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Half a year flew by since the Heavenly Mountain was taken away, but the waves it created grew fiercer and more turbulent, almost all forces in the four galaxies were using every resource available to find the Heavenly Mountains whereabouts.

Huang Xiaolong stayed in the Huang Clan Manor during this period, paying no attention to the storm outside, he was focusing on his cultivation.

After integrating with the White Tiger Divine Fire and had three divine fires merge together, it increased the amount of star force he absorbed every day, tempering his True Dragon Physique even further.

His strength rose almost on a daily basis.

He had refined the Heavenly Mountain for the second time in this half a year, completely becoming a part of Huang Xiaolongs body.

There were countless herbs on the Heavenly Mountain, especially inside the Heavenly Gods cultivation dwelling; just counting the medicinal herbs that were two-million-years-old and above, there were more than thirty.

Huang Xiaolong took out these herbs and gave one each to his family, Shi Xiaofei, and his close confidants, telling them to consume it and cultivate.

Whereas the remaining seventeen, Huang Xiaolong kept them.

Huang Xiaolongs cultivation had reached the extreme edge of perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm.

Consuming more of these two-million-year-old medicinal herbs wouldn\'t improve his strength by much and would be wasting their full effectiveness, hence, Huang Xiaolong decided to take them after he broke through to Highgod Realm.

He also changed his mind about refining the Piercing Sky Beast Kings and Ancestor Mountaingoats godheads, delaying this matter until he had stepped into the Highgod Realm.

The godheads taken from the Evil Ghost Ancestor and other Highgod Realm masters he had killed in the past were also put aside for the same reason.

Adding the godheads from the strange monsters he had killed inside the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation, Huang Xiaolong had a total of twenty-six godheads in his possession!

Twenty-six godheads, this number was truly shocking!

One must know, on the hundred thousand world surfaces in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, there were no more than a hundred or so Highgod Realm masters in existence.

It took several tens of thousands of years for a thousand world surfaces like Martial Spirit World to give birth to a single Highgod Realm master.

Yet now, Huang Xiaolong had twenty-six godheads!

Time trickled by and one year was gone in the blink of an eye.

Even after two years, the four galaxies various forces were still intensely searching for the Heavenly Mountains whereabouts, unwilling to give up.

In these two years, Huang Xiaolong had gradually released the demonic and spiritual beasts in the Heavenly Mountain.

Those of Tenth Order God Realm and above were released after Huang Xiaolong branded their souls and were sent to guard the Martial Spirit Worlds imperial cities and their borders.

Some of them were scattered in various locations of the Martial Spirit World.

Although he only released a small number from the Heavenly Mountain, they had already crowded Martial Spirit Worlds Origin Forest and the Dead Sea Gorge.

Being out of options, Huang Xiaolong had the Phoenix Clan Ancestor and the others conquer the neighboring world surfaces so that he could release all the demonic beasts and spiritual beasts.

This was mainly because the Highgod Advancement Tournament forbade participants from bringing any demonic beasts or spiritual beasts into the competition.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong had toexpel all of them from of the Heavenly Mountain.

The Huang Clan Manors cultivators merely used one and a half months to take over a dozen world surfaces close to Martial Spirit World.

Wherever they appeared, the local powerhouses surrendered.

Among them were the Iron Radix World and Peace Emperor World.

After the neighboring world surfaces were conquered, Huang Xiaolong released the remaining demonic beasts and spiritual beasts from the Heavenly Mountain.

A dozen world surfaces were just enough to let them roam comfortably.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not expand his territory any further than that dozen world surfaces, placing two peak late-Tenth Order God Realm masters at each world surface to manage it, while the Highgod Realm masters returned to protect the Huang Clan Manor.

With that mysterious Great Lords existence, Huang Xiaolong did not want to spread the Huang Clan Manors strength too thin.

After conquering those dozen world surfaces, Huang Xiaolong took out ten thousand top grade spirit stones for each world surface to construct a grand transmission array. 

With the construction of these transmission arrays, it would be much more convenient for him to control all those world surfaces.

In the past two years, Huang Xiaolong had been absorbing star force from the three galaxies while cultivating, and also killed all the strange monsters trapped inside the Heart Demon Swallowing Formation.

As for the Highgod Realm masters who entered the formation, attracted by the White Tiger Divine Fires roar, they were all subjugated by Huang Xiaolong, including the Dao Creeds previous and present Chiefs, Zhuang Yongheng, and Tao Gu.

Those that refused to submit were killed.

Hence, the number of Highgod Realm masters under Huang Xiaolong reached a whopping forty-two people!

There were two Third Order Highgod Realm masters, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang.

Second Orders Highgod Realm masters, counting Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, there were five people.

And the number of godheads in Huang Xiaolongs possession reached thirty-seven!

The Ascending Moon Old Man finally returned from White Tiger Galaxy two years later.

When he saw the Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang, the three of them started fighting without a word.

That time, Green Dragon Beast King, Ancestor Bifang, and Ancestor Mountaingoat were among the five that attacked and wounded the old man.

When he found out that Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang had submitted to Huang Xiaolong, furthermore, referring to Huang Xiaolong asMaster, the old man was dumbfounded, failing to react for a very long time.

Quite a good while passed before the old man numbly asked Huang Xiaolong, “Theyre calling you master”

Huang Xiaolong nodded: “Yes.”

After more time passed, the Ascending Moon Old Man asked again, “They really submitted to you”

Huang Xiaolong nodded seriously, “Yes.”

“Im not dreaming” The old man again asked for confirmation.

Huang Xiaolong rolled his eyes and ignored his question.

A long, long time later, it seemed like the Ascending Moon Old Man had finally accepted the fact, but the way he looked at Huang Xiaolong was indescribably weird, making Huang Xiaolong ill at ease.

The old man couldn\'t understand why the Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang, who were both renowned demonic beast kings, would submit to Huang Xiaolong.

Both of them were Third Order Highgod Realm masters ah!

For some top divine grade spirit stones Probably not.

Although top divine grade spirit stones were indeed enticing, based on these two peoples identities, they were not the kind of people who would submit to Huang Xiaolong.

“Old man, dont use this kind of gaze to look at me, Im not interested in you.” Huang Xiaolong said and threw several fragments to the Ascending Moon Old Man.

The old man caught the fragments, and when he saw what they were, he stared dazedly at Huang Xiaolong, “You, this…!!”

What Huang Xiaolong threw to him were godhead fragments of the Heavenly God.

Huang Xiaolong grinned, “These are the remaining fragments of the Heavenly Gods godhead.

Adding the one bought at the auction, they make up a complete godhead.

Old man, Ill say this first, you need to give it back to me after the Highgod Advancement Tournament ends.”

The Ascending Moon Old Man let out a sudden holler.

He hugged Huang Xiaolong, turning in circles as he laughed in excitement, “Hahaha, I knew I didnt accept you smelly brat as a disciple in vain!” The old man planted a big wet kiss on Huang Xiaolongs face and disappeared in a jiffy, anxious to study the complete Heavenly Gods godhead.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt hurry enough to wipe away the saliva on his face, shuddering in terror, goosebumps all over his body.


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