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As Huang Xiaolong frantically pushed his true immortal essence force into the Godly Mt.

Xumi, Buddhist energy rushed out from the Ten Buddha Formation.

The aureate light grew increasingly bright, spreading in the gray space and causing the hundred spirits demonic qi to surge violently in the air.

The demonic qi flowing out from the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings legs was greatly reduced.

Even so, Huang Xiaolongs sense of urgency grew stronger, Flaming Devil Ruan Ji was heading toward the altar and he only had less than ten minutes.

If he failed to take away the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings legs before that, it would be difficult for him to do so once the old devil arrived.

Then, Huang Xiaolong felt another violent shake run across the gray space as several powerful presences entered it.

Huang Xiaolongs heart tightened, his nerves stretched taut, knowing it was Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian and the others.

What was he to do

Although he was confident that, with his strength, he could maybe handle two to three at the same time, if he was encircled by Flaming Devil Ruan Ji, Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian, and other devil cultivators, forget taking away the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings legs, he himself might not be able to get out in one piece.

Right at this time, energies quivered inside his body, the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fire spirits burst out in a bright light.

Aided by the two divine fire spirits, the resistance of the demonic qi reduced significantly.

“This is…!” Huang Xiaolong was stunned, then delighted.

He was anxious and slightly panicked earlier, hence forgetting that the two divine fires could suppress the hundred spirits demonic qi as well.

Without delay, he swiftly ordered the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fire spirits.

Manipulated by Huang Xiaolong, the two divine fires spirits flew toward the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings legs, flying around the pair of golden furred legs in icy blue and crimson red light.

The hundred spirits demonic qi continued to shrink and weaken.

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong carefully controlled the Godly Mt.

Xumi and two divine fires spirits to work together, transferring the legs into the Xumi Temple as fast as possible.

Time ticked by, one minute, two minutes…

Huang Xiaolong could feel Flaming Devil Ruan Jis impending arrival as he flew closer at rapid speed, he would be reaching the altar faster than Huang Xiaolong estimated.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong estimated that it would take Flaming Devil Ruan Ji at least ten minutes to reach the altar, but his speed was too fast, he would definitely arrive in less than ten minutes time.

Huang Xiaolong tensed up again.

Soon, six minutes had passed.

By this time, the hundred spirits demonic qi from the pair of legs had weakened considerably, as if it could disappear at any moment.

Most of all, Huang Xiaolong detected that Flaming Devil Ruan Ji was within ten li from him.

This distance was nothing but a few breaths of time.

Two breaths later, all the demonic qi from the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body was expelled and a joyful expression glimmered on Huang Xiaolongs face.

Controlling the Godly Mt.

Xumi, a powerful suction force pulled the giant legs into the Xumi Temple.

At the same time, the Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fire spirits, as well the Godly Mt.

Xumi, flew back into his body.

Just as they entered Huang Xiaolongs body, the space above the altar shook as a figure sped over.

This person was shrouded in deep violet flames, none other than the strongest person on the Devil Domain Mainland, Flaming Devil Ruan Ji.

“Eh!” When Flaming Devil Ruan Ji arrived, peering down loftily at Huang Xiaolong, he issued a sound of surprise when he saw his face.

“Bai Zhisheng!”

Even though the Hundred Devils Gate Patriarch Bai Zhisheng was Ghost Demon Pan Hais subordinate, after several times of the Devil Caves opening, he recognized Bai Zhisheng at a glance.

Huang Xiaolong flinched, deliberately making his voice stammer with fear, “Bai Zhisheng greets Lord Flaming Devil.”

At this time, Huang Xiaolong was secretly thankful that he did not change back to his original appearance, and he had barely taken away the Hundred Spirits Beat Kings legs before Flaming Devil Ruan Ji saw anything.

Otherwise, if the old somehow recognized his Godly Mt.

Xumi, Black Tortoise Divine Fire or the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire, it would undoubtedly be a huge problem.

Flaming Devil sneered, “Bai Zhisheng, Im giving you three breaths time, will you take out the treasure or shall this lord take action Take out the treasure and Ill spare your life.” Although he had no idea whatBai Zhisheng kept away before his arrival, he was sure, judging from the ruined state of the altars sealing formation, that it was definitelyBai Zhisheng who had taken the sealed treasure.

‘Bai Zhisheng hesitated, then took out something, “Yes, Ill hand over the thing I found here to Lord Flaming Devil, please spare this little ones life.” Huang Xiaolong threw the item up in Flaming Devil Ruan Jis direction.

The item Huang Xiaolong threw up was enshrouded in a blinding golden light, emitting an ancient primordial aura and terrifying demonic qi.

Flaming Devil Ruan Ji was unable to see the item inside the golden light, he reached out to catch it and circulated his cultivation technique, shattering the light barrier.

Inside, there was a fist-sized demonic beast bone! Other than the hint of primordial aura and demonic qi from the bone, there was nothing else.

Flaming Devil Ruan Ji glared at Huang Xiaolong, but the spot where Huang Xiaolong stood earlier became an empty space.

In that short moment when Flaming Devil Ruan Ji was checking the demonic beast bone,Bai Zhisheng used an unknown technique to disappear.

At this point, Flaming Devil Ruan Ji knew he was tricked.

“Bai Zhisheng, a mere God Realm cultivator like you dared to trick this lord, you\'re seeking death!” Flaming Devil Ruan Jis voice thundered.

Both of his hands struck out, causing deep violet flames to roar like giant waves, engulfing the surrounding space.

Wherever the deep violet flames passed, space cracked, nothing could hide.

However, after the sea of deep violet flames passed, the surrounding space calmed down, but there was still no shadow ofBai Zhisheng.

Flaming Devil Ruan Ji was shocked, his face twisted grimly, “Punk, Ill see how long you can hide.” He suddenly opened his mouth wide, releasing a sharp, long, shriek, transforming into invisible sound waves, slicing the entire grays space.

In the far distance.

Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian and the others who were rushing over immediately halted, not daring to move forward another inch.

Yet, a long time later, after the sound waves dissipated,Bai Zhisheng still hadn\'t appeared. 

Flaming Devil Ruan Jis grim face was now distorted with rage.

“Sect Chief.” In the distance, a Flaming Devil Sets master approached, calling out cautiously when he noticed the ugly expression on Ruan Jis face.

With bloodlust flickering in his eyes, Flaming Devil Ruan Ji ordered, “Pass down my order, block the Devil Caves entrance! Without my say so, no one can leave, anyone trying to leave without my permission will be killed without mercy!”

“Yes, Sect Chief!”

At this time, somewhere in the Devil Cave, the earth quaked.

Huang Xiaolongs figure emerged, breathing a little heavy.

Without a second to rest, he sped straight for the Devil Caves entrance.

Two days later, Huang Xiaolong figure appeared on an uninhabited planet not far from the Devil Domain Mainland.

Two days prior, although Flaming Devil Ruan Ji ordered the blockade of the Devil Caves entrance, those devil cultivators outside were naturally not a match for Huang Xiaolong.

He easily dealt with those disciples from the Flaming Devil Sect and fled from the Devil Domain Mainland.

Huang Xiaolong spread his out his divine sense and soon found a hidden cave in this uninhabited planet.

After arranging several defensive formations, he entered the Xumi Temple, where the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings giant legs were quietly lying inside the Ten Buddha Formation.

The next step was to refine this last part of the Hundred Spirits Beast Kings body.

Huang Xiaolong was looking forward to the result, how much would his strength increase


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