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“Such shocking light element godforce!”

“Theres also remnants of fire element godforce!”

“There is… Buddhism energy around!”

Those five ancient devil clan Elders felt alarmed several times in a short moment.

A snow white-haired Elder amongst the group stopped at the spots where Mo Chen and Mo Rui had been killed and destroyed.

His hands waved in the air as if gathering something from all directions, condensing a pool of light that separated into two images of Mo Rui and Mo Chen.

Although the two images were extremely vague, it was clear enough to tell their identities.

“Both Mo Chen and Mo Rui are dead!” The snow white-haired Elder confirmed with a gloomy expression, “It seems the Devil Bead has already been taken by the other side!”

Hearing his words, the other four peoples expressions turned extremely ugly.

“Such astonishing light element godforce, and also Buddhism energy, was it someone from the Bodhisattva Branch” One of them made a guess.

The Bodhisattva Branch was a very old super force that had conquered tens of thousands of galaxies at one point, however, several hundred thousand years back, they suddenly withdrew to their headquarters.

Now, their disciples rarely ventured into the outside world.

This Bodhisattva Branchs cultivation technique was mainly derived from Buddhism cultivation techniques; one of the reasons why the devil clan Elder wondered if it was someone from the Bodhisattva Branch.

In his opinion, only a Bodhisattva Branch disciple who had cultivated the Buddhism cultivation technique would possess such astonishing Buddhism energy and light element godforce.

“The Devil Bead is gone, the Patriarch will definitely be furious.

The scope of this matter is too big, what we must do now is to hurry back and report this to the Patriarch, then lock down the whole City of Devils.

Even we have to dig one hundred feet below ground, we must get the Devil Bead back!” One of the five Elders spoke, his expression grim.

The others nodded in agreement, disappearing from the yard in a flicker.

At this time, in another abandoned yard, space rippled in silence as Huang Xiaolongs figure emerged.

Underneath the moonlight, the Devil Bead between his fingers reflected a faint black glow.

As he turned the black bead, Huang Xiaolong caught glimpses of an ancient devil race character.

Although he didn\'t know the usage of this Devil Bead yet, it was undoubtedly something with great significance for the devil clan, otherwise they wouldn\'t have sent out so many masters to search for it.

He released an inquisitive strand of divine sense into the black bead, but it was repelled by a mysterious force.

What he did manage to discover was the fact that the ancient devil race character slightly quivered when his divine sense entered the Devil Bead.

Did that mysterious force originate from that ancient devil character

Despite spending the next hour studying the Devil Bead, Huang Xiaolong had no gains.

He subsequently put the Devil Bead away, leaving it for later, then swallowed an Extraordinary Divine Pellet and continued with his breathing exercises.

At the same time, inside the devil clans great hall, the Clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian was extremely upset.

He had just received his subordinates report saying that the Devil Bead had been taken away by an unknown master that cultivated Buddhism techniques!

“A group of trash!” Mo Dingtian roared to vent his anger, causing the entire great hall to quake.

Several steps below the dais, a group of devil clan Elders shuddered down to their hearts, guiltily lowering their heads. 

Devil qi sparked in the depths of Mo Dingtians eyes whenever he thought of the lost Devil Bead.

The Path to Hells Devil King Palace couldn\'t be opened without it, he felt like killing someone.

“Why arent you bastards locking down the city! Search every inch, get back the Devil Bead for me!” Mo Dingtian barked, “I dont care who that person is, kill them without mercy! Also, that Fortune Gate spy who mingled into our disciples, investigate if this matter is related to the Fortune Gate.

Things wont end here!”

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Immediate action was taken, hence it didnt take long for Huang Xiaolong to hear news of the devil clan locking down the City of Devils.

The streets were filled with ancient devil clan disciples checking everyone, but Huang Xiaolong did not place this matter to heart.

Three days later, he reached the north side of the City of Devils where the Hellion Tower was located.

He noticed that the closer he got to the Hellion Tower, the stronger the surrounding devil qi became.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong reached the lofty tower standing in a large square.

The Hellion Tower, entirely black through and through, was emitting a terrifying devil qi, thick streams of it wound around the black tower like several evil dragons! The surface of the tower was inscribed with ancient devil race symbols, and very floors characters were different.

The lowest floor was several hundred square meters large, gradually growing smaller the higher it went.

The higher the level, the more intense the devil qi surrounding it was.

Booming inns and restaurants could be seen all over the the Hellion Tower square.

Apart from them, there was also an exchange market that traded in medicinal pellets, armors, weapons, and other items.

Thinking back to what the Ascending Moon Old Man said, Huang Xiaolong didnt waste much time finding the registration place to enter the Hellion Tower.

He paid the required ten top divine grade spirit stones and received an identity token, after which he was informed by the ancient devil clan disciple behind the counter to wait three days at the square for the appointed entry time.

Huang Xiaolong kept his identity token and went searching for a big restaurant, choosing a table next to a window.

He then called for the waiter and ordered some dishes and wine, slowly enjoying them as he gazed outside.

The restaurant he chose had quite a lot of customers.

Throwing a quick glance around, he saw disciples wearing robes of different families and sects.

For instance, the Wangu Clan, Fortune Gate, Ouyang Clan, as well as the Swordless Sect.

Huang Xiaolong actually spotted a familiar face, one of the disciples hesaved from Fang Chus hands in the Lightning Gods space, the Orthodox Yang Sects Lu Dongwei! 

‘This Lu Dongwei is also planning to enter the Hellion Tower Huang Xiaolong thought with interest.

“Did you hear Three days later, the Immemorial Devil Clans Devil Son Mo Su will also be challenging the Hellion Tower.” A voice from a nearby table belonging to a Swordless Sect disciple drifted into Huang Xiaolongs ears.

“What! Devil Son Mo Su wants to challenge the Hellion Tower three days later! I heard this Devil Son Mo Su is similar to the ancient Devil King, possessing an innate Devil Physique from the time he was born.

Not to mention that his physique is one of the more powerful ones, hence his talent isn\'t any weaker than the ancient Devil King himself! He actually wants to challenge the Hellion Tower!”  Another disciple blurted out in shock.

Other Swordless Sect disciples wore the same shocked expression on their faces.

“Others say that this Devil Son Mo Su has never challenged the Hellion Tower, this is his first time, right In the past, some speculated that if this Mo Su challenges the Hellion Tower he would be able to pass the tenth floor just like the past Devil King.” One of the Swordless Sect disciples sighed.

“Pass the tenth floor! Thats definitely going to be shocking ah! If thats really true, its going to be lively three days later! However, how does this Mo Su compare to our human races Huang Xiaolong I wonder whose talent is higher.”

“Of course Mo Su would win, theres a rumor that his godhead is of emperor rank! As good as that Huang Xiaolong is, he cannot be placed in the same category as Mo Su!”

Those several Swordless Sect disciples chattered on, and their chatter attracted the attention of surrounding tables, raising shock in everyone\'s hearts.

“Thats right, during the Highgod Advancement Tournament that has just passed our Devil Son was in seclusion cultivating a supreme devil technique, hindering him from participating.

If not, the Highgod Advancement Tournaments first place would absolutely belong to our Devil Son, not that Huang Xiaolong!” All of a sudden, an arrogant voice resounded from outside the restaurant.

Huang Xiaolong and everyone else looked toward the entrance as a group of more than ten devil clan disciples strode in.


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