at the Hellion Tower behind him several times.

Following the direction of Mo Dingtian’s gaze, Mo Su turned around, looking straight up at the tallest point of the tower.

In the next second, he stood frozen on the spot with disbelief in his eyes as he stared at the brightly shining twelfth floor.

The twelfth floor was shining!

Someone actually reached the twelfth floor!

‘No! How is this possible!

Impossible, impossible!’

Mo Su felt like his brain was scrambled, an endless buzzing in his ears.

There was actually someone who had a higher talent than him!

When Mo Su entered the Hellion Tower, there was no one else inside, he was the first person among his batch to enter! In other words, this person entered after him!

Yet this person had already reached the twelfth floor!

“Who is he!” Mo Su’s eyes were red glaring at the shining twelfth floor, his cold voice directed at the devil clan Elder Mo Shirong beside him, each syllable sounding like a snarl.

Mo Shirong was the Elder in charge of the disciple registration area. 

The Elder detected a scary murderous aura coming from Mo Su’s body, causing him to shudder, answering Mo Su in a strained voice, “Replying to Devil Son, this subordinate is not certain.”

Although this person was in the same batch of registered disciples, there were five to six hundred people entering the Hellion Tower on the same day.

Other than those who failed to pass through the trials and were sent out, there were quite a few still inside the tower.

Therefore, it was hard for Mo Shirong to narrow them down and confirm the identity of the one currently on the twelfth floor.

There was a menacing gleam in Mo Su’s eyes, “Find out, I don’t care what method you use, I want to know who that person is!”

Mo Shirong could only bow and comply.

At this time, Grand Elder Mo Zhenru cautiously inched closer to Mo Dingtian, whispering, “Patriarch, that celebration banquet, are we going ahead with it”

Previously, Mo Dingtian had ordered the devil clan disciples to prepare for a grand celebration banquet, so their devil clan headquarters was extravagantly decorated.

Their initial plan was to invite all the present chiefs and patriarchs to the celebration banquet when Mo Su came out from the Hellion Tower.

But now...!

“Push it back for the time being.” Mo Dingtian instructed with a gloomy voice. 

Mo Zhenru respectfully complied.

The surrounding devil clan disciples, Elders, and Grand Elders did not utter a word.

By this time, the gazes of other cultivators moved away from Mo Su’s body, returning to watch the Hellion Tower’s twelfth floor, discussing with their companions and sharing their opinions.

While everyone was guessing his identity, Huang Xiaolong who was sitting cross-legged on the twelfth floor suddenly shook.

Crepuscular rays of lights shone out from his body, drowning his vast surroundings in a majestic divine might.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart skipped a beat in delight—Seventh Order Highgod Realm!

He had finally shattered the peak late-Sixth Order barrier, stepping into the Seventh Order! However, he remained in the same posture, continuing to absorb the darkness element force from the tower above him.

After breaking through to Seventh Order Highgod Realm, Huang Xiaolong’s absorbing speed greatly increased.

The darkness element force from the great tower seemed inexhaustible, surging continuously into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

In the meantime, two more months passed.

At one point, the dark energy being released from the tower halted.

The tower then floated high up, all the ancient devil race symbols flying out from its walls, forming individuals black pearls of light that drilled into Huang Xiaolong through his forehead, directly imprinting into his soul.

When all the characters and symbols had left the walls, the tower released a bright radiance and disappeared in a streak of light.

When those ancient devil race symbols forcefully rushed into him, they forced his soul sea to expand.

Huang Xiaolong felt a tearing pain, as if someone was trying to break his head from within.

This pain lasted for a full three days before it went away.

“This is the Sky Splitting Tenet” Huang Xiaolong was surprised, in a good way. 

Before the tower vanished, all the characters on its body actually fused into a Heaven Splitting Tenet technique manual!

Although Huang Xiaolong was unable to determine the grade of this Heaven Splitting Tenet, one didn't need to be a genius to know it was definitely a supreme level technique.

“As long as I reach the twelfth stage of this Heaven Splitting Tenet, I can take away this Hellion Tower” Huang Xiaolong muttered under his breath.

According to the information in the manual, as long as he reached the twelfth stage of the technique, he would be able to take away the Hellion Tower.

Soon, however, Huang Xiaolong revealed a wry smile.

Cultivating this Heaven Splitting Tenet until the twelfth stage, how many years would that take Huang Xiaolong was sure it couldn't be done in a short hundred years time.

By then, more likely than not, he would have already ascended to the Divine World.

Not to mention that the Heaven Splitting Tenet was too profound and hard to comprehend.

Huang Xiaolong studied it for a while without any harvest and decided to put it away.

Getting to his feet, he took a quick look around before speeding off towards the edge.

Roughly counting, about nine years had passed since he came to the Hellion Tower.

There were three to four months left until the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition, thus he needed to leave the tower.

A moment later, he reached what seemed to be the edge of the twelfth floor and spotted an exit.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong flew through the exit, the glaring flash of light made him close his eyes.

When he opened them again and looked around, he was dumbfounded. ‘What is happening’ He was standing above a vast ocean.

Wasn’t the Hellion Tower in the City of Devils How was it that he appeared here after exiting the twelfth floor, instead of the City of Devils Huang Xiaolong was beyond bewildered.

He had a wry smile on his face, appearing in the middle of this vast ocean on God knows which world surface… The first thing he needed to do was to find out precisely where he was right now.

He then chose a direction and sped away, wind whistling in the air, soon leaving the ocean area.

At the same time at the Hellion Tower square, the crowd was jumping like ants on a hot pan. 

The moment Huang Xiaolong left the twelfth floor, the shining walls immediately dimmed.

They had been waiting for long to see the person who went all the way up to the twelfth floor, but now…

“What is happening Why is no one coming out!”

“Did he die inside the twelfth floor!”

The crowd grew noisier.

Mo Su, who planned to block that person and force him to a battle to decide who was better, was also dazed.

No one came out, but the twelfth floor walls had already dimmed.

Did that person really die inside

Every floor trial of Hellion Tower was extremely dangerous, a careless mistake could cost one’s life at any moment.

Mo Dingtian was also staring at the dimmed twelfth floor with a deep frown.

“Patriarch, that… that person really died inside the tower” Grand Elder Mo Zhenru asked, curious and doubtful at the same time.

A light gleamed in Mo Dingtian’s eyes, “Let’s wait a little longer.”

But, three days later, there was still no movement.

More and more people left while shaking their heads.

“I really didn’t expect this kind of result.” The Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu snickered, “This is really the most ironic joke.

The greatest genius, the first person to reach the twelfth floor of Hellion Tower, and also with such incredible speed, actually died inside in the end!” Wang Yu then looked over toward the group of Fortune Gate masters, “Let’s go back, the Alchemist Grandmaster Grand Competition is around the corner, we still need to rush over to the Divine Dan World!”


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